Tips for conducting conference call meetings by latenightwaitress


									Tips for conducting conference call meetings Plan ahead:
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Let everyone know the purpose of the call. Prepare an agenda and distribute it at least a day before the meeting along with any documents that will be discussed. Include date, time, dial-in number and passcode. Emphasize the importance of calling into the meeting on time.

· During the call:
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Start on time. Be prepared. Introduce yourself and the attendees at the beginning of the meeting. Refer to people by name. Remind participants to identify themselves by name when speaking. Avoid background noise (tapping, shifting papers, coughing, side discussions). Use mute button if available. Turn off call waiting feature temporarily. Stick to the subject. Be concise. Wait to comment on a topic until after the speaker has finished. Ask questions. Keep a sheet in front of you with each person's name. Place tally marks next to the names as people make comments. Invite those who have remained quiet during the meeting to add an idea. Conclude on time.

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