; We strive to create emotional connections with customers around
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We strive to create emotional connections with customers around


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									We strive to create emotional connections with customers
around the world through inspiring product design, unique
store experiences and compelling marketing.

         Who We Are
         Gap Inc. is a leading international specialty retailer offering clothing, accessories
         and personal care products for men, women, children and babies under the Gap,
         Banana Republic, Old Navy, Piperlime, and Athleta brand names.

         Gap Inc. operates 3,095 stores in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada,
         France, Ireland and Japan. In addition, Gap Inc. is expanding its international pres-
         ence with franchise agreements for Gap and Banana Republic in Asia, Europe, Latin
         America and the Middle East.

         For a detailed list of store count by brand and country, see our Real Estate pages in
         the Investor section at gapinc.com.

         1969 in San Francisco by Doris and Don Fisher.

         The Gap Inc. world headquarters office is in San Francisco with product design
         offices in New York City and San Francisco.

         Financial Highlights
         Gap Inc. (NYSE: GPS) is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange.

         2009 Revenue: $14.2 billion
         2009 Earnings: $1.58 per share on a diluted basis
         2009 Net Sales by Division:
         • Gap North America: $3.8 billion
         • Banana Republic North America: $2.2 billion
         • Old Navy: $5.3 billion
         • International: $1.6 billion
         • Gap Inc. Direct (online) : $1.12 billion

         Please see the Investor section of gapinc.com for more information, including our
         most recent financial results, SEC filings and financial reporting calendar.


                                                                                                 [ Gap Inc. Press Kit ]
We employ more than 134,000 employees around the world in our headquarter
offices, stores and distribution centers. We offer many programs to encourage
personal and professional development and a comprehensive benefits program to
employees and their eligible dependents, including children, spouses and same and
different sex life partners. These benefit programs help our employees stay healthy,
meet their financial goals, protect their incomes and their families, and balance the
demands of work and personal life. We also provide access to unsubsidized health
care options for eligible part-time employees through a program called National
Health Access. In addition, we encourage employees to invest in their communities
through various programs, including paid-time off to volunteer and a dollar-for-
dollar match through Gap Foundation.

Glenn Murphy                                   Stan Raggio
Chairman of the Board of Directors and         SVP, Gap International Sourcing
Chief Executive Officer, Gap Inc.
                                               Eva Sage-Gavin
Michelle Banks                                 EVP, Human Resources,
SVP, General Counsel, and                      Communications and
Corporate Secretary and                        Global Responsability.
Chief Compliance Officer
                                               Sabrina Simmons
Jack Calhoun                                   EVP and Chief Financial Officer
President, Banana Republic
                                               Stephen Sunnucks
John Ermatinger                                President, Europe and
President, Japan                               International Franchise
Marka Hansen                                   Tom Wyatt
President, Gap North America                   President, Old Navy
Toby Keiser                                    David Zoba
EVP, Chief Information Officer                 SVP, Corporate Real Estate

Toby Lenk
President, Gap Inc. Direct

Art Peck
President, Gap Inc. Outlet;
EVP, Strategy & Operations

                                                                                   [ Gap Inc. Press Kit ]
Gap is an iconic retail brand, known around the world for
offering fresh interpretations of casual American style.

         •	   2009 Net Sales for North America:	$3.8	billion
         •	   President:	Marka	Hansen
         •	   Store Count:	More	than	1,400	stores	worldwide;	more	than	1,150	stores	in	the	U.S.		
         	    and	Canada.	
         •	   Store Locations:	United	States,	Canada,	United	Kingdom,	France,	Ireland	and	Japan
         •	   Headquarters:	San	Francisco,	California

         Gap	was	founded	in	1969	in	San	Francisco	by	Doris	and	Don	Fisher.	Their	goal?	
         To	make	it	easier	for	customers	to	find	a	great	fitting	pair	of	jeans	and	an	easy-to-
         shop	store	experience.

         This	philosophy	lives	on	at	Gap.	We	offer	customers	clean,	classic	casual	clothing	
         and	accessories	that	help	them	express	their	own	individual	sense	of	style.		
         We	are	committed	to	delivering	quality	items	that	people	expect	from	our	brand	—		
         including	denim,	khaki	and	knits	in	great	styles	and	colors.

         Through	GapKids,	babyGap,	Gap	Maternity	and	gapbody,	we	build	on	the	power	of	
         the	brand	by	dressing	our	customers	throughout	the	different	stages	of	their	lives.

         Gap	became	a	cultural	icon	by	offering	clothing	and	accessories	rooted	in	simple,	
         casual	style	to	customers	around	the	world.	With	memorable	advertising	campaigns	
         —	from	Fall	Into	the	Gap	and	Individuals	of	Style	to	Khaki’s	Swing	and	Audrey	Hep-
         burn’s	Keep	It	Simple	—	Gap	has	captured	the	attention	of	generations.

         The	brand	continues	its	history	of	providing	authentic	style,	celebrating	creativity	
         and	making	a	difference.	In	2006,	we	launched	Gap	(PRODUCT)	REDTM,	a	ground-
         breaking	initiative	founded	by	Bono	and	Bobby	Shriver	to	help	eliminate	AIDS		
         in	Africa.	As	part	of	Gap’s	global	partnership	with	(PRODUCT)	RED,	half	of	the	profits	
         from	sales	of	the	Gap	(PRODUCT)	RED	collection	go	to	The	Global	Fund	to	finance	
         programs	that	help	women	and	children	affected	by	HIV/AIDS	in	Africa.	We	also	
         have	an	on-going	partnership	with	the	renowned	Council	of	Fashion	Designers	
         of	America	(CFDA)/Vogue	Fashion	Fund.	Our	collaboration	with	these	emerging	
         American	designers	melds	Gap’s	classic	design	aesthetic	with	a	creative	designer	
         twist,	injecting	creativity	and	excitement	into	classic	Gap	items.

         In	North	America,	Gap	operates	about	1,200	stores	in	the	U.S.,	and	about	90	stores	
         in	Canada.	Through	the	company’s	International	division,	Gap	brand	operates	about	
         300	stores	in	the	U.K.,	France,	Ireland	and	Japan.	


                                                                                                 [ Gap Inc. Press Kit ]
In	addition,	we	introduced	Gap	brand	into	several	global	markets	through	franchise	
agreements,	including	Indonesia,	Malaysia,	Singapore,	South	Korea,	United	Arab	
Emirates,	Bahrain,	Kuwait,	Oman,	Qatar,	Turkey,	Saudi	Arabia,	the	Philippines,	Greece,	
Russia,	Mexico,	Jordan,	Romania,	and	Israel.

The	brand	has	also	signed	franchise	agreements	to	open	locations	in	Egypt,	Bulgaria,	
Croatia,	and	Cyprus.	For	more	information	about	our	franchise	locations,	please	visit	

Key memorable dates in Gap’s history:
•	 	 969:	Founders	Doris	and	Don	Fisher	open	the	first	Gap	store	in		
   San	Francisco,	California
•	 1974:	The	“Fall	into	the	Gap”	advertising	campaign	debuts
•	 1976:	Gap	goes	public	on	the	New	York	and	Pacific	Stock	Exchanges
•	 1984:	Gap	introduces	its	famous	Pocket	T-shirt
•	 1986:	The	first	GapKids	store	opens	in	San	Mateo,	California
•	 	 987:	Gap	expands	internationally:	opens	store	in	London
•	 1989:	Gap	opens	its	first	store	in	Canada	in	Vancouver,	British	Columbia
•	 1990: babyGap	is	born	in	San	Francisco
•	 	 993:	Gap	enters	France,	introduces	product	within	the	Galeries	Lafayette		
   department	store	in	Paris
•	 1995:	Gap	and	GapKids	stores	open	in	Japan
•	 1996:	Sharon	Stone	wears	a	Gap	black	turtleneck	to	the	Oscars
•	 1997:	Gap	launches	its	online	store	at	gap.com
•	 	 998:	Gap	opens	its	first	store	in	Alaska	—	the	brand	now	has	stores	in	all	50	
   states;	Gap’s	famous	“Khaki’s	Swing”	TV	ad	airs
•	 2000:	Gap	launches	Gap	Maternity	as	an	online	exclusive
•	 	 003:	Gap	Maternity	launches	in	select	gapbody	stores;	Madonna	and		
   Missy	Elliot	Get	into	the	Groove	in	New	Gap	TV	Spots
•	 	 004:	Sarah	Jessica	Parker	stars	in	three	Gap	ad	campaigns,	celebrating	three	
   decades	of	individual	style
•	 	 006:	Gap	joins	Bono’s	(PRODUCT)	RED	initiative;	the	company	opens	its	first	
   Gap	and	Banana	Republic	franchise	store	locations	in	the	Middle	East	and		
   Southeast	Asia
•	 2007:	Gap	partners	with	the	CFDA	to	support	aspiring	designers;		
	 Gap’s	collection	of	“white	shirts”	featured	on	the	cover	of	Vogue
•	 2009:	Gap	Inc.	co	founder,	Chairman	Emeritus,	and	Board	Member	Donald	Fisher			
	 dies	at	81.

For	additional	information	on	Gap,	please	see	the	Media	section	at	gapinc.com.

                                                                                    [ Gap Inc. Press Kit ]
Banana Republic is an accessible luxury brand, offering
high-quality apparel and accessories collections for men
and women.

         •	   2009 Net Sales for North America:	$2.2	billion
         •	   President:	Jack	Calhoun
         •	   Store Count:	Over	600	stores	in	the	U.S.	and	Canada	
         •	   Store Locations:	United	States,	Canada,	Japan	and	the	United	Kingdom
         •	   Headquarters:	San	Francisco,	California

         Banana	Republic	is	a	global	accessible	luxury	brand	that	delivers	modern,	soulful	and	
         effortless	style.	Banana	Republic’s	lifestyle	collections	are	characterized	by	elevated	
         design	and	luxurious	fabrications	at	approachable	prices.

         Beyond	apparel,	the	brand	is	growing	in	luxury	lifestyle	categories	that	include	
         jewelry,	shoes,	Italian	leather	handbags,	accessories,	a	new	personal	care	line	called	
         Republic,	and	eyewear.	Our	Monogram	collection	for	men	and	women	is	the	most	
         elevated	expression	of	the	brand	with	premium	design,	tailoring	and	fabrication.	
         Our	Heritage	collection	features	warm	textures,	rich	colors	and	authentic	details	
         inspired	by	the	brand’s	legacy	of	travel.

         Banana	Republic’s	focus	on	effortless	style	also	extends	to	our	store	environments.	
         In	2009,	the	brand	launched	a	revolutionary	new	shopping	experience	for	customers	
         with	a	new	store	design	concept	in	three	cities,	Las	Vegas,	Scottsdale	and	New	York	
         (Soho).	Specifically	modeled	to	its	clientele	and	community	through	design,	product	
         assortment,	artwork,	architectural	elements,	amenities	and	more,	the	new	concept	
         leads	the	way	in	Banana	Republic’s	effort	to	deepen	the	connection	between	our	
         brand	and	customers.

         Gap	Inc.	acquired	Banana	Republic	in	1983,	then	a	two-store	safari	and	travel	clothing	
         company.	The	brand	was	originally	founded	in	1978	with	its	first	store	in	Mill	Valley,	
         California.	Banana	Republic	can	now	be	found	at	over	600	retail	locations	in	the	
         United	States,	United	Kingdom,	Canada,	Japan	and	BananaRepublic.com.	In	addi-
         tion,	Banana	Republic	is	expanding	its	international	presence	with	franchise	agree-
         ments	in	Asia,	Europe,	Latin	America	and	the	Middle	East.

         Banana	Republic	has	more	than	600	stores	in	the	United	States	and	Canada.		
         We	operate	27	stores	in	Japan,	managed	by	the	company’s	International	division.	
         We	opened	our	first	Banana	Republic	store	in	Europe	in	March	of	2008	on	the		
         coveted	Regent	Street	in	London.


                                                                                              [ Gap Inc. Press Kit ]
Since	March	of	2007,	we	have	also	introduced	Banana	Republic	into	several	global	
markets	through	franchise	agreements	in	Singapore,	Malaysia,	Indonesia,	South	
Korea,	Philippines,	Turkey,	United	Arab	Emirates,	Bahrain,	Kuwait,	Qatar,	Saudi	Arabia,	
Israel,	Russia,	and	Greece.	For	more	information	about	our	franchise	locations	
please	visit	www.BananaRepublic.com/international.	

Key memorable dates in Banana Republic’s history:
•	   1978:	Banana	Republic	is	founded
•	   1983:	Gap	Inc.	acquires	Banana	Republic
•	   1987:	Banana	Republic	opens	its	100th	store
•	   1
     	 995:	First	Banana	Republic	store	opens	outside	the	United	States	in	Canada;		
     the	brand’s	first	personal	care	collection	is	launched
•	   1999:	Banana	Republic	launches	its	website,	www.BananaRepublic.com
•	   2001:	BananaRepublic.com	launches	its	online	petite	collection
•	   2005:	The	first	Banana	Republic	stores	in	Japan	open	in	Tokyo	and	Yokohama
•	   	 006:	Gap	Inc.	expands	its	global	presence	with	the	first	Gap	and	Banana	Republic	
     franchise	store	locations	in	the	Middle	East	and	Southeast	Asia
•	   2007:	Banana	Republic	launched	sunglasses	and	eyewear
•	   2008:	Banana	Republic	celebrates	its	30th	anniversary	and	opens	its	first	store		
	    in	the	United	Kingdom

For	additional	information	on	Banana	Republic,	please	see	the	Media	section		
at	gapinc.com.

                                                                                     [ Gap Inc. Press Kit ]
For modern clothing and accessories at amazing prices,
look no further than Old Navy.

         •	   2009 Net Sales:	$5.3	billion
         •	   President:	Tom	Wyatt
         •	   Store Count:	More	than	1,000	stores	in	the	U.S.	and	Canada	
         •	   Headquarters:	San	Francisco,	California

         Old	Navy	originated	in	1994	and	quickly	became	one	of	the	world’s	most	success-
         ful	brands,	offering	customers	the	latest	fashion	at	great	prices.	Today,	the	brand	
         continues	to	offer	on-trend	apparel	and	irresistible	basics	for	adults	and	children	at	a	
         surprising	value.	And,		best	of	all,	Old	Navy	brings	it	all	to	customers	in	a	fun,	energizing	
         shopping	environment.	

         United	States	and	Canadian	customers	count	on	Old	Navy	to	bring	them	what	they	
         need,	and	what	they	want.	From	Old	Navy’s	famous	Item	of	the	Week	—	a	special	
         item	at	a	special	price	each	week	—	to	its	eye	popping	deals	and	promotions,		
         Old	Navy	continues	to	provide	fashionable	clothes	for	the	family	at	amazing	prices.

         Launched	in	2000,	Old	Navy’s	online	store	at	oldnavy.com	offers	a	full	range	of	
         product	available	in	stores,	as	well	as	Women’s	plus,	petites	and	tall	sizes.

         Old	Navy	has	more	than	1,060	stores	in	the	United	States	and	Canada.		
         The	first	Old	Navy	opened	in	Colma,	California	in	1994.

         Key memorable dates in Old Navy’s history:
         •	 1994:	Old	Navy	opens	its	first	store	in	Colma,	California.
         •	 	 997:	Old	Navy	sets	a	retail	record,	reaching	$1	billion	in	annual	sales	in	less	than	
            four	years
         •	 2000:	Oldnavy.com	launches
         •	 2001:	Old	Navy	launches	outside	the	U.S.	by	opening	12	stores	in	Canada
         •	 	 003:	Old	Navy’s	maternity	collection	debuts	in	stores,	after	a	successful	online	
            launch;	Ten-year	anniversary	of	Old	Navy’s	Famous	Flag	Tees
         •	 2004:	Old	Navy	launches	plus-size	collections	online	and	in	select	stores
         •	 	 005:	Old	Navy’s	Field	Trip	4	Fun	program	offers	children	affected	by		
            Hurricane	Katrina	$100	shopping	sprees	
         •	 2006:	Old	Navy	names	a	new	spokesdog,	Magic.
         •	 2007:	Old	Navy	moves	its	headquarters	and	design	team	to	new	offices		
         	 in	San	Francisco	

         For	additional	information	on	Old	Navy,	please	see	the	Media	section	at	gapinc.com.

                                                                                                    [ Gap Inc. Press Kit ]
Gap Inc. Direct

Gap Inc. Direct is setting the standard for online shopping.

          •	 Gap Inc. Direct:	gap.com,	BananaRepublic.com,	oldnavy.com,	Piperlime.com,
          •	 2009 Net Sales:	$1.12	billion
          •	 President:	Toby	Lenk	
          •	 Headquarters:	San	Francisco,	California

          Gap	Inc.	Direct	extends	our	brands	online	by	offering	more	styles,	sizes,	services	and	
          convenience	to	our	customers.	Through	our	websites	or	our	24-hour	1-800	number,	
          customers	can	easily	find	what	they	need	from	Gap,	Banana	Republic,	Old	Navy		
          and	Piperlime.	

          Our	e-commerce	websites	—	gap.com,	BananaRepublic.com	and	oldnavy.com	—	
          consistently	rank	among	the	most	visited	and	shopped	specialty	apparel	sites	
          on	the	Internet.	In	addition	to	having	the	flexibility	to	shop	and	make	purchases	
          online,	our	customers	tell	us	they	frequently	“pre-shop”	using	our	websites;	that	is,	
          browse	our	inventory,	catch	up	on	the	latest	style	trends	and	get	outfit	ideas	before	
          they	go	to	our	stores	to	shop.	In	2008,	Gap	Inc.	Direct	launched	a	new	online	feature	
          called	“Universality”	that	allows	customers	to	seamlessly	shop	all	of	our	brands	
          websites	and	add	merchandise	from	each	brand	into	one	shopping	cart.	

          Expanding	our	existing	portfolio	of	online	brands,		
          Piperlime	offers	a	hand-picked	selection	of	more	than		
          300	popular	apparel,	footwear,	handbag	and	jewelry	
          brands.	The	site	features	the	hottest	styles	and	designers	in	an	engaging	and	
          easy-to-use	shopping	environment	that	offers	free	shipping	and	free	returns	on	all	
          Piperlime	purchases.	Launched	in	2006,	Piperlime	couples	excellent	customer	service	
          with	a	strong	fashion	point-of-view	that	enables	customers	to	learn	about	the	latest	
          fashion	trends,	browse	the	latest	styles	and	make	purchases	—	all	in	one	stop.	

          Also,	in	2008,	Gap	Inc.	acquired	Athleta	Inc.,	a		
          popular	women’s	sports	and	active	apparel	company	
          based	in	Petaluma,	CA.	Athleta	is	the	fifth	brand	under	
          the	universality	platform	alongside	the	Gap,		
          Banana	Republic,	Old	Navy	and	Piperlime	offerings.	Founded	10	years	ago,	Athleta	
          has	evolved	into	a	premiere	active	lifestyle	brand,	offering	high	quality	apparel,	
          footwear,	and	accessories	that’s	both	stylish	and	functional.	Athleta	has	built	strong	
          brand	loyalty	among	its	customers	—	women	between	the	ages	of	25–55	—	through	
          its	inspirational	catalogs	and	website,	Athleta.com.


                                                                                              [ Gap Inc. Press Kit ]
Gap Inc. Direct

     In	addition	to	managing	the	e-commerce	sites,	Gap	Inc.	Direct	oversees	the		
     company’s	industry-leading	private-label	and	Visa	co-branded	credit	card	programs,	
     as	well	as	corporate	sales	initiatives.	Our	credit	card	program	allows	customers	to	
     use	a	single	card	to	shop	the	Gap,	Banana	Republic,	Old	Navy,	Piperlime	and	Athleta	
     brands.	Cardholders	enjoy	one	of	the	richest	rewards	programs	in	the	industry	(5%	
     back)	and	can	earn	and	redeem	rewards	at	any	of	our	family	of	brands.	Combining	
     convenience,	flexibility	and	generous	rewards,	the	credit	card	program	is	the	first	of	
     its	kind	within	the	specialty	apparel	industry.

     The	Gap	Inc.	Options	gift	card,	a	central	part	of	our	corporate	sales	program,	offers		
     a	unique	and	special	way	for	businesses	and	organizations	to	reward	employees,		
     customers	and	members.	The	Options	gift	card	is	available	in	a	variety	of	denomi-
     nations	and	can	be	redeemed	at	any	Gap,	Banana	Republic	or	Old	Navy	retail		
     location,	as	well	as	online	at	gap.com,	BananaRepublic.com	and	oldnavy.com.

     Key memorable dates in Gap Inc. Direct’s history:
     •	   1997:	Gap	opens	its	online	store	at	gap.com
     •	   1998:	GapKids.com	and	babyGap.com	launches
     •	   1999:	BananaRepublic.com	launches;	Gap	Inc.	Direct	is	formed	as	a	division
     •	   	 000:	Oldnavy.com	launches;	Gap	launches	its	Gap	Maternity	collection	on	gap.com
     •	   2
          	 001:	Banana	Republic	launches	petite	sizes	online;	Old	Navy	launches		
          maternity	as	an	online	exclusive
     •	   2002:	Gap	Inc.	Direct	serves	1	million	customers
     •	   	 005:	Gap	Inc.	relaunches	gap.com,	BananaRepublic.com	and	oldnavy.com,		
          offering	customers	a	more	convenient	and	interactive	shopping	experience
     •	   	 006:	Gap	Inc.	launches	its	first	online-only	brand,	Piperlime,	offering	a	fresh	
          shoe	shopping	experience
     •	   	 008:	Gap	Inc.	Direct	launches	“Universality”	and	Piperlime	offers	handbags;		
          the	company	acquires	Athleta	Inc.;	Gap	Inc.	Direct	reaches	$1	billion	in	sales.
     •	   2
          	 009:	Athleta	joins	Gap	Inc.’s	online	portfolio	of	brands	as	the	fifth	tab	under	the	
          universality	platform.

     For	additional	information	on	Gap	Inc.	Direct,	please	see	the	Media	section		
     at	gapinc.com.

                                                                                             [ Gap Inc. Press Kit ]
Gap Inc. Social Responsibility

As a market leader with a portfolio of well-recognized
brands, Gap Inc. strives to make a lasting, positive impact
on people and the communities where we do business.

          We ask ourselves that question everyday. And through a number of programs, our
          goal is to deliver value to our shareholders while conducting business in a way that
          lessens our impact on the environment, advances the rights of garment workers
          around the world, and provides a high quality of life for our employees and those
          people impacted by our business.

          Sourcing Practices
          Because we don’t own the factories where our clothes are made, we first inspect
          each factory (including subcontractors) and ask manufacturers to pledge, in writ-
          ing, to abide by the standards outlined in our Code of Vendor Conduct before any
          orders can be placed. Through our comprehensive factory monitoring and labor
          standards program, we strive to improve working conditions in the garment fac-
          tories that make our clothes. We have a team of more than 80 employees around
          the world who are dedicated to improving the lives of factory workers. In addition
          to working with factories, an important part of our program includes collaboration
          with other apparel companies and third-party organizations to improve working
          conditions across the industry. Through these efforts, we remain committed to
          finding new ways to make a difference.

          Supporting Our Employees
          With a workforce of more than 134,000 employees around the world, we’re dedicated
          to creating a workplace in which the rights, needs and unique contributions of every
          employee are respected. This includes enforcement of the Gap Inc. Code of Business
          Conduct and initiatives such as our open-door policy, which encourages employees to
          raise questions, concerns and suggestions through an anonymous toll-free number.
          We also provide comprehensive employee benefits that range from a generous
          merchandise discount to a 401(k) plan that features a dollar-for-dollar company match.


                                                                                             [ Gap Inc. Press Kit ]
Gap Inc. Social Responsibility

     Environmental Impact
     Our environmental strategy is focused on the areas where we believe we can have
     the greatest positive impact: energy conservation, cotton/sustainable design, and
     output/waste reduction.

     For example, in 2008, Banana Republic launched its Green Collection in stores for
     men and women produced using eco conscious fabrics.

     The collection continues to grow. In 2009, the brand launched Heritage for Women,
     which features 90 percent “green fabrications,” a 45-piece collection that includes
     something eco-friendly in nearly every style. Among the materials used in Heritage
     for Women are organic cotton, soy silk and bamboo — a collection distinguished by
     the small green elephant logo.

     Community Investment
     With a particular focus on youth in developed countries and women in developing
     countries, we’re committed to supporting the communities where we live and work
     through grants, in-kind donations, community outreach and employee volunteer
     programs. In 2009, our employees donated more than 318,000 hours of their time
     and contributed more than $2.5 million to nonprofits (not including company
     match). While we support many organizations, we have also developed our own
     Signature Programs to support women and youth:
     •   P.A.C.E. (Personal Advancement, Career Enhancement) — The P.A.C.E program is
         focused on female garment workers and aims to empower and build the edu-
         cation, life, and workplace skills of young women in the developing world. The
         program, funded by Gap Inc., was developed over a two-year period through
         an integrated partnership with ICRW (International Center for Research on
         Women), a local NGO in India, and a local vendor. The P.A.C.E. program offers
         education in critical areas such as communication, problem solving and deci-
         sion making, as well as health, financial literacy and government entitlements.
         The program launches in Cambodia in March 2009.
     •   This Way Ahead — Taking a new approach to providing youth with practical
         work skills and training, we partner with The Door, a long standing New York
         City based organization to deliver This Way Ahead. This program has three
         phases: 1) job readiness training for four months; 2) a Gap or Old Navy paid
         store internship for four months; and 3) follow-on support by the community
         partner for up to one year. Many of our employees are working to bring this
         program to life — course materials were written by volunteers from our Learn-
         ing & Development department, our store leadership is teaching the course,
         and our store teams are supporting the development of the interns. This Way
         Ahead launched in March 2007 and will be expanded into additional cities in
         the next several years.


                                                                                         [ Gap Inc. Press Kit ]
Gap Inc. Social Responsibility

     Public Recognition
     We’re honored to have been recognized over the years for our efforts:
     • For the third year in a row, in 2008, the top 1000 CRO magazine ranked Gap Inc.
       one of the “100 Best Corporate Citizens” among the top 1,000 major
       U.S. companies.
     • Gap Inc. was chosen by Ethisphere Magazine in 2008 as one of the World’s Most
       Ethical Companies in recognition of our commitment to ethical leadership and
       social responsibility.
     • Gap Inc. maintained an “A” rating (on an A-F scale) in Morningstar Stock’s 2007
       “500 Report” for stewardship (corporate governance). The report cites the
       company’s annual Board of Directors elections, sufficient independence, and
       relevant retail and consumer experience.
     • The National Association for Female Executives (NAFE) named Gap Inc. one of
       the top 30 companies for executive women in its 2007, 2006 and 2005 surveys.
     • Gap Inc. earned the Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s 2008 “Best Places to
       Work for GLBT Equality” seal, which denotes America’s best companies for gay,
       lesbian, bisexual and transgender (GLBT) workers.

     At Gap Inc., being socially responsible means striving to incorporate our values and
     ethics into everything we do. While we’re proud of our successes, we recognize and
     remain focused on the many challenges that face our company, and our industry.

     For more information on Gap Inc. programs, please see our Social Responsibility
     section on gapinc.com.

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