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					                             Greater Tampa Utility Group


                            Meeting Minutes for September 9, 2009

Chairman                             Secretary                           Program Director

Brian J. Dean                        David Gerard, P.E.                          Vacant
Sunshine One Call of Florida         FGE Engineering, Inc.
665 Palm Place                       8011 Land O Lakes Blvd
Safety Harbor, FL 34695              Land O Lakes, FL 34638
727-424-7778    cell                 813-714-5116 Cell
727-669-5747    Office               813-241-4567 Office
Email:                               Email:


               Meeting sign-in sheet is attached.

      CALL TO ORDER (10:05 AM)

               The meeting was hosted by TECO Peoples Gas at its Channelside offices in
               Tampa, with lunch sponsored by TECO PGS and Florida Gas and Electric.

               Self Introductions:

               Special Introductions: TECO Peoples Gas Reorganization

               Mr. Luis Castellanos of TECO Peoples Gas introduced the following TECO
               Peoples Gas personnel to the membership: Brent Lipham, Local Operations
               Manager; Rick Swirbul, Local Operations Supervisor; and Regional Engineering
               Employees Ray Davis, Christine Jonas, and Pansy Reed

               With regard to the reorganization, Luis advised that Keith Martin is the new West
               Region Manager for TECO Peoples Gas. The West Region extends from Panama
               City to Fort Myers and includes the Tampa area. The East Region, which extends
               from Jacksonville to Miami, is now managed by Rick Wall. Brent Lipham,
               introduced above, comes over from the Lakeland Office with 31 years experience
               and replaces Dennis Knapp. Dennis recently retired. Rick Swirbul is performing
               the duties previously done by Sam Brown. Rick has 10 years experience in the
               Customer Services Department and is new to the Operations side of the company.
               Jack Reeves, Local Engineering, retired in August and his workload is being
               shared by Regional Engineering team members Pansy Reed, Ray Davis, and
               Christine Jonas. Sam Brown is now a regional employee, in charge of regional
               compliance. These changes are part of TECO’s planned restructuring process.

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                           Greater Tampa Utility Group


                          Meeting Minutes for September 9, 2009

              In the meantime, should a problem or concern involving TECO-PGS occurs,
              please feel free to contact Luis Castellanos, Regional Engineering directly at

              Brian Dean also advised the membership of Jeff Rogers’ retirement. Jeff worked
              for TECO doing damage prevention. Brian, on behalf of Sunshine One Call of
              Florida, wanted to note his damage prevention efforts.


       The December GTUG meeting is tentatively scheduled for December 9th at Paracas
       Restaurant on Armenia Avenue (3602 N Armenia Ave, Tampa, FL 33607, 813-348-
       4806) and will include a Holiday Lunch. GTUG is looking for lunch sponsors. This is
       the same restaurant that GTUG has used for the past couple years and is conveniently
       accessible to all parties, including our Pinellas Utility Group


       Mr. Wayne Jensen, representing the Tampa Bay Area Excavating Task Force, presented
       “Why Did They Do That – Understanding the Real Root Cause of Damage”. Wayne is
       the Director of Safety for Stahl & Associates Insurance and has served on the National
       Utility Contractors Association ( This presentation was also delivered
       by Wayne at the August 2009 meeting of the Florida Utilities Coordinating Committee
       ( Wayne’s business card is attached, along with his handouts of
       analytical tools for use in assessing damage causes.


       TECO Peoples Gas (Luis Castellanos) reports that it is wrapping up its gas main projects
       on Bruce B Downs Blvd and US 301.

       Allgoever & Associates (Diane Allgoever) reports that Time Warner Telecom is now
       TW Telecom.

       TECO Electric (Adam Padgett) reports that it is also reorganizing, but the changes are
       not too big.

       George F Young (Rosemary Colidiy) reported on their N. Dale Mabry project as
       follows: The FPID number is 424450-1-52-01, N. Dale Mabry from Gold Triangle St. to
       North of Columbus Drive, Phase II design meeting at FDOT on McKinley on Thursday,
       September 10. They are still looking for Utility Adjustment markups.

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                            Greater Tampa Utility Group


                          Meeting Minutes for September 9, 2009

       Hillsborough County Water Resources (Marcel Diaz) – Marcel provided an
       update on the County’s reorganization. His team, Utility Coordination, is now
       split and he will be leaving the 19th Floor offices. Records and Service
       information are being reassigned in November 2009 from Utility Coordination to
       the County’s GIS unit at Falkenburg Road. The remainder of Utility
       Coordination is now organized under the County’s Water Resources Project
       Management Department. Additional duties may be assigned to Utility

       TECO Peoples Gas (Phyllis Bridges) – Phyllis complimented Jeff Rogers
       (retired TECO - see above) and his “root causes” analysis for damage prevention.

       City of Tampa Water (Janice Davis) shared the following information:

              A 48” Water Main is being installed as a County project from to Bearss Ave. to I-
              75 along Bruce B Downs Blvd.

              The City is working on 26,000 feet of water main on Bayshore from Rome to the
              Tampa Bay Yacht and County Club.

              Some City water projects have been shelved until funding is available; funding is
              generally unavailable due to low revenue.

              Davis Island work is going out this month.

              A 12” water main is being replaced downtown sometime this year, affecting many
              streets including Cass. PBS&J is the design-build contractor.

              Trolley work is also underway downtown.

       City of Tampa Water (Jillian Howard) reports that the City is allowing its contractor,
       Pepper Contracting, to construct a water main along Columbus Drive even though the
       City has not yet accepted ownership due to unresolved land issues.

       Florida Department of Transportation Utilities (Ray Campbell) and Luis Castellanos
       discussed the reallocation of federal stimulus funds. To be continued . . .

       Brighthouse (Lew Conti) offered thanks to the meeting and lunch sponsors.

       Verizon (Brian Lantz) announced a FDOT District 7 Meeting, to be held on Friday
       October 2, 2009 at Tampa Bay Golf & Country Club.

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                              Greater Tampa Utility Group


                             Meeting Minutes for September 9, 2009

       Hillsborough County ROW (Juan Lopez and Jose Marquez) provided an update on
       organizational moves at the ROW office. The County is terminating its lease at Netpark
       and moving the ROW Office downtown, possibly the 22nd Floor but the final location
       could change. ROW field personnel will move to a remote office location, probably the
       Central Services Unit at US 41 in Palm River area. The moves are scheduled to happen
       in mid-November 2009.

       SSOCOF (Brian Dean) reminds everyone of the upcoming billing changes as discussed
       in prior meetings; the new invoices have not yet been released. The legislative changes
       previously discussed are expected to be proposed to the SSOCOF Board at the end of
       next week; the proposal is expected to be finalized and presented to the SSOCOF
       lobbyist. Visit the SSOCOF website for additional information.


       The next regular GTUG meeting is scheduled for 10:00 AM on October 14th at the
       FDOT’s Tampa Maintenance Office on Leslie Road.


              o Attendance Sheet – 3 pages.
              o Business card - Wayne Jensen, Director of Safety, Stahl & Associates Insurance.
              o Underground Damage Prevention Analysis Excavator Form
              o Contractor Vulnerability Analysis for Damage Incidents
              o Analysis of Incident: L-o-c-a-t-o-r Form
              o TTF Projects Funded for Construction, August 17, 2009 – 3 pages, including
                cover memo.
              o FDOT District VII Construction Status Report for Hillsborough County – 21
                pages, including cover page (Last Estimate Date August 16, 2009).
              o FDOT District VII Construction Status Report for Pasco, Hernando, Citrus
                Counties – 11 pages, including cover page (Last Estimate Date September 4,
              o Hillsborough County Utility Report – September 2009 (21 pages).


       The meeting adjourned at about 11:30 AM and lunch was served.

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