Louisiana Herpetologists - Loyola University New Orleans by Levone

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									Louisiana Herpetologists - 8/27/03

                                             compiled by Robert A. Thomas
                                            Loyola University New Orleans
                                                  ("+" means deceased)
                              Updated at end of odd years; please email additions/corrections.




          Theron Magers - Louisiana Dept. Environmental Quality - snake ecology.
          Steve Shively - U.S. Forest Service - Gardner - herp surveys, turtles.
          Jerry G. Walls - (see “Lake Charles”) - Evergreen - popular books on herp husbandry.

          The following herpetologists were formerly in or near Alexandria:

          Dr. Henry Fitch - U. Kansas, retired - was with U.S. Fish & Wildl. Serv. in Leesville in 1948.
          +Dr. Charles M. Fugler - (see "Baton Rouge"). Louisiana C.
          Dr. Robert A. Thomas - (see "New Orleans"). Attended junior and high school.


          George M. Patton and Martha Ann Messinger - box turtle ecology. Instrumental in passing legislation
                 that protects wild box turtle populations.


          Dr. Christopher C. Austin – L.S.U. – molecular systematics, population genetics,
                   physiological/functional ecology, and island phylogeography of reptiles.
          +Dr. Ellinor H. Behre - L.S.U. - general on herps.
          +Dr. Harry Bennett - L.S.U. - published a few papers on herp parasites.
          Dr. Jeff Boundy - Fur & Refuge Division staff herpetologist, Louisiana Wildl. & Fisheries - snake
                   systematics & community ecology.
          Dr. Robert H. Chabreck - L.S.U. - alligator ecology.
          James Delahoussaye – LA D.E.Q. – amphibian studies.
          +Dr. Charles M. Fugler - retired from U. North Carolina, Wilmington - general studies. L.S.U. M.S.
          +Dr. Ira D. George - L.S.U. - venoms and general studies.
          +James N. Gowanloch (1896-1952) - Louisiana Dept. Conservation - articles on Louisiana poisonous
          Gary Lester - Louisiana Natural Heritage Program, LA Dept. Wildl. Fish. - herp surveys.
          Richard Martin - Louisiana Nature Conservancy - herp surveys.
          Dr. Al Meier - L.S.U., retired - physiologist who worked with anoles.
          Johnny Tarver - Louisiana Dept. Wildl. Fish., retired - over alligator work; initiated LDWF herpetology

          The following herpetologists were formerly in Baton Rouge:

          Dr. Alexander D. Acholonu - U. Puerto Rico? - reptile parasites. Southern U.
          Dr. David A. Good - enrolled in vet. school - systematics of salamanders and lizards. Former curator of
Louisiana Herpetologists - 8/27/03

                   amphibian collection at L.S.U.
          Dr. David C. Cannatella - U. Texas Austin - hylid systematics. L.S.U.
          Dr. J. Larry Crain – retired – general herp studies. Board of Regents.
          Dr. Christopher P. Kofron - (see "Lafayette). - snake systematics. L.S.U.
          Dr. Jimmy McGuire – U. California Berkeley. Lizard systematics. L.S.U.
          Dr. Henry R. Mushinsky - U. South Florida - snake ecology. L.S.U.
          Dr. Douglas A. Rossman - L.S.U., retired, now living in Decorah, Iowa - systematics of Nerodia,
                   Thamnophis, and the South American genus Helicops. Former curator of the reptile collection.
                   Co-author of "The Amphibians and Reptiles of Louisiana" with Dundee.
          Dr. Dorcas Schaefer - U. Tennessee Vet. School - diseases.
          Steve Shively - U.S. Forest Service - see Alexandria.
          Dr. John A. Wiest, Jr. - in Pennsylvania - frog ecology and systematics of South American snake genus
                   Chironius. LA State Parks.

          The following herpetologists were schooled in Baton Rouge:

          Anna Bass – U. Florida – Eretmochelys molecular conservation. L.S.U. M.S.
          Patricia Kimmich Blaney – Brevard Community College, Titusville, FL - electronmicrospy of snake
                   scales. L.S.U. M.S.
          Dr. Richard M. Blaney – Brevard Community College, Titusville, FL - general herps. L.S.U. Ph.D.
          Dr. Jeff Boundy - Fur & Refuge Division staff herpetologist, Louisiana Wildl. & Fisheries - snake
                   systematics & community ecology. L.S.U. Ph.D.
          Robert W. Bowker - ? - anole physiology. L.S.U. M.S.
          Dr. Frank T. Burbrink – College of Staten Island/CUNY - snake (especially Pantherophis) molecular
                            systematics. L.S.U. Ph.D.
          Dr. Janalee P. Caldwell - U. Oklahoma - amphibian ecology. L.S.U. M.S.
          Joel Carlin – U. Florida – Eurycea longicauda systematics. L.S.U. M.S.
          Tom Devitt – U. California Berkeley – Trimorphodon systematics. L.S.U. M.S.
          Dr. Gary Eberle - California - genetics of snakes; now owns a vinyard with his own label. L.S.U. M.S.
          Dr. Darrel R. Frost - American Mus. Nat. Hist. - cladistic analysis of various herps. L.S.U. M.S.
          +B. E. Gandy - Mississippi Mus. Nat. Hist. - toads. L.S.U. M.S.
          Donald E. Hahn - Cottonwood, AZ - book dealer - systematics of Leptotyphlops and other studies. L.S.U.
          Dr. James Hebrard - U. Nairobi - chamaeleons. L.S.U. Ph.D.
          Paul Hollander - Iowa - Farancia skulls. L.S.U. M.S.
          Dr. Edmund D. Keiser, Jr. - U. Mississippi, retired - systematics of Oxybelis and faunal studies. L.S.U.
          Lionel A. "Skip" Landry, Jr. - Texas - snake osteology. L.S.U. M.S.
          Dr. Robin Lawson - California Academy of Sciences - biochemical systematics of snakes.
                   L.S.U. Ph.D.
          Patrick A. Meyer - U. Tennessee - snake systematics. L.S.U. M.S.
          Dr. Thomas Michot - (see "Lafayette"). L.S.U. Ph.D.
          Dr. R. Earl Olson - Cambridge, MN - lizards. L.S.U. M.S.
          William E. Sanderson - biology teacher in North Carolina - snake systematics. L.S.U. M.S.
          +Gerald C. Schaefer - Opheodrys. L.S.U. M.S.
          Brian E. Smith - U. Texas Arlington - squamate reptiles of eastern Mindanão. L.S.U. M.S.
          Adrienne Steele – LA Arts & Sciences Mus. – Thamnophis cranial allometry. L.S.U. M.S.
          +Dr. Joseph Slowinski – went to California Academy of Sciences – elapid specialist. L.S.U. Postdoc.
          Dr. Richard Thomas - U. Puerto Rico - systematics of West Indian herps. L.S.U. Ph.D.
          Dr. Alexander Varkey - Liberty Baptist C. - comparative cranial morphology of various New World
                   snakes. L.S.U. Ph.D.
          Frederick W. Wagner - ? - Oligodon. L.S.U. M.S.
          Dr. Van Wallach - Harvard U. - various book projects. L.S.U. M.S.
Louisiana Herpetologists - 8/27/03

          Dr. Kenneth L. Williams - Northwestern Louisiana St..U., retired - systematics of Lampropeltis
                  trianqulum and Mexican/Honduran herps. Curator of collection. L.S.U. Ph.D.
          Dr. Larry David Wilson - Miami-Dade Comm. C. - systematics of Masticophis, Tantilla, other
                  Neotropical snakes and faunal studies of Honduras. L.S.U. Ph.D.


          Dr. James E. Cordes - L.S.U.E. - Cnemidophorus.
          Avery A. Williams - L.S.U.E. - Curator of Vertebrates; herp field studies; physiology of Bufo nebulifer.


          +George P. Meade (1883-1975) - chemist with Colonial Sugar - Louisiana snake ecology.


          Dr. Brian I. Crother - S.L.U. - reptile and amphibian systematics; editor of Herpetological Monographs.
          Dr. Clifford Fontenot - S.L.U. - garter snake ecology.
          Dr. Mary White - S.L.U. - molecular systematics of snakes and lizards.

          Graduate students:

          Richard Anderson – Coluber constrictor phylogenetics – S.L.U. M.S. student
          David Gardner - fox snake species delineation. S.L.U. M.S. student
          Caroline Kennedy - larval amphibian ecology/conservation biology of amphibians. S.L.U. M.S. student
          Eric O’Neil - molecular data on gopher frogs. S.L.U. M.S. student
          Joe Ramspott - herp population studies. S.L.U. M.S. student
          Maria Kelly Smith - squamate systematics. S.L.U. M.S. student
          Scott Thompson – Nerodia floridana species delineation – S.L.U. M.S. student
          Brian Warren – tetrapod phylogeny – S.L.U. M.S. student

          The following herpetologist were formerly in Hammond:

          Dr. J. Larry Crain - ? - former Executive Director, Board of Regents - notes on various local herps.
                   S.L.U. professor and President.
          Dr. Robert W. Hastings - S.L.U. – Alabama Nature Conservancy - alligator ecology.
          Dr. Richard A. Seigel - S.L.U. - Towson St. U. - herp ecology.

          The following herpetologists were schooled in Hammond:

          Noah Anderson - Ph.D. student at Idaho St. Univ. - thermal ecology of gopher tortoises/reproductive and
                   behavioral ecology of snakes. S.L.U. M.S.
          +Lisa Aucoin - Amphiuma - S.L.U. M.S. student.
          Don Church – Ph.D. student at ? - salamander ecology – S.L.U. M.S.
          Charles Criscione – Oregon St. U. – gecko parasites – S.L.U. M.S.
          Dr. J. Sean Doody - Postdoc, U. Canberra (Australia) - nesting ecology of turtles. S.L.U. M.S.
          Dr. Clifford Fontenot - S.L.U. - garter snake ecology. S.L.U. M.S. Ph.D. U. California Santa Barbara.
          Brian Horne – Ohio U. - nesting ecology of turtles/conservation of map turtles. S.L.U. M.S.
          Dr. William Lutterschmidt - Sam Houston St. U. (Texas) - physiological ecology of snakes. S.L.U. M.S.
          Dr. Laura R. Mahrt - Eastern Oregon U. - behavioral ecology of squamates. S.L.U. M.S.
          Melissa Pilgrim - Ph.D student, U. Arkansas - life history evolution in snakes. S.L.U. M.S.
Louisiana Herpetologists - 8/27/03

          Stephen Richter - Ph.D Student, U. Oklahoma - anuran behavioral ecology and conservation. S.L.U. M.S.
          +Dr. Joseph Slowinski – California Acad. Sci.. - elapid specialist. S.L.U. Postdoc.
          Kelley R. Smith - technician, L.S.U - conservation biology of turtles. S.L.U. M.S.
          Travis Taggert - Sternberg Museum of Natural History - curator of herpetology. S.L.U. M.S.
          Jeanne Young - Ph.D Student, U. Canberra (Australia) - physiological ecology of amphibians. S.L.U.


          Dr. Ernest A. Liner - retired from Squibb Pharmaceuticals - studies in general herp and herps of Nuevo
                  Leon, Mexico.


          Dr. Jacoby Carter - U.S.G.S., Natl. Wetlands Res. Ctr. - amphibian surveys, ecological modeling.
          Paul J. Conzelmann – National Park Service - ecology of Ambystoma texanum and faunal surveys.
          Dr. Robert G. Jaeger - U.L..L. - salamander ecology. Former editor of Herpetologica.
          Dr. Clint Jeske - USGS, Natl. Wetlands Res. Ctr. - snakes.
          +Edward Avery McIlhenny (1872-1949) - Avery Island, Tabasco Sauce manufacturer - natural history of
                   alligator and related studies.
          Dr. Thomas Michot - U.S.G.S., Natl. Wetlands Res. Ctr. - biotelemetry studies of water snakes.
          Dr. Brad R. Moon - U.L.L. - functional anatomy and comparative physiology of herps.
          Dr. Susan Walls - U.S.G.S., Natl. Wetlands Res. Ctr. - frog and salamander surveys.

          Graduate students:

          Brian Lorenz - U.L.L. M.S. student - amphibian conservation.
          Nancy Kohn - U.L.L. Ph.D. student – salamander behavior(?).
          Ethan Prosen - U.L.L. Ph.D. student - salamander behavior.
          Ali Rabatsky - U.L.L. Ph.D. student - snake behavior(?).
          Ryan Taylor - U.L.L. Ph.D. student - frog behavior.
          George Wang - U.L.L. Ph.D. student - salamander behavior.

          The following herpetologists were formerly in Lafayette:

          Dr. Charles Calliouet - Nat'l. Marine Fish. Serv., Galveston- an ichthyologist, now working on Ridley Sea
                  Turtles. U.L.L.
          Dr. M. J. Fouquette - Arizona St. U. - systematics of Neotropical hylid frogs. U.L.L.
          Dr. James F. Jackson – retired, in Florida - systematics of lizards. U.L.L.
          Dr. Edmund D. Keiser, Jr., - (see "Baton Rouge"). U.L.L.
          Janene Lichtenberg – Flathead Reservation, MT - amphibian surveys. U.S.G.S., Natl. Wetlands Res. Ctr.
          Dr. Larry David Wilson - (see "Baton Rouge"). U.L.L.

          The following herpetologists were schooled in Lafayette:

          Dr. Jonathan Akin - Northwestern LA St. U. - skink behavior. U.L.L. Ph.D.
          Dr. Carl Anthony - John Carroll U., OH - salamander ecology. U.L.L. Ph.D.
          Dr. Christopher Beachy - Minot St. U., ND - salamander ecology. U.L.L. Ph.D.
          Dr. Bryant Buchanan - Stephens C., Missouri - frog behavior. U.L.L. Ph.D.
          Dr. David C. Cannatella - U. Texas Austin - hylid systematics. U.L.L. B.S.
          Paul J. Conzelmann - (see "Lafayette"). U.L.L. B.S. & M.S.
          James Delahoussaye - LA DEQ - hylid sperm. U.L.L. B.S. & M.S.
Louisiana Herpetologists - 8/27/03

          Heather Del Balso - Lehigh U. - salamander behavior. U.L.L. M.S.
          Ken Fahey – West Dahlonega, GA - turtle ecology. U.L.L. M.S.
          Sarah Faragher - Amer. Mus. Nat. Hist. - frog behavior. U.L.L. M.S.
          Dr. Caitlin Gabor - SW Texas State U. - salamander behavior. U.L.L. Ph.D.
          Dr. Jennifer Gillette - Loyola Marymount U. – salamander behavior U.L.L. M.S. & Ph.D.
          Martha Griffis - U.S. Fish & Wildl. Serv. - salamander behavior. U.L.L. M.S.
          Dr. Dan Holland - U.L.L Ph.D.(?)
          Eva Horne - Kansas St. U. - salamander behavior. U.L.L. M.S.
          Dr. Christopher P. Kofron - U. Queensland, Australia - snake systematics. U.L.L. B.S.
          Dr. Debra Lancaster - Watcom C., WA - salamander behavior. U.L.L. Ph.D.
          Cynthia Lang - L.S.U. - salamander behavior. U.L.L. M.S.
          Dr. Ernest A. Liner - (see "Houma"). U.L.L. B.S.
          Dr. Alicia Mathis - Southwest Missouri St. U. - salamander ecology. U.L.L. Ph.D.
          Dr. Thomas Michot - see above - U.L.L. B.S.
          Dr. Edward C. Morgan - Temple Jr. C. - snake systematics. U.L.L. Ph.D.
          Dr. Michael Moore - Mercer U., Georgia - frog ecology. U.L.L. Ph.D.
          Vania Nunes - Ph.D. student, New Mexico St. U. - salamander behavior. U.L.L. M.S.
          Robert Page - salamander behavior. U.L.L. M.S.
          Dr. E. Davis Parker - (see "Lake Charles"). U.L.L. B.S.
          Dr. Megan Peterson - U.L.L. M.S. & Ph.D.
          Steve Shively - U.S. Forest Service, Gardner - herp surveys & turtles. U.L.L. M.S.
          Janet Simons - (see "New Orleans"). U.L.L. M.S.
          Dr. Richard Simons - (see "New Orleans"). U.L.L. Ph.D.
          Normal Sisk - rattlesnake behavior. U.L.L. M.S.
          Dr. Mark A. Staton - South Carolina - caiman ecology. U.L.L. B.S.
          Johnny Tarver - (see "Baton Rouge"). U.L.L. B.S.
          Dr. Robert A. Thomas - (see "New Orleans"). U.L.L. B.S.
          Dr. Victor Townsend, Jr. - U.L.L. M.S. & Ph.D.
          Dr. Susan Walls - U.S.G.S. Natl. Wetlands Res. Ctr. - salamander ecology. U.L.L. Ph.D.
          Dr. Jill Wicknick - John Carroll U., Ohio - salamander ecology. U.L.L. Ph.D.


          Dr. Harry Meyer - McNeese St. U. - gecko ecology.
          Dr. Mark A. Paulissen - McNeese St. U. – learning in lizards, gecko ecology.
          Avery A. Williams - associated with the collection, occasionally teaches Herpetology - presently at
          Dr. Mark L. Wygoda - McNeese St. U. - anuran physiology.

          The following herpetologists were formerly in Lake Charles:

          Dr. E. Davis Parker - Denmark - population genetics of teiids; now working on cockroaches.

          The following herpetologists were schooled in Lake Charles:

          Tabatha Hibbs - McNeese St. U. - gecko ecology
          Avery Williams - see above - BS & MS.
          Jerry G. Walls - McNeese BS & MS - popular books and magazines on herps.


Louisiana Herpetologists - 8/27/03

          Dr. Nina de Luca - lizards of the genus Lacerta.
          Dr. Stephen Rabalais - sea turtles.


          Dr. John L. Carr - U.L.M. - turtle ecology.
          Dr. John Knesel . U.L.M. - reproductive biology of Macroclemys.
          Dr. Neil Douglas - U.L.M., retired - general herp studies, but primarily an ichthyologist. Former curator of

          Graduate students:

          Jason Hatfield - U.L.M. M.S. - turtles ecology.

          The following herpetologist was formerly in Monroe:

          +Dr. Robert E. Gordon - a V.P. of U. Notre Dame - salamander ecology. U.L.M.

          The following herpetologists were schooled in Monroe:

          Dorah Coley - Monroe - turtle ecology - U.L.M. M.S.
          Jackie Grayson ? - blood parasites of turtles - U.L.M. M.S.
          Eli Greenbaum - U. Kansas Ph.D. student - Apalone embryology. U.L.M. M.S.
          Brent Harrel - Starkville, MS - Macroclemys ecology - U.L.M. M.S.
          Mike Harrell - Monroe - growth of Macroclemys. U.L.M. M.S.
          Dr. John Knesel - U.L.M. - reproductive biology of Macroclemys. U.L.M. M.S.
          Dr. Edward C. Morgan - (see "Lafayette"). U.L.M. M.S.
          Don Morizot - ? - general herps. U.L.M. M.S.
          Dr. Charles Painter - New Mexico Dept. Fish & Game - snakes & general. U.L.M. M.S.
          Sandra Powell - Georgia - sperm of Macroclemys. U.L.M. M.S.
          Amanda Rosenzweig – Audubon Nature Institute - turtle ecology. U.L.M. M.S.
          Johnny Tarver - (see "Baton Rouge"). U.L.M. M.S.


          Dr. Jonathan Akin - Northwestern LA St. U. - salamander and Scincella behavior.
          Dr. Kenneth L. Williams - Northwestern Louisiana St. U., retired - milksnake systematics.

          The following herpetologist was schooled in Natchitoches:

          Theron Magers - Northwestern LA St. U. BS - snake ecology.


          Greg Linscomb and Noel Kinler - LA Wildlife & Fish. - alligator ecology.


          Richard C. Atkinson - Audubon Zoo - captive care of herps.
          Dr. Henry L. Bart - Tulane U. - ichthyologist working on Necturus. U.N.O. B.S.
          +Dr. George Beyer (1861-1962) - Tulane U. - first resident herpetologist in Louisiana.
          Mike Boley - Louisiana Nature Center - captive care of herps.
          J. Kevin Bowler - Audubon Zoo - rattlesnake ecology and captive care of herps.
Louisiana Herpetologists - 8/27/03

          +Dr. Fred Cagle (1915-1968) - Tulane U. - specialized in turtle anatomy, systematics, and ecology. Was
                  Vice President of Tulane U.
          Dr. Roland Coulson (retired), Dr. Jack Herbert, and Thomas Coulson - L.S.U. Medical Center -
                  biochemical studies on metabolism in alligators.
          Dr. Kraig Derstler - U.N.O. - paleontologist, fossil turtles.
          Dr. Herbert C. Dessauer - L.S.U. Medical Center, retired - "Father" of biochemical systematics in herps.
                  Was curator of frozen tissue collection.
          Dr. Harold A. Dundee - Tulane U., retired - general herp work and snake behavior. Co-authored the The
                  Amphibians and Reptiles of Louisiana with Rossman. Was copy editor and Caudata section
                  editor of CAAR. Still curator of Tulane's collection.
          +Dr. Wade Fox (1920-1964) - L.S.U. Medical Center - anatomy of herps and systematics of western
          Ian Hiler - Aquarium of the Americas - dart-poison frog husbandry.
          Dr. Duncan Irschick - Tulane U. - ecology and demographics of lizards (especially Anolis).
          Dr. Karen Kandl - U.N.O. - conservation of amphibians & reptiles.
          Dr. Scott Michael - Tulane Medical School - West Indian frogs.
          +Dr. Walter Moore - Loyola U. - invertebrate biologist who published a few general herp studies.
          Dr. Joseph H. K. Pechmann - U.N.O. - amphibian ecology.
          +Dr. George Penn - Tulane U. - entomologist and crawfish expert who published a few herp papers.
          +Buck Prima and Dan Vicknair - actually LaPlace - sell herps.
          Dr. James S. Rogers - U.N.O. - biochemical systematics and biometry with emphasis on evolution.
          Janet Simons - U.N.O. - salamander behavior.
          Dr. Richard Simons - Xavier U. - salamander histology & behavior.
          Dr. Robert A. Thomas - Loyola U. - systematics of Neotropical snakes (Philodryas, Thamnodynastes,
                  Galápagos snakes, and relatives).
          Dr. Robert Tompkins - Tulane U. - Xenopus. Retired.
          +Dr. Harold Trapido - L.S.U. Medical Center - systematics of snakes, notably Storeria. Before he died,
                  he specialized in tropical medicine.
          +Percy Viosca (1892-1961) - La. Wildl. Fish. Comm. and private biol. supply house - many general
                  publications. Described Hyla avivoca and Necturus beyeri. First nationally prominent Louisiana
          Bill Watts - LA Gulf Coast Herp Society - herp husbandry.
          Lawrence Williams - Dillard U. - tadpole ecology.
          Dr. Robert Yaeger - Tulane Medical Center, retired - herp parasites.

          Postdoctoral fellows:

          Dr. Anthony Herrel - Tulane U. - functional morphology of snakes - Univ. Antwerpen, Belgium Ph.D.
          Dr. Bieke Vanhooydonck - Tulane U. - lizard ecology - Univ. Antwerpen, Belgium Ph.D.

          Graduate students:

          Dean Croshaw - U.N.O. Ph.D. student - evolutionary ecology.
          Norman Leonard - U.N.O. Ph.D. student - stream ecology.
          Nicole Thurgate - U.N.O. Ph.D. student - frog ecology.
          Shawn E. Vincent - Tulane U. Ph.D. student - Eleutherodactylus reproduction and Nerodia feeding

          The following herpetologists were formerly in New Orleans:

          Dr. Andy Arata - Tulane Medical Center, Washington, DC - mammalogist who published a few herp
          Dr. Steven Ayala - now in California - lizard ecology and blood studies. Tulane Medical Center.
Louisiana Herpetologists - 8/27/03

          +Dr. Charles E. Dunlap - ? - Dermochelys anatomy. Tulane Medical Center.
          Dr. Thomas H. Fritts - U.S. Fish & Wildl. Serv., Fort Collins - lizard systematics, sea turtles, and related
          Dr. J. Whitfield Gibbons - U. Georgia and Savannah River Ecology Lab - ecology of herps, especially
                  turtles. Spent five years of his youth in New Orleans; worked with Donald Tinkle.
          Dr. Louis Guillette - U. Florida - formerly Visiting Scientist, Tulane-Xavier Center for Bioenvironmental
                  Research - endocrinologist working on hormone mimicking chemicals in alligators.
          Dr. Thomas Hernandez - University Hospital in Lafayette - biochemical studies of alligators. L.S.U.
                  Medical Center, retired.
          Steve Karsen - Baptist Theological Seminary - general herps with LA Nature Conservancy; wrote book on
                  the herps of Hong Kong.
          Dr. A. Ross Kiester - USDA Forest Service, Oregon - ecology of lizards. Tulane U
          Dr. Alex Knight – Stanford U. - molecular studies of herps. post doc at L.S.U. Medical Center.
          Aimée Thomas Lee - U. Southern Mississippi - salamander/spider interactions.
          Kirk Paretti - Oklahoma - care of herps. Audubon Zoo.
          Larry Raymond - Walter B. Jacobs Nature Park - ecology of herps. Native.
          Dr. Robert Reynolds - U.S. Fish & Wildl. Serv., Smithsonian - snakes.
          Dr. Douglas Ruby - Drexel U. - lizard ecology. Dillard U.
          Dr. Terry D. Schwaner – SW Utah U. - biochemical systematics of snakes and lizard ecology. Grew up
                  in New Orleans.
          Andy Snider - Detroit Zoo - care of herps. Audubon Zoo.
          Dr. Joseph Tihen - U. Notre Dame, retired - herp paleontology. Tulane U.
          Dr. E. Peter Volpe - Mercer U. Medical School. Retired. - hybridization, immunology, and embryology.
                  Lives part time in New Orleans. Tulane U.

          The following herpetologists were schooled in New Orleans:

          Dr. Paul K. Anderson - U. Alberta - a mammalogist who published some in herp physiology and general
                  studies. Tulane U. M.S.
          Sam Arny - ? - Tulane U. M.S.
          Dr. Laurence E. Bayless - Concord C. - Acris. Tulane U. Ph.D.
          Dr. Don R. Boyer - Washburn U. - turtles. Tulane U. Ph.D.
          Dr. John E. Cadle - Brookfield Zoo - biochemical systematics of snakes. L.S.U. Medical Center postdoc.
          Dr. Hsien-yu Cheng - Taiwan - Tulane U. Ph.D.
          Dr. A. H. Chaney - Texas A&M U., Kingsville, retired - general studies. Tulane U. Ph.D.
          Dr. Llewellyn D. Densmore - Texas Tech U. - biochemical systematics. L.S.U. Medical Center Ph.D.
          Dr. James L. Dobie - Auburn U. - turtle paleontology. Tulane U. Ph.D.
          Dr. Richard Etheridge - California St. U, retired;., San Diego - lizard syst. Tulane U.
          Dr. Gary W. Ferguson - T.C.U. - lizard ecology. Tulane U. B.S.
          Dr. Robert Feuer – Philadelphia College of Pharmacy & Science, retired. - snake mortality. Tulane U.
          Dr. Don Gartside - Australia - biochemical studies. L.S.U. Medical Center postdoc.
          +Dr. Robert E. Gordon - (see "Monroe"). Tulane U. Ph.D.
          Sue Harvey Hampton - ? - Tulane U. M.S.
          Dr. Donald R. Hart – Ontario, consulting work - Tulane U. Ph.D.
          Imogene Hill - ? - Gulf Coast Amphiuma. Tulane U. M.S.
          +Dr. Richard M. Johnson (1924-1982) - U. South Alabama - general studies. Tulane U.
          Beverly Limbaugh - ? - tadpoles. Tulane U. M.S.
          Dr. Amy Lowechick - M.D. in Dallas - reptile parasites. Tulane Medical Center Ph.D.
          Dr. Harry S. McDonald - Stephen F. Austin St. U., retired - physiology. Loyola U. B.S.
          Dr. Shou-Hsian Mao - Taiwan U. - Taiwan herps. L.S.U. Medical Center postdoc.
          Dr. Richard R. Montanucci - Clemson U. - lizard systematics. L.S.U. Medical Center postdoc.
          Dr. Larry Ogren - Nat'l. Marine Fish. Serv., Panama City - sea turtles. Loyola U.
Louisiana Herpetologists - 8/27/03

          Kirk Paretti - Oklahoma - care of herps. Audubon Zoo. U.N.O. herpetology.
          Dr. Francis L. Rose - Southwest Texas St. U. - salamander physiology. Tulane U. Ph.D.
          Dr. Terry D. Schwaner – SW Utah U. - biochemical systematics of snakes and lizard ecology. L.S.U.
                  Medical Center postdoc.
          Dr. David M. Sever - St. Mary's U. - Tulane U. Ph.D.
          Dr. C. Robert Shoop - U. Rhode Island, retired, living in S.C. - salamander ecology. Tulane U. Ph.D.
          Joyce Siekmann - New Orleans - tadpoles. Tulane U. M.S.
          Andy Snider - Detroit Zoo - care of herps. Audubon Zoo. U.N.O. herpetology.
          Ian Sutherland - Jackson, MO, attorney - Tulane U. M.S.
          Dr. Don Sutton - ? - snake hemoglobins. L.S.U. Medical Center Ph.D.
          Dr. Howard K. Suzuki - U. Florida - turtles. Tulane U. Ph.D.
          Dr. Robert A. Thomas - (see above). L.S.U. Medical Center postdoc.
          +Dr. Donald W. Tinkle (1930-1980) - U. Michigan - lizard ecosystematics. Tulane U. Ph.D.
          +Dr. Mirian Blank Vinegar - ? - lizards. Tulane U. B.S.
          +Percy Viosca - general herps - Tulane U. M.S.
          Dr. Robert G. Webb - U. Texas El Paso, retired - Mexican herps and systematics of Trionyx. Tulane U.


          Ted Joanen (retired), Larry McNease, Dr. Ruth Elsey, and V. A. Lance - alligator ecology.


          Dr. Billy J. Davis - L.T.U., retired - general herp studies, but primarily an ichthyologist. Curator of

          The following herpetologists were formerly in Ruston:

          Dr. James P. Bogart - U. Guelph - chromosome studies of frogs. L.T.U.
          +R. F. Clark - L.T.U. - snake surveys.


          Amanda Crnkovic - LSUS, collections manager - variety of herp studies.
          +L. S. Frierson, Jr. - local naturalist, Frierson, LA - notes on herps of area. Reported Phrynosoma and
                  Crotaphytus in LA.
          Dr. Laurence M. Hardy - L.S.U.S. - systematics of snakes such as Ficimia, Gyalopion, and Tantilla.
                  Curator of collection.
          Dr. Beth E. Leuck - Centenary C. - lizard ecology.
          Dr. Malcolm L. McCallum – L.S.U.S. – amphibian conservation biology and environmental physiology.
          Larry Raymond - Walter B. Jacobs Nature Park - salamander ecology.

          Graduate students:

          Eileen Banach – LSUS M.S. - snake systematics
          Jarod Vermeesch – LSUS M.S. – turtles.

          The following herpetologist was formerly in Shreveport:

          Dr. Morris Jackson - physician in east Texas - reptilian skin. L.S.U. Medical Center.

          The following herpetologists were schooled in Shreveport:

Louisiana Herpetologists - 8/27/03

          Amanda Crnkovic - LSUS Musuem - variety of herp studies – L.S.U.S. M.S..
          Dr. John Himes – Natural Heritage Program, Nevada - snake ecology. L.S.U.S. M.S.


          Dr. Crawford Jackson - National U., San Diego - turtle ecology and systematics.
          Dr. Frederick B. Turner - Los Angeles - radiation effects on herps and general ecology.
          Dr. J. Martin Walker (= James M. Walker) - U. Arkansas - lizard systematics.



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