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Myrtle Beach


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									                       Myrtle Beach - June 12-19, 2010

Who:     Adults: We can take 6. Chaperones must be currently working on the Youth
         Ministry team. Preference goes to the adults that have chaperoned in the past.

         Teens: We have room for 10 girls and 8 guys. Students must be in the 9th – 12th
         grades and be “active” in the Youth Ministry. If we get more teens to sign up than
         we have spaces allotted, we will go to a point system. Teens that went in the past
         will have first shot at going. Next we will look at class rank and participation in the
         YM. Remember though, to be considered for the trip you must have your completed
         forms, copy of your medical card, and deposit in by January 15, 2009.

What:    This is a community building trip. We attend Mass together and have prayer
         service experiences too. Most of the time is spent at the beach, the pool, and the
         house. We take two trips into Myrtle Beach to shop and to go out for dinner.

When:    We leave very early on the morning of June 12. The time is yet to be determined
         since we are not able to get into our house until 4:00 p.m. on Saturday. We’ll let you
         know as soon as we have something concrete. We will arrive back at the church
         anywhere between 8:00 p.m. and 11 p.m. on the 19th.

Where:   Even though we call this the “Myrtle Beach Trip”, we actually stay in Ocean Isle,
         NC. It is a small, 7-mile long “island” off the coast of North Carolina and is about
         30 miles north of Myrtle Beach. It is more private and is away from the craziness
         of the heart of MB. Our home is newer and is located on the south end of the
         island in a great area. There is a lot to do there including water slides, mini golf,
         arcade, boardwalk, shopping, swimming pool, AND OF COURSE THE BEACH!

         The address to our house is 19 Sea Turtle Path. The house has 8 bedrooms, 7 ½
         baths, a private pool, access to the club pool, 2 living rooms, surround sound, a huge
         kitchen, 2 grills, a ping pong table, a fireplace, cover porches, sun decks, and so
         much more! Contact numbers will be given out before we leave.

How:     We travel by a 12 or 15 passenger van, Debbie’s 7 passenger van, and Mr. B’s truck.
         We travel on Saturday. The only people permitted to drive are licensed and insured
         adults who have worked with the program in the past. We have two drivers
         (minimum) per van and take turns every 3-4 hours. This way, everyone is alert and
         ready to drive safely.

Why:     So many people ask us why we do this trip. My answer is simple...community
         building. A trip like this affords us the time to get to know one another better.
         Some of the greatest conversations and relationships came out of these weeks.
         Even Jesus took a break to just have fun every now and then. There is nothing
         wrong with having a social trip!
Cost:         The trip cost is “guesstimated” to be around $575.00 for teens and $475.00 for
              adults. (They get a break because they work all week!) I can tell you that the
              amount might go down a little, but will not go up.

              This price includes all transportation, all meals while we are traveling and while at
              the house, two nice dinners in Myrtle Beach, lodging for the entire week in a
              beautiful home, and some little perks like ice cream or movie rentals!

              Payments will be as follows:
              January 15 - $100.00 deposit            April 15 - $100.00
              February 15 – $150.00                   May 15 - $75.00 final payment
              March 15 - $150.00

              Please note, once you are registered for this trip, your money is non-refundable
              unless all spaces are filled and we can find and approve a replacement for you. If
              we cannot fill the spaces, you will be responsible for paying the balance of
              your trip! It is not fair to put that balance on the church or Youth Ministry.

What do I need to have in by January 15?

              There are two forms that you must complete…the permission and medical form.
              Please make sure that both sides are filled out and that all required signatures are
              there. The second is a Code of Conduct.

              I will also need a copy of your medical card. Adults will have to provide a copy of
              his/her driver’s license too.

              No trip will be reserved without the $100.00 deposit!

Will I need to work when I get there?

        YES! All of us should pitch in to help with the shopping, meal prep, serving, clean up, etc.
        We will form work teams and have a work schedule. It’s fun though, so don’t sweat it!

What will we be eating?

        You will be given a food survey to complete. We base our meals on your suggestions.

        During our travels, we usually stop at fast food places for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
        You will be given $10.00 for breakfast, $10.00 for each lunch, and $15.00 for dinner.

        In the past we have done pizza, chicken, burgers & hotdogs, mac & cheese, pasta, etc. We
        also go out for two dinners in Myrtle Beach. For those dinners you’ll receive $20.00 each.


        Please contact Andrea at 724-584-2487 or email LTandrea @yahoo.com.

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