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                                              Multi-Media Education and Entertainment Solution

 Applications:                                        MMDS AccessPoint from Synergy Broadcast, is a touch screen
 •  Patient Education                                 based, interactive education and entertainment system de-
 •  Outpatient Treatment Centers                      signed to provide patients with a digital interface to access
 •  Staff Education                                   television, video on-demand education, the Internet, email,
 •  Patient Entertainment                             games, music and more.
 •  Survey and Testing
 •  Documentation of Statistics                       Healthcare education no longer revolves around a single pa-
 •  Patient Services                                  tient channel that repeats programs every two hours or copies
        • Nutrition Interface                         of brochures and white papers. With MMDS you can provide
        • Housekeeping                                your patients with digital access to an expanded array of digital
                                                      entertainment and information.

Key Components:                                       The system is available in a variety of configurations for facili-
• Personal Touch Screen TV                            ties from 10 to 1000+ beds
• Video On Demand Software                            and is capable of expansion
                                                                                       Software Features Include:

• Scheduling Software                                                                  • Video Catalog
                                                      after installation. MMDS Ac-
• Welcome Channel                                                                      • Easy to Use Touch Screen
                                                      cessPoint is also suited for Di-
• Survey and Testing Software                                                          • Video On Demand Education
                                                      alysis and Cancer treatment
• Access to the Internet                                                               • Video On Demand Movies
                                                      centers where patients are
                                                                                       • Internet Access
                                                      chair-bound for extended peri-
                                                                                       • Music, Games, Email
                                                      ods of time. The Touch
                                                                                       • Survey and Testing Option
                                                      Screen provides these patients
                                                                                       • HL7 Interface
                                                      with freedom not previously
                                                      available while undergoing
                                                      treatment each week.
     Bedside Touch Screen
                                                      MMDS AccessPoint is digitally based and combines your exist-
                                                      ing cable system with network infrastructure to deliver digital
                                                      TV, video on demand, email access, Internet access, games,
                                                      music and video on demand movies to a single touch screen
                                                      interface that is simple to understand and easy-to-use.

                                                      MMDS can also integrate a camera for live feeds, emergency
          Wall Mounted TV
         with Pillow Speaker                          messaging, music and other features including streaming.
                                                      Configurations are also available using Pillow Speakers and wall
                                                      mounted digital TV’s. Please contact us for specific details on
                               Typical Headend Unit   options, features and configurations.

                                                              Call 800-601-6991 for information.

                                                      Broadcast Automation—Video On Demand—Media Management

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