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									  Attachment B1
Outline Specification

                                                                Outline Specification
Note: This Outline is based on the “Uniform System” for Construction Specifications, Data Filing, and Cost Accounting developed by AIA,
CSI and AGC.

Applicant: East Harlem MEC Center, LLC                                              Project Number:

Project Name: Parcel C                                                              Architect: Cooper Carry Inc.

Location: 2293 3rd Ave. (Southeast corner of 3rd Ave & 125th Street) New York, NY 10035                                                    Date: 2/11/2009

Instructions: Describe all materials and equipment to be used. Include no alternates or equivalents. Show extent of work and typical details on drawings. Attach
additional sheets if necessary to completely describe the work. The Cost Estimate will recogni ze quality products and materials in excess of acceptable minimums,
when specified. Certain parts of the work cannot be put in their proper classification until more information about their materials and construction is known;
therefore describe, under suitable categories below, the following: main service and other stairs, treads, risers, handrails, balusters, etc.; sound insulation of
partitions and floors separating apartments and between apartments and public spaces, utility conduits and tunnels, waterp roofing and draining, utilities, and
related insulation; retaining walls; garages and accessory buildings and off -site improvements required to serve the project such as roads, curbs, walks, utilities,
storm sewers, plantings, etc.

1. General Requirements:
Scope: The Contractor shall supply materials, labor, tools, plant, supplies, equipment, transportation, superintendence, temporary
construction of every nature, and other services and facilities necessary to complete the construction of the described facilities, including,
but not limited to, incidental work described in the Contract Documents.

Additional Requirements included: project meetings, submittals, testing and controlled inspections, security, construction fencing and
protections and all LEED, sustainable design and NYSERDA design/construction requirements.

Specifc Requirements - LEED Silver certification.
1.        Waste Management Coordination: Coordinate recycling of materials with the Owner and as required to conform to the construction
waste management plan, developed and implemented by the contractor as defined in Section 01505 CONSTRUCTION WASTE MANAGEMENT.
Minimum waste diversion to be 75%.
2.        Construction Waste is estimated at 121 tons. With a 75% diversion rate minimum, it is estimated that over 91.25 tons of waste will
diverted from landfills or incineration. Waste will be seperated both on site in separate dumpsters and at off-site sorting facilities managed
by the waste haulers.
a.        Meetings: The Contractor shall conduct construction waste management meetings as outlined in Section 01200 PROJECT
MEETINGS. At a minimum, waste management goals and issues shall be discussed at the following meetings:
a) Pre-bid meeting. b) Pre-construction conference. c) Progress meetings. d) Job safety meetings
3.        Contractor to develop and implement a Construction Indoor Air Quality Plan
4.         Contractor to develop and implement an Erosion and Sedimentation Control Plan to meet the requirements of the 2003 EPA
Construction General Permit or local/state regulations, whichever is more stringent.
5.        Contractor to develop and implement an Integrated Pest Management Plan
a.        Seal all wall, floor and joint penetrations to prevent pest entry
b.        Provide rodent and corrosion proof screens for large openings.

2. Site Work:
Type of Soil: Silty sands                                                           Bearing Capacity: 4,000 psf minimum bearing capacity

Material and thickness of fill and base course: Excavation as required. Footings to bear directly on undisturbed soil with 2 ton psf minimum bearing
capacity. 4" Recycled Concrete Underside of Concrete Sidewalks

Demolition: Construction of structures to be demolished and materials to be reused. Describe asbestos remediation, lead based paint abatement, mold
remediation or other environmental remediation issues. N/A

Storm Drainage: Culverts, pipes, manholes, catch basins, downspout connection (dry well, splash blocks, storm sewer). Connection to New York City
Storm Sewer

Site Preparation: Tree protection, surgery, wells, walls, topsoil, stripping, clearing, grubbing, and rough grading.
This site is on or adjacent to steep slopes:   yes      no
Clear site as required. Provide protection for adjacent properties and public safety. Minimize dust and debris. Dispose of all waste in accordance with
construction waste management requirements.

This is an urban site with no existing street trees.
Curbs and Gutters: Type and material. Metal Face Concrete Curbs

Pavement: Material and thickness of base and wearing surface for drives, parking areas, streets, alleys, courts, walks, drying yards and play areas.
Steps, handrails, checkwalls. 4" Architectural Concrete at sidewalks. Repave streets as required.

Equipment for Special Areas and Enclosures: Play equipment, benches, fences. N/A

Finish Grading: Approximate existing depth and method of improving topsoil. Extent of finish grading. N/A

Lawns and Planting: Type, size, quantity and location of lawn seeded or sodded; ground cover and hedge material, trees, shrubs, etc.
Native trees and plants are being provided:      yes      no
3" Calibur Tree 25' O.C., 5'x5' Root Zone, 3'x3'x3'-6" Tree Root Box

3. Concrete:
Concrete strength for exterior walls below and above grade, inter ior walls and partitions, piers, footings, columns and girders. Size, thickness and location
on drawings. Note portions having reinforcing steel on drawings. Location, size and material of footing drains and outlets.
Concrete strength for all concrete work shall be 4,000 psi minimum 28 day compressive strength, reinforced with reinforcing steel conforming to ASTM
A615. All foundation walls to be 12" minimum, other than perimeter walls supporting brick veneers which shall be 16" thick .

Structural system of concrete floors at basement, other floors and roof. Thickness of slabs and strength of concrete. Attached exterior concrete steps and
porches. If more than one type of construction is used, list separately and state loca tions.
Residential floors and Roof: 10" Pre-cast, prestressed concrete plank (5,000 psi) spanning to load bearing, reinforced, 8" CMU walls.
1st Floor: Structural Steel frames above the first floor in the Commercial area will transfer t he load bearing 8" CMU walls from above. 12" reinforced CMU
bearing walls in core, lobby and other areas. 1st floor framing will include pre -cast, prestressed concrete plank (5,000 psi) spanning between Structural
Steel frames in the retail space, concrete and CMU bearing walls elsewhere, and concrete foundation walls at the building perimeter.
Cellar slab will be 5" thick concrete slab on grade reinforced with 6x6 W2.9xW2.9 welded wire mesh.

Slab Perimeter Insulation.

4. Masonry:
Material and thickness of exterior walls above and below grade, interior walls and partitions, fire walls, stair, hall and elevator enclosures, chimneys,
incinerators, veneer, sills, copings, etc. Exterior walls; Ground Flr - 4" facebrick, 2"air space, 12" CMU block-Bearing wall & 8"CMU Non-Bearing walls.
Flrs 2-8 4" facebrick, 2"air space, 8" CMU block-Bearing & Non-Bearing walls.
Stair/Elevator Core walls; flrs 2-8 8" CMU Block bearing walls, ground flr 12" CMU Bearing walls . Basement level 12" CMU Bearing walls.
Interior walls; flrs 2-8 6" CMU Block walls, Ground flr 8" CMU Block walls, Basement Level 6" CMU Block walls.
Roof Bulkhead; 4" facebrick, 2" air-space, 8" CMU Block walls.
Chimney; 6" CMU Block wall.

5. Metals:
Miscellaneous Iron                                  Material                                                             Size
     Access Doors            N/A

     Area Gratings           N/A

        Lintels              Steel Angle, Steel Tube & Steel Plates                    7"x7" Steel Tubewith Steel Angles

     Fire Escapes            N/A                                                       N/A

Foundation Vents.      N/A

Structural Steel: (Framing or structural system used).

Structural Steel moment frames frames will be utilized at the underside of the 1st floor commerical space areas to support load bearing walls from the
residential floor above. Interior floor area of the 1st floor commercial space areas to be framed utiizing Structural steel moment frames.
Structural Steel to conform to AISC Specifications for Structural Steel for Buildings, 9th Ed. Steel to be composed of recycled material. Recycled content
to be catalogued.
All Steel Wide Flange Shapes to conform to ASTM A992 (50 ksi), all other steel shapes, plates, bars and rods to conform to ASTM A36 (36 ksi).
Steel Pipes to conform to ASTM A53 Type E, Grade B or Type S Grade B. A ll steel tubes to conform to ASTM A500 Grade B.
All Bolts Shall be 1" diameter, ASTM A325 in bearing type connection.
Anchor Bolts to concorm to ASTM A307.
All Welding work to conform to AWS D1.1. Electrodes to be E70CC Low Hydrogen.

6. Carpentry:
Size, spacing and grade of lumber to be used for floor, exterior walls above grade and interior partition framing, subfloor, sheathing, underlayment and
exterior finish materials (wood siding, shingles, asbestos siding, etc). 2x12 - Treated Wood Blocking in Exterior Walls & 2X Wood Nailer at Roof - Low
VOC & no added Urea-formaldehyde resins.

Grade and species for interior and exterior finish woodwork.
1.      Grade: No. 2.
2.      Grade: Construction or No. 2.
3.      Grade: Construction, Stud, or No. 3.
4.      Species: Provide any species below which will meet the structural requirements for the intended use:
a.      Hem Fir (north); NLGA.
b.      Douglas Fir Larch; WCLIB or WWPA.
c.      Mixed Southern Pine; SPIB.
d.      Spruce Pine Fir; NLGA.
e.      Douglas Fir (south); WWPA.
f.      Hem Fir; WCLIB or WWPA.
g.      Douglas Fir Larch (north); NLGA.
h.      Spruce Pine Fir (south); NELMA, WCLIB, or WWPA. d

7. Moisture Protection:
Materials and method of waterproofing walls and slabs below grade , location, thickness or number of piles. Type of permanent protection of
waterproofing (parging) if used. Method of damp proofing above grade. Flashing materials if other than sheet metal. Spandrel waterproofing.

Foundation Walls and Sla bs Below Grade
Provide heavy fibrated -type mastic asbestos free emulsion. ASTM D1227. Reinforce with glas -fiber mat as necessary. Provide rigid protection
board at foundation wall dampproofing.

Damp Proofing above Grade;
Vapor Retarder Membrane & Water R esistant Barriers-
Reinforced Polyethylene Vapor Barrier: Provide two outer layers of polyethylene film laminated to an inner reinforcing layer consisting of
either nylon cord or polyester scrim and weighing not less than 22 pounds per 1000 square feet .
 Water Resistant Barrier: Provide spun bonded olefin, non woven, non -perforated.Water penetration resistance of 200 cm minimum in
accordance with AATCC 127. .

       Thermal Insulation                          Thickness                     R-Value & Type of Material                 Method of Installation
                                       3"                                     R-4.2/inch Mineral Fiber Un-broken      Pin-Impelled and glued
          Exterior Walls

        Ceiling Below Roof

                                       Min. 6"                                R-30 polyisocyanurate & rigid           Insulation Fasteners installed as
               Roof                                                           insulation                              recommended by the MFG.


Roofing: Roof covering materials and method of application, weight of shingles, numbers of felt plies, bitumen, etc. EPDM Single Ply Membrane with
a High-Reflectance & Low Emissivity - SRI - Greater than 78. EPDM Sheet: Provide uniform, flexible sheet formed from a terpolymer of ethylene
propylene diene, complying with ASTM D 4637, Type 1, Grade 1 or Grade 2 and Class SR, scrim or fabric internal reinforced, Adhered EPDM Sheet
Installation & Exposed Face Color: White.

Insulation to be tapered polyisocyanurate board at an average thickness to provide an R Value of 30. Roof system to be provided with manufacturers 20
year warrenty.

Sheet Metal: Material and weight or gauge for flashings, copings, gutters and downspouts, roof ventilators, scuppers, etc. Sheet Metal Flashing and
Trim Standard: Comply with SMACNA ASMM; For Flashing - Mill Finish Aluminum Sheet: ASTM B 209, 3003 H14, with a minimum thickness of 0.040
inch, unless otherwise indicated.
For Copings - Extruded Aluminum: ASTM B 221, Alloy 6063 T52, with a minimum thickness of 0.080 inch for primary legs of extrusions that are

Caulking: (Materials and Locations). Low VOC Sealants and Adhesives for Gluing Furring, Sleepers, Etc., to Concrete or Masonry:
Elastomeric Joint Sealants, Silicone Sanitary Sealant, Solvent Release Curing Joint Sealants, Butyl Rubber Sealant, Latex Joint Sealants, Acoustical
Sealants, Joint Sealant Backing, Expanded Neoprene Joint Filler & Joint Filler Strips.

8. Doors, Windows and Glass:
Windows and Frames: Type and Material. Special construction features or protective treatment. Aluminum thermal-break double hung windows,
HSC-50 with a maximum U value of 0.41, and air infiltration rate of 0.17 cfm, meeting current AAMA standards.
Aluminum Frame Storefront Windows - Fixed at Retail Level.

Window Grade: ?

Glazing: Thickness, strength and grade of glass and method of glazing.       1" Insulated Glass with clear low-e coating on inside face of outboard lite.
U center of glass = 0.33 or lower, SHGC = 0.38 or lower.

Metal Curtain Walls:    N/A

Doors and Frames - Exterior: Thickness, material and type at all locations.
Retail & Residential Entrance Doors; 2" Glass Storefront Door with 4 1/2" Aluminum Storefront Frame.
Egress Door - 1 3/4" Hollow Metal Door with Hollow Metal Frame.

Doors and Frames - Interior: Thickness, material and type for public halls and stairs, apartments (entrance and interior), boiler rooms, fire doors and
doors at other locations.
Unit Entry Doors, Stairs, Jan. Closet, Boiler Room, Storage Areas & Laundry Room - 1 3/4" Hollow Metal Doors with Hollow Metal Frames.
Unit Interior Doors - 1 3/4" Wood Hollow Core Door with Wood Frames and no Urea Formaldehyde Resin.

Finish Hardware: Material and finish of exterior and interior locksets, sliding and folding door hardware, window and cabinet hardware, door closers,
door knockers, numbers, etc. Provide complete system for door hardware including hinges, spring hingesm locksets and latchsets, deadbolts at
apartment entrances, doorstops, kickplates, thresholds.

 Windows to have locking device and be tamperproof from exterior. Limit stops/Child guards as required.

                Weatherstripping                                       Material                                              Type
                                                   by manufacturer
                 Exterior Doors
Screens:            Mesh                           Fiberglass

                    Frames                         Aluminum

9. Finishes:
Grade, material, and thickness of all finishes.
5/8" Recycled or Synthetic Gypsum Board, 5/8" Cementitious Backer Board, 3/8" Ceramic Wall & Floor Tile, 1/2" Wood Sill & Misc. Trim,
Recycled Cove Base, Accoustical Ceiling Tile, Carpet & Linoleum Sheet Flooring.


     Exterior                      Type                    No. of Coats              Interior                     Type                  No. of Coats

      Wood                                                                            Wood             Low VOC                       2 Coats or Min.
                                                                                                                                     spreading rate.

      Metal                                                                           Metal

    Masonry                                                                          Masonry           Sealer w/ Low VOC             2 Coats or Min.
                                                                                                                                     spreading rate.

                                                                                  Kitchen & Bath       Low VOC                       2 Coats or Min.
                                                                                                                                     spreading rate.
Tile & Ceramic Bathroom Accessories:

                                                              Floor & Wall Covering
                                                     (thickness, grade finish, wainscott height)

          Location: (specify)                                          Floors                                             Walls
a. BedRm, Dining Rm & Living Rm                    CRI Green Label plus Recyled Carpet &               Recycled or Synthetic Gyp Bd w/ Low VOC
                                                   Carpet Pad with Low VOC Adhesives / 4"              Paint
                                                   Recycled Base
b. Community Room, Kitchen & Hallways              Linoleum Tile / 4" Recycled Base                    Recycled or Synthetic Gyp Bd w/ Low VOC

c. Bath Rooms                                      Ceramic Tile with sealed grout / 4" High Tile       Ceramic Tile with sealed grout / Recycled or
                                                   Base                                                Synthetic Gyp Bd w/ Low VOC Paint

d. Lobby                                           Floor Tile / CRI Green Label Plus Recyled           Recycled or Synthetic Gyp Bd w/Low VOC
                                                   Carpet & Carpet Pad with Low VOC                    Paint
                                                   Adhesives carpet / 4" Recycled Base
e. Stairs, Laundry, Storage Areas,                 Low VOC Floor Sealer                                Sealer w/ Low VOC
Mechanical Areas

                                                                  Bathroom Accessories

                                                                        Material                                            Quanitity
Attached                                             Mirror Glass,Toilet Dispenser, Soap Dish &
                                                     Tooth Brush Holder, Grab Bars, Shower
                                                     Curtain Rod & Towel Racks. Provide
                                                     reinforcing for grab bars and shower seats in
                                                     all apartments

Resilient Flooring: Location, type and gauge, for all materials.      Unit Kitchens, Community Room & Hallways

10. Specialties: (list significant items)
Interior Partitions other than concrete, masonry or wood.        Metal Stud Framing in Dwelling Units. Document recycled content of gypsum and steel

Medicine Cabinets: Material, size and type. Surface Mounted Medicine Cabinet: Fabricated of all steel construction with white baked enamel
finish; with steel framed mirrored door, continuous full length piano hinge, three adjustable shelves, and magnetic door catch.

Mail Boxes, Package Receivers.        Front-Loaded Rescessed Unit Mail Boxes, & Dwelling Unit Metal Screen Storage Lockers

Packaged Incinerators.      24" residential refuse chute, hoppers and building compactor.

11. Equipment:
Refrigerators: Capacity and type for each size of living unit.
Energy Star labeled:    yes    no
1BR & 2BR 14cf, 3BR 18cf

Kitchen Ranges: Size and type for each size of living unit.      All Ranges 30" wide

                                                                     Kitchen Cabinets
                                                           (detail on drawings)
                                              Material                                                              Finish
    Wall Units        Plywood with no Urea Formaldehyde Resin                               Factory Finished Laminate

   Base Units         Plywood with no Urea Formaldehyde Resin                               Factory Finished Laminate

Counter Top and Backsplash Material.         Exterior Grade Plywood substrate, with no urea formaldehyde resin, Plastic Laminate

Other Cabinets and Built-in Storage Units.       N/A

Equipment: Garbage disposal units, dishwashers, clothes washers and dryers.
Energy Star labeled:  yes     no
Clothes Washers & Dryers. Dryers to be directly vented to the outdoors.

12. Furnishings - Shades: Types of shades, draperies or other devices for privacy and control of natural light.          Aluminum horizontal louver

blinds or equal.

13. Special Construction: (Incinerator – Job Constructed).

14. Conveying Systems:
Elevators: Attach letter from manufacturer whose elevator installation is proposed containing a brief comprehensive specification for the complete
elevator installation, and the manufacturer’s statement that the number of elevators proposed and the installation described will provide adequate
service, and that manufacturer maintains an effective service organization in the project locality. See attached letter from Kone Elevator.

List features: alarm/emergency stop button, fireman's switch, car position and direction indicators, audible signals, jamb mounted floor designation, two
way leveling device, door edge protection, electronic protection services, recessed telephone handset with communication to monitoring station,
stainless steel handrail, security mirror, pad hooks and protection pads. One year service contract with renewal option.

15. Mechanical:
Plumbing and Hot Water Supply:

Fixtures: (Material, size, fittings, trim and color)

Sink:              2.2 gpm or better:    yes     no
Lavatory:              2.0 gpm or better     yes    no

Water Closet:              1.6 gpm or better:        yes         no

Bathtub:              2.2 gpm or better:       yes         no

Shower Over Tub:                2.2 gpm or better:         yes         no

Stall Shower:             2.2 gpm or better:         yes         no

Laundry Trays:              2.2 gpm or better:         yes        no


Soil Lines:    No Hub Cast Iron                                                 Gas Lines:      Standard weight black steel

Waste Lines:      No Hub Cast Iron                                              Stand Pipes:       Black Steel

Vents:    No Hub Cast Iron                                                      Interior Downspouts:      No Hub Cast Iron

Water:    Type L Copper Tubing

Valve Shutoff for Servicing:     Riser Control valves and fixture stops

Domestic Water Heating
Direct Fired (Type, capacity and recovery rate): N/A
Energy Star labeled:       yes      no
Sealed combustion:        yes      no
Indirect Fired (Separate boiler or combined with space heating boiler. Storage and recovery capacity):           Turbo max 109 indirect water to water heat
exchangers 1000gph/each

Solar Energy:                                                                   System:      N/A
Application: N/A


System Capacity:       N/A

Insulation: Type and thickness of insulation on water lines and water heating equipment.        1" pre molded fiberglass on pipe up to 1". 1 1/2" on pipes 1
1'4" to 4". 2" on pipes 5" and larger.

Sprinklers:      NFPA 13         NFPA 13R          NFPA 13D       Other

Radon System:          Passive      Active

15. Mechanical (continued)

Kind of System: Hot water, steam, forced warm air, gravity warm air, etc.: Water source heat pump supplemented with gas fired condensing boilers.
Final equipment specs to be sized in accordance with the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) Manual, Parts J and S

Fuel Used:      Natural gas                                                     Calculated Load:       2,500,000 BTU/HR (total heat and DHW)

Heating Load:      1,500,000                           Domestic Hot Water Load:     1,000,000               Total:     2,500,000

Equipment (Make and Model):         (2) Aerco BMK 2 (2 @ port capacity)

AFUE:           Sealed Combustion:           yes     no
Input (per hr.): Coal (lbs.):                          Oil (gals.):                                         Gas (BTUH):        2,000,000 BTU/each

Output (BTUH):      10,000,000

Distribution System:     Two pipe hydronic system with drain

Insulation: Type and thickness of insulation on heating equipment and distribution system:         1" pre molded fiberglass on pipe up to 1". 1 1/2" on pipes

1 1/4" to 4". 2" on pipes 5" and larger.

Room Heating Units: Baseboard units, radiators, convectors, registers, etc.:           Vertical and console water source heat pump units.

Solar Energy:                                                                         System:    N/A
Application:  N/A

Subsystem:      N/A

System Capacity:

Geothermal: Describe system and application:         N/A

Temperature Controls: Individual unit, zone, central, etc.:      Individual heat pump control via programmable thermostat.

Ventilation: Location, capacity and purpose of ventilating fans: Individual side wall exhaust fans (equipped with either a humidistat or timer) per each
apartment 50 cfm intermittent at bathrooms.
Energy Star labeled:      yes      no
Air Conditioning
Unitary Equipment (Self contained or packaged units): Vertical and console water source heat pumps.

Calculated Load:      170 tons

Equipment: Make, model, operating voltage and capacity in BTUH for each size serving individual rooms, apartments units, or zone:              Climate Master
Vertical Units - 1 ton, 1 1/2 ton and 2 ton. Climate Master console Units - 3/4

Final equipment specs will be sized in accordance with the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) Manual, Parts J and S.

Central System:
High efficiency, high EER

Energy Star labeled:        yes      no
Calculated Load:

Equipment (Make, model, operating voltage and capacity in BTUH for each size serving individual rooms, apartment units, or zone):             Lobby - 5 ton
climate Master heat pump water source. Common Room - 3 ton Climate Master heat pump water source.


15. Mechanical (continued)

Utilities On-Site: Material for distribution system for all piped utilities:     XHCI for sanitary and storm sewer connections.

Water Supply: Fire hydrants, yard hydrants, lawn sprinkler systems, exterior drinking fountains:           City water supply for domestic and standpipe.

Gas:    Utility Company service to building.

Sanitary Sewerage: Treatment plants, pumping stations, manholes:               City sewer is available. Cast iron.


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