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					                                          San Francisco Housing Resources
Call Helplink for housing referrals and emergencies: 211 or 415-808-HELP (4357); 808-4444 Spanish

      Mortgage Refinancing/Restructuring
  Federal Home Loan Bank of                            Will accept applications from                         (800) 283-0700
  San Francisco                                        members from September 2,
                                                       2008, to November 3, 2008.                  
                                                       Provides relief to customers in
                                                       situations where an existing loan
                                                       can be restructured or refinanced
                                                       to remain affordable for the
                                                       homeowner. Facilitates
                                                       homeownership preservation for
                                                       low- and moderate-income

 Organization    Description                                                                                      Contact Information
 Bridge Housing Corp.                    High-quality, affordable homes for working
                                         families and seniors in many settings and forms                           (415) 989-1111
                                         from large scale, mixed-use developments to                    
                                         low-rise apartment buildings.
                                         Develops and operates affordable, program-
 Mercy Housing                           enriched housing for families, seniors and                               (415) 355-7100
                                         people with special needs who lack the                         
                                         economic resources to access quality, safe
                                         housing opportunities.
 SF Housing                              Their mission is to foster stability in minority
 Development                             communities in the Greater San Francisco Bay                             (415) 822-1022
 Corporation                             Area through the development of affordable                     
                                         housing and the facilitation of home ownership.
                                         Provides creative, affordable solutions to a                             (650) 348-6660
 HIP Housing                             variety of housing needs. Each year HIP
                                         provides a home to over 1,000 persons through                  
                                         the property it owns and manages, and through
                                         its Home Sharing, Self-Sufficiency and Home
                                         Equity Conversion Programs
 Housing & Urban                         HUD's mission is to increase homeownership,                              (415) 489-6400
 Development (HUD)                       support community development and increase
                                         access to affordable housing free from                         
 Neighborhood                            Provides affordable homeownership for                                    1-888-302-NACA
 Assistance Corporation                  working people even those with credit
 San Francisco Housing                   Provides decent rental homes for low-income                              (415) 554-1200
 Authority                               families. The revitalized developments include
                                         community spaces, childcare facilities, space                  
                                         for after school programs, and computer
                                         learning centers.


  Equal Housing Opportunity: Habitat for Humanity Greater San Francisco selects families on an impartial and non-discriminatory basis. Race, color,
  gender, nationalorigin, marital status, family status, sexual orientation, age, religion, and disability are not part of the decision-making process. Equal
  Access Opportunity
Homeownership/Rental Cont'd
TODCO                            South of Market Neighborhood        (415) 896-1800
                                 Builders. Plans and develops new
                                 and rehabilitated senior and SRO
                                 affordable housing.
SF Redevelopment Agency          Affordable housing for rent or      (415) 749-2400
                                 purchase for people who live and
                                 work in San Francisco.    
EAH Housing                      Develops, manages and promotes      (415)258-1800
                                 quality affordable housing.
Fair Housing/ Services/Assistance
                        Provides services to help people resolve           (415) 468-7464 or
Project Sentinel        housing problems through counseling,               (888) 324-7468
                        complaint investigation, mediation, conciliation
                        and education. All services are free and 
Rebuilding Together     Rehabilitates homes and community facilities       (650) 366-6597
SF                      for low-income homeowners, seniors, and
                        Empowers communities and individuals of San        (415) 920-3820
Community Boards        Francisco with the skills and resources needed
                        to express and resolve conflicts peacefully and
                        appropriately for their culture and environment.
CA Dept. of Real        They protect and serve the interests of the        (510) 622-2552
Estate                  public in real estate transactions and work to
                        lessen the risk of loss to consumers in real
                        estate transactions
Consumer Credit         Provides financial counseling and                  (800) 777-7526
Counseling Service      education,and helps consumers achieve
                        financial independence through debt reduction,
                        homeownership, and improved money
                        management skills.
Housing Rights          Fights for tenant rights.                          (415) 703-8634
Committee of SF                                                  
                        Advice on tenant/landlord problems                 (415) 282-6622
Tenant's Union                                                   
Mission Economic        Dedicated to improving the economic                (415) 282-3334
Development Agency      and social conditions of San Francisco’s
(MEDA)                  immigrants and working class families with an
                        emphasis on the Latino community and the
                        Mission. MEDA can help start or expand your
                        own business, become a first time homebuyer,
                        and maximize your unique financial situation.
California Dept. of     They protect the people of California from         (800) 233-3212
Fair Employment and     employment, housing and public accomodation
Housing                 discrimination, and hate violence.       
National Fair Housing   The National Fair Housing Alliance is the voice    (202) 898-1661
Alliance                of fair housing. NFHA works to eliminate
                        housing discrimination and to ensure equal
                        housing opportunity for all people
West Bay Housing        Provides affordable housing to underserved
                        populations with an emphasis on people with        (415) 618-0012
                        developmental disabilities.              

Earn                    Proactive help for credit improvement. Matches     (415) 217.3660
                        the savings of low-wage workers and helpes
                        them invest in assets that build wealth.