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                                            MTA CONNECTION
Winter 2003 - 2004                                                                                                                 Volume 1, Issue 3

                        From the CEO’S Desk…                                    February 2004 Service Changes
                        Partners in Progress                                    On Sunday, February 29,
                                                                                2004, the following service
                                                                                                                        Department of Safety at
                                                                                                                        3:07 p.m. Passengers living
                        MTA focuses on the future                               improvements and changes will
                                                                                take effect:
                                                                                                                        near the Murfreesboro Road
                                                                                                                        route will no longer need to go
                        with regional approach                                  1 Vine Hill                             downtown to transfer.
                           For the          transit.                            All scheduled service will be        • One       additional    inbound
                      last         year         In addition to the current      rerouted and will travel via the        trip will be added to travel
                                                                                Sidco Loop to 100 Oaks instead          by the Nashville School for
                      and a half,           bus service we operate for
                                                                                of traveling only to 100 Oaks           the Arts and the Tennessee
   Paul J. Ballard    we’ve been            the RTA, we’re working closely
                                                                                during the middle of the day or         Department of Safety at
                      working very          to develop a smooth bus/rail        on Saturdays.                           7:32 a.m. Passengers living
hard here at the Metropolitan               interface when the east corridor    3 West End - Bellevue                   near the Murfreesboro Road
Transit Authority (MTA) to                  begins service in 2005. One         • All service will travel inbound       route will no longer need to go
improve our financial stability             fare system will be in place           and outbound to the west             downtown to transfer.
and our infrastructure. The                 for both bus and rail and the          entrance of the Bellevue          • Saturday        and      Sunday
result of that hard work is                 hardware for that new state-of-        Center Shopping Mall.                timepoints also will be
apparent in the successful                  the-art system has already been     • All trips scheduled to travel         adjusted to ensure on-time
partnerships that we have built             installed on our buses.                inbound or outbound via              service.
with the Tennessee Department                   Franklin Transit Authority         River        Plantation,
of Transportation, Metropolitan             is another organization we’re          Sawyer Brown Road,
Planning Organization and                   working with. This is a new            Baugh Road, Colice
Region a l      Tr a n s p o r t a t i on   system and we’ve loaned them           Jeanne Road, and Old
Authority (RTA). Through our                spare vehicles and provided            Harding Pike will have
partnerships with neighboring               technical advice on the start-         a timepoint indicating
transit authorities and other               up of this new, very successful        that trip at Colice
community institutions, we                  transit system. We’ve even had         Jeanne Road and
are expanding our focus to a                                                       Baugh Road.
regional understanding of mass                          (continued on page 4)   6 Donelson
                                                                                Additional          midday MTA bus stop at Harding and Nolensville for
                                                                                service will be added the Route 11 Connector.
MTA Installs New Fareboxes;                                                     to Hermitage Plaza.
                                                                                Buses will now depart
Introduces New Fare Cards                                                       downtown every 45 minutes            17 12th Avenue South
                                                                                instead of every 90 minutes          Weeknight,       Saturday,    and
    The MTA introduced new                  the new ticket media for the fare                                        Sunday night arrival times at
                                                                                during the middle of the day.
high-tech fareboxes in October,             boxes gradually over several        8 8th Avenue South                   100 Oaks will be adjusted to
a move that will make riding the            weeks, completing the process       • The weeknight, Saturday            accommodate passenger shift
bus easier for customers.                   in early December. The new             night, and Sunday night           times.
    “After the initial learning             ticket media costs the same as         departure times from 100          25 Midtown Connector
period for our customers and                the current tickets and passes.        Oaks will be changed, as          • The inbound and outbound
operators, we expect the new                    Once the GFI Genfare               will the inbound time points
                                                                                                                        timepoint at the Old General
fareboxes will improve the                  system is fully implemented, all       through Wedgewood.
                                                                                • The 2:42 p.m. inbound trip
                                                                                                                        Hospital on Hermitage will be
boarding time of our customers              fares (other than cash) will be                                             eliminated.
so that our arrival and departure           paid by stored value magnetic          from Lealand Lane and Tyne
                                                                                   Drive will be rerouted through    • The inbound time point to
times will continue to improve.             cards.                                                                      downtown at MTA will be
                                                                                   the Nance Arena Landport.
This new system also will                       “After reviewing the current    15 Murfreesboro Road                    adjusted and one extra trip
generate better management                  media and designing the new         • The weekday peak hour                 via MTA will be added in the
reports that will be helpful in             tickets and passes, we were            service frequency will be            morning.
detecting transportation trends             able to streamline 20 different        reduced from every 20             26 Gallatin Road
and conducting long-range                   tickets or passes into 12,”            minutes to every 17 minutes.      The entire schedule will be
planning,” said MTA Chief                   Ballard said.                       • One additional outbound
                                                                                                                     revised to show Sam’s Club
Executive Officer Paul Ballard.                 Other benefits of the new          trip will be added to travel
                                                                                   by the Nashville School for       and Wal-Mart as the end of
    To make the transition                  GFI Genfare fareboxes include                                            the line along with inbound
easier for riders, MTA phased in                        (continued on page 2)
                                                                                   the Arts and the Tennessee                     (continued on page 5)

                 A Newsletter for Employees and Special Friends of the MTA of Nashville and Davidson County, Tennessee
MTA Installs New Fareboxes; Introduces New Fare Cards
(continued from page 1)
their capacity to:                                                                 device;
• Accept and issue electronic                                       • Provide a wide variety of
    transfers;                                                        traditional and electronic
• Validate and accept up to                                           fare media options to both
  12 different coins or token                                         passengers and transit
  types (1 cent, 5 cents, 10                                          operators;
  cents, 25 cents, 50 cents,                                        • Generate data on ridership,
  and Susan B. Anthony and                                            fares and transfer patterns,
  Sacagawea $1 coins);                                                which will be an important
• Accept      U.S.    bills in                                        tool for MTA in planning
  denominations of $1, $5,                                            future route adjustments;
  $10, and $20 and provide                                            and
  credit or change for the                                          • Reject coins or tokens that
  dollar bills in the form of                                         are not U.S. coins.
  stored value cards that are                                           The new fareboxes, which
  good for future trips;                                            replace outdated equipment
• Process proximity “Smart”                                         that was more than 15 years
  cards such as those that will                                     old, are the result of a series
  be used by MTA operators to                                       of    ongoing      improvements
  begin their runs;                                                 underway at the MTA. Next year,
• Integrate all passenger fare                                      51 new buses will be delivered                                                         MTA CEO Paul Ballard (center) and MTA supervisor Kym Zerfoss (right)
  payment and media options                                         and all will be equipped with the                                                      show Nashville Mayor Bill Purcell how to use the new farebox during his
                                                                    new fareboxes.                                                                         visit to the Nance Arena Landport.
  into one convenient, secure

  New Fare Cards                                                                                                                                       Interior Bus Sign


   Change Card                                                                                               �����������
   or Transfer                       ������                 ����������                                                     ������

                                                           7-Day Pass and 31-Day Pass                                                                                     NEW FAR MTA’s
                                                                                                                                                                         The Rig      E CARDS
                                                                                                                                                                                 ht Way
                                                                                                                                                                                        to G                                                                                                       o

                                                                                                                                                                                                 ���� ��
                                                                                                                                                                                             ���� ���

                                                                                                                                                                                        ���� ���
                                                                                                                                                                                    ����  ����

                                                                                                                                                                                 ��� ���
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          ��������� ���������������������
                                                                                                                                                                                  ����� ��

                                                                                                                                                                                   � ���                                                                                               ��
                                                                                                                                                                                    ��                                  ���


                                                                                                                                                                                                                        ����                                                       ��

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     ��     ��
                                                                                                            ����������������������                                                                                                                                                     ��      �
                                                                                                                                                                                         ���� ����
                                                                                                                                                                              ����� ����� ��
                                     ������                                                                               ������                                                 ���
     �������������                                          ����������������������������������

          ������                                                      ������

            20-Ride Local and                            20-Ride Discounted Pass and

             20-Ride Express                                31-Day Discounted Pass
                                                         (For Seniors 65 and Older and
                                                            People with Disabilities)

                                                                                                                                                          MTA in

                                                                                                                                                          and ph duces high-te
                                                                                                                                                                ases in
                                                                                                                                                                        new fa ch fareboxes
                                                                                                                                                                              re card

                                                                                                              ���                                             Effective

                                                                                                                                                          Fare Card
                                                                                                                                                                              ber 20

                                                                ������������������������������������������������                                          Brochure

                               �����������������������                                                             ������������������� �������������
     �����������������������         ������                                                                                ������



    Quest 7-Day Youth Pass and                               20-Ride R&R Express Plus
     Quest 31-Day Youth Pass                                 and 20-Ride Express (RTA)                                                                                                                                                           Farebox
     (For Youth 19 and Under)

page 2
Tim Sanderson and Sherri Milliken represent MTA at 2003 ESPA Gathering in D.C.
    Two members of the MTA’s         the availability and accessibility    use fixed-route transportation        issues shared information and
staff joined representatives         of     transportation      services   if they are able to transition        led discussions.
from 24 other U.S. cities and        locally.                              from on-demand paratransit                 Easter     Seals      Project
regions at the third annual               Other      Nashville      team   services.                             ACTION—the acronym stands
Mobility Planning Services           members attending this event and           “Today, it is evident that the   for    Accessible     Community
(MPS) Institute of Easter            their organizational affiliations     goals of transportation providers     Transportation In Our Nation—is
Seals Project ACTION (ESPA),         were Jackie Page, Disability          and disability advocates are          funded through a cooperative
held November 6-9 at the             Awareness Coordinator, Metro          compatible,” Sanderson said.          agreement with the U.S.
Renaissance Washington Hotel         Social Services and APAC Chair;       “MTA has made significant             Department of Transportation,
in Washington, D.C.                  Andrea Cooper, Transportation         strides in the last year and we       Federal Transit Administration.
    Sherri Milliken, coordinator     Coalition;     Lee     Kenderdine,    look at our participation in this     ESPA promotes cooperation
of AccessRide, and Tim               ADA Coordinator, Metro Public         conference as a way to share          between the transportation
Sanderson, director of planning,     Works; and Phil Saad, ADA             our successes and to explore          industry and the disability
were selected by ESPA to             Compliance Inspector, Metro ADA.      ways to further strengthen our        community to increase mobility
participate in the 2003 Institute.        The Americans with Dis-          program.”                             for people with disabilities under
The event was designed to bring      abilities Act, passed in 1990,            Teams attending the Institute     the ADA. Established in 1988,
together for learning, discussion    lifts barriers to access to public    shared strategies to improve          ESPA is administered by Easter
and planning teams of transit        accommodations,           including   access to transportation serv-        Seals Inc.
and     disability    community      transportation,      for    people    ices. An MPS faculty of national
leaders who are committed to         with disabilities. The law also       experts on various community-
working together to strengthen       encourages riders to learn to         based transit and disability

  A special note of thanks for       Congratulations to State Roadeo Participants!
  all AccessRide drivers ...            Operators Deloris Roberts, Emanuel Edwards, and Goran Ilicic competed at the 2003 State
     I wish to share with you        Championship Roadeo in Memphis on November 21. Special recognition goes to Denise Taylor for
 just how much I sincerely           coordinating and designing props for the cheerleading squad.
 appreciate your dedication
 to our consumers here at
 the Rochelle Center.
     I have come to know
 most all of you throughout
 these past two years. You
 greet our consumers with
 words of comfort while
 sharing a warm and friendly
 smile. You display with
 each of them personal
 concern and support. You
 are always very cooperative
 and patient. Thank you!
     Again, I sincerely thank
 you for a job well done!
      Billie L’Herault,
      Director of                    MTA cheering at the 2003 State Championship Roadeo in Memphis. Standing, left to right: Pat Downs, Brenda
                                     Miller, Lora Baulsir, Patricia Harris-Morehead, Tonya Edwards, Barbara Eaton, Emanuel Edwards, Goran Ilicic,
      Senior Services,
                                     Jim Eaton, Maria Boshers, Annette Fehland, Denise Taylor, Sherri Milliken, and Tammy Tate. Kneeling, left to
      Rochelle Center                right: Tommy Boshers, Ellen Davis, and Kym Zerfoss.

Special Kudos Worth Sharing…
    Several MTA employees have       lence in customer service while       excellence in customer service        her lost daughter.
received special recognition for a   accommodating         passengers’     while caring for a stranded               Herbert Sowell – for excel-
job well done in recent months.      needs during the Tennessee State      passenger.                            lence in customer service and
A well-deserved pat on the back      Fair.                                     Bradford Neely – for              acting with kindness, patience,
goes to:                                  Cindia Ganaway – for             excellence in customer service        and      professional    courtesy
    Stacey Dickerson, Matthew        excellence in assisting a fellow      while     accommodating         an    while helping a new passenger
Graham, Ronald Grant, Gregory        co-worker in need.                    AccessRide passenger’s needs.         determine which bus to take.
Locke, Deborah McGee, Michael             Douglas Liggons – for                De’Atris Nowlin – for                 Marilyn Yokley – for
Pointer, Renee Simmons, and          excellence in customer service        excellence in his ability to act in   excellence in customer service
Leilani Wines – for successfully     while accommodating passen-           a quick and professional manner       as the AccessRide Senior
completing all required course-      gers’ needs by paying part of         during a mechanical failure.          Reservationist and going the extra
work and training for MTA            their fare out of his own pocket.         Marshall Rogers – for             mile to accommodate passengers’
Operator certification.                   Charles Mitchell – for           excellence in customer service        needs.
    Sadie Demoss – for excel-        outstanding professionalism and       while assisting a mother to locate

                                                                                                                                           page 3
                                                                   From the CEO’S Desk…
   Reminder! New Uniform Policy                                    (continued from page 1)
                                                                   informal conversations about          over the same period as last
   Goes Into Effect January 1, 2004                                the possibility of connecting their   year and we’re carrying between
                                                                   new transit service network in        14,000 and 15,000 trips per
                                                                   Franklin with the MTA’s network       month now on our vans.
                                                                   in Davidson County.                       Ultimately, our primary
                                                                       Institutional partnerships for    measure of success in Nashville
                                                                   the development of regionalism        and Davidson County, and in
                                                                   in mass transit hold one of the       our joint regionalism efforts, will
                                                                   most promising possibilities to       be measured by the numbers
                                                                   significantly improve transit’s       of customers we serve and in
                                                                   meaningfulness in the region.         those customers’ perceptions of
                                                                   We’ve been meeting with the           the quality of the transportation
                                                                   Nashville area’s universities for     experiences we provide.
                                                                   several months and working on
                                                                   proposals for unlimited access        MTA Holds
                                                                   by students, faculty and staff
                                                                   based on a financial partnership      Second Round
                                                                   with the institutions. Our new        of Hearings
                                                                   fare collection system can                The MTA conducted a
                                                                   actually read and record data         second round of public hearings
                                                                   from student ID cards issued          on December 2, 4, and 11
                                                                   by Vanderbilt University. This        to gather comments from
                                                                   opens up a tremendous range           the public regarding MTA’s
                                                                   of possibilities as we develop        proposed five-year operations
                                                                   proposals for consideration by        improvement plan.
                                                                   universities, medical centers,            The revised plan consists of
    Emanuel Edwards models            Debbie Coday models the
                                                                   and other major employers.            a route-by-route improvement
    the winter uniform that will      summer uniform that will
    be required in 2004.              be required in 2004.                                               schedule       that      includes
                                                                     Key Players in MTA’s
                                                                                                         significant new service. The final
                                                                     Regional Approach to
                                                                                                         version of the plan will serve
       The updated uniform policy for all MTA bus and van            Mass Transit:
                                                                                                         as a strategic road map for
   operators will become effective Jan. 1, 2004.                     • Franklin Transit Authority        improving public transit over the
       A special thank you goes to Emanuel Edwards and               • Institutional Partners            next several years.
   Debbie Coday for modeling the summer and winter                   • Metropolitan Planning                 To review a copy of the plan,
   uniforms for the new policy brochure, which will be available       Organization                      please stop by the MTA Planning
   mid-December.                                                     • Regional Transportation           Office or view it in the MTA
                                                                       Authority                         transfer file on the network or
                                                                     • Tennessee Department of           online at

                                                                       We hope to run a test in          Here Comes
                                                                   the near future on Belmont            Santa Claus
                                                                   University’s student ID cards to
                                                                                                              Children from Metro Social
                                                                   check their compatibility with
                                                                                                         Services Child Care Center
                                                                   our fare collection system. We
                                                                                                         visited MTA on December 12th to
                                                                   hope this will eventually lead to
                                                                                                         see Santa Claus and have some
                                                                   a partnership between Belmont
                                                                                                         holiday fun. The two- and three-
                                                                   University and MTA.
                                                                       We have made significant
                                                                   progress with the middle and
                                                                   high school students through
                                                                   our Youth Quest program that
                                                                   was rolled out this past summer,
                                                                   but in order to develop the
                                                                   college student market, we want
                                                                   to be on the campuses and a
                                                                   part of orientation for next year’s
                                                                   incoming college students.            Linda Beckman and Richard
                                                                       I believe the response of         Roberts play Mr. and Mrs. Claus.
                                                                   our customers to the changes
                                                                   we’re implementing indicates          year-olds are from single-parent
                                                                   we’re on the right track. Our         homes and in need of diapers,
                                                                   fixed route ridership is up seven     lotion and other small items.
                                                                   percent this year over last on        Thanks to all MTA employees
                                                                   a base of seven million. Our          who made donations to help
                                                                   AccessRide service for people         make the season bright for
                                                                   with disabilities is up 40 percent    these little ones!
page 4
Taking It to the Streets                                                                                                February 2004
Members of administration get behind the wheel                                                                          Service Changes
                                                                                                                        (continued from page 1)
   There is an air of excitement             it’s like to be behind the wheel      toward his Bachelor of Science
around MTA’s administrative                  of a 40-foot bus.                     degree in accounting.                and outbound timepoints at
team these days. Usually seen                     Payroll/Accounting                    Definitely not one to shy       RiverGate Mall and East School
behind their desks, hard at work             Coordinator Keith Winters is one      away from a challenge, Winters       with scheduled departures and
keeping the system running                   of these up-and-coming road           says he is glad he has gone          arrivals. Each trip will have its
smoothly, several members                    warriors. Winters decided to go       through the training, because        recovery time at Sam’s Club
have decided to find out what                through driver training because       it gives him at least a small        reduced, with the difference
                                             he’d always wanted to learn how       glimpse of the skills MTA            being made up at the shelter at
                                             to drive a large vehicle.             drivers must have in order to        RiverGate Mall.
                                                  Winters contacted Safety         do their job. “It has given me       35X Rivergate Express
                                             Director Tommy Boshers and            a different perspective on what      The 3:54 p.m. deadhead trip
                                             told him he wanted to earn his        our company driving force has        from Rivergate Park-n-Ride off
                                             commercial driver’s license. The      to accomplish on a day-to-day        Route 26 - Gallatin Road to
                                             certification process consists of     basis,” Winters says. “I give        downtown at 4:30 p.m. was
                                             a pre-trip inspection, a road         each driver the respect they are     eliminated.
                                             test, and a written examination.      entitled too, because without        44 MTA Shuttle
                                             Winters has completed the first       them, there would be no MTA.”        Many of the deadhead trips
                                             two requirements.                          That is certainly the truth.    to and from downtown will be
                                                  “The next step for me is to      In addition to members of            changed
                                             complete the written portion of       senior      management       and     to       serve
                                             the examination,” he says. “The       other supervisory personnel          as     service
                                             most difficult part of the process    who already have their CDLs,         trips on this
                                             is having time to study, due to       several      customer     service    route. This
                                             other obligations that are on my      representatives and people in        information
Keith Winters has completed                  plate.” In addition to working        other administrative areas of        and        the
pre-trip and road tests for bus              full time for MTA, Winters also       the MTA have begun studying          information
operator certification.                      has a second job and is working       for their tests as well.             concerning
                                                                                                                        Route 25 - Midtown trips to and
                                                                                                                        from MTA will be included on the
Meet the New Training Guru                                                                                              new public timetables for this
     After careful research and              Loren Wyatt brings to the MTA,”       ground up and his dynamic,           57 North State Employee
analysis, the MTA has decided                said MTA Chief Executive Officer      energetic approach to training       Parking Shuttle
to restructure its training                  Paul Ballard. “He will be building    make Wyatt the ideal candidate       To ensure better on-time
                      department             on the excellent work done by         to initiate the new training         performance, the 4:58 p.m.
                      to      more           our trainers over the last several    program.                             trip from 4th Avenue North and
                      e f fe c t i v e l y   years and will take MTA training          “I look forward to getting to    Harrison Street will be shifted
                      t e a c h              activities to the next level. Every   know everyone on a personal          to 5:02 p.m.
                      necessary              employee in every department          basis and helping with career        Central City Night Owl
                      concepts               at the MTA will benefit from his      development,” Wyatt said. “It        Service
                      to new and             expertise.”                           will be a challenge, and I’m         We will offer Sunday night owl
                      existing                    Wyatt’s enthusiasm for           ready to get started.”               service scheduled to depart
                      employees.             learning new material from the                                             Shelter A at 10:15 p.m.
                      Leading the
    Loren Wyatt       revamped
will be Loren Wyatt, MTA’s new
director of training.                                                                                           MTA Begins
     A motivated self-starter,
Wyatt comes to the MTA from                                                                                     Recycling Program
HCA Physician Services, where
he worked as an implementation                                                                                     MTA employees made use of the
and training specialist. Wyatt                                                                                  new recycling containers during the
has       extensive      experience                                                                             installation of the new fareboxes.
in      classroom       facilitation,                                                                              Please recycle paper,
instructional design, research                                                                                  newspaper, food boxes, cardboard,
and evaluation of job skills, and                                                                               aluminum cans, and metal food
management and leadership                                                                                       cans. Visit
development.                                                                                                    recycle or call (615) 880-1000 for
     “We are very pleased to                                                                                    more information.
have a new training director with
the outstanding credentials that

                                                                                                                                                  page 5
                               The Spirit of Giving
                               Special thanks to MTA                                        Staff Promotions
                               employees who made a                  Employee            Position                                              Date
                               pledge during MECCC                   Willie Horton       From Operator Trainee to FT Operator                 12/7/03
                               campaign                              Wallace Hastings    From Operator Trainee to FT Operator                 12/7/03
                                                                     Rufus Murray        From Operator Trainee to FT Operator                 12/7/03
                                     The MTA kicked off the          James Abernathy     From Operator Trainee to FT Operator                 12/7/03
                               2003-2004 Metro Employees
  130 Nestor Street                                                  Daniel Streult      From Operator Trainee to FT Operator                 12/7/03
  Nashville, TN 37210-2124     Consolidated              Charities
                                                                     Mark Johnson        From Operator Trainee to FT Operator                 12/7/03
                               Campaign on November 7
  Phone 615-862-5969           with a pancake breakfast              Phyllis Jones       From Operator Trainee to FT Operator                 12/7/03
  Fax 615-862-6208                                                   Vera Alavanja       From PT Transit Mall Custodian to FT Offc. Cleaner   10/6/03
                               and evening pizza party for
          ADA Inquiry and      employees. Employees who              Renee Simmons       From Operator Trainee to FT Operator                 9/14/03
          Customer Service     made        contributions    were     Stacey Dickerson    From Operator Trainee to FT Operator                 9/14/03
          862-5950             eligible to enter a contest for a     Ronald Grant        From Operator Trainee to FT Operator                 9/14/03
          880-3286 (TTY)
                               “Day Off With Pay.” The lucky         Michael Pointer     From Operator Trainee to FT Operator                 9/14/03
  Check our web site at        winners were:                         Leilani Wines       From Operator Trainee to FT Operator                 9/14/03         • Customer Service—Vielka             Gregory Locke       From Operator Trainee to FT Operator                 9/14/03
  Bill Purcell                       Oglivie                         Ronald Grant, Jr.   From Operator Trainee to FT Operator                 9/14/03
  Mayor                        • Maintenance—Paul Daforno
                               • Operations—Alvin Dunn and
  Paul J. Ballard
  Chief Executive Officer            Finas Black
                                     The     annual    campaign
  Board of Directors           benefits a network of more than
                                                                                 Gone Fishing: MTA Retirees
  Marian T. Ott                230 charities represented by            The following employees have recently retired from the MTA.
  Chair                        Community Health Charities,           They are going to be missed. We would like to extend them our
                               Community Shares, United              best wishes.
  Lewis Lavine                 Way of Metropolitan Nashville,
  Vice Chair
                               and several other independent
                                                                     Employee             Position                          Date
  William L. Barnes            agencies.
  Member                                                             Jesse Batson         Bus Operator (25 years)           11/1/03
                                     “MECCC is a great way
                                                                     Henry Latham         Bus Operator (15 years)           11/1/03
  E.L. Collins                 for all of us to give back to
                               the community where we live           James Felts          Mechanic (15 years)               10/1/03
                               and work. Donations are used          Lucius Fitzgerald    Bus Operator (35 years)           10/1/03
  Gail Carr Williams           to fight problems such as
                               devastating diseases, hunger,
  Floyd Price                  child abuse, substance abuse,                                 New Employees
  Secretary                    contaminated        water      and      As the MTA continues to grow and expand its services, we
                               air, lack of health care, and         would like to welcome our new employees:
                               illiteracy,” said MTA Director of
 Newsletter Editorial Staff
                               Human Resources Lora Baulsir.
                                                                     Employee                Position                                Date
 Editor-in-Chief/Writer        MTA’s employee pledges totaled
   Patricia Harris-Morehead                                          Loren Wyatt             Director of Training                    12/9/03
                               $8,821, which exceeded this
                               year’s goal of $7,192 by more         Frances Hunter          Temporary Special Proj Adm              12/8/03
 Managing Editor/Writer                                              Jessie Harris, Jr.      Vehicle Operator Trainee                11/17/03
  Erica Steakley               than 22 percent.
                                                                     Barry Johnson, Sr.      Vehicle Operator Trainee                11/17/03
 Graphic Designer                                                    Arthur Maxwell, Jr.     Vehicle Operator Trainee                11/17/03
   Kathryn Deising
 Contributing Writers
                               What’s In a Name?                     Hussein Omar
                                                                     Veronica Papillion
                                                                                             Vehicle Operator Trainee
                                                                                             Vehicle Operator Trainee
   Paul Ballard                    This quarter we are               Dawn Chandler           Vehicle Operator Trainee                11/17/03
   Tommy Boshers               unveiling the new name of our
   John Cannon                                                       Mario Trevino           General Helper                          11/3/03
   Ellen Davis                 newsletter: The Nashville MTA
                                                                     Erica Steakley          Publications Editor                     10/27/03
                               Connection. And what a fitting
 Editorial Assistance                                                Jeannette Skinner       Accessride Reservationist               10/16/03
                               name it is. This is where MTA
   Ellen Davis                 employees can connect with            James Abernathy         Vehicle Operator Trainee                10/13/03
   Kay Eitneier                                                      Tammie Knox             Vehicle Operator Trainee                9/8/03
   Amy McDaris                 news from other departments.
                               This is where other members           Eric Liggett            Vehicle Operator Trainee                9/8/03
 Photography                   of the community can keep up          Fassil Tsegaye          Vehicle Operator Trainee                9/8/03
   Gary Layda
   Kathryn Deising             with the many improvements            Pablo Quizhpe           General Helper                          8/25/03
   Goran Ilicic                underway at the MTA. From             Tiffanie Harris         Customer Service Rep                    8/18/03
   Erica Steakley              holiday happenings and staff          Melissa Lassiter        Customer Service Rep                    8/4/03
                               promotions to new equipment           Edsel Encena            Class “C” Mechanic                      8/4/03
 If you have suggestions
 for future articles, please   and the latest word from the          Zeljko Vujic            General Helper                          8/18/03
 submit them to the MTA        CEO, read all about it in The
 communications office.                                              Brenda Pincham          Revenue Transfer Center Supr            8/4/03
                               Nashville MTA Connection.
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