Minutes of the September 2_ 2008 meeting of the Puerto Vallarta by Levone


									   Minutes of the September 2, 2008 meeting of the
            Puerto Vallarta Navy League
The meeting commenced at 11:05 am at the CasaMagna Marriott Resort and
Spa. Fifteen members were present, in addition to guests Helen and Rocky
Preston, Membership Chairman of the Hilo, Hawaii Council and Lifetime Navy
League members.

New member Sydney Phillips was introduced by Bill Clark. Syd has been a visitor
to PV for many years and offers valuable experience from a long career in
Industrial Maintenance at Lehigh University. Welcome Syd! Thanks for your help
in the last ComRel with the crew from the USCGC Sherman.

Treasurer’s Report

Jeff Miltenberger read the Treasurer’s Report in Jim Brophy’s absence. A motion
was made by Judy Sorrell and seconded by Cal Leavitt to accept the Treasurer’s
Report as read. The current balance in the combined Navy League account
shows $255,275.44 MXN. Deposits of approximately $28,000 MXN from the
Altruism Festival and $200,000 MXN from the State of Jalisco Peso por Peso
program are pending.

Old Business:

The minutes of the June meeting were not distributed at the August meeting as
Bill Semeyn, the acting secretary, misplaced the notes. Bill’s recollections are
appended to the end of these minutes.

It was reported that we received $28,000 MXN for Toys for Tots from the
proceeds from the 6th International Altruism Festival, in spite of an increase in the
number of beneficiaries this year.

Discussion on discounts for visiting seamen and Navy League members was
visited again and a plan to have a comprehensive list of merchants who will co-
operate will be published by this fall.

Details of how we can control the discount business without the hassles of the
past was offered by Bill Semeyn. A plaque (framed Navy League logo and
appropriate wording) would be given to the co-operating merchant with the
percentage discount clearly marked on the back of the frame. We would ask for a
signed letter from the merchant who would agree to instruct his staff to respect
the discount when an up to date Navy League membership card was produced.
The same discount would be offered to visiting military personnel producing a
military ID.

The subject of fundraising for the Navy League was visited again.

The metal seats (for the swings "columpios") provided by our current supplier of
playground equipment were discussed. Jeff Miltenberger and John Moore will
investigate substituting seats constructed of flexible materials to reduce the
potential for playground accidents.

A request to investigate the whereabouts of the Mariners’ statue that was
uprooted to build the new parking garage on the north shore of Rio Cuale was
made once again with no one having any information at this time.

New Business:

Bill Clark thanked Norma Carrion, Jim and Mary Devaney and Marian Seeley for
the great Navy League turnout at the USCGC Sherman ComRel. The activity will
be featured in Seapower magazine.

It was hinted that more ships were on the horizon but in keeping with protocol no
dates were announced.

It was noted that our warehouse in San Diego is currently empty. Please contact
Warren Johnson if you are aware of humanitarian supplies available for future
transport to Vallarta. Warren will meet with Navy management at the beginning of
October to discuss.

The River Café is very interested in running a promotion with Navy League be it
a breakfast or a dinner. They offered to invite people from their own database of
customers to attend (2500 apparently) which would make a great recruiting
platform for us. Laura Joachín will follow up on this and report at the next
meeting with a plan to hold a fundraiser. A motion to accept the offer of the River
Café to mobilise their "client" list in inviting outsiders to come and learn about the
Navy League at a breakfast, brunch or dinner was put forward by Bill Semeyn
and seconded by Daniel Russell.

Laura Joachín and Carol Smith promised to approach Michael Pohl with regard
to an Ocktoberfest event, possibly in November.

It was noted that the description of Navy League in the Vallarta Tribune under
charitable and community organizations was not in bold print and might be
improved upon to better convey who and what we are.

Clemente Celis agreed to approach the owners of Mauricio’s Restaurant to
procure a discount similar to or better than that offered by La Noria for ComRel
luncheons. Dissatisfaction has been expressed by some members attending
functions at La Noria relative to the cleanliness of the facilities.

Laura Joachín, with Bill Clark and Jeff Miltenberger were successful in obtaining
a 2008 grant from the Peso por Peso Desarrollo Humano Jalisco Vive program.
They described some of the restrictions on how and when those funds have to be
spent. All monies have to be spent by December 1st and must to be used in the
state of Jalisco. These requirements highlight Navy League’s need for a local
storage facility. An ad hoc committee has been appointed to identify a location.

Ixtapa was suggested as a possible site for expansion of an existing playground
that is in poor condition.

Laura Joachín noted that Vallarta Council Navy League as an accredited AC is
also eligible for accreditation with SEDASOL, which opens up many more
opportunities for Navy League participating with government groups and projects.
We are awaiting a Folio Number.

Sector Naval

Damas Promatoras de Marina are sponsoring a Cena-baille to be held at the
Zona Naval the 20th of September. This will feature the popular Xiutla folkloric
group and an orchestra. Guests will be served pozole. Tickets include a bottle of
tequila per table of ten. Cost is $400 MXN payable by Sept. 17th to Laura Joachín

Toys for Tots

Tickets will be available at the November meeting for the Toys for Tots
December 13th Golf tournament and the December 14th Gala banquet.


Each ComRel has garnered a great deal of coverage in all the local English
language papers as well as the Spanish language papers. The visit of the
Bertholf was also highly publicised. A great deal of Navy League support was
provided during the Bertholf visit.

Other reports and open items:

The fact that our local members made a very concerted effort to help the Coast
Guard Attaché during the USCGC Bertholf visit hopefully will result in improved
communications regarding liberty port calls to Vallarta.

An appeal to identify more ComRel project locations and venues for new
playgrounds was made.

There being no further comments from the floor a motion made by Sally
Miltenberger and seconded by Judy Sorrell to adjourn was passed.

Next meeting October 7th at the CasaMagna Marriott Resort and Spa.
Bill (Guillermo) Semeyn Cross
1st Vice President PVNL
Acting secretary


Bill Semeyn’s Recollections of June Meeting
These minutes of the June meeting have not been previously distributed as Bill
Semeyn, the acting secretary, misplaced the notes.

Bill Semeyn’s Recollections:
The June meeting was held at the Marriott on June 3, 2008 with approximately a
dozen members present. The recent visit and involvement of the Navy League
both in visiting the new long range US Coast Guard Cutter Bertholf and the gala
fiesta aboard the 80 X 50 foot flight deck were discussed.

Fortunately the weather co-operated and the rain held off. Bill Semeyn submitted
aerial photos (first aerial pictures of the Bertholf in a foreign port) to all of the
Vallarta area English and Spanish language media.

The Bertholf visit coincided with the announcement of a joint operation between
the US and Mexican authorities capturing a submarine that the narcotics
traffickers have been utilising to transport up to 5 tons of narcotics through
international waters. These subs present a profile of only 18 inches, making long
range radar useless in detection. Members of the Coast Guard, including Senior
Admirals, saluted the joint effort of this successful mission, which made
international news and certainly dominated the local media, reflecting well on the
Puerto Vallarta Navy League.

Only two members of the Bertholf crew took us up on a ‘free lunch’. Both were in
the food preparation business and one is compiling a book of 365 recipes-one
from each port where they experienced a worthy dish. Vallarta restaurant La
Noria’s arrachera was "phenomenal", reported the would-be author who claimed
he would include it in his book.

The advent of holding a fund-raiser at Hacienda Aleman was suggested as this
was a good revenue producer and was the best attended event yet.

These were the highlights of the meeting and I humbly ask that they be accepted
into the records as such.

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