Bain San Francisco _ Palo Alto Office Brochure by gabyion


									                                                           1 Embarcadero Center, San Francisco, CA 94111, USA
San Francisco & Palo Alto                                             2 Palo Alto Square, Palo Alto, CA 94306, USA


• Est. in 1978 (San Francisco) and
  2001 (Palo Alto)
• Located in San Francisco’s
  Embarcadero Center; on the top
  floor of Palo Alto’s tallest building
• 100 transfers into and 64 transfers
  from the Bay Area over five years
                                                Bain identified potential savings of up to 20% of total costs

                                                                                                       G&A and IT
  Outside the Office                                           Expertise                             Sales & Marketing    Results
                                                                                                           R&D           achieved
  Larry, breast cancer athlete
                                                               Kris, retail strategist                 Manufacturing
                                                                                                                          to date

                                               Year 1
                                                               Kris is a frequent speaker and writer on retail strategy
                                                             Year 2        Year 3     Year 4+  Full potential
                                                               and has been quoted in the popular business press,
                                                               including in USA Today and Newsweek.
                                          Peter Berkowitz, VP of real estate and strategy            24 Hour Fitness
  Larry has competed in several           Alastair Dorward, CEO                                      Method Products
  Ironman triathlons, raised more than     Client Challenge
                                          Kim Goodman, executive vice president                      American Express
  $25,000 and drawn attention to           Tech Co. faced fundamental                           industry growth and
                                          Jesse Rogers, managing directormarket shifts, slowing Golden Gate Capital
  the importance of early detection        eroding share and prices. Its
                                          Meg Whitman, president & CEOoperations were no longer competitive given
  and treatment of breast cancer.          the new market environment.
  George, museum chairman                  “I don't think any other job would continue to provide
                                           so much learning at this stage of my career—that’s true
                                           • Identify cost reduction and efficiency opportunities across all functions,
                                           of Bain in any office.” —Travis, partner
                                              including manufacturing, R&D, sales & marketing, G&A and IT


  After serving for 10 years on
  the board of directors of the
  Exploratorium, a hands on museum
  of science, art and human
  perception, George is now
  its chairman.

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