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Manufacturing Engineering and Materials Processing Series, Book 63

Author: Beno Benhabib
Table of Contents

Competitive Manufacturing

Engineering Design

Conceptual Design

Design Methodologies

Computer-Aided Design

Computer-Aided Engineering Analysis and Prototyping

Discrete-Parts Manufacturing

Metal Casting, Powder Processing, and Plastics Molding

Metal Forming


Modern Manufacturing Techniques


Workholding-Fixtures and Jigs

Materials Handling

Automatic Control in Manufacturing

Instrumentation for Manufacturing Control

Control of Production and Assembly Machines

Supervisory Control of Manufacturing Systems

Control of Manufacturing Quality


From concept development to final product analysis, this text/reference thoroughly examines the design,
production, and automation of the manufacturing process and emphasizes modern developments in
system modeling, analysis, and optimization-detailing various design methodologies, management and
control strategies, and assembly applications for clear illustration of manufacturing engineering
technology in the modern age.

Dr. Benhabib has developed 400-500 power point slides for professors who use his book and has included
these on his professional website. When you click on this link,
you will be able to choose from among the transparencies, download them, and use them as you would
use information in a traditional print instructor's manual.

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