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					                                                                                                            P.O. Box 43015
                                                                                                         Victoria North P.O.
                                                                                                      Victoria, BC V8X 3G2

                       NEWSLETTER                                                                 Info Line (250) 361-1068

                       Board of Directors 2002-03
                       Trish Smith, Chair                            Independent                       250-756-3223
                       Kluane Bickerton, Treasurer                   Vict. Wedding & Events Services   881-1121
                       Susan Warrington, Secretary                   Grayline of Victoria              388-0818
                       Alison Vardy, Director of Membership          Alison Vardy                      656-5985
                       Michelle Stratford, Director of Speakers      Swans Enterprises Ltd.            383-2254
                       Heather Ranson, Director of Venues            Camosun College                   370-4111
                       Pat McGuire, Director of Communications       Victoria Conference Centre        361-1008
                       John Espley, Director of Public Relations     Accent Inns                       360-1511
                       Darien Martay, Webmaster                      Sharp’s A/V                       361-1095
                       Bryan Fleming, Director at Large              Sharp’s A/V                       361-1095
                       Shannon MacGillivray, Director at Large       MacGillivray & Associates         386-1344
                       Art Charlton, Director at Large               ProSPEAK Int’l                    384-8424
                       Farren Ferguson, Director at Large            Tourism Nanaimo                   250-756-0106
                       Chris Gower-Rees, Director at Large           Meeting and Event Marketplace     744-3200

                                 “To create and increase awareness, develop professionalism
                                       and promote excellence in the Meetings Industry
                                             in Victoria and on Vancouver Island.”

                                                       March - April 2003
Spring is almost here - well at least my daffodils are starting to pop up in Nanaimo! Meanwhile reports
from relatives living in Alberta indicate that winter is long from over. Oh, we are so lucky to be living on
the west coast!
The last couple of months we have heard from a number of informative speakers. In January we had a
nice salmon lunch in Hunter’s Restaurant at the Ramada Huntington Manor as we listened to Traci Bouck
speak about her role in attracting conferences to Victoria and how we can participate as TV members. In
February VIMPS members enjoyed meeting at the Executive House Hotel and heard from Jordan
Stratford about Internet Marketing. Jordan’s delivery was very entertaining and I am told that members
found his information current and valuable.
February was also our first month on-line with our own website -! Our association has
been talking about setting up a website for years, but being that we are a volunteer-driven association,
the task was a little overwhelming. We needed help, for as little money as possible, and that help walked
in when VIMPS member Gary Reid of GEMS Registration Services approached the VIMPS Board and
offered his company’s services.
The VIMPS Board registered the domain and designed the site and Gary and his staff set us up. GEMS
will be handling the on-line lunch registrations & membership renewals, so if you use your credit card to
pay for lunch or your VIMPS membership renewal, don’t be surprised to see the GEMS name on your
credit card statement. GEMS will provide this free service for a period of one year, in return for a monthly
ad in the VIMPS newsletter. We will evaluate it after this time and will be seeking feedback from our
members. Thank you to Gary and his staff for a job well done and for bringing us into the new millennium!
If you have any comments about the site, or you’d like to make any changes to your membership listing,
please let me know. The site will be a work in progress over the coming months.
Message From The Chair Cont.
Thinking ahead to March, the VIMPS executive is putting together a ½ day educational session that we
hope you will find enlightening and useful. When we brainstormed topics that we felt would be of interest
to members, we came up with the underlying theme of helping planners and suppliers work more
effectively together. And as our membership is very supplier-driven, we felt that topics such as How to
Obtain More Business from the Meetings Industry, Exclusivity Agreements and Communication With
Clients and Suppliers would be practical and informative. We approached Marguerite McCallion, CMP to
moderate the discussion as she has been a meeting planner for years and we know she won’t be afraid
to press for the hot buttons!
We selected a number of speakers to be part of our panel who we felt were ‘experts’ in their field and who
represented the various segments of the industry. We have representatives from a Destination
Management Company (Shannon MacGillivray), an Event Manager from the VCC (Debra Gallagher,
CMP), a meeting planner (Pamela Lewis), an hotelier (Jill Allen) and a food and beverage supplier (Paul
Jeffery, CMP). I hope you will join us on March 13, as the discussions should prove to be exciting!
In April our AGM takes place at the Vancouver Island Technology Park. If you have thought about
becoming involved with VIMPS at the Board level, now is the time to give it a go. We will have vacancies
for a Chair, Vice Chair, Director of Speakers, Director of Venues and one Director at Large. If you are
interested in becoming involved, please have a look at the position descriptions in this newsletter and let
me know if you wish to be nominated. You can also approach the Board members leaving these positions
to find out more about the work involved. It’s a fun group and I know that the Board members have
benefited by being involved. You too, can make an active contribution!
Trish Smith, CMP


                                   THURSDAY, MARCH 13, 2003
                                              8:15 am – 12:30 pm
                                  Victoria Conference Centre – Saanich Room
                                              720 Douglas Street

                                      TRADE SECRETS
                       VIMPS Members & Guests: $20                  Non-members: $30
                    Includes continental breakfast, nutritional break and panel discussion.

          Thank you to our March event sponsors – The VCC, Fairmont Empress & Sharp’s A/V!

                             Marguerite McCallion, Certified Meeting Planner
                                            Industry Panelists
             Shannon MacGillivray, MacGillivray & Assoc., Destination Management Company
                    Debra Gallagher, CMP, Event Manager, Victoria Conference Centre
                     Pamela Lewis, Meeting Planner, Future Focus Event Management
                                          Jill Allen, Magnolia Hotel
                                    Paul Jeffery, Fairmont Empress Hotel
Discussion topics will include:
§   How to work effectively with clients while managing the event planning process
§   Common problems that arise during the event planning process and how to avoid them
§   Communicating with clients and suppliers
§   How to increase client satisfaction levels for repeat business
§   How to obtain business from the meeting industry
§   How suppliers are chosen
§   The Request For Proposal process
§   Exclusivity agreements
§   Tips from panelists working in the industry & opportunities for lots of questions

8:15am        Continental breakfast provided by Fairmont Empress
9:00am        Panel discussion
10:00am       Nutritional break and networking
10:30am       Panel discussion continues
12:15pm       Door prizes

          RSVP: 361-1068 or by 5:00 pm Monday, March 10th.
                                    THURSDAY, APRIL 10, 2003
                                            11:30 am – 1:30 pm
                      VIMPS Annual General Meeting
                             Lunch and Tour
                                  Vancouver Island Technology Park
                   A North American showplace for environmentally sensitive development
                                 and sustainable green buildings initiatives.

                       VIMPS Members & Guests: $20                  Non-members: $25
     If you have considered becoming involved with the Vancouver Island Meeting Planners and Suppliers
               association, now is the time to jump in. We welcome new faces and new ideas!
                             A list of available positions is found in this newsletter.
                 More detail about this meeting under Coming Events section on the website.

          RSVP: 361-1068 or by 5:00 pm Monday, April 7 th.

Reminder: Please inform us if you are unable to attend an event to which you have previously RSVPd. If
you do not, you will be charged for the event.


•   Canadian Special Events & Meetings (CSEM) EXPO 2003 takes place March 3 & 4 in Vancouver.
    Billed as the most comprehensive and interactive conference and trade show in Canada, this event
    focuses on the business of special events and meetings. Interactive, entertaining educational session,
    expert panel discussions, hands on workshops, lively debates. Cost for attending the trade show is
    $15. or 1.877.212.EXPO.

                          2003/2004 VIMPS EXECUTIVE ELECTIONS

The following incumbent executive members have expressed interested in returning to the Board in the
following positions:

Trish Smith – Past Chair                                    Kluane Bickerton – Treasurer
Bryan Fleming – Chair                                       Pat McGuire – Director of Communications
Susan Warrington – Secretary                                Darien Martay – Webmaster
Alison Vardy – Director of Membership                       Farren Ferguson – Up-island Liaison
Heather Ranson – Director at Large                          Chris Gower-Rees – Director at Large
Shannon MacGillivray – Director at Large

The following positions are vacant:

Vice Chair
Director of Venues
Director of Speakers
Director of Public Relations
2 Directors at Large

On the following page you will find a description of all executive positions. We encourage you to consider
serving on the Board in one of these positions. We always welcome new people to bring a fresh outlook
and new ideas to our organization. Please feel free to contact any executive member if you have any
questions - phone numbers are listed on the first page of the newsletter.

                NOMINATION FORM – 2003/200304 VIMPS EXECUTIVE
I wish to nominate qMyself qOther VIMPS member for a position on the VIMPS Executive.
Name of Nominee: _____________________________________________________________

Phone: ________________________________ E-mail: ________________________________

Company Name: ______________________________________________________________

Position Interested in: __________________________________________________________

Please send nominations to VIMPS Chair Trish Smith at, by fax 250-756-3209 or
by phone at 250-756-3223 by Monday, April 7/03.

                            2003/2004 VIMPS Executive Positions
The immediate Past Chair will have an ex-officio seat on the Board. The starred (*) positions are vacant. Any
VIMPS member may put forward their name for consideration for any Executive position. Individuals who have
expressed interest in the various positions are identified.
Chair: Responsible for providing direction to the other Executive Members, and to the Society as a
whole. More specifically, this person is responsible for preparing the agendas and chairing the Executive
meetings, and running the luncheons and other events. Upon completion of a one-year term, this person
would serve as Past-Chair, an ex-officio position. BRYAN FLEMING, Sharp’s Audio-Visual
Vice-Chair: The Vice-Chair is the Chair (Elect). In the absence of the Chair, this person assumes their
duties. In partnership with the Chair, the Vice-Chair oversees the organization of VIMPS functions, and
provides direction for other Executive Members. *VACANT
Treasurer: Responsible for taking payments at functions, issuing receipts, preparing invoices and paying
bills. This position works very closely with Director of Membership for tracking new members as well as
payments and receipt issuing at the registration table. In ensuring financial accounts are maintained in
good standing, the Treasurer is responsible for preparing all necessary financial statements. In
combination with the Chair, Vice-Chair and Secretary, this position has signing authority.
KLUANE BICKERTON, Victoria Wedding & Event Services
Secretary: Responsible for taking minutes and arranging for all Executive to receive minutes before the
next Executive meeting, providing backup administrative support to the Society, keeping track of RSVPs
via information line and on-line, preparing Member name tags, and ensuring that special meeting notices
are sent out. This person would also be responsible for submitting an annual updated Executive list and
financial status to the BC Societies office. SUSAN WARRINGTON, Grayline of Victoria
Director of Membership: Responsible for new member recruitment programs with the Public Relations
Director, the maintenance of the membership list, and sending out society information to new or potential
members. This position is also responsible for the annual membership drive, and ensuring member
information is accurate before being posted to the web. ALISON VARDY, Harpist
Director of Speakers: Direct liaison with Director of Venues, responsible for recruiting and confirming
luncheon speakers, follow-up letter of agreement, arranging for speaker’s biographies, arranging audio-
visual requirements and sending thank you letter to speaker. * VACANT
Director of Venues: Direct liaison with Director of Speakers, responsible for visiting and securing
luncheon locations, checking parking availability, arranging catering & event details, sending confirmation
letter, informing venue staff of the numbers attending and sending thank you letter to venue. * VACANT
Director of Communications: Responsibilities include writing articles, receiving and editing articles as
necessary and collating the bi-monthly newsletter. PAT McGUIRE, Victoria Conference Centre
Director of Public Relations: Responsible for assisting with new member recruitment programs, and
promoting the VIMPS organization and its activities to the media and business community. *VACANT
Up-island Liaison: Responsible for up-island member recruitment and liaison with VIMPS members from
Nanaimo north, bringing up-island issues to the executive and ensuring they are informed of VIMPS
activities. FARREN FERGUSON, Tourism Nanaimo
Webmaster: Responsible for editing website and keeping it current. DARIEN MARTAY, Sharp’s A/V
Directors at Large: Provide general support to the Executive at the Chair’s direction and must actively
assist in one of the following: Professional Development Seminars, Election Committee and Bursary
Disbursements. Provide assistance to the Director of Speakers or the Director of Venues. Other
responsibilities include Meet & Greet, arranging Door Prizes, overseeing raffle ticket selling and
purchasing speaker’s gift. *2 VACANCIES
HEATHER RANSON, Camosun College
SHANNON MACGILLIVRAY, MacGillivray & Associates
CHRIS GOWER-REES, Meeting and Event Marketplace

Welcome to our new VIMPS members! The following businesses and individuals have joined since
early January.
•   Admiralty Executive Centre - Carrie Zelko-Norman - 250.480.1776 -
•   Dotcom Your Event - Erin Woods - 877.259.7873 -
•   Gail Sitwell - Sprott Shaw Community College - 250.360.0394 -
•   Pat Burns - Sprott Shaw Community College - 250.595.8689
•   Tickles, Yowza & the Clown Kids - Jennifer Burke - 250.478.6028 - -
•   Victoria Marine Adventure Centre - Jason Leslie (Gen. Mgr) - 250.995.2211 - jleslie@marine-

•   Peter Hicks, Professional Speaker, announces the creation of a Vancouver Island Speakers’
    Association with plans to evolve into the Victoria Chapter of Canadian Association of Professional
    Speakers (CAPS). CAPS is affiliated with the American National Speakers Association (NSA). CAPS
    mandate is to help members succeed in their speaking business through learning partnerships,
    market development, and professional recognition… to add value for the clients they serve. CAPS is
    also affiliated with the Int’l Federation for Professional Speakers. For more information or to become a
    member of the VI Speakers’ Association, contact Peter at
•   Chalet Estate Winery is offering a special VIMPS rate for use of their Patio and Barrel room, for
    receptions, special events, weddings, client and staff appreciation functions. Up to 110 pax for formal
    seating. Featured Tasting of Pinot Gris 2001 on March 1 & 2. Contact Linda Plimley at 565.2552.
•   Delta Vancouver Airport is offering VIMPS members a special Travel Agent introductory rate of
    $20.03 to stay overnight and enjoy a site inspection of the property. Contact Ann Moxley at 383.0913
    or to arrange.
•   Victoria Butterfly Gardens is now available for evening receptions in the 12,000 sq ft indoor gardens
    complete with bougainvilleas, water lilies, lotus plants, ponds, rare tropical ducks, streams, orchids,
    and waterfalls. Treat your guests to an experience in the ‘tropics’ without leaving the Island! Contact
    Catherine at 1.877.722.0272.
•   J & L Copy and Copy This Centre have merged to create Copy Plus Centre(s). John Greig
    describes their joint services: “We print mail merge letters and can print blue signatures onto letters in
    small quantities. We handle jobs with as little as 250 names to thousands from your mailing list. Of
    course, we are also a very well-equipped digital (print from your disk) copy and print shop. Contact
    John at 652.8882 or
•   Gerry Esselink of IMAX has made the decision to work full time as Pastor of his church. He will be
    leaving IMAX and will be missed by many of his VIMPS colleagues. Good luck Gerry!


Amy Robertson has developed a local cottage industry that makes high quality glycerin soap for wedding
favours and novelty giveaways. The soap is clear, so it can be customized by stamping a message or
logo on it, or by imbedding a laminated business card or photo. Each piece is unique and designed to
treat. Take a look at Am y’s basket of soaps that she brings to VIMPS events. Check out her new website
and let her know what you think, especially with reference to Jordan Stratford’s talk at the last VIMPS
lunch., 598.SOAP(7627),

DotCom Your Event provides affordable Online Registration, Online Payment and Online Management
Systems to organizations and individuals across Canada and beyond. We have been in the industry for
over 13 years. During this time, we have created a series of sophisticated Web-based services and
solutions that intuitively address your day-to-day event registration and payment requirements.
Our most popular solution, eRegistration Lite, allows individuals and groups to register and to pay for
upcoming conferences and events seamlessly via a customer’s own Web site. Password-protected
access gives you the ability to view, edit, update and run reports on your own event registration data.
Another favourite is our Online Seating Planner. This Module is an easy-to-use tool that registers guests,
manages payments and personalizes the seating arrangements within a room. Password-protected
access permits you to quickly customize the room layout, allocate seats and download the registration
data to individual place cards.
DotCom Your Event also has a series of Web-based products geared specifically to large associations
and corporations. Our Membership Management Module includes member registration, dues payment
and renewal, course registration and tracking as well as sophisticated data queries and reports. For those
Associations issuing an Electronic Call for Papers, we also have an Online Abstract Management tool
that helps Stakeholders accept, decline, sort and select individual Scientific Abstracts via the Web.
Visit to view online product demos and customer remarks. Discover for
yourself why we, at DotCom Your Event, enjoy a 100% Customer Retention Rate and a 100% Customer
Satisfaction Rate. For more information, contact Erin Woods at 514.2886 or toll free at 877.259.7873.


The Victoria Conference Centre – a look back on 2002 and the year ahead

2002 was a record year for the Victoria Conference Centre (VCC) and 2003 is proving to be as
successful. We are currently on track to book 35 city-wide events this year and to meet our 2002 record
of 107,107 delegate days. A delegate day is defined as the amount spent by out of town conference
attendees at hotels, restaurants, attractions and local businesses. For 2002, the average conference
delegate spent $305 per day. To put this in perspective, an average four-day 500-delegate conference
brings approximately $610,000 to Victoria.

As meeting planners know, conferences book on a specific cycle. While the VCC actively works with
clients to promote Victoria during the shoulder season, the busiest conference time is from February to
November, although July/August are slower. During the busy months the VCC hosts multiple bookings
and, with expanded space, could accommodate many more conferences. Notable events for 2003
include: Insurance Brokers of BC (650 delegates in May), Skate Canada (600 delegates in June),
Canadian Risk and Insurance Management Society (1,200 delegates in October) and Aquaculture
Canada (600 delegates in November).

The VCC continues to actively pursue sales and new business in Canadian, US and International
markets. The Canadian Association market continues to bring multi-day conferences to Victoria. This
year, we are proud to host the Canadian Society of Association Executives (CSAE) for their Annual
Conference and Showcase at the VCC October 2-4, 2003. On the US front, the VCC continues to work
on the American association market in Washington, DC and on short haul markets in the Pacific
Northwest. While the threat of war between the US and Iraq can affect delegates’ willingness to travel, all
indications to our VCC sales team and from potential US clients is that Victoria is still considered a
desirable and safe meeting destination.

The VCC is planning a number of industry, business and community gatherings where we can share
information on our business goals and successes to date. We will keep VIMPS members posted on these
events and look forward to seeing you at the Trade Secrets Industry panel discussion at the VCC on
March 13th.

Because VIMPS will hold the April AGM at a local North American showplace for environmentally
sensitive development and sustainable green buildings initiatives, I thought I’d include some information
about Green Meetings, as they are referred to by the Convention Industry Council. Notes are from the
local 2002 CMP study group

A “Green Hotel” conserves water and energy, and uses cleaning solutions that are non-toxic, phosphate
free, biodegradable, dye-free and unscented or naturally scented. The “Green” Hotels Association has a
catalogue of hospitality industry products (PO Box 420212, Houston, TX 77242, ph 713.789.8889).

Many properties now have tent cards in their rooms asking guests to reuse linens, soap, etc and are
getting positive responses. Some rooms are specially constructed for guests who are willing to pay more
to be environmentally friendly, and accommodate those with chemical sensitivities and allergies.

Ways to “green” hotel rooms
• Room lights and radio are kept off until guest checks in. One light turned on for ‘turn down’ service.
• Low flow plumbing.
• Tent cards in room to encourage water and energy conservation when the room isn’t used/occupied.
• Refillable pump dispensers instead of disposable travel size containers.
• Amenities such as soap & shampoo are replenished as needed, instead of daily.
• Light sensors in public areas to automatically turn off lights when the space is unoccupied.
• Double glazed windows to reduce energy consumption.

If you’re a meeting planner, ask the property or CVB for local recycling program information. Ask if
recycling efforts are policy or accommodated only on request. For meals, use reusable dinnerware or
biodegradable paper plates and cups, and recycle surplus food. The latter is sensitive for some hotels
because of (perceived) liability issues.

Some ideas to advance environmental meetings:
• With paper materials, use recycled paper and choose that which have at least 5% post-consumer
• Limit the number of mail outs
• Combine several items on the one page
• Print on both sides; reduce page margins; use white paper - avoid colour
• Provide bins to collect badges and holders at end of meeting
• Avoid flip charts and/or recycle paper daily
• Serve condiments from containers, not individual packages
• Locate recycle bins for convenient use
• Encourage delegate use of shuttle buses to & from airports
• Seek sponsorship for environmental efforts
• Involve attendees and solicit their ideas by conducting an environmental audit
• Publish dollar savings achieved by considering the environment when planning a meeting

                                                                            Pat McGuire, CMP
                                                                      Victoria Conference Centre

Send us your industry successes, interesting ideas from articles you’ve read, what you’ve learned
from courses or training that you’ve taken, good gossip, and your opinions. Send to This newsletter is published bi-monthly.

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