Otago Conservation Volunteers Newsletter April to May 2010 by mifei


									Conservation Volunteers
       31 March 2010
                       April/May 2010
      Haere mai        Welcome to another full issue! There’s no shortage of activities to get involved in
                       over the next two months, thanks to a concerted effort by many groups to celebrate
        Welcome        the International Year of Biodiversity, and now being the time for planting.

                       E noho ora mai

                       Liz Sherwood

                       Community Relations Ranger – Coastal Otago Area
                       lsherwood@doc.govt.nz Ph 03 474 7094

                       News and Notices
        Penguin        Now is the time of year that penguins stay onshore to moult. Moulting takes about 4
 Moulting Season       weeks and during this time penguins are unable to swim and feed. Penguins may
                       appear sick or lethargic; this is normal. During this time they are very susceptible to
                       attack by dogs and disturbance by humans, as they sometimes choose busy beaches
                       and tracks to haul up. Please contact DOC if you find a penguin at risk of dog
                       attack or in a very public location. Ph 477 0677 during work hours or 0800
                       DOC HOT (362 468). If a dog is harassing wildlife call DCC Dog Control ph 477

     NZ Sea Lion       Satellite tags will be placed on a number of female sea lions again during April. This
                       is the third and final year of a study by PhD student, Amelie Auge, which is revealing
Tracking Project
                       some very interesting information about the foraging habits of Otago female sea
                       lions. If you see sea lions with satellite tags please let Amelie or Jim Fyfe, our
                       coastal ranger, know. Key information they want to know is where and when you
                       saw the sea lion, and what it was doing at the time. If there are other obvious
                       identification marks, like flipper tags, please note this too.
                       Report sightings to Amelie Auge augam928@student.otago.ac.nz or Jim Fyfe Ph 477
                       0677 or jfyfe@doc.govt.nz

     Employment        A part-time, fixed-term position as Marine Interpreter and Aquarist has just become
                       available at the NZ Marine Studies Centre and Aquarium at Portobello. This position
                       involves assisting with the delivery of educational programmes for schools and adult
                       groups and daily operations in the Aquarium including animal husbandry, customer
                       service and sales. Applicants should have excellent customer service and
                       communication skills plus a knowledge of, and enthusiasm for, the local marine

                 environment. Previous guiding/teaching experience would be an advantage. This
                 position will be an average of one or two days per week but will vary with the time
                 of year and may involve working for several days together on multi-day programmes
                 and for training purposes. Applicants must be prepared to work on a flexible
                 schedule and be available to work weekdays and some weekends. Applications
                 quoting reference number G10/456 close on Thursday 8 April 2010. Application
                 forms and a full job description are available at www.otago.ac.nz/jobs
                 Alternatively, contact the Human Resources Division, Tel 03 479 8269, Email

  Adopt A Spot   Keep Dunedin Beautiful is reinstating this popular old programme and encouraging
                 groups and individuals to adopt a spot to keep clean and beautiful. The amount of
                 time you dedicate to it is up to you. Brochures and more information are available
                 from KDB at dethomso@dcc.govt.nz

Seaweek Poster   The Challenge: Create an A3 landscape poster depicting an estuary scene, above
                 and below the water, showing the types of native plants, fish, birds and other
                 animals that can be found living within an estuary ecosystem (poster theme-
                 “wildlife of an estuary”).
                 Who can enter: All school-aged children. The poster can be done as a whole
                 school/class project or an individual student project. Competition closes 12th April.
                 Some text about the plants and animals and some information about why estuaries
                 are so important for their natural values should be included on the poster. We’re
                 also looking for some information explaining why estuaries are important to our
                 commercial fisheries industry and how we can maintain “fish for the future” by
                 protecting our estuaries. Winner announced: 30th April. Prizes: The winning
                 poster will be made into a large sign board for Island Park Reserve located on the
                 Kaikorai Estuary for everyone to learn from. Participation prizes include books,
                 library vouchers and other cool gear. Schools will also be eligible to win a selection
                 of native plants.
                 For more information contact Renee Gordon 477 0677 rgordon@dcc.govt.nz
                 Info and registration forms will become available at www.seaweek.org.nz and

Tomahawk and     Tomahawk Smaills Beachcare Trust has a plant nursery that produces over 3000
                 native seedlings each year for a restoration project in the Tomahawk and Smaills
                 coastal reserve. There is an opportunity for local schools to be directly involved
                 with this restoration project. The trust would welcome students to visit over the
       Project   course of a year and learn about and take action for their coastal environment
                 through collecting and planting seed, potting on seedlings, planting out and caring
                 for the seedlings until they are established. For further information, please contact
                 Katherine Dixon: email: katherine.m.dixon@gmail.com or Ph 03 482 1800

  NZ Ecological   The next conference of the NZ Ecological Society will be held in Dunedin from 21-
                  25 November 2010. NZES are holding a competition to design a logo for the
                  conference, around the theme ‘Biodiversity: 2010 and beyond’. Entries are due by
Conference Logo
                  16 April 2010. The logo is intended to be used for the conference’s website,
    Competition   stationery and promotional material including t-shirts. The overall winner will win
                  $250 cash and a free NZES Conference 2010 t-shirt.
                  DESIGN BRIEF
                  Design the official logo for the New Zealand Ecological Society Conference 2010.
                  The theme is “Biodiversity: 2010 and beyond”. The logo needs to represent this
                  theme in a simple but effective way.
                  Your entry must contain these 2 elements:
                          1) These words only: "Biodiversity: 2010 and beyond”.
                          2) A pictorial logo which represents the theme.
                  Your entry should include both a black and white and a colour version.
                  For more information contact Logan Elliott at nzesconference2010@gmail.com
       NZ Plant   The 2010 conference "Plants in a Human Landscape - Conservation Outside Nature
                  Reserves" will be held in Christchurch from Friday 8th to Sunday 10th October.
                  The conference flyer can be found on the network website at:
    Conference    NZPCN are seeking offers of papers for the nine symposia. If you, or a colleague,
                  has a story to tell that fits within one of the synmposia, please email the details of
                  the proposed title and name of the relevant symposium to info@nzpcn.org.nz asap
                  or contact Eric Scott NZPCN Administrator P.O. Box 16-102,Wellington.

  Green Ribbon    Environment Minister Nick Smith is calling for nominations for the 2010 Green
                  Ribbon Awards which honour New Zealand's environmental champions.
                  Nominations close April 16. "The Green Ribbon Awards acknowledge the
                  outstanding contributions that many New Zealanders make in caring for our
                  environment," Dr Smith said. "Nominations are open to all individuals, businesses,
                  community organisations, media and public sector initiatives which demonstrate
                  visible results from their commitment to the environment. This year marks the 20th
                  year of these awards and they have been refreshed with a stronger focus on
                  practical environmental initiatives that will make a positive difference to the New
                  Zealand environment. There are six categories covering different environmental
                  challenges from land to sea and six categories for different contributions from
                  individuals to large organisations."
                  The 12 categories this year are: Protecting our biodiversity; Reducing our carbon
                  emissions; Caring for our water; Managing our waste; Improving our air quality;
                  Protecting our coasts and oceans; Community action for the environment: Young
                  people; Community action for the environment: Volunteers and not-for-profit
                  organisations; Environment in the media; Small businesses making a difference;
                  Environmentally responsible large organisations; Public sector stepping up.
                  Nominations close on 16 April with winners announced on 3 June. For more
                  information visit www.mfe.govtnz/withyou or email green.ribbon@mfe.govt.nz

     Are you a    Forest & Bird Dunedin Branch are looking for more volunteers with current
      certified   chainsaw operator (FIT / NZQA) certification. If you are certified, and able to help
                  out occasionally or regularly, Matt would love to hear from you!
                  Contact Matt Thomson at matthewjamesthomson@gmail.com or Ph 021 392 983

Wetland plants    The Glenore Manuka Trust has begun to clear broom, gorse and blackberry
                  from a piece of public riparian land adjacent to the West Branch of the
                  Tokomairiro River at Glenore, with the intention of establishing a small native
                  wetland. If anyone has native plants to spare, suitable for a wetland and
                  sourced from the local district (Lawrence Ecological District), the trust would
                  be most grateful to hear from you. Please contact Alan Williams 03 417 8170
                  or lochleven@xtra.co.nz

                  With assistance from NZ's own Rocket Lab, Space Station Kiwi has entered orbit!
                  Captain Cornflakes broadcasts his radio show (proudly sponsored by DCC and
                  DOC) to the children of Dunedin every Wednesday night when SSK is overhead.
                  Make sure you tune in to Toroa Radio 1575 AM every Wednesday from 5-6pm.
                  Captain Cornflakes meets wonderful people working with fascinating creatures
                  across Otago and beyond. Tune in for interviews, stories, music and competitions.
                  Shows are podcast and downloadable from www.toroaradio.co.nz

                  Celebrate Biodiversity throughout 2010–the International Year of Biodiversity.
                  Dunedin City Council has produced a local event calendar booklet called
                  Let’s Grow Native to help you do just that! You can pick up a copy from DCC’s
                  Service Centre or DOC office or ask for one to be posted to you. Alternatively, you
                  can view it online at http://www.dunedin.govt.nz/services/biodiversity. The
                  programme will be updated with additional events throughout the year. For more
                  information see http://www.countdown2010.net/year-biodiversity or contact Fliss
                  Butcher fbutcher@dcc.govt.nz or Debbie Hogan dhogan@dcc.govt.nz Ph 477 4000.

   NZ Sea lion    ‘NZ Sea lion - Welcome back a native treasure’ is an education programme focusing
                  on the biology, behaviour and conservation of these charismatic, and at times
                  boisterous, marine mammals that have chosen to return to the mainland. How do
                  we study them? How should we behave around them? How do we welcome them
                  back? These are just some of the topics explored in this exciting new programme.
                  Free teachers’ booklet available. Contact Victoria Rosin at NZ Marine Studies
                  Centre, 03 479 5844 victoria.rosin@otagomarine.ac.nz

                   Calendar of Events
Wednesday 31st     Pilots Beach Public Meeting (Otago Peninsula Trust, Korako Karetai Trust, DCC)
                   7.30 pm
                   A joint venture involving the Otago Peninsula Trust and the Korako Karetai Trust is being
                   proposed involving guided tours at Pilots Beach in the evenings, and they are currently at the
                   stage of preparing an application for resource consent. OPT and KKT are consulting with DOC
                   to ensure that the design of their proposal is sympathetic with the needs of the penguins and
                   other native wildlife. The experience gained through the work of the volunteer programme is
                   very helpful in informing these recommendations. The meeting is for OPT/KKT to provide
                   information to the community about what is being proposed, and is at Portobello Coronation

 April – October   Biodiversity Bedding Plant Display (DCC)
                   Winter bedding plant displays celebrating the International Year of Biodiversity will flourish
                   within ANZAC and Market Reserves. The displays will be biodiversity themed, with some of
                   NZ’s most famous plants and animals. Bring your family along and see if you can recognise the
                   plants and animals growing.

  Thursday 8th     Long Point/Irahuka First Planting Day (Yellow-eyed Penguin Trust)
                   All day - leaving 8 am, returning by 6 pm. Transport available.
                   Bring warm clothing and wet weather gear, sturdy footwear, lunch and drinks, gardening
                   gloves, and spades would be helpful.
                   All enquiries to the Trust Office Ph 479 0011 or email yeptrust@gmail.com

Weekend 9th-11th   Wilding Pines - Ohau/Huxley Gorge (Forest & Bird)
                   There is accommodation available at the Lake Ohau Ski Lodge, and at a volunteer's crib in the
                   village (both free of charge). There will be work for all abilities, and chainsaw work will be
                   undertaken also at the Huxley Gorge site. The work parties will probably be split between two
                   sites for the majority of the work. The second work site will be around Lake Ohau village itself,
                   and will be hand-tools/pulling work - suited to all abilities. As usual, all work gear and safety
                   equip is provided by F&B. i.e. tools, safety vests, gloves, first aid etc.
                   Breakfast will be provided Sat and Sun, and dinner provided Sat night (Vege friendly avail).
                   Lunch for Sat and Sun will need to be brought by volunteers. Alternatively, you can provide
                   your own meals if you have special dietary needs.
                   Contact Matt Thompson email matthewjamesthomson@gmail.com Ph 021 392 983.

   Saturday 10th   Jewelled Gecko Workshop
          April    NZ Marine Studies Centre, Hatchery Rd Portobello.
                   This free half-day seminar provides a public forum for sharing knowledge about current
                   research and protection of jewelled geckos by local researchers, landowners, residents,
                   community groups and DOC. Morning tea provided. Enquiries and RSVP by Thursday 8 April,
                   Liz Sherwood Ph 477 0677 or lsherwood@doc.govt.nz

  Saturday 17th    Hawksbury Lagoon Planting Day
                   The Hawksbury Lagoon group have a couple of thousand plants to enhance the beautiful
                   wetland habitat – and they need your help to plant them! Everyone welcome!
                   Meet at Inverary St parking area, Waikouaiti. Bring gloves, spades and own tea/coffee is wished.

                 BBQ lunch and cold drinks will be provided.
                 Contact Shirley McKewen email t.mckewen@clear.net.nz

Weekend 17th&    QEII Covenant Open Weekend
                 The QE II National Trust helps landowners protect special features of their land through open
    18th April
                 space covenants. This is your opportunity to see inside some of these special places normally
                 closed to the public.
                 There are nine covenants open at set times for free guided tours over the weekend from Saddle
                 Hill and Otago Peninsula to Waitati. Please contact Grace Ockwell gockwell@dcc.govt.nz or ph
                 474 3492 for a list of locations and tour times.

 Saturday 24th   Waikouaiti Beach Planting Day (DCC)
                 10 am – 1 pm
                 Bring your spade and gloves along to the Beach St car park and help plant out the dunes. Good
                 fun for all the family on the day, and for years to come as you see your plantings take hold and
                 Contact person Renee Gordon Ph 477 4000 email renee.gordon@dcc.govt.nz

Saturday 24th    Quarantine Island/ Kamau Taurua Working bee (St Martin Island Community)
                 9.30 am – 4 pm
                 Volunteers can help with weeding around native trees, track clearing, potting up native
                 seedlings, planting, beach clean ups, collecting firewood, maintaining historic buildings and
                 other jobs, according to their interests and skills. There will be time to explore the Island, or
                 just to rest and recharge, in the afternoon. Boat transport leaves from the Portobello Aquarium
                 jetty, at 9.30am on the Saturday morning, and returns at 4pm. Please park at the upper fork in
                 the road, not in the Aquarium carpark. Call into the Aquarium’s Visitors’ desk on your way
                 through, to let them know you are going to the Island. Wear old clothes and bring something to
                 share at the potluck lunch. All the work on the Island is done by volunteers and the Community
                 appreciates a donation to projects on the Island. Projects include reforestation, and restoration
                 of the Married Quarters, the last remaining two-storied building from quarantine times in NZ.
                 See www.theisland.org.nz for more details. Trip may be cancelled if the weather is bad for
                 boating, check by text or phone on the day.
                 Contact Graeme Furness Ph 478 0874 or 027 476 1008

Saturday 24th    Pā Harakeke Opening
                 11 am
                 For all those who have been, or who want to be involved with this project, Orokonui
                 Ecosanctuary/Te Korowai O Mihiwaka and Kāti Huirapa Rūnaka ki Puketeraki invite you to
                 celebrate the opening of the Pā Harakeke. Nāu mai – Haere mai
                 Light lunch will be served at the Visitors Centre. Dress for the weather (exposed site). Top of
                 the hill – 600 Blueskin Rd. For catering purposes please notify Anna Day at Runaka office ph
                 465 7300 or office@puketeraki.co.nz

Weekend 24th-    Mackenzie Action Weekend (Forest & Bird)
                 Forest and Bird will be holding a weekend of action and learning for those who are
    25th April
                 interested in protecting the Mackenzie Basin from intensive dairying and development. The
                 weekend will include an afternoon at the Tekapo Scientific Reserve (where we will remove
                 wilding trees and hear about the work that is being carried out there), and a campaign
                 workshop. On Saturday evening speakers will introduce us to the values of and threats to the
                 Mackenzie Basin. There will be accommodation available at the High Country Lodge &

                      Backpackers, 23 MacKenzie Drive Twizel for up to 45 people. Meet at Twizel mid day Saturday
                      24th. Bring your own bedding, breakfasts, lunch, snacks and drinks. Saturday night dinner
                      provided. Please also bring as large a piece of old/new green material as possible and
                      something red to wear, and a pair of loppers if you have them. Cost will be $65 for
                      accommodation and dinner. Please register by email/fax with your name and address, phone
                      number, visa card type, and expiry date and if you would travel on a bus from Dunedin or
                      Christchurch, if provided, to: Nicole Seminiuk n.seminiuk@forestandbird.org.nz, fax 04 385
                      7373 or send a cheque to Forest and Bird Box 631 Wellington. For further information on the
                      Forest and Bird campaign see www.forestandbird.org.nz/home. There will be a Dawn Parade in
                      Twizel on the Sunday morning for anyone wishing to attend.

   Monday 26th        Sandfly Bay Yellow-eyed Penguin Volunteers end-of-season event (DOC)
                      5.30 pm
                      Invitations will be sent directly to volunteers.
                      RSVP to Karen Ph 477 0677 kconnor@doc.govt.nz

Wednesday 28th        Pilots Beach Blue Penguin Volunteers end-of-season event (DOC)
                      6 pm
                      Invitations will be sent directly to volunteers.
                      RSVP to Karen Ph 477 0677 kconnor@doc.govt.nz

   Saturday 1st       Gordon Johnston Arboretum Planting Day (Aramoana Conservation Group)
                      10 am – noon
                      Planting and weeding in arboretum. Bring spade and gloves. BYO lunch.
                      Meet at Aramoana Community Hall on DCC reserve.
                      Contact person Bradley Curnow Ph 477 2244

   Saturday 8th       Aramoana Community Planting Day (DCC)
                      10 am – 1 pm
                      Bring your spade and gloves and help create a new native windbreak to protect the Aramoana
                      community. Meet at Aramoana Community Hall (on DCC Reserve).
                      Contact person Renee Gordon Ph 477 4000 email renee.gordon@dcc.govt.nz

   Mother’s Day       Tomahawk Smaills Beachcare Nursery Open Day (Tomahawk Smaills Beachcare
           th         Trust)
Sunday 9        May
                      10 am - 1.30 pm
                      Join us at the nursery to see the work we are doing to grow plants for local dune planting and
                      to give a hand at some propagating. Stay for soup and rolls. We will also provide hot drinks and
                      juice.Park at the bottom carpark at Smaills Beach (opposite the Tautuku Fishing Club) and walk
                      up Karetai Road. The nursery is just past the fishing club on the right hand side of the road.
                      Postponement day will be the following Sunday.
                      For more information contact Gaileen Ph 021 055 0396 or email beachcare@ihug.co.nz
   Mother’s Day       Trees for Babies (Keep Dunedin Beautiful)
           th         11 am
Sunday 9        May
                      Celebrating families: A native tree planting celebration takes place at Bracken's View. Trees can
                      be planted for any member of a family or for whole families. They must be pre-ordered by May
                      5th. The cost is $20 which includes the celebration and a certificate. Contact Keep Dunedin
                      Beautiful dethomso@dcc.govt.nz

Wednesday 12th      Plant Biodiversity and Identification Workshop (Botanical Soc of Otago)
                    7.30 pm – 9 pm
                    A workshop on local flora held in conjunction with the Otago Peninsula Biodiversity Group.
                    Three speakers, plus plant material to identify.
                    Macandrew Bay Hall.
                    Contact person David Lyttle Ph 454 5470 or djlyttle@ihug.co.nz

 Saturday 15th      Plant Biodiversity and Identification Fieldtrip (Botanical Soc of Otago)
                    This fieldtrip follows the identification workshop (see above). Details of the fieldtrip will be
                    provided at the workshop. The plan is to visit a bush covenant on Otago Peninsula.
                    Contact person David Lyttle Ph 454 5470 or djlyttle@ihug.co.nz

 Saturday 15th      Te Rauone Community Planting Day (DCC)
                    10 am – 1 pm
                    Bring your spade and gloves and help plant out the reserve with native plants. Meet at reserve
                    carpark, Harington Point, Otago Peninsula.
                    Contact person Renee Gordon Ph 477 4000 email renee.gordon@dcc.govt.nz

    International   Long Beach Community Planting Day (DCC)
 Biodiversity Day   10 am – 1 pm
                    Bring your spade and gloves and help the Long Beach community plant out the dunes in pikao
Saturday 22ndMay
                    and other native dune plants. Meet at Long Beach central car park.
                    Contact person Renee Gordon Ph 477 4000 email renee.gordon@dcc.govt.nz

  Saturday 29th     Workshop - Hello Possums! (Otago Peninsula Biodiversity Group)
                    Learn how to catch possums safely and efficiently. Learn where to place traps and how to set
                    them. This half-day workshop is run by Otago Peninsula Biodiversity Group and is part of its
                    “Toward a pest free Peninsula” project. Those keen enough can also learn how to skin a
                    At the woolshed, Highcliff Rd, Harbour Cone, Otago Peninsula
                    Contact person Rhys Millar rhysmillar@inspire.net.nz
                    Date to be confirmed – check www.pestfreepeninsula.org.nz for updated info.

       Saturday     Quarantine Island/Kamau Taurua Working Bee (St Martin Island Community)
                    9.30 am – 4 pm
                    Details same as Saturday 24th April (see above). Trip may be cancelled if the weather is bad for
                    boating, check by text or phone on the day.
                    Contact Graeme Furness 03 478 0874 or 027 476 1008

Conservation Volunteers
                          Conservation groups
                          (Please contact the coordinators if you are able to help)
                STOP      Monthly working bees are on the last Sunday of each month from 10am - noon at a
            (Save The     number of interesting and different places.
   Otago Peninsula Inc    Weekly working bees at the small NGL Reserve each Thursday 10am – noon.
                 Soc)     Work suitable for all abilities and skills. If you would like to be notified directly about
                          STOP working bees and any last-minute alterations; attend meetings (7.30pm, 1st
                          Tuesday of the month in the Etheridge meeting rooms behind the Broad Bay
                          Community Centre); or become a member of STOP, please contact Lala Frazer 478
                          0339 lala.frazer@gmail.com

      Green Hut Track     George Sutherland mrsuth@xtra.co.nz 03 467 5999. Silver Peaks area. Tracks –
              Group       gorse or other problems? Give George a call. Every Wednesday.

  Yellow-eyed Penguin     Dave McFarlane yeptrust@gmail.com 03 479 0011. Clearing, planting and
                Trust     maintaining areas of coastal penguin habitat. Frequent workdays.

     Colinswood Bush      Nigel McPherson n-r-mcpherson@xtra.co.nz 03 476 1109. Clearing, planting and
                          maintaining covenant of native bush on Otago Peninsula. Anyone able to help
                          occasionally on week days? Own transport required.

   Mopanui Ecological     Joy Pringle 03 482 1115. Clearing, planting and maintaining areas of coastal shrubs.
  Environ. Soc (MEES)     Meet 10.30am at Long Beach Hall, last Sunday of every month.

        Taieri Mouth      Marilyn Egerton 03 481 7171. Clearing, planting and maintaining public areas around
     Amenities Society    Taieri Mouth. Monthly workdays.

    Tomahawk-Smaills      Gaileen Ross 021 055 0396. We have a weekly volunteer days - Smaills Beach
      Beachcare Trust     Nursery, Monday morning 9.30 -12.30, Fridays planting and maintenance in dunes.
                          For more info or to help out email beachcare@ihug.co.nz

           Aramoana       Bradley Curnow 03 477 2244. Clearing, planting and maintaining public areas around
  Conservation Group      Aramoana including arboretum. Any assistance appreciated on workdays first
                          Saturday of each month. Meet at Aramoana Hall at 10am.

   River-Estuary Care:    Andy Barratt 021 890 048. Maintaining a healthy river and estuary ecosystem through
   Waikouaiti-Karitane    community participation – monitoring, revegetation, advocacy, bird-watching. All
                          welcome on workdays and other activities.

      Healthy Harbour     Andrew Innes 03 479 5842. Monitoring the health of the waters of Otago Harbour.
             Watchers     Contact Andrew if you are interested in finding out more, or being involved.

 Glenore-Manuka Trust     Alan Williams 03 417 8170. Restoration of public reserve area on the banks of
                          Tokomairiro River (near Manuka Gorge/Milton). Regular workdays, all welcome.

Orokonui Ecosanctuary     Chris Baillie 03 482 1755. A predator-free sanctuary for native fauna near Waitati.
                          Regular walking track maintenance and weeding work. Also bird counts, planting,
                          predator monitoring, gathering huhu grubs for kaka chicks. If you’re able to
                          volunteer please call Chris or email info@orokonui.org.nz.

     Forest and Bird –    Matt Thomson 021 392 983 or matthewjamesthomson@gmail.com
      Dunedin Branch      Otago wilding pine removal volunteer project. New volunteers welcome. Volunteers
                          with current FIT/NZQA chainsaw certification are encouraged to come along.

     Shetland Street      Regular volunteer work sessions @ the Shetland Street Community Gardens are on
  Community Gardens       every Tuesday and Thursday from 10am to 3pm. We undertake a wide range of
                          vegetable gardening and conservation nursery & project work. All are welcomed.
                          Contact Hendrik Koch (coordinator) on 4780311 or 0211168320
     Warrington Reserve
                 Group    Karen Hobday 03 482 2762 Planting and plant maintenance on public reserve area.


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