Wrestling Moves - DOC

					                           Banks County Wrestling Club
                                Wrestling Moves

Drills                                      Attacks
Level Change                                Sweep or Low Single
Shot drill                                  High Crotch
Stand up on wall                            Front Headlock Series
Buttscoot                                   Duckunder
Float Drill                                 Ankle & Knee Pick
Sprawl Drill                                Single
Bridge Drill                                Double Legs
Set-ups                                     Fireman’s Carry
Handfighting                                Trips
Spin Drill

Ties                                        Pins, Rides, & Breakdowns
Head Tie                                    Half Series
Biceps Tie                                  Cradle Series
Elbow Tie                                   Spiral Ride
Russian Arm                                  Waist Ankle
Underhook                                    2 on 1
Wrist Tie                                   Chop Breakdown
                                            Crotch Lift
                                            Double Knee
                                            Claw Ride

Set-ups                                      Escapes & Reversals
Pop head                                     Stand up
Chop                                         Cazone
Shuck                                        Switch
Drag                                         Sitout to Backdoor Shrug
Snap                                          Elbow Hook & Roll
Pummel                                       Peterson Roll
Shot fake
Level Change

Defense                                     Cardio & Strength
Head                                        Pushups
Hands                                       Toe touches
Forearms                                    Superman Jumps
Hips (sprawl and hip in)                    Tuck Jumps
Wizzer, Crossface                           Burpees, Squat Thrusts
                                            Mountain Climbers, Bear Crawls