able by Levone


									able          bike,        child,
accident      bill,        chop,
accuse        bird,        circle,
action,       birth,       class,
address,      bitter,      clean,
admit,        black,       clear,
advise,       blood,       clever,
afraid,       blue,        clock,
again,        board,       close,
agree,        body,        cloth/clothes,
aim,          bomb,        coat,
air,          book,        coffee,
alive,        boot,        cold,
all,          born,        color,
allergic,     borrow,      come,
allow,        both,        company,
already,      bottle,      complain,
also,         bottom,      complete,
always,       bowl,        computer,
angry,        box,         concern,
animal,       boy,         concert,
answer,       brave,       congratulations,
apartment,    bread,       consider,
appear,       break,       convince,
apply,        breakdown,   cook,
April,        breast,      cope,
arm,          breath,      copy,
arrive,       bring,       cost,
art,          brother,     count,
ask,          brown,       country,
attachment,   build,       course,
attack,       bus,         court,
August,       bush,        crash,
autumn,       business,    crime,
awake,        buy,         cup,
away,         cake,        cupboard,
back,         call,        cut,
bad,          camp,        dance,
baggage,      car,         danger,
bake,         care,        dare,
ball,         carry,       dark,
bank,         case,        date,
bargain,      cat,         daughter,
be,           cause,       day,
beach,        celebrate,   dead,
beautiful,    cereal,      deal with,
become,       certain,     December,
bed,          chair,       decide,
begin,        chance,      defend,
believe,      change,      depend on,
belt,         cheese,      destroy,
big,          chicken,     develop,
dictionary,    face,       gas,
die,           fact,       general,
difference,    fair,       get,
different,     fall,       gift,
difficult,     false,      girl,
dirty,         familiar,   give,
dish,          family,     glass/glasses,
divide,        far,        go,
do,            fashion,    goal,
dog,           fast,       gold,
door,          fat,        good,
dot,           father,     govern,
download,      fault,      grammar,
dream,         favour,     grass,
dress,         fear,       great,
drink,         feature,    green,
drive,         February,   grey,
dry,           feel,       grill,
each,          few,        group,
ear,           field,      grow,
early,         fight,      guest,
earth,         find,       guide,
east,          fine,       guilty,
easy,          finger,     gun,
eat,           fire,       habit,
education,     fish,       hair,
effect,        five,       hand,
egg,           fix,        happen,
eight,         flower,     happy,
elect,         follow,     harbour,
element,       food,       hard,
embassy,       foot,       harm,
emergency,     football,   hat,
empty,         force,      hate,
end,           foreign,    have,
enemy,         forest,     head,
enough,        forget,     healthy,
environment,   fork,       hear,
envy,          form,       heart,
even,          four,       heavy,
evening,       free,       help,
every,         fresh,      here,
exam,          Friday,     hide,
example,       friend,     high,
excuse,        front,      hire,
exercise,      fruit,      history,
exhibition,    full,       hobby,
expensive,     fun,        hold,
experience,    function,   holiday,
expert,        future,     home,
explain,       game,       honest,
eye,           garden,     honey,
hope,         leisure,            month,
hospital,     lend,               moon,
hot,          let,                morning,
hour,         letter,             mother,
house,        lie,                mountain,
human,        life,               mouth,
hundred,      lift,               move,
hungry,       light,              much,
hunt,         like,               music,
hurt,         line,               name,
husband,      list,               nation,
idea,         listen,             natural,
ill,          little,             neck,
important,    live,               need,
increase,     lonely,             never,
insect,       long,               new(s),
instrument,   look,               next,
interest,     lose,               nice,
interpret,    lot,                night,
invite,       love,               nine,
jacket,       low,                no,
January,      luck,               north,
job,          machine,            nose,
joke,         magazine,           nothing,
judge,        mainly,             November,
juice,        make,               now,
July,         man,                number,
jump,         many,               October,
June,         map,                of course,
just,         March,              off,
keep,         market,             offer,
key,          marry,              often,
kill,         match,              old,
kind (of),    May,                on,
kiss,         meal,               once,
knee,         mean,               one,
knife,        meat,               only,
know,         medicine,           open,
knowledge,    medium,             order,
lake,         meet,               origin,
language,     menu,               other,
large,        mild,               own,
last,         milk,               pain,
late,         mind,               paint,
laugh,        minus,              pair,
law,          minute,             paper,
lawyer,       mirror,             parcel,
lead,         mistake,            parents,
learn,        misunderstanding,   park,
leave,        mix,                part,
left,         Monday,             partner,
leg,          money,              passport,
past,             ready,         ship,
pay,              real,          shirt,
peace,            reason,        shoe,
pen,              recognize,     shop,
people,           recommend,     short,
per cent,         red,           show,
perhaps,          refer,         side,
person,           regards,       sign,
pharmacy,         religion,      signature,
picture,          rely on,       silent,
piece,            remember,      silver,
place,            rent,          similar,
plan,             report,        simple,
plane,            responsible,   sing,
plate,            result,        single,
play,             retired,       sister,
please,           rich,          sit,
plus,             ride,          six,
pocket,           right,         size,
point,            ring,          skill,
police,           risk,          sleep,
poor,             river,         slice,
popular,          road,          slow,
possible,         role,          small,
post office,      room,          smell,
pot,              round,         smile,
power,            run,           smoke,
practical,        sad,           snow,
practice,         salad,         so,
present,          salt,          society,
price,            same,          soft,
print,            satisfied,     solve,
prison,           Saturday,      son,
private,          sausage,       song,
probable,         save,          soon,
problem,          say,           sound,
program,          school,        soup,
promise,          science,       south,
pronounce,        scissors,      speak,
protect (from),   sea,           spell,
public,           secret,        spoon,
pull,             see,           sport,
punish,           seem,          spring,
push,             sell,          square,
put,              sense,         stairs,
quality,          separate,      stand,
question,         September,     star,
quite,            set,           state,
rain,             seven,         station,
rather,           several,       stay,
reach,            sex,           step,
read,             shake,         still,
stomach,          too,          wife,
stone,            tool,         win,
story,            tooth,        wind,
straight ahead,   top,          window,
strange,          topic,        wine,
street,           touch,        winter,
strong,           toy,          wish,
student,          train,        woman,
study,            translate,    wood ,
such,             trash,        word,
sugar,            travel,       work,
suggest,          treat,        world,
summer,           tree,         worry,
sun,              trip,         write,
Sunday,           trouble,      wrong,
sure,             trousers,     year,
surprise,         truck,        yellow,
sweet,            true,         yes,
system,           truth,        yesterday,
table,            try,          young,
take,             Tuesday,      zero
talk,             turn,
tall,             two,
task,             understand,
taste,            unite,
taxi,             use,
tea,              usual,
teach,            valuable,
team,             vegetable,
tell,             very,
ten,              view,
terrible,         visit,
test,             wall,
thank,            want,
theater,          war,
then,             warm,
there,            warn,
thin,             wash,
thing,            watch,
think,            water,
thirsty,          way,
thousand,         weak,
three,            weapon,
throat,           wear,
Thursday,         weather,
time(s),          Wednesday,
tired,            week,
today,            welcome,
together,         west,
toilet,           wet,
tomorrow,         white,
tongue,           whole,

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