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					                                                                    Issue 4 January 2010

P1 I’m a Celebrity Get Me
Out of Here
                            Neighbourhood Policing Teams
Page 1                                                              the travelling public inside the
                            I’M A CELEBRITY GET ME                  station.
P2 Julian Fixed It For Me   OUT OF HERE
Page 2                                                              NPT officer PC Gina Ironside was
                            No, not the popular TV show, but        deployed to the platform to follow
P3 International Co-        an example of the diverse work          arriving passengers as well as Mrs
operation                   undertaken by officers and staff at     Beckham, and Sgt Russ Mills and
Page 3                      St Pancras International (SPI)          PC Martin Owers from the gravity
                            station.                                teams patrolled outside arrivals. In
P4 St. Pancras Carol                                                the ensuing melee as Mrs Beckham
Service                     Since its opening SPI has become        exited the arrivals hall, Sgt Mills had
Page 3                      a favoured port of departure and        his spectacles knocked off as
                            arrival for high-profile travellers     paparazzi surged forward desperate
P5 Eurostar Technical       including politicians and celebrities   to catch the all important picture of
Problems                    who see Eurostar as a speedy,           Mrs Beckham venturing into Marks
Page 4                      comfortable and environmentally         & Spencer on the way out to her car.
                            friendly means of travel. In the last
                            few months various members of           Gina rightly followed the group into
                            the Cabinet, the English cricket        the store, which enabled Barbara to
                            team, Take That and many other          achieve her objective of a safe exit
                            well-known individuals have             from the station of not only Mrs
Crime DOWN by               passed through the doors.               Beckham, but other passengers as
10%                         Our most recent arrival certainly
                            caused a stir, both on the day and      The subsequent media reports of
Detected Crime UP           in the subsequent media                 course placed their own slant on the
to 43%                      coverage.                               event, but in reality this was a
                                                                    perfect example of the sort of work
                            On Saturday 12 December we              that any officer would be expected
                            were alerted by Barbara, Eurostar       to do to maintain public safety. Such
                            terminal manager, of the imminent       events are becoming a regular
                            arrival of Victoria Beckham and a       feature of our daily work and that of
                            member of her security team             our partners in Eurostar and
                            following a trip to Paris.              Network Rail.

                            Barbara was rightly concerned           Barbara from Eurostar said
                            about the potential media scrum         “Ive worked for Eurostar for 15 years
                            and the effect it would have on the     and Im well aware of the impact that
                            other passengers from Eurostar,         travelling Politicians and celebrities
                            as well as the other members of         have on my wider passenger groups
and its part of my job to ensure that everyone can travel and arrive safely .Ive worked in partnership with the
BTP on many occasions and this was another example of the support we get on not only this kind of issue
but policing and security in general .I’m glad I called for the support on Saturday as my concerns were well

Chief Inspector Teresa Ferguson, Sector commander for the CTRL: said “I am very proud of the work my
officers do in their day to day patrols of the International Station.

“Their main function is to ensure a safe, crime free environment for the passengers who use the station, be
it to travel to and from work, to the continent for a holiday or simply to pop in and do some shopping or have
a coffee whilst taking in the marvels of the Architecture.

“I would expect nothing more or nothing less of my team and the good news is they always give much more
than we expect.”


When Network Rail’s Laura Peck’s five-year-old nephew Harry was feeling pretty fed up after recent surgery,
Laura knew exactly what to do.

Harry is a great fan of the Police and especially Police Dogs so Laura contacted Inspector Julian Dixon to see if a
visit could be arranged to St Pancras to meet some of the team.

Insp Dixon was happy to oblige and Harry, his grandmother and Laura visited us here, spending time with the
Neighbourhood Policing Team (NPT) as well as Alan Cotter and Will Atkinson from the Explosive search dog
team, with their dogs.

Following this Harry and PC Gina Ironside from the NPT did a patrol of the Station dropping in to Hamleys Toy
Store where our friends Mike, Lou and Danni presented Harry with some presents.

NPT Sergeant, Steve Smith, said: “The look on Harry’s face made the day for all of us involved and it was a real
pleasure to meet Harry who has been so brave in recent times.”

An extract from a letter received from Laura Peck can be viewed on the St. Pancras Neighbourhood Policing
Letters of Appreciation section.


With 2012 and the Olympics fast approaching, it is clear that international cooperation will be pivotal in the
success of the Policing plan for the games.

In recognition of that and following a successful Operation involving our Belgium colleagues and St Pancras
Gravity and NPT when Standard Liege took on Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium - Sgt Steve Smith and PC
Warren Bixby made a return visit to Brussels Midi Station to see how the Belgians police their side of the
Channel Tunnel .

Having been met by Superintendent Gregory Espeel of the Belgian Federal Police’s Eurostar Unit, our officers
were shown round the station and got an insight into how issues such as offensive weapons were dealt with.

Sgt Steve Smith said: “Interestingly Belgian law is very similar to English in respect of weapons and it is
reassuring that the Belgians have been proactive in ensuring that passengers travelling from Belgium are
advised of the legalities of travelling with items which could be considered to be dangerous weapons.

“Brussels Midi is a huge station with , in addition to the two Eurostar platforms an extra 22 platforms catering for
trains travelling all over Europe.”

Sgt Smith added: “The evolving relationship between St Pancras and our Belgian counterparts is a positive step
and one we look forward to continuing in the build up to the 2012 Olympics.”

The Belgian equivalent of Network Rail asked if we would do some promotional photography whilst there and
one has been reproduced above with their kind permission.


On Saturday 12 December St Pancras International (SPI) held a Carol Service to celebrate to season of

Some members of the SPI team were mixing with celebrity passengers, while others were involved in gentler

The service , which was the result of months of planning by our station chaplain The Reverend Jonathan
Barker, took place on the upper concourse and was attended by the Reverend and The Bishop of London the
Rt Hon Richards Chartes.

Sgt Steve Smith of the Neighbourhood Policing Team (NPT), along with representatives from all sections of the
station’s rail companies, Network Rail, Mitie Cleaning and various retailers took part in readings, while children
from the Twyford Church of England School Gospel Choir sang beautifully.

Sgt Smith said: “Despite the cold, there was a really warm feeling about the occasion, which thanks to the hard
work by Reverend Barker captured the community spirit within the station.”
In a letter to Reverend BARKER, the Bishop
writes “St Pancras is a crossroads of the world .I
met travellers from almost every continent who
stopped to listen to the Twyford Church of
England School Gospel choir and
representatives from every part of the St
Pancras team, telling the Christmas story,
singing Silent Night in the bustle of arrivals and
departures, against announcements to be aware
of suspicious packages brought to life the
                                                     “Eurostar, Network Rail staff and BTP officers did their
Christmas message of peace and goodwill.”
                                                     best to allay the concerns and frustrations of
                                                     passengers, many of whom were trying to get home for

                                                     Sgt Steve Smith said: “The knock on effect to the
                                                     station as a whole was clearly evident with the pictures
                                                     from the media making national and international news.

                                                     Inspector Julian Dixon, officer in charge at St Pancras
                                                     International said: “This was a real joint effort with all
                                                     our industry partners and the retail shops.

                                                     “I appreciate many of the shops may have been
                                                     impacted upon with regard to customer-focus, but this
                                                     was a unique situation, which had to be addressed in a
                                                     most pragmatic way.
                                                     Insp Dixon added: “Since the events prior to Christmas,
December saw a previously unforeseen level of        I have met with the Safety manager, Mike Page, to
demand for the St Pancras teams with the             address any issues that are resultant. Our main aim
sudden breakdown of Eurostar trains in the           was to not evacuate the station and prevent crime,
Channel Tunnel.                                      particularly staff assaults. We succeeded in both these
Adverse weather in France had caused
technical problems with a number of the trains.
Passengers on those trains were stranded and
those expecting to travel subject to extreme

The situation continued for several days until
Eurostar were able to clear the backlog of

                                                     If you are interested in joining the British Transport
                                                     Police as a special constable.

                                                     Please visit the British Transport Police web-site