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					                                         MUSEUM COMMITTEE
                                             June 4, 2009
                                           Council Chambers

Mayor Twolan moved into the Chair in Committee of the Whole and called the meeting to order. Mrs.
Ribey, Museum Director joined Mayor Twolan as the presenting Department Head. Staff in Attendance:
Ann-Marie Collins, Archivist

All Committee Members except Mayor McIver were in attendance.

Regrets: Wayne Jamieson, CAO and Mayor McIver

Recording Secretary: Darlene Batte, Administrative Assistant

Pecuniary Interest:   None Declared


Presentation: Vicky Cooper – Collections Registrar – BCM&CC

Donation of Uniform from Bruce County Historical Society
      – Captain Allan Peter Todd – Quartermaster

Mrs. Ribey explained that through the generosity of the Bruce County Historical Society, the Museum has
been able to acquire a very complete and concise collection of military artifacts formerly belonging to
Captain Allan Peter Todd – Quartermaster, who served in WWI. Captain Todd’s tunic, ‘sam browne’,
gaters, webbing, sword hanger, photos and some memorabilia from Captain Todd’s son, R. A. Todd from the
second world war is also included. These newly acquired artifacts will be on display in our Military display
area to celebrate May is Museum Month and from time to time, upon request can be available for short-term
loan to area exhibit space.

Mrs. Ribey introduced Vicky Cooper, Bruce County Museum and Cultural Centre Collections Registrar and
Mrs. Karen Ribey representing the Bruce County Historical Society. Ms. Cooper provided Committee
members with background information on the donation. She reported that it is documented that Allan Peter
Todd, was a Walkerton area resident, born October 7, 1882, Peter Todd and Isabella Allen, Produce
Merchants (Walkerton). A. P. Todd married in Walkerton in December 1919 to Miss Charlotte E. (Daisy)
McFarlane, daughter of Registrar W. H. and Mrs. McFarlane. As quoted in their wedding announcement
Paisley Advocate Jan. 7, 1920 it reports that the happy couple boarded the C.P.R. train for Toronto, New
York and Sulphur Spring, Virginia. Then upon their return they would reside in London, Ontario where the
groom is attached to the Civil Service Commission.

Mrs. Karen Ribey reported that it is with pleasure that she, on behalf of the Bruce County Historical Society
formally donates the collection to the Bruce County Museum and Cultural Centre.

Department Councillor Twolan, on behalf of Bruce County Council expressed his appreciation to the
Historical Society for purchasing the collection and donating it to the Bruce County Museum and Cultural

It was suggested that the County may wish to consider allocating funds specifically for future collection


     Moved by Warden Goetz                                                         Seconded by Mrs. Gilbert

     That the minutes of the May 7, 2009 meeting be adopted as circulated.                          Carried.


2.   Proposed Grant Submission – Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs

     Mrs. Ribey reported that a preliminary application has been made to the Ontario Ministry of
     Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA), to assist with funding for the continuation of the
     promotion of the Lighthouses within the Bruce County. The application was submitted in partnership
     with the Bruce County Museum & Cultural Centre (BCM&CC) and the Bruce Coast Lighthouse
     Partners (BCLP).

     OMAFRA will fund 50% with matching dollars for this promotional project. This will enable the
     BCM&CC & BCLP to double their monies to enhance and to build economic stimulus for Bruce
     County for the creation and awareness of marine heritage such as the lighthouses spanning from Point
     Clark to the south as far as Tobermory to the north. This project will enable the Bruce Coast
     Lighthouse Partners and the Museum to actively educate the consumer on the importance of the
     lighthouses to marine traffic. The creation of the marine exhibit in 2012 on the General Hunter and to
     commemorate the War of 1812 is also included in this proposal.
     Mrs. Ribey noted that this funding, if approved will be disbursed over a three-year period in phases as
     resources permit.
     The Bruce Coast Lighthouse Partners consist of members from Flowerpot Island Light Station,
     Tobermory Big Tub Lighthouse, Lion’s Head Lighthouse, Cabot Head Lighthouse, Chantry Island
     Lighthouse, Point Clark Lighthouse, Bruce County Museum & Cultural Centre and Bruce County
     Tourism. All of the above partners have the same vision towards the Lighthouses. The Friends of
     Lighthouses are volunteer organizations that give of their time to restore and preserve the historical
     values of the Lighthouses. These dedicated people believe that the preservation of Lighthouses have a
     deep impact to the study of marine heritage and the life of the keepers.

     This combined partnership with the Bruce County Museum & Cultural Centre and Bruce County
     Tourism shows the importance of working together to enhance tourism within Bruce County.
     The Lighthouse Partners understand the concept and the value of visitors’ experiences to the area, both
     as individual businesses and collectively working in partnership. This requires consistent service at
     each of the sites. Each Lighthouse Partner will be contributing dollars to match funding, to position the
     Lighthouses and expand the tourism potential for Bruce County, its small coastal municipalities, and
     overcome the economic barrier that is before us, we are requesting funding assistance from the Rural
     Economic Development. The economic spin-off of the Lighthouse Tour will be revenues to the coffers
     of the County and small coastal municipalities to further assist the promotion of tourism to the area.
     The funding will be disbursed over a three-year period and monies will be in phases as financial
     resources permit. Other funders and sponsors will continue to be approached for financial support over
     the course of the project as opportunities arise.
     Mrs. Ribey explained that the Museum has included $40,000 as their 50% allocation to the project over
     the next three years. Twenty thousand of the County’s share is already in the 2009 budget under
     Permanent Exhibits. The remaining $20,000 is required over the next two years, or $10,000 in 2010
     and $10,000 in 2011. If funding is not available under permanent exhibits in the budget or a
     sponsorship is not obtained, then the project will not proceed.

     Moved by Mr. Kraemer                                                          Seconded by Mr. Bagnato

     That the BCM&CC be authorized to be the lead applicant for the Rural Economic Development Project
     and that it be solidly phased over three years and that matching funds must be obtained prior to
     proceeding with the individual projects.

2.   Job Descriptions – Maintenance Repair Person - Maintenance / Repair – Lead Hand

     Copies of the two job descriptions for the maintenance department for the Bruce County Museum and
     Cultural Centre were circulated for information purposes. Mrs. Ribey noted that the history behind
     these changes is contributed to the human resources study, which was completed as part of the Identity
     Action Plan.
     Mrs. Ribey reported that the Maintenance Supervisor retired recently. The full-time custodian has been
     moved to a lead hand position to ensure equipment and building maintenance / security is met and the
     part-time custodian has been moved to full-time.

     Moved by Mr. Kraemer                                                             Seconded by Mr. Smith

     That the Job Descriptions for Maintenance Repair/Lead Hand and Maintenance Repair be approved as

3.   Trillium Project - Operation of the 114 Km. Café – June-September 2009

     Mrs. Ribey advised that as part of the commitment to the 114km Café Project funded by the Ontario
     Trillium Foundation, a small café will be opened in the lower level of the Museum this summer. The
     purpose of the café will provide an additional amenity for our visitors while promoting and showcasing
     Bruce / Grey locally grown and produced food and products.

     Mrs. Ribey noted that staff have spoken with several local vendors about the café and an RFP for café
     proposal was advertised in the Shoreline Beacon and Sun Times in March 2009. Unfortunately there
     were no official responses from this advertising. Allan’s Fireside Grill, Port Elgin, was the only
     business/person who had expressed an interest in working with the Museum on this project.

     In order not to lose the funding from the Ontario Trillium Foundation, the original plans for the project
     have been revised to have the café as the focus for Year 2 of the proposal. Although Allan’s Fireside
     Grill has expressed in this project, the Museum will be the lead in organizing, staffing and running the
     café. Allan’s Fireside Grill will provide the pre-packaged products to sell on a daily basis.

     Moved by Mr. Smith                                                            Seconded by Warden Goetz

     That we recommend that we engage the services of Allan’s Fireside Grill, Port Elgin for the summer of
     2009 on a trial basis to substantiate the profitability of a café operation for 2010.

4.   Revenue Update

     Mrs. Ribey explained that in an effort to achieve the core values of relationships & professionalism,
     Museum staff strive to cultivate existing relationships and partnerships as well as develop new ones.
     She noted that 2009 proves to be a challenging one from an economic perspective and there is a slight
     decline in financial contributions, however there is an increase of in-kind sponsorships. By moving the
     gift shop into the foyer, there is increased exposure for the gift shop and a new area has been created
     for facility rental. Newsletter advertising is also a new revenue stream for 2009.

     Mrs. Ribey provided an update on the progress made to date in revenue generation pertaining
     specifically to the sponsorship and grant side of the Museum business.

5.   Admissions and Membership

     Membership Update

     Mrs. Ribey reported that membership campaigns and programs are progressing as planned for 2009.
     Focus for membership is on providing value, interesting programs and events as well as increasing the
     overall membership base and attracting more family memberships.

     To date there has been an increase in membership resulting in increased revenue.

     2008 – Jan – Dec – 337 Memberships sold $14,570.00
     2008 – Jan 1 – May 25th, 119 Memberships $4,495.00
     2009 – Jan 1 – May 25th, 187 Memberships $8,614.00

     Membership programs in place for 2009

     -     Grey Roots reciprocal agreement – 40 Member Cards have been used to date
     -     M is for Museum, Museum Month program – ending May 31, 2009
     -     Grade 5 program – 5 Museums & an Art Gallery – kicking off June 2009
     -     BCM&CC and Bruce County Public Library Campaign – June – September 2009

6.       2009 Summer Marketing Campaign Update

         Promotional Coupons - Dinosaurs Invade Bruce County:

         Mrs. Ribey reported that media sponsorship of this exhibit by 101.7 The One radio station has
         resulted in the creation of a new marketing tool – “Dino Dollars”. Museum staff has offered for the
         first time a value coupon for a summer exhibit. These “dollar” coupons offer $1.00 off one general
         admission to the Museum. A testing of this promotion was well received by the public.

         These coupons will be numbered so they can be tracked to see where distribution was most effective.
         They will be handed out and distributed to high traffic area in Bruce and Grey County.

         The Museum’s summer marketing staff will distribute these coupons at regional events and beaches,
         campgrounds, area attractions, Grey-Bruce visitor and information centres, restaurants, campgrounds,
        cottage courts, hotels and B& B’s, and gas stations. The retail sponsors and supporters will also
        receive these coupons as well to have for their customers.

        These coupons will also be handed out by 101.7 The One summer cruiser staff at Grey-Bruce events and
        live remotes booked buy other advertisers.

        “Ghostly Guardians of the Bruce Coast” Lighthouse Exhibit.

        Mrs. Ribey explained that because 101.7 is the media sponsor of the Dinosaurs exhibit, Bayshore
        Broadcasting and 98The Beach has come on board as the media sponsor of the “Ghostly Guardians
        of the Bruce Coast” lighthouse exhibit.

        They too wanted a coupon created for the sponsorship so “Bayshore Bucks” will be the promotional
        coupon for this exhibit.

        The same $1.00 off coupon will be created and the same distribution streams of tourism stakeholders
        and retailers will be used with an additional emphasis on Bruce Coast lighthouses, marinas, boating
        retailers and bait shops added to the mix.

        98The Beach summer cruiser staff and the Museum’s summer marketing staff will be distributing
        these coupons as well.

        Kellogg’s Promotion

        Mrs. Ribey reported that from April 1 to July 1 2009, Kellogg will put a promotional coupon on 3
        million cereal boxes (both adult’s and children’s) across the country. The Bruce County Museum &
        Cultural Centre has signed on for this promotion.

        The coupon will entitle the bearer to one free entry to a museum (to a maximum value of $10, one per
        paying adult) when a full-fare paying adult accompanies the bearer.

7.      Bruce County Service Awards - Bill Hicks – retires after 25 years

        Mrs. Ribey noted that it was a sad farewell to Mr. Bill Hicks Maintenance Supervisor for the
        BCM&CC. Bill started work on a part-time basis in 1978 and was hired full-time in 1984. Bill was
        presented with the “Golden Tool Box” Award with gift card treasures locked inside.

8.      Museum Activity

        Mrs. Ribey provided an update on activities at the museum.


     Department Chair                                     Department Head

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