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Board of Trustees                             Mr. John Sagherian
                                              UAECNE, Class of 2011
Officers and Members
                                              Dr. Ann Sarafian
Ms. Anie Boudjikanian                         AMAA, Class of 2011
UAECNE, Class of 2009
                                              Mr. Hratch Sarkis
Rev. Dr. Carnegie S. Calian, D.Th., Ph.D.     AMAA, Class of 2011
AMAA, Class of 2009
                                              Rev. Robert Sarkissian, Vice Chair
Dr. Ani Darakjian                             UAECNE, Class of 2010
AMAA, Class of 2010
                                              Dr. Joseph P. Zeronian, Ed.D.
Mr. Nabil Ekmekji, Treasurer, Lebanon         AMAA, Class of 2010
UAECNE, Class of 2010
                                              Ex-Officio Members
Mrs. Seta Karagoezian, Recording Secretary
UAECNE, Class of 2011                         Dr. H. Steven Aharonian, President
Prof. J.B.M. Kassarjian, Ph.D.
AMAA, Class of 2009                           Rev. Dr. Paul Haidostian, President
                                              Haigazian University
Mr. Louis Kurkjian, Treasurer, USA
AMAA, Class of 2010                           Rev. Megerdich Karagoezian, President
Mr. Robert Kurkjian
AMAA, Class of 2010                           Mrs. Joyce Stein, Chairperson
                                              Stephen Philibosian Foundation
Mr. Albert Momjian, Esq.
AMAA, Class of 2009                           Mr. Andy Torigian, Executive Director
Mr. Herair Mouradian, Chair
AMAA, Class of 2009                           Honorary Life Members

Mr. Vahe Nalbandian                           Mary Diran
AMAA, Class of 2011
                                              Mary Mehagian
Dr. Haroutune Nicolian
UAECNE, Class of 2009                         Arthur Mehagian

Mr. Gary Phillips, Esq.                       Alice Peters
AMAA, Class of 2011

240                                    2009 - 2010              Haigazian University
University Administration                           Estepan, Shant, 2009
                                                    Network/Business Analyst
                                                    B.S. Haigazian University
Alam, Moufid, 1989
IT & Services- Manager of IT Applications
                                                    Fermanian, Anahid, 1973
M.S. Lebanese University
                                                    B.A. Haigazian College
Avedikian, Houry, 1998
Assistant Librarian
                                                    Gosdanian, Vera, 1987
B.A. Haigazian College
                                                    Assistant Librarian
Babikian, Yervant-Shahan, 2002
                                                    Ghorghorian, Vahe, 2008
                                                    Senior Systems Analyst
B.A. Haigazian University College
                                                    B.S. Haigazian University
Certified Internal Auditor, Institute of Internal
Auditors, New York
                                                    Gurunian, Maral, 2006
                                                    Financial Aid Officer
Balekjian, Guluzar (Vartoug), 2001
                                                    B.S. American University of Beirut
President's Secretary
B.A. Haigazian University College
                                                    Haddad-Elias, Dalia, 2002
                                                    Assistant Accountant
Bedoyan, Peggy, 2005 (part time)
                                                    Licence, Lebanese University
Student Resources Coordinator
B.A. Haigazian University
                                                    Haidostian, Paul, 2002
Beledian, Hagop, 2005
                                                    B.A. Haigazian College
Head of Security
                                                    M.Div. Near East School of Theology
                                                    Th.M., Ph.D. Princeton Theological Seminary
Berberian, Tamar, 2007
Librarian's Assistant for technical services
                                                    Jalian, Salpi, 2008
B.A. Haigazian University
                                                    HR Coordinator
                                                    B.A. Haigazian University
Bidinian, Sahag, 2003 (part time)
Sports Coordinator
                                                    Kairouz, Alan, 2002
B.A. Haigazian University
                                                    Assistant Student Life Director
                                                    B.A. Haigazian University
Boutchakjian, Araz, 2008
Admissions Office Assistant
                                                    Kalayjian, Marlene, 2007
B.B.A. Haigazian University
                                                    Student Recruitment Officer
                                                    B.A. Haigazian University College
Chilinguirian, Maria, 2008
Junior Accountant
                                                    Karam, Jean, 2003
B.B.A. Haigazian University
                                                    Personnel Officer
Dakessian, Antranig, 1993                           Karkourian, Rita, 2003
Director of Student Life                            Admissions Office Assistant
M.A. Yerevan State University                       B.A. Haigazian University
M.A. American University of Beirut
                                                    Keshishian, Tamar, 2009
Elmajian, Taline, 2005                              Senior Administrator Admissions Office
Faculty Secretary & Webmaster                       B.A. Haigazian University
B.A. & M.B.A. Saint Joseph University               M.B.A. American University of Beirut

Haigazian University                       2009 - 2010                                       241
Khoury-Habre, Roula, 1997                            Full -Time Faculty (2008-2009)
Senior Lab Technician
                                                     Frieda, Abs, 1991
B.S. Haigazian University
                                                     Lecturer in Social Work and Sociology
Mandoyan, Alec, 1986                                 B.A., Beirut College for Women
Accounting Manager                                   M.A., Université de Genève
B.A. Haigazian College                               Diploma, University of Edinburgh, UK
M.S. Beirut University College
                                                     Alloush, Habib, 2007
Moughalian, Rozine, 1996
                                                     Assistant Professor in Biology
Administrative Support Office Secretary
B.A. Haigazian University                            B.S., M.S., American University of Beirut
                                                     Ph.D., University of Cambridge, UK
Seferian, Vicken, 2005
Assistant Accountant                                 Artinian, Roubina, 1999
B.A. Haigazian University                            Instructor in Music
                                                     B.A., Haigazian College
Simonian, Talar, 2006                                Diplome de Fin d'Etudes (Piano),
Receptionist / Mail Clerk                            Conservatoire National de Musique
                                                     M.A., American University of Beirut
Sislian, Sonia (October 2007)
University Librarian                                 Asrawi, Fadi, 1995
B.A. Haigazian University College                    Associate Professor, Faculty of Business
M.A. American University of Beirut                   Admisnistration and Economics (BAE)
                                                     Dean of Faculty of BAE
Surmenian, Maria, 1992                               B.A., American University of Beirut
                                                     M.A., Ph.D., University of Southern
                                                     California, USA
Yacoubian, Paul, 1997
Facilities Director
B.A. Haigazian College                               Azar, Samih, 1997
                                                     Associate Professor, Faculty of BAE
Yardemian, Mira, 2004                                B.S., M.B.A., American University of Beirut
Public Relations Director                            M.A., Ph.D., Claremont Graduate University,
B.A. Haigazian University                            California, USA

Zeidan, Maya, 2008                                   Barsoumian, Hratch, 1986
Lifelong Learning Office Assistant                   Associate Professor in Physics
B.B.A. Haigazian University                          B.S, M.S., American University of Beirut
                                                     Ph.D., Victoria University of Manchester, UK

*Dates indicate the first date of full-time          Ekmekji, Arda, 1997
employment at Haigazian University.                  Associate Professor in Intercultural Studies
                                                     Dean of Arts and Sciences
                                                     B.A., M.A., American University of Beirut
                                                     Diplome D'Etude Approf., Paris I-Sorbonne
                                                     Doctorat, Paris I-Pantheon-Sorbonne, France

                                                     Halaby-Abou Nasr, Roula, 1997
                                                     Lecturer in Biology
                                                     B.S., M.S. American University of Beirut

                                              2009 - 2010                Haigazian University
Halaoui, Hatem, 2006
Assistant Professor in Computer Science         Moukallid, Ali, 1993
B.E., M.S., Lebanese American University        Lecturer in Computer Science
Ph.D., City University of New York, USA         B.S., Uni. of Southwestern Louisiana, USA
                                                M.S., Western Michigan University, USA
Hamzeh, Sahar, 2008
Instructor in English
B.A., M.A., American University of Beirut       Nasr, Najoie, 1997
                                                Lecturer, Faculty of BAE
Hassoun, Nadim, 1995                            B.B.A., University of Balamand
Associate Professor of Chemistry & MLS          M.B.A., American University of Beirut
Chairman of the Natural Sciences Division
B.S., M.S., Ph.D., American Uni. of Beirut      Noueihed, Nazim, 1996
                                                Lecturer in Mathematics
Hout-Gharzeddine, Hanine, 2001                  B.A., M.A. City University of New York, USA
Assistant Professor in Education
University Counselor
B.A. American University of Beirut              Safiyiddeen, Suha, 2006
M.A., Ed.M., Ed. D., Columbia Uni., NY,         Assistant Professor in English
USA                                             Chairman of English Department
                                                B.A., M.A., American University of Beirut
Jerejian, Sona, 2005                            Ed.D., University of Leicester, England
Assistant Professor, Faculty of BAE
Licence Des Lettres, Université de Lyon         Shbeir, Elie, 2002
M.A., Ph.D., University of California, LA,
                                                Instructor in English
                                                Licence in English Language & Literature,
Karageuzian-Haddad, Vera, 2006                  Lebanese University
Instructor, Faculty of BAE                      M.A., American University of Beirut
B.S., M.B.A., Lebanese American University
                                                Tawil, Daoud, 1994
Karageuzian-Urneshlian, Lena, 1993              Assistant Professor of Psychology
Lecturer in Computer Science                    Chairman of the Social Behavioral Sciences Department
Diplom Informatiker, Universität Stuttgart,     B.A., M.A., American University of Beirut
                                                Ph.D., University of Aberdeen, UK
Ladan, Mohamad, 2001
Associate Professor of Computer Science         Tortian Annie, 2008
Chairman of the Mathematical Sciences           Assistant Professor , Faculty of BAE
Division                                        B.S., American University of Beirut
B.S., Beirut Arab University                    M.B.A., Lebanese American University
M.S.., Ph.D., University of Syracuse, NY, USA   Doctorat, Université Paris I Pantheon
                                                Sorbonne, France
Lee-Parker, William Gregory, 2008
Lecturer in Religion, Campus Minister
                                                Traboulsi, Berge, 2003
B.A., California State Uni., Northridge, USA
M.Div., Fuller Theological Seminary, USA        Associate Professor of Religion &
                                                Intercultural Studies
Maalouf, Sarar, 1996                            Director of Orientation Program
Lecturer in Psychology                          Licence, University of Balamand
B.A., M.A. American University of Beirut        Ph.D., National & Capodistrian University of
                                                Athens, Greece
McLardy, Ailsa, 1996
Director of Lifelong Learning Program
B.A., M.A., University of British Columbia,
Warren, Daisy, 2008                            Part -Time Faculty (2008-2009)
Assistant Professor in Education               Judge Abdalla, Khaled
B.A., Beirut University College (LAU)          Instructor, Faculty of BAE
M.A., University of San Diego, USA             B.S., American University of Beirut
M.A., Ed.D., United States International       Licence, Lebanese University
University,USA                                 Abdelnour, George
                                               Lecturer in Biology
                                               B.S., M.S., Ph.D., American Uni. of Beirut
* Dates indicate the first date of full-time
                                               Abi Hanna, George
employment at Haigazian University.            Instructor in Business Administration
                                               B.A., M.B.A, Université Saint Esprit de Kaslik
                                               Abi Said, Mounir
                                               Lecturer in Biology
                                               B.S., American University of Beirut
                                               M.S., American University of Beirut
                                               Ph.D., University of Kent at Canterbury, UK
                                               Akhras, Chukri
                                               Instructor, Faculty of BAE
                                               B.S., Beirut University College (LAU)
                                               M.S., Notre Dame University
                                               Akl Khoury, Loulou
                                               Lecturer in Intercultural Studies
                                               B.A., Beirut University College (LAU)
                                               M.A., American University of Beirut
                                               Ph.D., University of Leicester, UK

                                               Arabi, Oussama
                                               Lecturer in Intercultural Studies
                                               B.A., American University of Beirut
                                               Doctorat de Troisieme Cycle,
                                               University of Paris I, Sorbonne, France
                                               Ph.D., University of Paris I, Sorbonne, France

                                               Ariss, Haifa
                                               Instructor in Computer Science
                                               B.S., Beirut University College (LAU)
                                               M.A., American University of Beirut

                                               Assilian, George
                                               Instructor, Faculty of BAE
                                               B.A., Manchester Metropolitan University, UK Certified
                                               Public Accountant, USA

                                               Baalbaki, Annelie
                                               Instructor, Faculty of BAE
                                               B.A., University of Balamand
                                               M.B.A., American University of Beirut
                                               Fazlian, Harout
Baker, Nicole
Instructor, Faculty of BAE                     Instructor in Music
B.S., Saint Joseph Univeristy, Lebanon         B.A., M.S., Ph.D.,          Yerevan       Conservatory   of
M.S., Texas A & M University, TX, USA          Music, Armenia

Bayeh, Joseph                                  Frank, Natasha
Lecturer in Political Science                  Instructor in English
B.B.E., M.A., Lebanese American University     B.A., University of Colorado, USA
Ph.D., Exeter University, UK                   M.A., University of Kansas, USA
                                               M.A., Monterey Institute of International Studies, USA
Bogharian, Mireille
Instructor, Faculty of BAE                     Geokjian, Ohannes
B.A., Haigazian University                     Instructor in Political Science & Intercultural
M.B.A., Lebanese American University           Studies
                                               B.A., M.A., American University of Beirut
Boghossian, Mirna                              Ph.D., University of Bradford, UK
Instructor, Faculty of BAE
B.A., Haigazian University
                                               Gharzeddine, Marwan
M.A., American University of Beirut
                                               Lecturer in Psychology
                                               B.E., American University of Beirut
Choucair, Manal
                                               M.A., Columbia University, New York, USA
Instructor in Biology                          Ph.D., University of Massachusetts, USA
B.S., M.S., American University of Beirut
                                               Ghoul, Wafica
El Helou, Wael
                                               Lecturer, Faculty of BAE
Instructor, Faculty of BAE
                                               Licence, Lebanese University
B. A., Haigazian University
                                               M.B.A., Wayne State University, USA
M.B.A., American University of Beirut
                                               Ph.D., University of East Anglia, USA
Fabri, Marguerite
Lecturer in Political Science                  Hadjetian, Hratch
B.A., Lebanese University                      Lecturer, Faculty of BAE
M.A., Ph.D., Syracuse University, USA          B.A., American University of Beirut
                                               M.A., Ph.D., University of Delhi, India
Fakhry, Rima
                                               Hagopian, Alexan
Instructor in Intercultural Studies
                                               Instructor, Faculty of BAE
B.A., M.A., American University
                                               B.A., M.B.A., Haigazian University
of Beirut
M.S., Georgetown University,                   Hani, Mona
USA                                            Instructor in English
                                               B.S., Beirut University College (LAU)
Farah, Bassam                                  M.A., American University of Beirut
Instructor, Faculty of BAE
B.A., M.B.A., American University              Harb, Hadia
of Beirut D.E.S., Lebanese                     Lecturer in Education
University                                     B.A., Beirut University College (LAU)
                                               M.A., Ph.D., Ohio State University, USA
Farajian, Aline
Instructor, Faculty of BAE
Diplome D’ingenieur, Université Saint Joseph
Hautes Etudes Commerciales (HEC), France
Hudaverdian, Shaghig                     Maamari, Bassem
Instructor in Education                  Instructor, Faculty of BAE
B.A., Haigazian University College       B.S., M.S., Beirut University College (LAU)
M.A., American University of Beirut
                                         Mahfouz, Tala
Itani, Abdul Hafez                       Instructor, Faculty of BAE
Instructor in Mathematics                B.B.A., American University of Beirut
Teaching Licence, Lebanese               B.A., Lebanese University
University                               Certified Public Accountant, USA
M.S., Wichita State University, USA
Ph.D., University of Iowa, USA
                                         Melkonian, Arin
                                         Instructor in Medical Laboratory Sciences
Kaidbey, Naila
                                         B.S., Haigazian University
Lecturer in History
B.A., M.A., Ph.D., American
                                         Moacdieh, Chris
University of Beirut
                                         Lecturer in Education
                                         B.A.,     Anderson     University, IN,        USA
Kanbar, Nancy
                                         Ph.D., Cornell University, NY, USA
Instructor, Faculty of BAE
B.S., M.S., American University of
                                         Nasr, Sami
                                         Lecturer in Medical Laboratory Sciences
Ph.D., George Mason University,
                                         B.S., M.D., American University of Beirut
                                         Nasreddine, Riwa
Kassas, Ilham
                                         Instructor, Faculty of BAE
Instructor in Arabic
                                         B.A.,     University     of  Ottawa,        Canada
Licence D'enseignement, M.A., Lebanese
                                         M.A., American University of Beirut
                                         Peltekian, Katia
Keshishian, Zakar                        Instructor in English
Lecturer in Armenian                     B.A., American University of Beirut
M.A., Komitas State Conservatory,        M.Ed., Dalhousie University, Canada
                                         Puzantian, Vazken
Khair, Kamal                             Instructor in Mathematics
Lecturer in Physics                      B.S., M.A., American University of Beirut
M.S., Ph.D., Moscow State
Geological Prospecting University,       Raymond, Alex
Russia                                   Lecturer in Intercultural Studies
                                         Diplôme Supérieur, Institut National des Langue et
Kheir, Wa’il                             Civilisations Orientales, Paris, France
Instructor in Political Science          Ph.D., Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales,
Licence, Beirut Arab University          Paris, France

Khoury, Nicolas                          Recio, Carmen
Lecturer, Faculty of BAE                 Lecturer in Intercultural Studies
B.A., M.A., Ed.D., Northern Illinois     Licence, M.D., L’Université de Cantabria en Espagne, Spain
University, USA
                                         Salmanian, Jean
Maalouf, May
                                         Lecturer in Arabic
Lecturer in English
                                         B.A., Haigazian University
Licence D’enseignement, Lebanese
University                               M.A., American University of Beirut
Ph.D., Indiana University, USA           Doctorat, Université Saint Joseph
Semaan, Farouk                                Zeidan, Nina
Lecturer in Medical Laboratory Sciences       Lecturer in Medical Laboratory Sciences
B.S., M.D., American University of Beirut     B.S., Lebanese University
                                              M.S., Ph.D., University of Birmingham, UK
Shehadeh, Lamia
Lecturer in Intercultural Studies             Zeitunlian, Michel
B.A., American University of Beirut           Instructor in Chemistry
Ph.D., Harvard University, MA, USA            Licence, Lebanese University

Shehadeh, Rania                               Zreik, Hassan
Instructor in Chemistry                       Instructor in English
B.S., M.S., American University of Beirut     B.A., American University of Beirut
                                              M.A., American University of Beirut
Tannir, Akram
Lecturer, Faculty of BAE                      Zubeir, Wassim
B.S., Lebanese University                     Lecturer in Education
M.S., George Washington University,           B.S., American University of Beirut
USA                                           M.Ed., Ph.D., USM, Mississippi, USA
M.S., Ph.D., Georgia Institute of
Technology, USA

Tannous, Joumana
Instructor, Faculty of BAE
                                              Hospitality Management
B.S., Ph.D., Oxford Brookes University, UK    American Hotel & Motel
 M.S., University of Oxford, UK               Association Faculty
Topalian, Arshalouys
                                              Kazzi, Pascale
Lecturer in Armenian
                                              Instructor, Faculty of BAE
M.A., Yerevan State University, Armenia
                                              B.A., D.E.S.S., Lebanese University
Ph.D., Academy of Sciences of Armenian
                                              M.A., Université de Perpignan, France
SSR, Institute of Oriental Studies, Armenia
                                              Khawam, Gabriel
Toutikian, Anita
                                              Instructor, Faculty of BAE
Instructor in Education
                                              B.S., Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, USA
B.A., M.A., Haigazian University
                                              Hospitality Management Consultant

Urneshlian, Armen                             Moudabber, Joseph
Lecturer in Armenian                          Instructor, Faculty of BAE
M.A., Yerevan State University, Armenia       B.A., Moravian College, USA
                                              General Manager, Century Park Hotel
Warren, David
Lecturer in Education
B.A., San Diego State College, USA
M.Sc., San Diego State University, USA
Ph.D., Claremont Graduate University, USA

Youssef, Reine
Lecturer in Biology
B.S., Lebanese University
Ph.D., Johann-Wolfgang Goethe University,
From time to time Haigazian University recognizes persons of distinction who
have an outstanding record of achievement and service in keeping with the
ideals of the institution. The following individuals have received honorary
degrees and awards from Haigazian University.

                     The Rev. Hovhaness P. Aharonian
                President of the Near East School of Theology
                             Doctorate of Divinity
                                 June 20, 1980

                     The Rev. Giragos H. Chopourian
   Executive Director of the Armenian Missionary Association of America
                             Doctorate of Divinity
                                June 20, 1980

                    Mrs. J. S. Joyce Philibosian Stein
             Chairperson of the Stephen Philibosian Foundation
                       Doctorate of Humane Letters
                                June 20, 1980

               The Honorable Ambassador, Mr. Set Momjian
              United States Representative at the United Nations
                              Doctorate of Laws
                                June 20, 1980

                             Mr. Alec Manoogian
            President of the Armenian General Benevolent Union
                         Doctorate of Humane Letters
                               October 18, 1980

                          Dr. Mihran Agbabian
      Professor and Chairman of the Dept. of Civil Engineering, U.S.C.
                        Doctorate of Humane Letters
                            November 2, 1980

                          Dr. Virginia Harikian
                        Doctorate of Humane Letters
                            November 2, 1980

Haigazian University             2009 - 2010                              247
                          Dr. Rendel Levonian
                President, California State Medical Board
                      Doctorate of Humane Letters
                            November 2, 1980

                         Rev. Movses B. Janbazian
  Executive Director of the Armenian Missionary Association of America
                            Doctorate of Divinity
                                July 3, 1998

                      Wilma Armine Cholakian
                Administrative Dean, Haigazian University
                     Doctorate of Humane Letters
                               July 7, 1999

                             John Khanjian
                     President, Haigazian University
                        Doctorate of Humanities
                        July 2, 2002


                         Mr. Robert Kocharian
               President of the Republic of Armenia, 2000

                         Mr. Rafiq Al-Hariri
                    Prime Minister of Lebanon, 2001

                         Mr. Vartan Oskanyan
               Minister of Foreign Affairs, Armenia, 2005

                        Mrs. Leila Solh-Hamadeh
  Vice-President of the Waleed Bin Talal Humanitarian Foundation, 2009

248                            2009 - 2010             Haigazian University
                       ALUMNI SERVICE AWARD
                              Mr. Salim Diab
                           Miss Alice Kazandjian
                            Miss Sona Nashian
                            Rev. Salim Sahyouni
                            Mr. Jirair Tanielian

                  Mr. & Mrs. Garbis & Lucy Tutunjian

                        Monsignor Antranig Granian

Haigazian University            2009 - 2010            249
        Request for Information - Haigazian University

Name (please print)

Address                                 City                   Country

Tel                                     E-mail

I am interested in:

                                                   Subject Area or Major

Please send me the following:
Brochures:                                    Applications:
   ❑ Undergraduate Program                      ❑ Undergraduate
   ❑ Graduate Program                           ❑ Graduate
   ❑ Lifelong Learning Program                  ❑ Financial
   ❑ Financial Aid and Scholarship Information

                            ❑ Other (please specify): ——————————

mail to :
            Haigazian University
            P.O.Box: 11-1748
            Riad El Solh 1107 2090
            Beirut, Lebanon

250                                  2009 - 2010         Haigazian University
Academic Calendar 6
Academic Information 50, 68
Academic Programs 66
Academic Progress 50, 62
Academic Recognition 52
Academic Resources 45
     Blackboard 46
     Computer Labs 46
     IT 45
     Wireless Access 46
Acceptance 24, 25, 26
     Probationary 24
Accreditation 11, 25, 33, 73
Activity Clubs 37, 38, 39
Administration 241
Admission 19, 20
     Freshman 19
     Sophomore 20
Admissions Information 17
Adult Education 227
     Business Training 228
     Certificate Program 233
     Diploma Program 238
     In-service Teacher Training 232
     Lifestyles and Social Issues 231
     Project Management 228
     Toefl 231, 227
     Workshops 232
Advanced Status 20
Advising 50
Alma Mater 15
Appeals 36
Application Dates 18
Application for Graduation 65
Application Procedures 18, 25
Armenian Identity 12
Arts and Sciences 9, 114
Attendance 34, 39, 41, 51, 62, 65, 228, 232
Auditors 22, 23, 27, 51
Awards 41, 247, 248

Haigazian University           2009 - 2010    251
Bachelor of Arts 2, 10, 56, 146, 222
Bachelor of Business Administration 2, 10
Bachelor of Science 2, 10, 56, 154, 159, 163, 182
Behavior Standards 35
Board of Trustees 13, 44, 66, 240

Certificates 19, 20, 23, 24, 228, 233, 234
Change of Major 24, 55
Classification of Students 51
Commencement 7, 65
Conduct 34, 35, 36
Course Listings 66
Course Abbreviations 67
Course Numbers 68
Cross Registration 21
Cumulative Average 24, 39, 50, 52, 133, 155, 206

Dean's List 52
Delinquent Payment 29
Departmental Action 25
Departmental Honors 56
Dismissal 53
Disqualification 52, 63, 64

English Examinations 19
Enrollment Policy 17
Entrance Examinations 19
Evangelical Orientation 12
Examinations 6, 7, 8, 18, 19, 23, 34, 51, 54, 62

Facilities and Services 41
    Counseling 41
    Fax 42
    Fitness Center 43
    Food Services 42
    Identity Cards 42
    Lost and Found 42
    Mail 42

252                               2009 - 2010       Haigazian University
   Photocopying Services 43
   Social Security 42
   Sports 43
   Student Liability 42
   Telephone 42
   Visitors 42
Faculty 242, 244, 246
   Full Time Faculty 242
   Hospitality Management American Hotel
   and Motel Association Faculty 246 Part
   Time Faculty 244
Faculty of Business Administration
  and Economics 40, 61, 66, 70-111
  Accounting 72
   Advertising and Communication 74
   Business Administration 71
   Courses 86
   Economics 82
   Finance 76
   Hospitality Management 77
         Hospitality Operation Certificate 79
         Hospitality Management Diploma 79
    Legal Studies 79
   Minor in Business Administration 85
Faculty of Humanities 4, 66, 114
   Arabic 114
   Armenian Studies 120
   Art 147
   English 133
   History 141
   Music 146
   Religion and Philosophy 152
Faculty of Sciences 66, 154
   Division of Natural Sciences 154
         Chemistry 159
         Medical Laboratory Sciences 163
   Division of Mathematical Sciences 174
         Computer Science 174
         Mathematics 182
Faculty of Social and Behavioral Sciences 66, 186
   Christian Education 204
   Education 186
         Early Childhood Education 194

Haigazian University         2009 - 2010            253
        Graduate 191
        Minor in Education 186
        Normal Diploma 189
        Special Education 190
        Teaching Diploma 189
        Undergraduate 186
    Political Science 216
    Psychology 205
        Graduate 206
        Undergraduate 205
    Social Work 222
    Sociology 225
Fees 6-8, 22, 27-31
Financial Aid 6-7, 29-31, 54, 251
Financial Information 27
Funds 29-32

General Principles 35
Goals 17
Grading 51, 62, 105, 192
Graduate 24, 28, 31, 34, 62-65, 68, 191-194, 206-208, 251
Graduate application procedures 25
Graduation 22, 34, 55-57, 159, 163
   Graduation with Honors 56

Harassment 35
History 9, 47
Honesty 35-36
Honorary Degrees 247

Internship 72, 79, 89, 91, 92, 94-95, 97-98,
           100, 104, 180, 198

Leave of Absence 53
Lebanese Context 13
Library 43, 47-49
Lifelong Learning 227, 251

254                                 2009 - 2010   Haigazian University
Master of Arts 63, 191
Master of Business Administration 104
    Graduate Courses 108
    General MBA 105
    MBA Concentration in Accounting 106
    MBA Concentration in Finance 106
    MBA Concentration in Management 107
    MBA Concentration in Marketing 107
Minors 85-86, 120, 133, 146, 154, 168, 174, 186, 205, 216
Mission 11, 47
MLS (see Medical Laboratory Sciences)

Orientation 6-8, 58, 61, 68

Part Time Student 22
Personnel 240
Placement Test 19
Policy 17, 24-26, 34-36, 52, 62
President's List 52
Privacy 33
Privileges 33
Probation 22, 29, 35, 52-53, 63-64
     Removal of probation 63-64
Profile 2

Re-admission 18, 24, 26, 55, 62
Records 18
Refund 28-29
Registration 6-8, 21-22, 27-28, 50, 62
Request for Information 251
Requirements 17-18, 21-22, 24, 51, 57-61, 62, 64, 104-105
    Area 60
    Core 61
    General Education 58
    Sophomore 57
Resources 37, 45,
Responsibilities 33
Rights 33

Haigazian University            2009 - 2010                 255
Scholarship 30-31, 39
Special Students 19, 22, 25, 50, 52
Spiritual Life 44-45
     Bible Discussion 44
     Chapel 44
     Retreats 45
Student Life 37, 40-42

Table of Content 3
Thesis 28, 65, 68, 104, 192-193, 203, 207, 215
Time Limitation 62
Transcripts 23, 26, 29, 55
Transfer 20, 26, 52-53, 57
Tuition 27-31

Undergraduate 17, 26-27, 50, 52, 56, 64, 68, 159, 186-187, 194, 205,
                 208, 216, 251
University Service Shield 248
University Catalog 17, 33

Values and Service Orientation 13
Vision 10, 45

Withdraw 6-8, 24, 28-29, 51, 54-55, 63
Withdrawal 24 29, 51, 54-55
    Courses 54
    University 54

256                              2009 - 2010       Haigazian University

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