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									Vision Statement Results
(8/19/04 Public Meeting)

What are the things you like most about Albany-Dougherty County?

Group #1 • Low cost of living • Everything is in close proximity • Outdoor activities • Downtown revitalization • Convenience • Improved shopping • The people • Diversity in population • Attitudes • Public involvement in government • Growth and development opportunities • Low cost of land • Diversity in government representation

Group #2 • The warmth/welcoming nature of the people in the community • Cost of living • Educational opportunities • Beauty of the community • Health care • Lack of traffic • It’s not Atlanta (mobility)

Vision Statement Results
(8/19/04 Public Meeting)

Group #3 • Climate, environmental and economic diversity • Medical • Post secondary educational opportunities • Increased activity downtown • Good public safety • Becoming developer-friendly • Small town atmosphere with big city benefits

What things would you change about Albany-Dougherty County?

Group #1 • Qualifications to run for government (high moral standards, ability to manage finances) • Neighborhood issues (letting run down, home ownership) • Improve education • Unlivable neighborhoods are a root to problems • More trust among people • East vs. West • Upgrade all schools to equal level • City and county public grounds maintenance • Need more day care programs • Improved code enforcement • Better public transportation • High air travel cost from Albany • Improved access to highways • Higher paying jobs and job opportunities • More responsive trades and contractors

Vision Statement Results
(8/19/04 Public Meeting)

Group #2 • More restrictions on zoning • Closed mindedness of many people in the community • Slow responsiveness of the government • The lack of the development on the east side of Albany • Race relations • Lack of affordable housing • Lack of non-manufacturing jobs (white collar) • More night life • Shift downtown development away from government expansion • Clean-up • More physical/architectural/landscaping character • Improve the elementary schools • A more visionary leadership that is not afraid to shake-up the status quo • A more socially unified community

Group #3 • Corridors need cleaning up and landscaping • Zoning regulations need to better protect existing neighborhoods • Reduce the divisions (geography, race, income) in Albany • More opportunities for young people to remain in Albany (education, jobs)

What would you like Albany-Dougherty County to be like in 20 years?

Group #1 • Vibrant Radium Springs, Chehaw, and Downtown • Alive, vibrant city • Increased tax base

Group #2 • N/A

Group #3 • N/A

Vision Statement Results
(8/19/04 Public Meeting)

Draft Albany-Dougherty County Vision Statement

Group #1

Albany should evolve into an active economic, cultural, social and spiritual center of South Georgia. It should be an important destination and desirable place for families. It will have a high quality image internally and outside the county. It will be the headquarters for a number of publicly known national companies. The city will be lead by visionaries who can effect change and have a heart for every citizen. It will be exciting!

Group #2

To become a world class community focused on providing a high quality of life for all citizens; be seen as the model city-county in the region; residents will be proud to live here; be seen by others as a progressive and vibrant part of the state; continuity and consistency in planning, implementing policies, and governing; services efficiently delivered and sufficient to support current and future development; minimize the impacts of growth.

Group #3

One Albany. Maintain and enhance the quality of life for all citizens of Albany-Dougherty County both in our neighborhoods and in our vibrant downtown. Provide employment and educational opportunities for citizens to remain in Albany-Dougherty County and encourage Albany’s young people to return to the community.

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