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April 2004                                                                                                               Volume 1, Number 3

                                   Soaring to New Heights – Monica Davis
    “We were                                        After having recently finished shooting a pilot for a new reality show set to
    excited at the                                  air this summer on NBC, Monica Davis of Colorado is one busy person. “I
    chance of                                       interviewed for the reality show as a personal joke; so I went with high
                                                    hopes and no reservations, which is probably why I did so well” Davis
    adding the                                      said. “It was a ton of fun but extremely stressful, especially having
    Breckenridge                                    cameras on you 24/7.” Davis cannot reveal too much about the show
                                                    besides saying it is a reality show and she is the main character. And how
    Ski Resort to                  is Davis feeling during this waiting period before her show airs? “I’m much more nervous
    our list of                    now then before I filmed the show. With weeks of 24/7 footage, it’s hard to even guess
    Spring Break                   what NBC will use or not use or how they’ll portray me.”
    destinations!”                 To escape from her busy life, Davis explains how she has 80 hours of pilot in command
                                   time. “I’ve procrastinated taking the written exam, so I don’t actually have my license yet
    CMG President Russ             but hope to get it soon. My dad is a pilot, so I get the chance to fly his 182 Cessna
    Faber commented                anytime I want (a few times a month),” the engaging aviator said. Davis flies mostly for fun
    regarding the                  and personal travel but hopes to one day make enough money to own and pilot her own
    growing popularity             jet.
    of Spring Break
    marketing                      Modeling since the age of six months and competing in pageants until she was 18, Davis
    opportunities!                 calls Marilyn Monroe her idol because of her timeless beauty and ability to reinvent herself.
                                   She thinks Monroe’s photographs have always screamed with personality and she loves
                                   that. “Modeling gives me the perfect opportunity to express myself without being
                                   overdone. I love modeling because it allows me to meet all different types of people and
                                   interact with people I normally would not get to talk to” she added. Davis currently works
       APRIL                       at a law firm for a criminal defense lawyer and hopes to begin law school in the fall.

     BIRTHDAY                      Spring Break 2004
                                   Panama City, Florida; Cancun, Mexico and South Padre Island, Texas were definitely the
    1 - Niki Gauthier              hot spots for Spring Breakers this year and over 80 CMG models experienced it first-hand.
                                   From the beautiful beaches of Mexico to the pool decks of Daytona Beach, Spring Break
                                   2004 is certainly going to go down as one of the most memorable for CMG staff.
       Have any story
       suggestions or              PANAMA CITY. FLORIDA
     topics you would                                                Coined as the hottest Spring Break destination, Panama City
                                                                     hosted over 20 CMG models for three clients including US
     like to read about
                                                                     Smokeless Tobacco, BIC and STUFF magazine. Models
        in IMAGES?                                                   worked on the beach during the day and in the evenings at
    Email them to us!                                                Spinnakers. “Arriving in the limo each night was our five
                                                                     minutes of fame; while everyone stared at the limo wondering
                                                                     who we were, they soon began to recognize us as the Skoal
    PAGE 2                                                           girls,” said Model Manager Pamela Paone.

    Spring Break
    Model Kudos
    Bike Week Recap
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                                   CANCUN, MEXICO
                                   Definitely the most popular Spring Break destination,
                                   Cancun did not disappoint. Fourteen CMG models spent
       MODEL                       their Spring Break here for US Smokeless Tobacco. During
                                   the day, models worked the beaches and at night they could
       KUDOS                       be found at Senor Frog’s, Coco Bongo, Fat Tuesday and
                                   Dady O’s. Whether it was challenging Spring Breaker’s to
                                   participate in the “Strongest Man” contest, encouraging girls
                                   to enter the bikini contest or teaching Spring Breakers how to play the dolphin game,
                                   Cancun was a hit!
    Terry Laine Joyner
       is one of the
        finalists for              SOUTH PADRE ISLAND, TEXAS
          Maxim’s                                              Another success story for Spring Break was the crew that
    Hometown Hotties                                           worked South Padre Island, Texas. Spending their days at
    contest. Log onto                                          the Radisson Beach Resort and their evenings at Louie’s                                        Backyard Grill, South Padre Island models enjoyed beautiful
     and vote for her                                          weather and great crowds. CMG manager Brian Bentley said
         today!                                                the “nighttime was incredible.” He added, “the girls were
                                                               dressed in the coolest outfits on the island and would
                                                               accompany me into a Lincoln Limo that was so long, we could
                                   play hide-n-seek. When we arrived, I would pop out of the limo with my Stetson cowboy
                                   hat and seven of the hottest women on the island,” he grinned.
                                   BRECKENRIDGE, COLORADO
                                   One of CMG’s newest Spring Break spots for 2004,
        To Jaclyn                  Breckenridge, Colorado appealed to a different crowd. “If I
      Nesheiwat for                could sum up Spring Break here in one word, its COLD!
     her appearance                From the snow, wearing layers of clothing, meeting people
       on Miss USA                 from the mountains, enjoying crepes by the fire and skiing
                                   definitely sums up Breckenridge,” explained CMG Model
    April 12, 2004 on              Manager Crystal Pickett. Asked how crowds reacted to the
     NBC. Although                 models, Pickett said Spring Break college guys were quick
     she did not win               to point out, “You [US Smokeless Tobacco] girls aren’t from
     the title of Miss             around here!” During the day models worked at Beaver Run and in the evenings did bar
    USA, she will still            promotions at Cecilia’s, Sherpa & Yeti’s and Gold Pan.
     be traveling the
     country as Miss               DAYTONA BEACH, FLORIDA
     New York 2004.                                      Known as the ‘historic’ spot for Spring Break, Daytona Beach
    Big kudos to her                                     welcomed Spring Breakers from around the country. Although the
     for eating a live                                   weather did not cooperate the first few days, the crowds appeared
                                                         toward the end. CMG Spring Break Operations Manager Staci
    sea cucumber on
                                                         Baird explained “the Daytona days were windy and cool, but the
     the special Fear                                    nights were HOT especially at Razzles nightclub where a few brave
    Factor Miss USA                                      models doubled as go-go dancers on the platforms inside our
          show!                                          fantasy dorm room.” Daytime activities took place on the Plaza
                                                         Resort & Spa pool deck with the evenings being spent at Razzles
                                   and 600 North nightclubs.

                                   SOUTH FLORIDA
                                   After losing some appeal over the years, Spring Break in South
    PAGE 3                         Florida is slowly rising up. Model Manager Aubrie Lemon said
                                   “Key West is Spring Break for the laid-back Florida college
    BIC Spring Break               student where there are tons of snorkeling tours, bike rentals
    Jamie Sams                     and cool shopping places to see.” Spring Breakers from out of
    New CMG Models                 town were “crazy” coming from Ohio, New York, North Carolina
                                   and Kansas. Daytime activities took place at the Howard
                                   Johnson pool deck and evenings were spent at Café Iguana.
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                                   Jamie Sams Summerland Dream
                                                    Model Manager Jamie Sams recently moved back to Los Angeles,
                                                    California to pursue her dream of becoming an actress. She has been
    NEW MODELS                                      filming with producer Aaron Spelling for a new show on WB kicking off in the
                                                    summer called Summerland. In Summerland, Sams plays the girlfriend of
                                                    one of the lead characters. More details will follow on the exact airtime of
    Tonya Lamana                                    this show in next month’s Images newsletter.
    Miami, FL
                                                 Sams will also appear in an upcoming episode of the popular FOX television
    Christina Bishop                             show, Judging Amy. “Filming for Judging Amy was intense”, Sams said. It
    Columbia, SC                   was freezing cold and in one scene all I had on was a sleeveless cocktail dress”, she
    Kelly Sanders
    Columbia, SC                   Spring Breakers “Take It Off”
                                   Would you shave your head for $50? That was the question
    Janna Mann
                                   posed to Spring Breakers in Daytona Beach, Panama City
    Panama City, FL
                                   Beach, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and South Padre Island, Texas
                                   by CMG models working for BIC. Promoting their “Take it Off”
    Kelly Turner
    Mobile, AL                     motto, BIC models invited Spring Breakers to participate in
                                   ‘shave the balloon’ contests, pop-a-shot basketball and
    Andrea Almasi                  cheered on contestants in the “hairiest man” competition.
    Nashville, TN
                                                   CMG model Laura Lombardi said her favorite part of working with BIC was
    Kesha Zaffino                                  encouraging people to “take it off” with the brand new BIC razors, even
    Little Rock, AR                                getting “one guy with shoulder length hair to shave his head into a Mohawk!”

    Lauren Brantly
    Tampa, FL                      Bike Week ’04 Rides into Daytona
    Chantal Liriano                                           The roar of over 500,000 motorcycle enthusiasts took over the
    Nutley, NJ                                                Daytona Beach area February 27 to March 7. Bikers from across
                                                              the country came to Daytona Beach and enjoyed various activities
    Heather Getz
                                                              and late night concerts. Aside from clogged local roads and slow
    Chicago, IL
                                                              traffic, Main Street and Beach Street were transformed into every
                                                              biker’s dream with scantily clad women, at times wearing only
    Renee Weidman
                                                              leather and lace, riding on the backs of brand new Harley
    Chicago, IL
    Kari Robinson                  CMG models were spotted working for client Jack Daniels as bartenders serving Jack
    Austin, TX                     Daniels’ popular Downhome Punch, Lynchburg Lemonade, Watermelon Spike and
                                   Wildberry Jack. Jack Daniels also had a Distillery Tour that
    Elizabeth Simmons              visitors could walk through to learn the history behind the
    Augusta, GA                    famous drink.
                                   MBNA also used CMG models during Bike Week to help sign up
                                   interested Bikers for their J&P Cycles and American Motorcycle
       CMG Models                  Association credit cards. Over 30 models and promotional
      641 South Ridgewood
              Avenue               staffers helped man various locations on a daily basis for MBNA
    Daytona Beach, FL 32114        including Daytona Harley Davidson, Beach Street, Main Street,
    (386) 252-0514 Phone
    (386) 252-8502 Fax
                                   Sturgis Swap Meet location, New Smyrna Beach Harley              Davidson, Orlando Harley Davidson, Arlen Ness, Cabbage Patch and two locations at
                                   Daytona USA.

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                                   GATORNATIONALS Attack Florida
                                   Gainesville Raceway in Gainesville, Florida was host to the 35th
         MODEL                     annual NHRA Mac Tools GATORNATIONALS March 18-21, 2004.
                                   Considered one of the fastest tracks on the NHRA circuit, models
         KUDOS                     from CMG were able to experience this adrenaline-filled sport first-hand.

    Brittney Godwin                                    Models worked for Pontiac on their Pontiac Motorsports Display where
                                                       fans got to see some of the newest cars out on the market and learn more
        and several
                                                       about the Pontiac motorsports program. CMG models also worked with
      Daytona area                                     the AC Delco/Kurt Johnson Show Car display and interacted with fans by
        models are                                     having them compete against each other in a simulated drag race.
         currently                                     Visitors to the Gatornationals were also able to experience the newly
      shooting with                                    renovated Skoal Racing display for drivers Tommy Johnson Jr. and Ron
         Hot Spot
     Entertainment                                  CMG Model Manager Natalie Mabry
       for a Spring                                 noted that “working for Pontiac at the
       Break / Bike                                 Gatornationals was a blast! There
    Week Calendar                  were so many people coming through our display that
                                   we were busy nonstop. We ended up with record
       to be sold in
                                   numbers that went through the roof,” she said. “The
      retail markets               Gatornationals are said to be the Daytona 500 of drag
     later this year!              racing and I can’t wait for next year”, she added.

                                   After attending her very first NHRA race, CMG Model
                                   Coordinator Wendy Bentley, shook her head in
                                   disbelief saying “The noise is unbelievable and I
        ROAD TRIP                  really liked how accessible the actual drivers and cars
                                   are to the fans. Now I completely understand why our
    Robin Faber, CMG               models are always requesting to work NHRA events!”
     Models Director,
       and Account                 CMG Model Manager Deana Durbin of Tampa, Florida summed up her experience at the
     Managers Diane                Gatonationals in the following poem:
        DaCruz and
                                   From the beaches, to the bars, to the nitrous burning hot rod cars;
    Wendy Bentley will
                                   The Gatornationals was an event to remember;
     be out recruiting             It fell right in the middle of Spring Break;
    for new models in              There was no time for rest;
      California and               There was no time for play;
       Washington                  It was time to work for the NHRA!
     during April and
           May.                    The customers were pleased;
                                   The girls all cheesed;
                                   The cars revved their engines;
                                   The crowd roared;
                                   No one at the Gatornationals went home bored!

       CMG Models
      641 South Ridgewood
    Daytona Beach, FL 32114
                                   CMG Scores!
    (386) 252-0514 Phone
    (386) 252-8502 Fax             CMG model Megan Clifton of Deland, Florida threw out the first pitch for              the Daytona Cubs season opener on April 8, 2004. Local area Wendy’s
                                   were sponsors of the first Cubs game. “It was a lot of fun being
                                   transformed into Wendy – I never thought I would become a redhead with freckles! It was
                                   great seeing how all the children at the baseball game recognized me and I was extremely
                                   nervous to throw out the first pitch.”
                                   Models Taylor Peacock and Dee Senn also worked for Wendy’s at the Daytona Cubs
                                   game. The Daytona Cubs are the Class A affiliate of the Chicago Cubs.
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