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									                         The Bethlehem Beacon ~ February 2010
                    Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Ulen, MN.
                    Steve Dahl, Pastor -
                     218-596-8352; Fax: 218-596-8269

Matthew 6:7-14                                                   which I hope will create an atmosphere of warmth
                                                                 and an opportunity to reflect more deeply on the gift
       ‘When you are praying, do not heap up empty               of this prayer which is so much a part of our worship
       phrases as the Gentiles do; for they think that           life.
       they will be heard because of their many
       words. Do not be like them, for your Father               What are the implications of praying, “Hallowed be
       knows what you need before you ask him.                   thy name?” How might we discern some truth about
                                                                 God’s will? What are some healthy ways of thinking
       ‘Pray then in this way:                                   about daily bread? What does Jesus have to teach us
       Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your                    about forgiveness? How does God’s presence and
       name. Your kingdom come.                                  care factor into times of temptation and trial?
       Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.
       Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive             This is a great opportunity to grow together in faith
       us our debts, as we also have forgiven                    and knowledge and to discover ways to pray this
       our debtors. And do not bring us to the time of           prayer with deeper meaning and understanding.
       trial, but rescue us from the evil one. For if            Please plan your schedule to include participation in
       you forgive others their trespasses, your                 Lenten worship. Let us grow together. It is much
       heavenly Father will also forgive you.                    better than growing apart!

Dear Friends,                                                    During Holy week, we will focus on the gift of Holy
                                                                 Communion as we celebrate first communion with
Soon the Lenten season begins. Ash Wednesday,                    our 5th grade class. They will continue this theme of
February 17th marks the beginning of the season with             Lenten instruction as they delve more deeply into the
a worship service including Holy Communion and                   mystery and the gift of Christ’s presence in this
imposition of ashes at 7:00 p.m.                                 amazing sacrament. What a terrific opportunity we
                                                                 have to partner with them and their families in our
The season of Lent began as a period of instruction              Maundy Thursday worship, focusing on God’s grace
for adults who were learning the basics of Christian             and recognizing the power of this sacrament in their
faith as preparation for baptism at the Easter vigil.            walk of faith.
Over the years, the tradition of instruction during the
Lenten season has persisted and even grown. In                   May God’s blessings be with us all as we walk this
Lutheran circles, we often observe this tradition with           Lenten journey together.
some exploration of Luther’s catechisms. So this
Lenten season at Bethlehem will be in keeping with
that tradition.
                                                                 In Christ,
Midweek services will be based on the petitions of
the Lord’s Prayer. I have planned Vespers Services
                                                                 Pastor Steve

 COUNCIL OFFICERS                                         2010                                     COMMITTEE MEMBERS
 Bethlehem Lutheran Church—ELCA                                                                          Ulen, Minnesota

 Steve Dahl      P.O. Box 277     Ulen, Minnesota         Office: 596-8352         Par: 596-8546     Home: 218-758-3430

 President       Bob Klemetson 596-8644                           Vice President           Kim Syverson 596-8100
 Treasurer       Sarah West 701-361-0313                          Secretary                Debbie Ashmore 596-8809

                                              COUNCIL MEMBERS

 2013   Ed Anderson (2nd Term)              596-8605              2011   Roy Sorensen                   596- 8424
 2013   Ron Evans (2nd Term)               596-8440               2011   Cris Anderson (2nd Term)       962-3340
 2013   Jim Amundson (2nd Term)            596-8792               2012   Diane Syverson (2nd Term)      596-8307
 2013   Pete Shae (2nd Term)               596-8802               2012   Janet Maesse (2nd Term)        596-8270
 2011   Darrell Klemetson                  596-8272               2012   Lyle Ranstrom                   962-3490

                                            COMMITTEE MEMBERS
Stewardship Committee:                       Social Concerns Committee:                  Youth and Family Committee:
2013 Arlene Lauf                             2013 Barry Houglum                          2013 Stacy Klemetson
2013 Carol Lockhart                          2012 Angie Steichen                         2012 Melinda Weerts
2011    Arlys Matson                         2012 Melanie Kjos                           2011 Ronda Peterson
2012 Wendy Lien                              [Roy Sorensen Council Rep]                  [Darrell Klemetson Council Rep]
[Cris Anderson is Council Rep]
                                             Evangelism Committee:
Property Committee:                          2011 Bonnie Shaw                            Lutheran Memorial Home
2013 Roland Atwood                           2011 Toni Holman                            Delegates:
2013 Lila Krabbenhoft                        2012 Shannon Chounard                              Chuck Stotts
2013 Carl Shaw                               Council Appointed                                  Joyce Stotts
2011 Janet Maesse                            [Ron Evans is Council Rep.]
2011 Mari Grafsgaard                                                                     Synod Assembly Delegates:
[Jim Amundson is Council Rep.]               Christian Education                               Carol Lockhart
                                             2013 Andrea Yarbrough                             Mike Lockhart
Music and Worship:                           2013 JoLonna Larson
2011 Carol Lockhart                          2013 Bridget Atwood                         Synod Assembly Delegates
2012 Sue Anderson                            2013 Carla Halvorson                        Alternates:
2012 Jenny Anderson                          2011 Laura Tweten                                   Muriel Klemetson
2012 Barry Houglum                           2011 Chrissy Jacobson                               Justin Klemetson
[Janet Maesse is Council Rep]]               2011 Kristi Mickelberg
                                                                                         Nominating Committee:
Cemetery Committee:                          Memorials Committee:                        2011 Deb Ashmore
2013 Duane Amundson                          2013 Susan Hughey (Treasurer)               2011 Christy Stall
2011 Justin Klemetson                        2011 Vickie Hansen                          2011 Debbie Helgedalen
2012 JoNeil Schultz                          2012 JoAnn Shae
[Ed Anderson is Council Rep.]                [Pete Shae is Council Rep.]                 Mutual Ministry Committee:
                                                                                         Laura Tweten
Finance Committee:                           Viking Manor Committee                      Jolonna Larson
Pete Shae                                    2011 Lila Krabbenhoft                       David Christensen
Caroline Lokken                              [Diane Syverson Council Rep]                Bob Klemetson
Mike Lockhart                                                                            Bridget Atwood
Cris Anderson                                                                            Dan Watland
[Lyle is Council Rep]

Baptisms: (11)
[Pastor Aanestad]                                    [Pastor Dahl]
Cole Christopher Brenna                     Carson Kory Shae            Allyson Kay Botzet
Teigan James Lunder                         Aiden John Mena             Grant Orton Keith Anderson
Jackson Carl Lunder                         Ty Anthony Holte            Hunter Bradley Anderson

[Pastor Jill Steichen at Atlanta]
Makayla Diane Bjorgan     Jonathan Bruce Theising

Confirmations: (0)

Funerals: (14) * Of these 14, 5 were non-member funerals.
      [Pastor Aanestad]                                 [Pastor Dahl]
Emma Hammer*         Bernice Wang                       Inez Pearson           Donald Lauf
Henry Dretsch        Harvey Hilde*                      Brandon Taylor*        Alice A. Hilde
Doris Eklund         Conrad Christianson                Larry Sather*          Olga Bjerke*
Vernon Rasmussen Leonard Burtness

Weddings: (2)
[Pastor John Lee]                                  [Pastor Dahl]
      James Alen Askelson and Kaia Ekeland                  Lucas Walstrom and Heather Struble

Members Received by Transfer/Affirmation: (10)
     Chrissy Mae (Mattson) Brenna
     James and Jennifer Troska and sons Justin Christopherson, Jacob Rolle
     Carmen and Zachary Nelson with children Christopher, Gunner, and Emmalee

Members Transferred to Other Congregations: (14)
  Barry Shaw                   Travis Amundson                    Gordy and Cathy Nichols
  Kory and Kristi Shae         Carson Kory Shae                   Jim and Laurel Yost
  Jeri Wilmore                 Naomi Agnew                        Chelsey Austinson
  Avery Austinson Schultz      Aiden John Mena

Membership Summary:             Baptized Members           Confirmed Members
     Dec 31, 2008                           605                          459
     Dec 31, 2009                           603                          453
     Net Change                              -2                           -6

Average Weekly Attendance 133

What does this mean? Our total membership declined by 2 members in 2009. There were no confirmations, so
confirmed membership declined slightly. Our demographic became generally younger in 2009 than in 2008.
Confirmed membership should rebound in 2010.

Respectfully Submitted,

Interim Pastor Steven C. Dahl
         Bethlehem Lutheran Church Council                 FELLOWSHIP:
                   (unapproved)                            EVANGELISM: As Ron discussed above~Church’s
The Bethlehem Lutheran Church Council met on               CHRISTIAN ED: Discussing cost of Akaloo, etc. Bible
Wednesday, January 13, 2010 @ 7 pm with the                School will be between April 11 and May 9.
following members present: President Bob Klemetson,        MEMORIALS: Carol made up a (draft) brochure of the
Vice President Laura Tweten, Diane Syverson, Pastor        6 funds we currently have. Regarding the $15,000 we
Steve Dahl, Pete Shae, Janet Maesse, Lyle Ranstrom,        have one bid in for kitchen remodeling and are awaiting
Ron Evans, Deb Ashmore, Roy Sorenson, Pamela Walsh,        one more bid.
(church secretary) and Sarah West (church treasurer).      YOUTH & FAMILY: Motion made (Pete/Laura) and
Also present were Nellie Holm and Darlene Braseth.         carried to accept resignation of Lorie Borgen-Doran on
                                                           the Youth & Family committee. It was discussed that
President Bob called the meeting to order.                 the youth and their parents feel that the Lenten
DEVOTIONS: Chris absent; will give devotions next          suppers have dwindled. It was suggested that perhaps
month.                                                     the Worship & Music and Evangelism committees may
5 MINUTES OF GOOD NEWS: We welcomed Sarah                  want to take over that project this year and consider
West as our new church treasurer. We are excited to        using the income generated for the kitchen
have her with us. Propane for both the church and          renovation/midi, etc.
parsonage have been purchased (and paid for) already       MUTUAL MINISTRY:
this year. A (beautiful) letter was printed in the         VIKING MANOR: Will be making shirt protectors.
January newsletter received from Eunice Wold.
Thanks to Orell Mesker for repairing the outside           Darlene Braseth and Nellie Holm were present and
railing. Ron reported that he has heard from Church’s      requested permission to purchase new chairs for the
United and we are on a waiting list for serving there.     basement fellowship hall area. Motion made
SECRETARY’S REPORT: Motion made (Pete/Ron) and             (Janet/Ron) and carried for Nellie and Darlene to
carried to accept minutes as printed.                      explore purchasing up to 100 new chairs for fellowship
TREASURER’S REPORT: Motion made (Roy/Diane) and            hall.
carried to appoint Sarah West as church treasurer.         OLD BUSINESS: Motion made (Pete/Roy) and carried
Pastor Steve suggested that we give 10% of each            to proceed with kitchen remodel giving the executive
Sunday’s offering to Benevolence; write a check            committee (Pastor Steve, President Bob, Vice
weekly; set it aside, and pay it monthly. ELCA synod is    President Laura, and treasurer Sarah West authority
behind in their budget so would appreciate any             to proceed as funds are available. $15,000 gift was
donations before the end of January. Pathways also         received and one bid has been received in the amount
have financial needs. Any and all contributions for this   of $16,900 (plus electrical).
are also welcome.
PASTOR REPORT: First Communion instruction to              NEW BUSINESS: Motion made (Laura/Roy) and
begin in February for 5th and 6th grade (they will do a    carried that Pastor Steve and Ronda Peterson be
review). First Communion to be on Maundy Thursday.         allowed as signatories on the LYO checking account.
This year’s Lenten services focus is on the Lord’s         Motion made (Ron/Lyle) and carried to approve
Prayer. Decision was made by Pastor and Jim                presenting proposed budget at annual meeting this
Amundson to replace the toilet as well as the flooring     Sunday, January 17 following 10:30 am church services.
in the bathroom near the kitchen.                          To meet treasure’s needs, church software will be
COMMITTEE REPORTS                                          updated.
FINANCE: Committee met on December 20 and made
up the proposed budget for 2010.                           ADJOURNMENT ~ LORD’S PRAYER
WORSHIP & MUSIC                                            Minutes submitted by Deb Ashmore, Council Secretary
                                                                  February 28
                                                              Janet & Brian Maesse
                                                             Darcy & Jessie Burnside
                                                                 Scott & Jill Theis
                                                                Tony & Tracey Holte
                                                 FEBRUARY LECTORS:
                                                 February 07, 2010: Stacy Klemetson
Serving Group #2                                 February 14, 2010: Cris Anderson
Melissa Schreder………………..596-8630                 February 21, 2010: Chrissy Brenna
Lesa Hilde……………………….596-8303                     February 28, 2010: Arlys Matson
Joan and George Wells                 596-8483
Ellie Kluver                          596-8409
Julie and Randy Braseth               596-8824   FEBRUARY ACOLYTES:
Melissa Schreder and Rudy Braseth     596-8630   February 07, 2010: Lacey A. and Shelby B.
Chrissy and Chris Brenna              596-8144   February 14, 2010: Cole P. and Tanner H.
Lesa and Mike Hilde                   584-8308   February 17, 2010: Brittany W. and Hailey K.
Clayton Ormbreck/Paul Ormbreck        596-8365   February 21, 2010: Nathan D. and Brandon E.
Kizzy Asleson                         596-8329   February 24, 2010: Shelby B. and Taylor A.
Twilia and Ron Evans                  596-8440   February 28, 2010: Cole P. and Logan H.
Lisa and Mick Denenny                 596-8876
Arlys and Philip Matson               596-8706   FEBRUARY USHERS:
Tori and Lovette Spencer              596-8209   Donne Hansen  Lonnie Anderson
Carol and Elwin Maki                  596-8882   Carl Lokken   Pete Shae
Deb and Kerry Walton                  596-8711
Jessica and Travis Krabbenhoft        596-8477   FEBRUARY CANTOR:
Harald Moen                           596-8873   Ron Evans
Erin and Nick Braseth                 596-8212
                                                 FEBRUARY COMMUNION HELPERS:
FEBRUARY COFFEE FELLOWSHIP                       Mike Lockhart     Colton Green
                                                 David Christensen Caitlin Green
                      February 7
               Jim & Stacey Anderson
                Julie & Randy Braseth
                  Mike & Lesa Hilde
                     Billy Burnside
                                                               Please keep the following people and
                    February 14                  their families in your thoughts and prayers. Please
               Melinda & Bryan Weerts            remember our Call Committee and Congregation
                Roy & Julie Chounard             in our search for a new Pastor.
               Justin & Shelly Thordal
                 Ed & Sandra Begg                       BETHLEHEM’S PRAYER LIST:
                                                 Family of Afton Braseth; Family of Clarice Hilde;
                     February 21                 Family of Clarice Jahr; Family of Olga Bjerke;
                Lyle & Kellie Ranstrom           George Wells and Kenneth Steichen
                    Cassie Matson
                 Mike & Shana Olson                   All of our members pursing education
              Justin & Kristie Mickelberg
                                January Memorials to Bethlehem

         Building & Improvement Fund                   In loving memory of Clarice Hilde;
                                                               From Sandra Hogenson and Cliff Hjelmer and
In loving memory of Clarice Jahr;                      David and Nancy Bahe.
        From David and Karen Lien and Chuck and
Joyce Stotts.                                          In loving memory of Clarice Swanstrom;
                                                               From Kathryn Nelson.
                  Campers Fund
                                                                  MUSIC MINISTRY FUND
In loving memory of Clarice Jahr;
        From Jim and Wanda Ashmore.                    In loving memory of Olga Bjerke;
                                                               From Lonnie and Sue Anderson.
               MEMORIAL FUND
                                                       In loving memory of Clarice Jahr;
In loving memory of Olga Bjerke;                               From Lonnie and Sue Anderson, Leon and
        From Bonnie Shaw, Brian and Janet Maesse,      Karen Anderson, Cris and Jenny Anderson, Justin
Twilla Hilde, Clarice Hilde, Elna Thorson and          and Muriel Klemetson, Fern Andersen, Bonnie Shaw
Arloween Eklund.                                       and Mike and Carol Lockhart.

In loving memory of Clarice Jahr;                      In loving memory of Clarice Hilde;
        From Sunshine Fund, Leo and Yvette                     From Mike and Carol Lockhart.
Hogtvedt, Elna Thorson, Adeline Corwin, Robert
Klemetson, Brian and Janet Maesse, Gene and Orpha      In loving memory of Afton Braseth;
Schultz, Judy Oistad, Ken and Ione Schultz, John and           From Barry and Jeanine Houglum and Bonnie
Gwen Nodsle and Barry and Jeanine Houglum.             Shaw.

In loving memory of Clarice Hilde;                     In loving memory of Don Lauf;
        From Sunshine Fund.                                    From Mike and Carol Lockhart.

In loving memory of Afton Braseth;                     In loving memory of John Oberg;
        From Loretta and Bud Braseth, Arloween                 From Lois Oberg.
Eklund, Arthur Wenner and Julie Gregerson.
                                                       In loving memory of Floyd Warling;
In loving memory of Elaine Hook;                               From Bonnie Shaw.
        From Arloween Eklund.
                                                                     Sunday School Fund
                QUILTERS FUND
                                                       In loving memory of Clarice Jahr;
In loving memory of Olga Bjerke;                               From Milo and Ruby Craik.
        From Jim and Wanda Ashmore, Gary and
Marie Wang and David and Nancy Bahe.                   In loving memory of Olga Bjerke;
                                                               From Sandra Hogenson and Cliff Hjelmer and
                                                       Kerry and Debbie Walton.
In loving memory of Clarice Jahr;
        From Lila A. Anderson.
                                                       In loving memory of Clarice Hilde;
                                                               From Owen and Darlene Braseth and Kerry
                                                       and Debbie Walton
In loving memory of Afton Braseth;
        From Ken and Ione Schultz, Brian and Janet      Clarice Hilde
Maesse, Orpha Braseth, Jim and Wanda Ashmore,           Our sincere Christian sympathy is extended to the
Cortland and Avis Ashmore, Angie Steighen, Bruce        family of Clarice Hilde, whose Service of
and Linda Tinjum and Eugene and Donna Tangen.           Resurrection was held in Bethlehem on Wednesday,
                                                        December 30, 2009.
In loving memory of John Oberg;
        From Lois Oberg                                                           Your Rod
             WELCA – Kitchen Fund                                                  your staff….
In loving memory of Olga Bjerke and Clarice Hilde;                                comfort me
        From David and Nancy Bahe
                  Cemetery Fund
                                                        Reese Gordon Krabbenhoft
In loving memory of John Oberg;                         We rejoice with the family of Reese Gordon
        From Lois Oberg                                 Krabbenhoft.

In loving memory of Afton Braseth;                      Reese was baptized in Bethlehem during our morning
        From Lyle and Lois Syverson and Willie and      worship on January 31, 2010. He was born to parents
Joyce Matson.                                           Jessica and Travis Krabbenhoft on November 27,
                                                        2009. Baptismal sponsors of Reese are JoLonna and
               Tape Ministry Fund                       Rick Larson and Craig Syverson. His grandparents
                                                        are Kathy & Mark Syverson and Lila & Darrell
         Thank you to Women of the ELCA                 Krabbenhoft.

         Building and Improvement Fund                  Welcome, Reese, to the family of Bethlehem

         Thank you to Women of the ELCA

       Susan Hughey, Memorials Treasurer

           Parish Records
                                                                             Sunday School
Afton Braseth
Our sincere Christian sympathy is extended to the       FEBRUARY SUNDAY SCHOOL SCHEDULE:
family of Afton Braseth, whose Service of
                                                        February 07, 2010:   Sunday School
Resurrection was held in Bethlehem on Thursday,
                                                        February 14, 2010:   No Sunday School
January 21, 2010. Our thoughts and prayers go out to
                                                        February 21, 2010:   Sunday School
the Braseth family.
                                                        February 28, 2010:   Sunday School
Clarice Jahr
Our sincere Christian sympathy is extended to the
family of Clarice Jahr, whose Service of Resurrection    NO CONFIRMATION CLASSES
was held in Bethlehem on Wednesday, January 6,           DURING THE LENTEN SEASON
2010. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Jahr
United                                                        Are you the primary caregiver for a loved one? We
Services Blood                                                hope you’ll enjoy an afternoon of refreshment for soul and
Drive                                                         body on Monday, February 15 at Holy Rosary Catholic
           February 15th                                      Community. The Becker County Caregiver Support Team
God’s love has produced many miracles, large and              will be hosting a Cowboy Coffee/English Tea Garden
small. One of these is the life sustaining power of           experience from 2-4pm. Seating is limited, so please
blood. We have the ability to share this miracle of           respond by February 5 to Karen Lenius at
life. Please take time to share your miracle on               218.847.1385. Respite care for your loved one is offered
Monday, February 15, 2010 in Felton. Please call              free of charge, but you will need to register by 2/5 with
Karla at 218-937-5709 to set up your                          either Amy Dallmann at 218.844.9445 (Emmanuel in-house
                                                              day services) or Home Instead Senior Care in-home
                                                              services at 1-866-521-8093.
                 “Helping Haiti”
In addition to what your chapter may be planning to help                      JANUARY
earthquake victims in Haiti, Thrivent Financial for                     ATTENDANCE & OFFERING
Lutherans is launching a national $3 million “Helping                         Attendance Offering
Haiti” effort at
                                                              Jan. 03, 2010      94      1,278.27
We will contribute $1, up to $1 million, for every $2 in      Jan. 10, 2010     117       2,005.00
donations members make by March 31to the following:           Jan. 17, 2010    161       1,528.00
                                                              Jan. 24, 2010    101       1,867.00
       Lutheran World Relief                                 Jan. 31, 2010
       ELCA Disaster Response
       LCMS World Relief/Human Care
       WELS Committee on Relief
That means a potential of more than $3 million for relief                              TOWEL DRIVE
efforts: $2 million —or more—from members and the
added $1 million. If you have questions about this disaster
response, please call the Fraternal Service Center at 800-                    The Bethlehem Women
236-3736.                                                     of the ELCA will hold their annual
                                                              Workshop of Thursday, February 25th
                                                              at 9:00 a.m. We invite all women to
                                                              come and help with the project of
           Jamaica Mission Trip                               making clothing protectors for the
                                                              Viking Manor. We have done this for
Alissa Stall is going to Jamaica through a program
                                                              several years and appreciate the
called Justice Journeys. It is through Concordia and
they will be going on February 20-27. When they go            help we get to make these very
they will be visiting and staying at a boy’s orphanage,       useful and appreciated protectors
going to a nursing home, a homeless shelter, and              for our loved ones at Viking Manor.
maybe an infant orphanage. We are looking for any             Servant Group is not needed, potluck
type of donation to bring down there with us. The             will be served
donations can include anything from toiletries,
clothes for the homeless, school supplies for the             Here are the following ways you can help our towel drive:
boys at the orphanage, or even just money or gift
cards to local stores which we will use to                            1. By donating a medium to large sized bath towel
purchase any other supplies we think they will                of any color (not too heavy or thick, but medium weight.)
need. We are also accepting non-perishable food
items. I am very blessed to be going down to                          2. A gift of money for our bath towel drive. Please
Jamaica and that I am able to help those in need in           designate check to Towel Drive.
other countries as well. A collection box is placed
in the Narthex of the church. – Alissa Stall                          3. Helping out on Thursday, February 25th at 9:00
a.m. in Bethany Hall                                                     June 25th we met at Viking Manor. We
                                                                 honored our members who are 80 years and older,
  A collection box is placed in the Narthex of the church.       each honored lady received a pretty corsage made by
                                                                 Beverly Amundson. The Ueland sisters entertained
                                                                 us with several instrumental selections.
                           VALENTINE’S DAY                               In July Pastor Steve was our guest speaker.
                           IS FEBRUARY 14TH                      He brought us up to date on his family and told of
                          DON’T FORGET YOUR                      some of his experiences. We welcome Pastor Steve
                              SWETHEART!                         back with us.
                                                                         August 27th was our meeting day. Janet
                                                                 Maesse was our guest speaker. She is a teacher of
                                                                 the year at Ulen-Hitterdal. She told of her
                                                                 experiences and those who inspired her along the
     FUNDS ARE STILL NEEDED                                      way.
                                                                         September and October found us planning
THE CASE OF THE MISSING MIDI                                     our fall dinner, bazaar and silent auction. School
If you heard that we were soon to be doing without a MIDI        kits were brought to our meeting and displayed for
at Bethlehem, would you think that dress styles had
changed? It might be a good guess, but in this case MIDI
                                                                 LWR. Our Joyful Giving came to $6,100. We are
means Musical Instrument Digital Interface.                      pleased to be able to present this money to so many
The MIDI is a device attached to the organ that enables it       causes.
to double as a string section, a flute, a grand piano, or just           We decided to give Christmas goodies to shut-
about any instrument you might imagine. The MIDI that            ins and elderly. 18 boxes were prepared and
came with our organ (somewhere around 1990) is no
longer functioning and beyond repair. We have been using         delivered.
a loaner over the past few weeks, but that loaner will soon              Our December meeting was a family night,
have to be returned.                                             there were several readings, musical selections and
The cost to replace the MIDI device is $2100. There is no        the program ended with Susan Green singing the
money budgeted for replacement of the MIDI, but the
                                                                 Lord’s Prayer.
Worship & Music Committee would like to invite you to
consider making a gift of money to help replace the MIDI.                We have had a good year. We thank our
If you would like to learn more or designate a gift, please      presidents – Darlene Braseth and Nellie Holm for
contact Sue Anderson or Pastor Steve.                            their leadership and guidance.

                                                                         WELCA Secretary, Muriel Klemetson
         Women of the ELCA
          Highlights – 2009
The Bethlehem Women of the ELCA had a busy
year in 2009.

        At our January meeting Pastor Rolf was our
speaker. He gave us a show and tell presentation
about North Dakota pottery.
        In February we held a work day where we
made 128 clothing protectors for Viking Manor.                   A great gift idea! Orders are being taken by
Later, in April we made 107 more. The April                      Darlene Braseth 596-8601.
meeting was dedicated to our graduating high
school seniors of Ulen – Hitterdal. Lorilie Rude was                 FEBRUARY WELCA PROGRAM
our guest speaker and performer. Eleven out of 14
graduates were there.                                            February WELCA Workshop will be
        In May one of the high lights of our meeting             February 25th at 9 a.m. No business
was being entertained by the three Ueland sisters.
meeting. Potluck will be served, Servant
Group is not needed.

                 FEBRUARY BIBLE

Elizabeth Circle-   Meets. Wednesday February         A Big Thank to the following people for getting your
                    3rd at 9:00 a.m. in the cafe      annual reports in: Pastor Steve Dahl, Bob Klemetson,
                                                      Sarah Green, Carol Lockhart, Susan Hughey, Deb
                                                      Ashmore, Duane Amundson, Muriel Klemetson, Edith
Mary Circle-        Meets Monday February 8th
                                                      Dunham, and Shirley Wentz. Your work at Bethlehem
                    at 12 p.m. in Viking Manor
                                                      is truly appreciated.
                    for birthdays in February.
                                                      Thank you to all who attended the Annual Meeting and
Naomi Circle-       No meeting in the month of
                                                      helped with food and service at the delicious pot luck
Dorcas Circle-      Meets Wednesday February
                                                      Annual Report time is when Don Lauf would come up
                    10th at 1 p.m. in Orpha’s home,
                                                      to the office with his paperwork and Budget
                    Hostess Orpha Braseth..
                                                      Worksheet in hand, just insanely driven, a nervousness
                                                      and anxiousness vibe he would bring with him-yikes a
                                                      complete whirlwind. He just wanted to get the thing
                                                      completed and to have everything add up, he would
                        February 17th                 have me triple check everything so neither one of us
                                                      would have to stand up to explain a mistake or
             Ash Wednesday                            miscalculation during the Annual Report Meeting, he
             Worship at 7 p.m. with                   would say, “yah Pamela that is one thing we want to
             Imposition of Ashes &                    avoid”. We would sit with the adding machine in the
                                                      middle and all our papers around us, I would always
Holy Communion.                                       get them mixed up and Don having the patience of a
                                                      saint would put them in neat piles & then stick his in
                                                      his Annual Report cover far away from me. I would
                                                      tease him about missing his sweetheart Arlene, that’s
NEW CHAIRS FOR                                        why he was in such a hurry to get home, so he could
                                                      chase her around the house and just give her squeezes,
BETHANY HALL                                          then he would say she chases me. Not too much
                                                      silliness though because he was all about business at
Bethlehem’s Women of the                              hand, a complete task master, we always had our
ELCA would like to see                                lifeline Arlene that we would pick up the phone on the
Bethany Hall get some new chairs to go with           first ring, wait I mean 1/2 ring. He would tell me call
the new tables that we will be getting.               home, Arlene knows the answer!!! He would stay
                                                      until I would tell him go home to Arlene, I could do
Donations are now being accepted for our              the rest and that it would be o.k., that I would be o.k.
new chairs. More information to come but if           What a guy! This it was nice to reflect on the year
we can purchase 50 chairs that would be               behind us & take time to remember our dear friend
fantastic. How nice that would look for               Don.
Bethany Hall!! Darlene Braseth or Nellie
Holm can answer any questions you may                 WHAT A WONDERFUL CONGREGATION WE
                                                                           —Trish Wentling
               Making the most of a meal
                Eating healthy on $5 a day                                Fill it up
 Ilga Winicov Harrington, a Latvian- born immigrant to the U.S.,          Lutheran school helps cover a dome floor with food
still recalls growing up poor and barely having enough money for
                                                                          Food stacked up at Oak Grove Lutheran School, Fargo,
                     food as a college student.                           N.D. Not only did students collect stacks of canned and
                                                                          nonperishable items — 14,340 pounds, in fact — but they
  Still it took plenty of research and                                    stacked the food to create
  planning when she revisited that                                        buildings.
   reality while writing How to Eat
Healthy and Well for Less than $5.00
 a Day: The Smart and Frugal Food                                         Oak Grove, an ELCA-affiliated
                   Plan.                                                  school, held a CANstruction
                                                                          competition for its middle- and
   It wasn't easy, said Harrington, a                                     high-school students as an
 member of Nativity Lutheran Church,                                      incentive to collect a lot of food for
     Rockport, Maine, and a retired                                       Fill the Dome. Each grade chose
research professor from Arizona State
 University, Tempe. But she was able
                                                                          eight students to create a structure
   to create menus of three healthy                                       out of their donations in 20
 meals a day for the price of a frozen                                    minutes. The classes were judged
      coffee drink at a chain café.                                       on creativity, teamwork and spirit.

Harrington got the idea after reading a Ilga Winicov Harrington           The junior class won with their
   story in The Lutheran about two                                        replica of the University of
  graduate students who tried to eat for a week on the average            Nebraska's football stadium in
   Food Stamp allotment of $1 a day ("Food stamp simulation                                                   Peter Frei (left) and
                                                                          Lincoln. For their effort, they
proves challenging ," February 2008). "They got terribly frustrated
                                                                          received a meal catered by faculty  Paul Berg add
and quit," she said. "But people without a lot of money can't quit,
                      or they will go hungry."                            and staff and earned a half day off canned goods to the
                                                                                                              food pyramid the
                                                                          from school for a class activity. The
With the economic downturn, she thought it was the ideal time to          class also collected the most food  senior class at Oak
          provide tips on how to save money on food.                      — 6,589 pounds.                     Grove Lutheran
                                                                                                              School, Fargo, N.D.,
"I wasn't sure it could be done at first, but it can," Harrington said.   Oak Grove was one of about 50       constructed for the
         "And these meals taste good and are nutritious."                 schools to help cover the floor of  CANstruction
                                                        -The Lutheran                                         competition. The
                                                                          the Fargodome (80,000 square
                                                                          feet) for Fill the Dome. The effort school delivered
                                                                          was started in 2007 when student 14,340 pounds of
God Made Everything                                                       council leaders from Fargo-         food to help fill the
                                                                          Moorhead high schools formed the floor of the
                                                                          Metro Student Council               Fargodome on Nov.
The trees                                                                 Ambassadors. To highlight their     23 with items for
The sky                                                                   senior year, they created Fill the  local pantries and
The bees                                                                  Dome to supply food to area         shelters.
The butterflies                                                           pantries and shelters.

Each snowflake                                                            The statistics for Fill the Dome 2009: more than 97.1 tons of
                                                                          food came in and out of the Fargodome; $96,000 was
Each blade of grass
                                                                          raised; and 2,800 people signed an online petition
Each set of lakes                                                         acknowledging hunger is an issue in the area.
Each mountain pass
                                                                          This year's event turned out to be a three-peat for Oak
Every fish in the sea                                                     Grove. It again won in the high school division for collecting
Every frog in a bog                                                       the most items. The school received $1,000 to give to a
Every human, including me,                                                charity of its choice, which will be decided by its student
Every cow, goat, horse and hog                                            council.

                                                                          But collecting food is only part of Oak Grove's participation
Their numbers grow before our eyes                                        in Fill the Dome. Three students were on the planning
Even if we can’t see beyond the blue skies.                               committee. Student council members were on hand at the
But we know how it got that way                                           dome all day to help. The senior- and junior-high classes
God made everything, including today.                                     hauled the donations and assisted with covering the floor in
                                                                          Oak Grove's section of the Fargodome. And the fifth-grade
 class hauled items the elementary school had collected to
 the dome.                                   –The
               This was found in Clarice Hilde’s Bible after she had passed away.

             EASTER LILY ORDER
Easter lily orders are now being taken. An order form
is on our office door or orders can be placed over the       FROM_______________________________
phone. We can only take orders until February 28th!!!
The following are the flowers you have to choose
from.                                                        IN LOVING MEMORY OF

HYDRANGEA 8”           Pink/Blue                $15.25       ______________________________________
EASTER LILIES          Classic White            $7.25
AZALEAS                Pink & White             $8.50
ASIATIC LILIES         Pastel Colors            $7.25        IN HONOR OF
MUM                    Pastel Colors            $6.50        ______________________________________

Please Designate your check & specify which flower           HYDRANGEA 8”     Pink/Blue       $15.25
you would like ordered.                                      EASTER LILIES    Classic White   $7.25
                                                             AZALEAS          Pink/White      $8.50
ASIATIC LILIES   Pastel Colors   $7.25
MUM              Pastel Colors   $6.50

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