Sample Denial of Visitation Letter

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					From: (Parent whose time has been denied)
(Street number and name)
(City, State, Zip)

To: (Parent who denied the time)
(Street number and name)
(City, State, Zip)

Date: (Month day, year)

Re: Denial Of Visitation

Dear (denying parent),

I'm sure you realize that I consider my time with (child(ren)’s name(s)) to be extremely
special and valuable beyond measure. They are a part of my family, and these visits are
an important part of all of our lives.

In our last hearing on this matter, visitation was ordered by the courts based on our order
dated (date of last order): (quote relevant portion of order here)

In practice, however, you have failed to comply with this schedule and have put undue
restrictions on it that are not in compliance with the court order. To demonstrate, I've
prepared this table:

             Time      Time      Time    Missed
   Date(s)                                                  Remarks
           Scheduled Arrived Returned Time
                                                 (Further remarks to include
             (Time     (Time     (Time amount
   (Dates)                                       information on why the time has
           scheduled) arrived) Returned) of time
                                                 been denied)

Because of your actions, I've had far less than my allotted time with (child(ren)’s
name(s)).Also, your failure to arrive on time, and indeed your tendency to arrive almost
exactly 15 minutes late, makes it difficult on the other family members, as they look
forward to seeing (child(ren)’s name(s)).It also makes it extremely difficult to plan the
kinds of activities we like to do on these occasions.

The conditions and restrictions you have placed on these visits violate the court ordered
schedule and are not acceptable. I'm willing to be flexible with the schedule (for example,
when special events such as weddings occur), but I expect reasonable advance notice and
compensatory time. I also reserve the "right of refusal" on all such changes in the court
ordered schedule. I hope that we can reach agreement on these issues without involving a
third party, but understand that I will do whatever is necessary so I can spend my
parenting time with (child(ren)’s name(s)).


   (Your Name)

CC: (opposing council)
CC: (Court Clerk)
Cause # -- (case number)

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