The Prophecy by P-HarlequinEnterpris


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									The Prophecy
Author: Nina Croft

A prophecy had been foretold that whoever sacrificed innocent vampire Raven Cold on her twenty-first
birthday would achieve a great victory in the war between good and evil. Kael Hunter would do anything to
stop the fire-demons who held Raven captive from winning. But rather than kill the alluring vampire
himself, Kael had another plan: to prevent the prophecy by taking Raven's virginity....Raven had been
prepared for death, not seduction! She'd had visions of Kael rescuing her for years, but she never
expected to feel such overwhelming desire for him. Especially when Kael made it his mission to use their
one night of passion to convince her she can have a future—and to let Kael be a part of it....

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