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                       R.C.M. Academy (RCMA)


Head Office / Mailing Address:
                   Scholarship Review Board
                   R.C.M. Academy
                   "The Military Academy of Canada"
                   5000 Yonge Street, Suite 1901
                   Toronto, Ontario, Canada - M2N 7E9
Phone : 1 (416) 319-9688
E-mail :

               "Shaping the character of tomorrows leaders"
                              Scholarship Application Information
R. C. M. Academy (RCMA) will start accepting scholarship applications for the following school year every September until
February 1st of the following year. All applications received after our deadline of February 1st will not be considered for the
upcoming school year.

The potential candidates must submit all support documents and application to the Review Board, as RCMA will not notify
candidate of missing documents or documents not received by the deadline. Please contact the Admissions Review Board
one month before the deadline to ensure all documents have been received and to have reasonable time to get missing
documents sent to us.

  1. Only Canadian students can complete the Scholarship Application Form, ensuring all required support documents listed
     below accompanied the application.

  2. Applicant or parents can mail the application along with the RCMA Admissions Application Form or after applying to
     RCMA. (Note to be considered applications must be received by February 1st).

  3. Parents must complete the “Family Financial” section, ensure that all support material is attached and all sections
     completed as per our instructions.

  4. RCMA Scholarship Review Board will review all applications. If potential candidate have been accepted is into the Military
     Academy of Canada and the Review decide to extend a scholarship to candidate; the candidate and parents will be notified
     via official letter requesting additional information to complete the application process for the scholarship.

  5. Upon approval the Admission Review Board will send out “Offers of Scholarship” no later than April 15th to all accepted

  6. Upon receipt of our “Offer of Scholarship”, parent(s)/guardian(s) must return the contract with any support material
     requested within 60 days to guarantee receipt of the scholarship.

  Entrance Scholarship - This scholarship is designed for applicants that have excellent academic ability and proven strong
  leadership skills that come from low income households. Approved applicants will receive a full scholarship to attend the
  Academy for the full duration of their term with us and must only complete a returning student application each year and
  maintain a minimum of a B- to continue to receive the full scholarship. (Review the requirements that must accompany this

  2nd Year Academic Scholarship - This scholarship is designed for those students who have excellent academic scores and
  wishes to attain some financial assistance with their upcoming tuition and fee expenses. Approved applicants will receive a
  scholarship amount assessed by the Scholarship Review Board based on the financial information supplied and essay
  answers. Approved scholarship funds can only be applied toward RCMA tuition and fee expenses. (Review the requirements
  that must accompany this application)

RCMA Scholarship Application - December 2008                                                                                      1

                                                          RCMA-SA 1090
                                           R.C.M. ACADEMY (RCMA)
                                     "THE MILITARY ACADEMY OF CANADA"
                                       SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION FORM

5000 Yonge Street, Suite 1901                                      PLEASE INDICATE WHICH SCHOLARSHIP YOU ARE APPLYING FOR:
Toronto, Ontario, Canada - M2N 7E9
Phone: 1 (416) 319-9688                                                  ENTRANCE SCHOLARSHIP (SEE QUALIFICATIONS)
Website:                                               RCMA 2ND YEAR ACADEMY SCHOLARSHIP (SEE QUALIFICATIONS)

Last Name:                                        First Name:                                           Middle Name:

Street Address:

City:                                             Province:                                                Postal Code:

Date of Birth:                                       Canadian Citizen             Permanent Resident (please attach a copy of proof of residency)

Candidate must be a Canadian Citizen or have lived in Canada for at least two (2) years as a permanent resident (visa student are

ACADEMIC INFORMATION - List the last High School or Private School you attended last year, ONLY list other schools if you attended
                       your 1st school for less than 2 years (please attach a copy of 2 years of final grade reports).
          Name of School                          City and Province             Date Completed (DD/MM/YYYY) Grade Completed

Is there a particular post secondary institution in which you would like to attend when you graduate from RCMA?

FINANCIAL INFORMATION - This section must be completed by parent(s) / guardian(s).
  Family Income Information (please ensure you provide a copy of the family's Revenue Canada "Notice of Assessment" for the
  last two (2) years. If parents file separate taxes, please supply a copy from each parent for two (2) years each).

  1. What is the family income before tax deduction ? (If parents file separate taxes please add number together for each year)
             Current Year :                                                  Past Year :

  2. Is the family income earned through employment, social assistance, spousal support or self employment (please list the type
     of income earned) ?

  3. How many siblings or step siblings does the applicant live with in the family home ?

RCMA Scholarship Application - December 2008                                                                                                   2

                                                              RCMA-SA 1090
  4. What are their ages ? (If applicable)

  5. Does the family own the current home or rent/lease ?

  6. Does the family live in a house of an apartment ?

  7. How many vehicles does the family own/lease ?

  8. Does the family own a second property ? (i.e.: cottage, rental property, time share, second home in or outside of Canada)

         Yes              No
      If yes, please specify?

  9. Does the family own RRSP's, RESP's, stocks, GIC's, high interest accounts?

         Yes              No
      If yes, please list the type of family owns.

  10. Does a spouse or both spouses currently pay child support for a child or children from a previous marriage and how much ?

Have you applied for any other scholarships, financial aid or bursaries to assist in the applicant attending the academy? (please list
below the name, contact number, amount applies for, the closing date of the application process and how much you have received)

        Name of Scholarship                    Contact Number       Amount Applies         Application          How much received
                                                                        For                Closing Date           (if applicable)

Applicants for the Entrance Scholarship must arrange to have 3 character reference letters send directly to the "Scholarship
Programs" at RCMA. Letters can not be written by immediate or extended family members, or friends. Letters must be received in
sealed envelopes with applicant's full name and phone number. Inform individual writing letter to also include your full name and
phone number in the letter.

Applicants for the Academic Scholarship must arrange to have 3 character reference letters of which two (2) must come from past
teachers who can validate your academic profile and leadership skills and one (1) letter from someone who is not an immediate or
extended family member or friend send directly to the "Scholarship Program" at RCMA. Inform individual writing letter to also
include your full name and phone number in the letter.

All scholarship applicants must write two (2) essays and they must be as follows:
 1. Describe in 400 words how this scholarship would affect your future?
 2. Describe in 400 words your community involvement and interest (sports, reading, writing, leadership, hobbies) as well as any
     employment information (if applicable). Include details such as the nature work or level of involvement in the community.

RCMA Scholarship Application - December 2008                                                                                         3

                                                                RCMA-SA 1090
Applicants please list the names of the three individuals supplying character reference letters and phone number.

 Name of Individual Submitting Letter                                Address                                    Phone Number

                                    Applicant's Signature                                                Date

I/We affirm and attest (swear) that the above information is accurate to the best of my / our knowledge. I/We understand that
falsifying any information or failing to disclose information that materially affects the school's decision-making process will
constitute a fraudulent enrollment. Discovery of such fraudulence can result in the dismissal of the applicant from RCMA and
any unpaid balance on the applicant's account becoming due immediately in full.

Privacy Statement: Information you divulge to RCMA through this scholarship form is confidential and for internal use only.
                   RCMA will not knowingly sell, share or otherwise communicate your information without your prior consent,
                   we will also not disclose or return this form to anyone including the applicant or family.

Applicant's Signature :                                                                     Date :

Parent 1 (or Guardian) Signature :                                                          Date :

Parent 2 (or Guardian) Signature :                                                          Date :

The Academy does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national, or ethnic origin in the administration of its
educational policies, admission policies scholarship and loan programs or athletic and other academy-administered programs.

Head Office / Mailing Address:
                           Application Selection Review Board
                           R.C.M. Academy
                           "The Military Academy of Canada"
                           5000 Yonge Street, Suite 1901
                           Toronto, Ontario, Canada - M2N 7E9
Phone: 1 (416) 319-9688

RCMA Scholarship Application - December 2008                                                                                       4

                                                            RCMA-SA 1090

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