(Employees/Board Members) September 8, 2003

Use of college vehicles and other reimbursed travel shall be for official college use only. Reimbursement rate per
mile for travel by private auto will be determined annually by the college administration but shall not exceed the
mileage rate allowed by federal income tax regulations. Reimbursement for Board of Governors shall be at the rate
specified in Nebraska state statutes. (Neb.R.R.S. 81-1176). Travel arrangements can be made after appropriate
approval has been authorized and will require a minimum expenditure of staff time and college funds.

TRAVEL PROCEDURES - Effective 08/10/04

A. General Requirements

1. Authorized travel reimbursement requests shall be listed for each day giving purpose, destination, and college
account information. When required, an approved leave request must be on file for each employee incurring
expenses before reimbursement will be made. The leave request must be submitted before the event occurs.
Reimbursement is to be requested within 60 days of the expense. Requests older than 90 days will not be processed.

2. Original itemized receipts are required for all expenses being requested, including meals, taxi, shuttle buses,
airfare, airport parking (reimbursement will be the long term surface parking rate), hotel expenses, and all other
travel expenses. In the rare instance that a meal itemized receipt is not available, you are to include with your cash
receipt or credit card receipt, what was purchased and cost of each item, this must total to the amount on the cash or
credit card receipt. Without detail, reimbursement will be denied. When an individual continually submits claims
without original itemized receipt, reimbursement will be denied.

3. To comply with budget allocations, it may be necessary from time to time to establish specific travel expense
limits prior to the approval of an individual‟s leave request.

4. The College does not reimburse on a per diem basis for meals and lodging.

5. Travel expenses occurring near the end of the fiscal year must be submitted to the Purchasing Department for
reimbursement by July 10. Reimbursements using „Grant‟ dollars must be submitted by the last Wednesday in June.

6. It is the responsibility of the traveler to follow college travel policy and procedures. Supervisors are responsible
for reviewing requested travel reimbursements for compliance with college policy and procedures before signing.

7. Some federal and state contracts/grants may have more restrictive travel compliance guidelines. If conflicting
guidelines apply, the more restrictive rules will be used.

8. While on PROFESSIONAL LEAVE, if an employee receives a fee or any compensation for travel or
participation in the conference or meeting, that fee shall be deducted from the claimed travel expense.

9. Agendas, event schedules, etc. are to be attached to the travel form when requesting reimbursement for a
workshop, annual meeting, seminar, meeting, etc.

10. All employees with a college credit card are required to follow all travel reimbursement procedures.

11. Contact Purchasing Department or College Business Officer for any clarification.

B. Helpful hints to economize travel dollars

1. Get approval of your immediate supervisor BEFORE you make any arrangements.

1                                                                    C:\Documents and Settings\afausett\Local
         Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.Outlook\WM09RME9\Travel Guidelines.doc
2. Provide your supervisor with a brochure of the conference/workshop dates and agenda.

3. Make your reservations early (at least 30 days prior to travel); purchase tickets in advance.

4. Check the media for fare announcements, i. e., special flights or future rate increases/decreases. Purchase tickets
before increases take effect.

5. Take advantage of off-hour and off-day flights if the rate is better and your schedule will permit.

6. Do not request travel route based on a specific carrier.

7. Be sure to review your itinerary immediately upon receipt; last minute changes can be expensive.

8. Check for discounts for multiple registrations.

9. Check to see if governmental rates are lower than conference rates.

C. Meal Reimbursement

1. Meal reimbursement shall be for cost of food plus a 15% maximum tip unless a set charge by restaurant.

2. Original, itemized receipts are required for claims submitted for food. If payment is made by personal credit card,
an itemized receipt is required, in addition to the credit card receipt showing the total. Without itemized receipts, the
request will not be processed. In the rare instance that a meal itemized receipt is not available, you are to include
with your cash receipt or credit card receipt, what was purchased and cost of each item, this must total to the amount
on the cash or credit card receipt. Without detail, reimbursement will be denied. When an individual continually
submits claims without original itemized receipt, reimbursement will be denied.

3. Meals for guests are generally prohibited, unless part of college activity.

4. Meals, other than those listed in the chart below, will not be reimbursed.

5. If paying for more than one college employee, all names of those incurring expenses must be listed.

6. The college does not reimburse for snacks, alcoholic beverages or meals for service club meetings.

7. When a meal is incurred as part of College travel, use the table below as a guideline to determine when to claim

Trip                        Breakfast                            Lunch                             Dinner
One-day trip                Not reimbursed.                      Not reimbursed                    Not reimbursed.
                                                                                                   (Unless part of job
                                                                                                   responsibilities as approved by a
                                                                                                   Vice President)
Multi-day trips –first      Yes, if departure from home          Yes if departure is prior to      Yes if departure is prior to 6:00
day                         is prior to 6:30 a.m.                11:00 a.m.                        p.m.
During multi-day trip       Yes                                  Yes                               Yes
Multi-day trip – final      Yes, if return is after 8:00         Yes, if return is after 1:00      Yes, if return is after 7:30 p.m.
day                         a.m.                                 p.m.

8. The college will not reimburse for meal costs if the meal involved is included with the conference registration
fee. The daily maximum rates including tips, for Nebraska, excluding Omaha are: Breakfast $7.00, Lunch $ 11.00,
Dinner $23.00. (All meal variances must be approved by a Vice President or College President.)

2                                                                    C:\Documents and Settings\afausett\Local
         Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.Outlook\WM09RME9\Travel Guidelines.doc
                                                           Per Diem rates for NEBRASKA
                                                              Effective October 1, 2009

                                                      Maximum                 +   M & IE       =     Maximum per         Property
 NOTE: If neither the city nor the county
                                                      lodging (excludes           rate               diem rate (4)        Listing
 is listed, the location is a standard
                                                      taxes)                                               (c)           Update
 CONUS destination with a rate of $70.00
                                                             (a)                     (b)
 for lodging and $46.00 for meals and
 incidental expenses (M&IE).

Key city (1)                   County and/or other                                                                      Properties
                               defined location (2,                                                                     at Per diem

Omaha                          Douglas                         101                    61                   162           Prop. List

      This is the Meals and Incidental Expense Breakdown as revised in FTR Case 2003-3069 of the Federal Travel
                                          Regulation effective October 1, 2009.

                     M&IE                  $46           $51            $56            $61           $66          $71
           Breakfast..............          7             8               9            10            11           12
           Lunch....................        11           12              13            15            16           18
           Dinner...................        23           26              29            31            34           36
           Incidentals............          5             5               5             5             5           5

  9. A copy of the government meal rate must be attached for the city or region other than Nebraska. All other
  maximum rates can be found at For a per-meal
  cost breakdown, click on M & IE Breakdown on the first page of the website located above.

  10. If neither the city nor the county is listed on the per diem listing, the current standard rate is to be used.
  Reimbursement claims for food are reviewed, and travelers may be required to justify claims. Questioned claims
  will not be reimbursed without satisfactory justification.

  11. Consultants and presenters who are under contract to provide services to the College will not be reimbursed for
  meals purchased while conducting College business. Those expenses should be considered negotiated as part of their
  contract. Motel, hotel, and commercial fare expenses for consultants and presenters, are not to be charged to the
  college. However, if incurred and authorized, a travel reimbursement form is to be completed and submitted for
  payment. All college travel and reimbursement procedures apply.

  D. Mileage Reimbursement

  If driving to another city is required, whether it is a regularly scheduled workday or not, reimbursement will be
  made for the lesser of the college accepted mileage total to that city from the regular work location, or from home.

  3                                                                    C:\Documents and Settings\afausett\Local
           Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.Outlook\WM09RME9\Travel Guidelines.doc
Mileage is paid only for college activities. The mileage rate is $.50 cents as of January 1, 2010.

1. The purchase of gasoline will not be reimbursed, only mileage.

2. See the Purchasing portion of the College website for current mileage reimbursement rates

3. The following are the standard college-accepted mileage roundtrip totals:

                    Columbus to:                  Grand Island to:                 Hastings to:

                    Grand Island 144              Columbus 144                     Grand Island 50

                    Hastings 182                  Hastings 50                      Columbus 182

                    Kearney 230                   Kearney 99                       Kearney 116

                    Lexington 304                 Lexington 171                    Lexington 188

                    Holdrege 290                  Holdrege 163                     Holdrege 108

                    Lincoln 166                   Lincoln 196                      Lincoln 211

                    Omaha 178                     Omaha 306                        Omaha 321

                    Kearney to:                   Holdrege to:                     Lexington to:

                    Grand Island 99               Grand Island 163                 Grand Island 171

                    Hastings 116                  Hastings 108                     Hastings 188

                    Columbus 230                  Columbus 290                     Columbus 304

                    Holdrege 67                   Kearney 67                       Holdrege 81

                    Lexington 75                  Lexington 81                     Kearney 75

                    Lincoln 262                   Lincoln 323                      Lincoln 333

                    Omaha 372                     Omaha 433                        Omaha 443

E. Lodging

Federal rates apply unless lodging is procured at a prearranged place such as a hotel where a meeting, conference or
training session is held.

It is preferred that hotel reservations be made by the individuals requiring the room, or someone in their department
on their behalf. Immediately process a requisition showing the date, event, and location where event will be held,
city, state, individual‟s name, number of days required for lodging, full name and address of the hotel, and a check
will be sent in payment for that lodging. Include the cost of all taxes associated with the lodging so taxes can also be
paid. In-state hotels should not charge tax. A tax exempt certificate can be obtained from the college web site,
4                                                                    C:\Documents and Settings\afausett\Local
         Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.Outlook\WM09RME9\Travel Guidelines.doc
purchasing web page or by calling the department. The tax exempt certificate is to be used only in conjunction with
official college business.

1. Purchasing may issue an emergency purchase order number that can be given to the hotel to hold the room.
Inform the hotel that the college will be issuing a check to them for the charges within a few days.

2. If that method is not acceptable, or enough advance time was not allowed for a college check to be mailed, or
someone else is accompanying the college employee (spouse, relative, etc.), the employee must use a personal credit
card to pay for lodging expenses.

3. If college business related phone calls are charged to the hotel bill, the name of the person called must be listed
by each phone call in order to be reimbursed.

4. If more than one individual from Central Community College is attending the same out-of-town event, it is
highly recommended that at least two people of the same gender share lodging accommodations. Any expenses for
non-employees (i.e. family or friends) will not be reimbursed. For lodging reimbursement, an original itemized guest
receipt must be attached to the reimbursement form, as credit card receipts alone are not acceptable. If another
employee occupied the room, the name must be listed. A leave request is required for every college employee with
overnight expenses. If the college has prepaid the lodging, an original itemized lodging receipt is still required to be
attached to the travel reimbursement.

5. When Central Community College employees attend a conference or activities with students requiring overnight
accommodations, employees and students will not share hotel rooms unless approved by the campus president.
(College Cabinet/8-7-08)

F. Conference Registrations

Make conference registrations by processing a requisition with attached original completed registration form and
conference agenda. A purchase order and check will then be issued for payment of the registration fees.

1. If necessary, an emergency purchase order number can be faxed to the conference headquarters on a registration
form to hold a space until a college check can be issued.

2. A personal credit card can also be used. After the conference, reimbursement will be made upon submission of a
travel reimbursement form with the original itemized receipt and the original credit card statement attached showing
such charge. If paid by personal check, a receipt for such payment or a copy of the cancelled check (front and back)
showing such payment must be submitted for reimbursement. When submitting a travel reimbursement form after
the conference, attached must be a copy of the completed registration form, an agenda or other documentation
showing what expenses the conference registration fee included.

3. If conference or seminar materials are available for sale at the conference, college procedures require order forms
to be submitted to the budget officer for approval after returning to the college. Materials are then purchased
following regular purchasing procedures.

G. Airline Reservations

Coach only- Local travel agencies should be used. The person traveling, or someone in that department, should
make the reservation. An emergency purchase order can be requested from the Purchasing Department in order to
make airline reservations to attend a conference or seminar. Travel agencies in the college area will accept a college
purchase order. When the tickets and invoice are received, forward the invoice to Purchasing. Be sure that you will
be able to attend the conference, as most airlines will not allow a substitute to use the ticket. If a cancellation is
made, there is a penalty charge and in most cases, no refund will be made. Remember that you will not be
reimbursed for this expense until you return from the trip. If you book your own airfare with your personal
credit card and you cancel the trip, you will not be reimbursed.

1. Choosing to drive rather than fly: If the choice is made to drive a personal vehicle rather than fly commercially,

5                                                                    C:\Documents and Settings\afausett\Local
         Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.Outlook\WM09RME9\Travel Guidelines.doc
reimbursement will be made for the lesser transportation cost of the current airfare rates plus mileage to and from
airport, airport parking, shuttle, taxi or the actual mileage at the college rate. If you choose to drive rather than fly,
you will not be reimbursed for food or lodging expenses that would have been avoided by using commercial air.
When one or more persons are authorized to use a private vehicle, reimbursement shall not exceed more than one air

2. Consideration should also be given to the cost of using a college vehicle rather than flying commercially. If the
mileage cost of the vehicle is greater than commercial air, then commercial air is to be utilized. In determining cost,
mileage to and from airport, parking, (reimbursement will be the long term surface parking rate, not covered parking
rate), shuttle, or taxi to and from the airport should be considered. Here are the websites for the parking rates for
Omaha (Eppley) and Lincoln

3. State statue allows for only single payment. The individual is due only single mileage or equivalent airfare cost,
whichever is less.

H. Car Rental

Permission for a rental car must be obtained in advance from the College Business Officer. Requests are to be routed
for required signatures and then to the College Business Officer. The requesting employee will need to demonstrate
that other means of transportation are not available, or are more costly than a rental car. Employees only are
authorized as drivers, and the rental car should be used for official college use only. Additional insurance is not
required and will not be reimbursed. The form for rental car permission can be found on the college web,
“Purchasing Department”, then “Travel Guidelines”. Click on “Car Rental” and then on “CLICK HERE” to
download the form.

I. International Travel

Approval from the College President must be obtained for any travel outside the 48 contiguous states. It is strongly
recommended that the traveler‟s personal credit card be used to charge most purchases as the current monetary
exchange rate will then be figured automatically on the credit card statement. Foreign travel guidelines published by
the U.S. State Department will be used as reference for maximum allowable hotel, meal, and incidental amounts
(U.S. State Department “Maximum Travel Per Diem Allowances for Foreign Areas”). Hotel, meals, and incidentals
must be substantiated by original receipts. Actual expenses will be reimbursed up to the maximum allowed by the U.
S. State Department guidelines. Tips for meals should be included in the meal category on the College Travel
Reimbursement form and are included in the maximum amounts. Travelers may look up the current allowances for
specific destinations at the following Internet site:

Passport issuance fees will not be reimbursed by the College for staff members or students. Passports are valid for a
period of ten years and may be used for personal use during the time period.
Entrance visas and departure/exit fees are required by some countries and are issued for a specific time period. Visa
fees and departure/exit fees are reimbursable by the College. These fees should be included in the fees for the trip.
Staff members will be reimbursed a reasonable amount for photographs required for visa applications. Staff
members must submit original receipts with the College Travel Reimbursement form.
Foreign exchange rates must be documented by exchange receipts.

J. Advance Travel Checks

1. Advance travel checks can be requested by using the Travel Advance Request and Agreement form available on
the Central Community College website. The minimum request is $100. The request, with an attached list of
estimated cost, is to be forwarded to the Administrative Office College Accounting Manager in Grand Island by
Wednesday, for processing with the scheduled check run on Thursday, of each week.

6                                                                    C:\Documents and Settings\afausett\Local
         Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.Outlook\WM09RME9\Travel Guidelines.doc
2. Upon approval from the College Accounting Manager, a voucher will be created and a check will be processed.
When the voucher is created, this will establish a receivable account for the individual with the amount of the check
processed showing as a debit to the account.

3. When the person returns, the remaining cash can be credited to the receivable account. The individual will process
a travel reimbursement request. When the travel check is received, reimbursement to the college can be made on
campus through the Student Accounts Office or through the Administrative Office College Accounting Manager in
Grand Island.

4. Repayment of the travel advance must then be made for the entire amount of the advance directly to the college. It
is not offset or subtracted from the travel reimbursement. If repayment is not made within 60 days, the college will
deduct the amount from the person‟s paycheck.

5. Special Travel Provisions: It is recognized that due to particular or unusual circumstances, situations may present
themselves in regard to travel authorizations, accountability and reimbursement which are not specifically addressed
herein. The travelers' supervisor, Purchasing Department and the College Business Officer will address these as the
situation dictates.

K. Non-Authorized Travel and Non-Travel Expenditures for reimbursement
The following list of non-authorized expenses is provided as a guide and is not all-inclusive:

1. Alcoholic beverages and virgin or non-alcoholic specialty beverages.

2. Pharmaceutical products, including aspirin and other pain relievers.

3. Flowers, holiday communications and decorations, or personal objects (such as Kleenex tissues, greeting cards,
electric fans and decorative objects for personal offices).

4. Items for entertainment such as food and beverages, paper cups or plates, napkins, and greeting cards for the
personal benefit of faculty and staff (such as employee welcomes and farewells, birthdays, departmental parties,

5. Gifts, donations or contributions to individuals or organizations (other than those approved under the awards and
door prize procedures).

6. Meals or snacks (coffee, juice, rolls, bagels, etc.) for CCC employee meetings. Exceptions for college/campus
wide meetings with an agenda that includes a working lunch must be pre-approved by a vice president or the college
president. (Lunches for college committees/groups will not be provided by CCC.)

7. TV movies, videos, personal telephone calls, snacks, and desserts not served in conjunction with a meal, travel
insurance, dry cleaning or laundry service; cost of meals, travel or lodging for spouses or other personal guests.

L. Tipping

Tips for food service will be reimbursed at 15% (maximum) of the food bill unless a set charge by the restaurant.
The college will reimburse tips at the standard GSA rate of $3.00 total per day for maid service, bellhops, porters,
valet parking, and any other service other than food service. Taxi tips are not to exceed 15%.

M. Reimbursement of travel expenses to be paid to interviewees. (11/2/00)

The campus or department arranging or conducting interviews is responsible for informing interviewees concerning
how to file a claim and expenses that will be reimbursed. No charges are to be made directly to the college or a
college credit card. The person interviewed is responsible for all costs. Reimbursement will be made upon

7                                                                    C:\Documents and Settings\afausett\Local
         Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.Outlook\WM09RME9\Travel Guidelines.doc
completion of travel request, with attached receipts. Itemized receipts will be required for lodging, air fare,
rental cars and meals.
1. Expenses paid for all full-time interviews. Included are classified, contract and faculty positions.

2. Reimbursement of mileage only for travel in excess of 100 miles one way.

3. Mileage reimbursed at current college rate, miles to be the most direct route as per mileage calculation software.

4. If air travel is necessary, will pay lesser of mileage or air fare.

5. Air-fare will be reimbursed for coach class only.

6. Board and room, if claimed, will be paid for distances traveled in excess of 300 miles one way. Room will be
reimbursed up to $75.00 of actual cost per night not to exceed two nights. Board at $30.00 per day.

7. Use of rental cars is permissive, not mandatory. Rental cars, when authorized by the Campus President/Vice
President will be reimbursed at the cost of a compact vehicle, insurance and taxes, plus fuel used. Any excess miles
driven or additional cost will be the responsibility of the renter.

8. Telephone and other expenses will not be reimbursed.

9. Cost of travel will be the responsibility of the respective campus or cluster.

10. Expenses for spouse or traveling companion(s) will not be reimbursed.

11. Cost of alcohol will not be reimbursed.

12. Provide a travel reimbursement form to the person interviewed along with a self-addressed envelope.

13. The college retains the right to determine, what, if any, expenses will be reimbursed under this procedure.

This information can also be found on the college web site – “Offices”, then “Purchasing Department”.
Questions should be directed to the immediate supervisor, Vice President, College Business Officer, or Purchasing

8                                                                    C:\Documents and Settings\afausett\Local
         Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.Outlook\WM09RME9\Travel Guidelines.doc

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