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									Parent Tips For The College Fair
Questions to ask before you go
Prior to the college fair, sit down with your student and discuss some factors or features they might be looking for in a college. A good question to get the conversation started is, “Why do you want to go to college in the first place?” This sounds basic and silly, but you’ll be surprised how difficult this question might be for some teens to answer. Shoot for the stars with this discussion, not allowing cost or location to limit any options. Chat with your teen about his or her skills and interests, and identify potential majors that fit their current personality and lifestyle. Use the tools on the College and Career Center page to help you start defining your students’ strengths and explore college possibilities (by using COIN). For example, if your child has a spark for creativity, he may want to research schools with art, drama, music or writing programs.

Get a List Started
Once you and your child have identified a list of 15 or so “very likely” and “maybe” schools, find out what colleges and universities will be represented at the fair. You can expect to see approximately 120 or so colleges represented at our college fair.

This should not be a grab something from every table and look at it later. Be organized and have a plan in place. This will make the evening a more pleasant experience. Make Some Labels
Include the following information on a label Name, Address, Phone number, Date of High School Graduation, Name of High School, Email, Major interest (if you have one), Sport of interest (if you have one). Along with your current GPA and SAT/ACT test scores. This makes visiting different tables a lot easier when you can have more time to talk to the college representative and just put a sticker on an interest card.

Bring a Bag
You will be gathering materials of all shapes and sizes and a bag will help to hold things.

Student Driven
Let your student guide you through the fair. If they happen to stop at something other than on the list GREAT! They are seeking and gathering things that are catching their attention. This whole process is about them.

What you can do at the fair?
We will be having a speaker in the Commons talking about Financial Aid. Don’t think you can’t qualify for any financial aid until you come and here the speaker. Most students receive aid when attending college today. We will also be having a speaker for the Student Athlete and the NCAA process.

What should my student pick up from the table?
Students should try to get the following information: View book, application, information on specific majors, financial aid information and the representative’s business cards for future reference. In the next few days after the fair take time to sort through the materials that they gathered from the fair. Have your student set up a spreadsheet to compare schools in an equal manner. Start sorting the list again and visit the college web sites for additional information on area visits in our local area, or setting up a campus visit when you Use the business cards that were picked up to contact the reps for additional information that might be needed. If they can’t help you they can always point you in the right direction.

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