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					Power alley bar, juice   2    Cinnamon crisp, fresh 3     Superbun, cheese stick 4        Mini pancakes            5    Chef’s choice           6
                                                          Beefy spaghetti                 Sloppy joe on wheat bun       Deli sandwich
Bean burrito                  Turkey corn dog             Tossed green salad              Peas and carrots              Trax cheese crackers
Corn off the cob              Ranch beans                 Ranch dressing                  Diced pears                   Baby carrots
Rosy applesauce               Fresh orange wedges         Dinner roll                     Chocolate chip cookie         Mixed fruit
     Ground Hog Day           Graham cracker              Peaches                                                       strawberry milk
      Minimum day

                         9    Goldfish crackers, cheese   PBJ bar, fruit roll up     11   Beef sausage             12   Chef’s choice          13
Holiday – No School                                                                       sandwich, fruit juice
                              Crunchy beef taco           Chili beans
12/12 Abraham Lincoln’s       Cabbage and cheese          Cornbread                       Chicken burger on wheat       Pepperoni pizza
Birthday                      Corn off the cob            Tossed garden salad             Pickles                       Fresh green salad
2/22 George                   Peaches                     Ranch dressing                  Green beans                   Ranch dressing
Washington’s Birthday         Graham cracker              Diced pears                     Fresh apple                   Rosy applesauce
                                                                                                                        Valentines Day tomorrow
                         16   Cinnamon crisp, juice 17    Superbun, cheese stick 18       Breakfast pizza, fresh 19     Chef’s choice          20
Holiday – No School                                                                       banana

                              Cheese breadsticks          Turkey gravy                    Hamburger on wheat            Cheese pizza
President’s Day               Dipping sauce               Mashed potatoes                 Pickles                       Fresh garden salad
                              Fresh green salad           Dinner roll                     Ranch beans                   Ranch dressing
                              Ranch dressing              Fresh orange wedges             Apricots                      Pineapple tidbits
                              Diced pears
Pan dulce, fruit juice 23     Goldfish crackers, cheese   PBJ bar, fruit roll up   25     Grilled cheese , juice   26   Chefs choice           27

Deli sandwich                 Soft chicken taco           Fish sticks                     Chicken nuggets               Tuna sandwich
Pretzels                      Cabbage and cheese          Steamed rice                    Mixed vegetables              Trax cheese crackers
Baby carrots                  Corn off the cob            Carrots and peas                Fresh orange wedges           Celery sticks
Rosy applesauce               Fresh apple                 Diced pears                     Oatmeal cookie                Mixed fruit
                              Mardi gras                         Ash Wednesday            National Chili Day
      Minimum day

                                                             Breakfast and                   FJWhite                    Menu subject to
                                 Harvest of the             lunch are served              Learning Center               change, advance
                               Month February ~             with ½ pint cold                 February                     notice given
                                   Cabbages                       milk                         2009                      when possible
                               Super Bowl 2/1/09          Translated version available