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                              Dental Professional Advisory Committee
                             Meeting Minutes for April 17, 2009
                                       Meeting #214

           Name                  Attendance –                  Attendance - end

     LT Joseph Collins                     P                            P
    CDR Steven Johnson                     E                           E
    CAPT Renée Joskow                      P                            P
 CDR Tameka Lewis-Baker                    P                            P
  CAPT Mark McDowell                       E                           E
   LCDR Mahyar Mofidi                      P                            P
    LCDR Nathan Mork                       P                            P
 CAPT Coleman Palmertree                   P                            P
     CDR Angie Roach                       P                            P
    CDR Deborah Smith                      E                           E
     CAPT Bob Smith                        E                           E
  CAPT William Stenberg                    P                            P
  CDR Michael Strohecker                   P                            P
   CDR Michelle Thomas                     P                            P
    CAPT Todd Tovarek                      P                            P
    CDR Darla Whitfield                    E                           E
    CDR Phillip Woods                      P                            P
KEY: P – present for the entire meeting, E – excused absence, A – unexcused absence

      Attendance Log – Ex-officio members/Open Guest Invitations
              Name                     Role        Attendance
     Dr. Lawrence Gettleman            Ex-Officio             E
     Dr. Richard Christiansen          Ex-Officio             E
      CAPT Dean Coppola                Ex-Officio             P
         CAPT Tim Ricks                Ex-Officio             P
      RADM Chris Halliday              Ex-Officio             E
       CDR Lynn Van Pelt               Ex-Officio             P
    CAPT Gary Pannabecker              Ex-Officio             P
    Dr. Jay Anderson (HRSA)              Guest
   CAPT William Bailey (CDC)             Guest
   CAPT Nick Makrides (BOP)              Guest                P
   CAPT Mark Nehring (HRSA)              Guest
  CAPT Suzanne Saville (USCG)            Guest
  CDR Reginald Ballard (DIHS)             Guest
Guests: CDR Mike Johnson, BOP

DePAC February Minutes:
Following a motion by CDR Woods seconded by CAPT Joskow, the minutes were approved.

  April Action Items:               Responsible                  Due Date             Status
1 Update officer profiles on 1.All DePAC members Presentation 1. April 17,          COMPLETE
  CCMIS website and inform to DePAC from CAPT Coppola at 2009                       ONGOING
  co-workers.                meeting 4/17/09

2 Officers interested in        2 All DePAC                         2. April 2009   ONGOING
  participating in WIPT will
  contact CAPT Palmertree
  CDR Woods

3 Agency heads to be            3. Membership workgroup?            3. Next DePAC ON HOLD
  contacted and notified of the                                     call
  availability of FBRIT
4 Forward CPO reports to        4. All DePAC                        4.            COMPLETE-
  officers in the field          Will be accomplished by sending to               ONGOING
                                 CDO’s and Agency Contacts

5 Follow-up on the MIS/     5. Executive committee Given to XC 5. 17 April,         COMPLETE
  OCCO letter and determine on 5/13/09***Need Letter***        2009
  how to identify minority
  senior dental students

6 Find out if the Post 9/11 GI 6. CAPT Palmertree                   6. 17 April 2009 COMPLETE
  Bill will apply to dependents. Information included in April
                                 Sendout, (COA is still pursuing)

7 Forward information from 7. CAPT Palmertree                       7. April 2009
  the Army Corps of Engineer Information included in April          COMPLETE
  website regarding the      Sendout
  homeowners’ assistance
  program to CAPT
        May Action Items:                          Responsible     Due Date
    1   Follow-up on the MIS/ OCCO            Executive            18 May,
        letter and determine how to           committee            2009
        identify minority officers
    2   Sent list of dental school            CAPT Joskow          17 April,
        contacts for recruiting                                    2009
    3   Concerns about AIP to be put on       CAPT Palmertree      18 May
        XC agenda                                                  2009
    4    Officers interested in               All DePAC            3 April
         participating in WIPT will                                2009
         contact CAPT Palmertree
        CDR Woods
    5   Agency heads to be contacted          Membership           Next
        and notified of the availability of   workgroup            DePAC
        FBRIT training.                                            call
    6   Forward CPO reports to officers       All DePAC            ongoing
        in the field

    7 Send list of planned dental             All DePAC            29 May
      meeting attendance for the rest                              2009
      of the year to CAPT Tovarek

    8 Update officer profiles on              All DePAC            29 May,
      CCMIS website and inform co-            members              2009

Agency Updates- No Report

         Thomas P. Hinman Dental Meeting: March 19 – 21, Atlanta, Georgia.

             International Association of Dental Research (IADR) Meeting:
               April 1-4,2009,
               National Oral Health Conference: April 20 – 22, Portland Oregon.
               USPHS Scientific and Training Symposium: June 1 – 4, Atlanta, GA.
               Academy of General Dentistry: July 8 – 12, Baltimore, MD
            National Dental Association: July 24 – 29, Jacksonville, FL.
               Indian Health Service Dental Update: July 28 – 30, Albuquerque, NM.
            American Dental Association: September 30 – October 4, Honolulu, HI.
               Hispanic Dental Association: October 23 – 24, Houston, TX.

DePAC Business:

Meeting Updates:

CAPT Palmertree made recently attended the Hinman Dental Meeting, which he recommends as
one of the best dental meetings in the country. While there he made contact with Ms. Poe of the
Hinman Dental Society. She agreed to make the handouts from the dental meeting available to
all PHS dental officers.

DePAC Chair Update-
CAPT Palmertree:
    An Officer Basic Course Workgroup has formed. The purpose of this is to allow input
     from the PACs to the content of the Officer Basic Course.
    An increase in the use of Inactive Reserve Corps officers is planned. Officers will be able
     to volunteer for short tours in many of the PHS agencies.

Officer Profiles-
CAPT Dean J. Coppola:

Definition & Purpose
Definition : Officer Profiles (OP) is a collection tool for individual officer’s accomplishments,
knowledge and capabilities.
Purpose : Put data into Direct Access to create a searchable database that can match officer
attributes to Corps opportunities

Triad – They Work Together
       This information will eventually be captured in Direct Access (DA), the Corps’s new
human resources information system. DA will allow OP to match to the newly collected billets,
and other opportunities as they share similar data fields.

Process to Get Information Included
Officer will access a web interface thru the secure section of CCMIS that will allow them to
register the documents to be submitted
There will be two choices: Training or License/Certification for document types.
Finally, they will need to contact the awarding institution and advise them to forward the
document(s) to the OP address or to the officer.

Documents Being Collected
Only category specific information is being collected in Phase 1:
degrees (other than your qualifying degree)
additional licensures beyond the categorical one(s) presently tracked to maintain your

 Verification & Communication
Receive DIRECTLY from the awarding body.
Received in unopened official envelope from the officer
eVerification accepted when it is the only option and accompanied by a officer signed cover
Continual follow up messaging on list serves, eBulletin and COA Frontline
Documents to Be Collected
Additional phases will collect data elements developed for:
Multidisciplinary Billets

Deployment Roles
Temporary Duty Assignments
What OP Can Do in Direct Access
Allow officials to identify the right officer for the right opportunity at the right time
Identify needed skill sets for future preparedness and public health needs
Identify service training and career development needs
 Allow officers to showcase their accomplishments, skills, knowledge, and competencies
Allow officers to search for jobs and other opportunities that might be of interest

Questions to Date
Over 80 inquiries have been responded to and these are the main topics
Why is my accomplishment or school not listed?
I already have this in my eOPF – why do I have to submit it again?
Can I seek reimbursement?
Some IT glitches
Current licensure data glitches
Number of Entries
As of Thursday 4/9/09 at 0930 there was:
243 Degrees submitted
122 Licenses/Certifications submitted
Committee Reports:
Career Development SC: CAPT Mark McDowell.
No report

Mentoring: CDR Angie Roach/LCDR Mofidi:
   We have a list of 29 new calls to active duty
   Next action is to assign mentors
   Goal is to have pairing completed by the next DePAC meeting

Recruitment: CAPT Bob Smith and CDR Thomas:
    We are getting emails for potential dental recruiters.
    We are developing a memo to solicit Associate recruiters

Retention: LT Joseph Collins.
    Working with Career Development.

Billets (ad Hoc): Nothing on the agenda at this point.

Membership: CDR Debra Smith:
No report

Minority Issues: CDR Tameka Lewis-Baker:
    We are working on our letter.
    Schools are being contacted. Senior dental students are being identified through
       the deans of the dental schools.
    Dr. Gettleman suggests that the committee can work through the faculty points of
       contact. CAPT Joskow has this list and will forward it to CDR Lewis-Baker.
Women’s Issues Subcommittee: CAPT Joskow:
    We are creating an award template to be put on the web.

Operational Subcommittee: CDR Steve Johnson
No report

Readiness and Deployment: CDR Steve Johnson
    We are contacting officers to help them achieve readiness.

Communications: LCDR Mork
   We have been working with LCDR Kevin Lee, the new webmaster.
   We are coordinating the migration to a 508 compliant website.
   We are creating an educational forum for the site.

Awards Workgroup: CDR Whitfield:
   Two dental officers were submitted for the HOAC awards.
        We have submitted a proposal for a by-law addition which will state that officers
         will not be considered for PAC awards if they have a current adverse action.
        We are updating the award worksheets.

Good of the PAC:
CDR Strohecker (question): This is regarding assimilation. A board of review request
was submitted 7 months ago, and I never heard anything back. Why is that?
CAPT Coppola (answer): Things are changing in this area. The best advice is to keep an
eye on the website. Sign up for the listserve to keep up to date.

CAPT Pannabecker (comment): Assignment Incentive Pay (AIP). There has only been
one recipient so far? This is an opportunity.
CAPT Coppola (comment): OCCFM has the total numbers. This should be used for
recruitment AND retention. DePAC needs to be a proponent of this.

Next DePAC meeting –May 29, 2009 at 1300.

Edits and corrections received:
CAPT Renée Joskow 5-16-2009

             DePAC Executive Committee Meeting Minutes
                DePAC Executive Committee Meeting
                           13 April 2009
 RADM Halliday
 CDR Lynn Van Pelt
 CAPT Coleman Palmertree
 CAPT William Stenberg
 CAPT Tim Ricks
 CAPT Phillip Woods
 CAPT Gary Pannabecker

CAPT Tim Ricks moved to approve the March minutes with a note to correct the indents
and font size. CAPT Pannabecker seconded the motion and the minutes were approved
with these minor edits pending.

        April Action Items           Responsible                  Due Date/Status        Status
1       Secure a DePAC officer on    CDR Woods                     31 March 2009            COMPLETE
        the AMSUS Overall            Will serve as dental
        Planning Committee           officer on committee
2   Update XC and DePAC           CDR Woods                                         ONGOING
    monthly on status of          Will update as group
    AMSUS Dental Category         meets
3    Post the upcoming            CAPT Palmertree CDR              10 April 2009
    national dental meetings      Woods                                             ONGOING
    on the dental list serve;     Assigned to
    include in monthly DePAC      Communications WG,
    reports                       CAPT Tovarek will
                                  follow up
4   Invite CAPT Joskow to         CAPT Palmertree CDR              1 May 2009       COMPLETE
    present post IADR             Woods
    Meeting in Miami              Invitation sent, waiting on
5    Brainstorm on agencies’      CAPT Palmertree                  20 April 2009     ONGOING
    completing HPSAs forms        Need more info on form,
    to be ready when              perhaps pre fill as
    requested.                    template, etc…
6   Contact CDR Reggie            RAD Halliday and CAPT             10 April 2009    COMPLETE
    Ballard to alert him to the   Palmertree
    upcoming need for             Done
    assistance with HPSA

    May Action Items                      Responsible           Due Date
1   Update XC and DePAC monthly on        CDR Woods
    status of AMSUS Dental Category       will update as           19 May 2009
    planning                              group meets

2   Post an announcement on the     CAPT Palmertree             1 May 2009
                                    to contact the
    Dental Listserv about the National
    IHS Dental Updates in July.     Communication
2   Get word out about the AVDR-CD. RADM Halliday               1 May 2009

3   Contact speaker for AMSUS.            CDR Woods             1 May 2009
4      Check on the Dental Category Day CAPT Palmertree            1 May 2009
      budget for COF Conference.

5     Find out which DePAC members           CAPT Stenberg         1 May 2009
      are going to Category Day and the
      COF Conference.

6     Solicit nomination for the Schlack     CAPT Palmertree       1 May 2009
      Award                                  CDR Woods

7     Invite Dr. Alice Horowitz to a         CAPT Palmertree       No target date
      future DePAC meeting for a                                   discussed
      presentation on Health Literacy

Category Update:
RADM Chris Halliday

Readiness: We appreciate the motivational e-mails from the CDR Johnson, but there is a
need to reduce the use of personal identifiers in these communications. This was
discussed among the Executive Committee and it was determined that the use of ranks
and agency names would be appropriate, but no further specific data.

Deployments: There will be an additional group of detachments to the Pacific. This will
be in addition to the Latin American USNS Comfort deployments. We need to pass this
information along to the dental category.

Panama: More work has been completed on the “Oral Health Training Course”. This is a
3-day Train-the-trainer type course that was developed with the expertise of Dr. Bonnie
Brewer and Dr. MaryBeth Kinney of the Indian Health Service working with PAHO. The
course will include ART (PRAT in Spanish) and oral health assessment in communities.
The first course will be held on the last Wednesday-Thurday, Friday in May at the
Gorgas Institute in Panama City. RADM Halliday will be attending along with one
additional officer.

SBIRT Training: The White House wants this training for dental officers. It concerns the
early signs of substance abuse. More details will be shared as it becomes available. The
training will be held at the IHS Dental Updates Conference in July in Albuquerque, NM,
and dental officers from all agencies are welcome to attend. There is a possibility that this
training will be held on a future DePAC call because the BOP or other agencies might be
interested in learning more about this topic. Please visit the SAMHSA website for more
information. There is also a CD available with the training, and this information can also
be found on the IHS website.
Health Literacy: Alice Horowitz has an excellent presentation on health literacy. Would
we be interested in having her do a 45-minute presentation for the entire DePAC? All
members voted in the affirmative, so we will make this an action item.

IHS Updates Conference: This dental meeting will be held in Albuquerque, NM on July
27-30, 2009. There will be CDE credit for this conference and is open to all PHS dentists.
Janet Yellowitz will be making a presentation on geriatric dentistry.

Officer Profiles: All officers are encouraged to fill out their officer profiles on the
CCMIS website. CAPT Dean Coppola will be presenting more information on this at
Friday’s DePAC meeting.

PAC Chairs Meeting: CAPT Palmertree
Some members of another category currently have a PHS chat site. RADM Halliday
indicated the PHS Chat site is not an official PHS site, and it is not endorsed by the
Office of the Surgeon General (OSG). This is being monitored to see if this will be a
useful modality for the other categories. We will wait for more information from the

Inactive Reserve Corps: There was a question as to whether inactive reserve can serve on
the DePAC, or take a greater role. According to the by-laws, IRC officers cannot serve as
voting members, but they can serve on workgroups. The list of IRC members has been
forwarded to the membership WG to help with updating contact information of the IRC
dental officers.

Hinman Dental Meeting: CAPT Palmertree has arranged for the PHS dental officers to
have access to all of the handouts from the Hinman Dental Meeting. The presentations
and handouts are posted on the DePAC web site.

Loan Repayment Program (LRP): There will be more information from RADM Halliday
after his meeting with the National Health Service Corps (NHSC). If the site is interested
in participating in the LRP with NHSC, the site must submit a Recruitment and Retention
(R&R) form. This is a one-time opportunity, but NHSC anticipate that the funding will be
roll into a recurring base for future payments.

COF Category Day: A meeting was held several weeks ago to discuss agenda and budget
for the category day. CAPT Palmertree will contact CDR Lloyd for more information
concerning the budget for category day.

Schlack Award Nominations: Discussion was held on the process for nominating a PHS
officer for this award. CAPT Pannabecker recommended that we post an announcement
on the dental listserv to solicit nominations for the Schlack award. After the nominations
are received, the Executive Committee will review the nominations and recommend the
strongest candidate to be put forward to AMSUS as the PHS Dental nominee for the
Schlack Award.
Next DePAC Meeting – April 17, 2009