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Things to Bring


									                                        Things to Bring 
Each camper should bring the following items to camp. Label each item of clothing and equipment. Things do get
lost at camp and we want each camper to bring home everything that he/she brings. Pack gear in a duffle bag or
old suitcase – include this list to help your child pack for home.
BRING:                                                            OPTIONAL: 
           Sleeping Bag & Pillow                                       Camera

           2 Bath Towels & Wash Cloths                                 Books or notebook for personal quiet
           Personal Bathroom articles        (soap,
           toothbrush, shampoo, etc.)
                                                                       Waterproof shower shoes or rubber
                                                                       flip flops
           Deodorant or antiperspirant
                                                                       Something to carry your bath items in
           1 to 2 Swimsuits (see “dress code”)
                                                                      A canned food item for our camp
           2 Pair long pants
                                                                      canned food drive. We will give these
                                                                      to an agency in the area of Monte
           4 pair shorts
                                                                      Toyon to give back to the community
                                                                      that is hosting us for camp.
           2 pair shoes
                                                                      (Toyon Camps only)
           Light Jacket / Sweat shirt
           7 pair socks                                              DO NOT BRING: 
                                                                  There are some things we would NOT like
           7 pair underwear                                       to see you bring to camp
           7 shirts
                                                                       Candy, gum or any food
           1 plain white t-shirt for tie dying
           (Lodestar Camps only)                                       CD / MP3 player / Radio, etc.

           1 large Beach towel                                         Computer equipment

           Waterproof Sunscreen                                        Cell phones, pagers, walkie-talkies
                                                                       (two way communicators)
           Insect repellent (not aerosol)
           Flashlight and new batteries
                                                                       Personal sports equipment
           Backpack & plastic water bottle for
           hikes                                                       Money, jewelry or anything valuable

           Bible                                                       Alcohol, cigarettes, or illegal drugs

           Paper, pencil, stamped and                                  Weapons of any kind including knives
           addressed envelopes to parents
           and friends                                                 Any item that will detract from the
                                                                       purpose of the camp
           Prescription medicine or over-the-
           counter medicine needed for the week,
           in original container with original

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