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					                                   The US Navy Japanese/Oriental Language School Archival Project
                                                          The Interpreter
                                       Archives, University of Colorado at Boulder Libraries
 Number 69                         Remember September 11, 2001                                                               November 1, 2003

         Our Mission                         Douglas T. Wada                   passengers from Japan, working        East, to assist in the prosecution
                                                  CDR, USNR,                   with       Noboru        “Hunchy”     of Class A war criminals,
  In the Spring of 2000, the                                                   Murakami, who later volunteered       including General Hideki Tojo
                                          Naval Intelligence, 1937-1975
  Archives continued the origi-                                                for MIS. During this period,          and other high-ranking Japanese
  nal efforts of Captain Roger                                                 Wada worked with Gero Iwai,           war leaders. At first Wada
                                         The story of Douglas T. Wada is
  Pineau and William Hudson,                                                   then with Arthur Komori and           disliked      the      assignment.
                                         an incredible, one-of-a-kind
  and the Archives first at-                                                   Richard Sakakida, the latter two      However, when he saw utter
                                         experience of the only Nisei
  tempts in 1992, to gather the                                                having been recruited in early        devastation of the cities and the
                                         specifically recruited to serve in
  papers, letters, photographs,                                                1941. All four of these pre-war       suffering of the Japanese people
                                         the U.S. Naval Intelligence
  and records of graduates of                                                  intelligence pioneers basically       caused by the vain decision of
                                         Service, before, during, and after
  the US Navy Japanese/                                                        engaged in counter-espionage          these leaders to prolong the
                                         World War II.
  Oriental Language School,                                                    work.                                 struggle even when faced with
                                            Douglas Wada was born in
  University of Colorado at                                                        Prior to the outbreak of World    certain defeat, Wada felt no
                                         Honolulu in 1910 and was
  Boulder, 1942-1946. We                                                       War II, the District Intelligence     compunction about prosecuting
                                         educated in local schools
  assemble these papers in                                                     Office (DIO) increased its            them. He also helped to organize
                                         including the University of
  recognition of the contribu-                                                 personnel from seven to 25            the Interpreters Section until his
                                         Hawaii (1933-37), except four-
  tions made by JLS/OLS                                                        officers and 30 enlisted men, and     departure in November 1946.
                                         and-a-half years of study in
  instructors and graduates to                                                 entrusted Wada with highly                After his reassignment to the
                                         Kyoto, Japan. He starred on the
  the War effort in the Pacific                                                classified assignments such as        District Intelligence Office, 14th
                                         University of Hawaii baseball
  and the Cold War, to the                                                     radio and wireless intercepts. He     Naval District in November
                                         team, as well as the Nippon
  creation of East Asian
                                         team, in the Honolulu Japanese        researched Japanese books for         1946, Wada’s primary mission
  language programs across                                                     strategic information on the          focused on efforts to ferret out
                                         Senior League, where he played
  the country, and to the                                                      history, industry and geography       Communists from among naval
                                         with Joe Takata, who later
  development of Japanese-                                                     of Japan and also interviewed         and civilian personnel within
                                         became a 100th Battalion war
  American      cultural   rec-                                                returnees from Japan to obtain        Pearl Harbor Naval Base. During
  onciliation programs after                                                   topographical data.                   this period, he wrote a report,
                                            During his senior year at the
  World War II.                                                                    Immediately after the Pearl       “brief History of Communism in
                                         University in 1936, Wada
                                                                               Harbor attack, Wada’s first           Hawaii,” which reportedly was
  Sono Hi No Uwasa                       learned of an F.B.I. investigation
                                                                               important mission was to              regarded as the Bible on the
                                         on him. While enrolled in
            Quips                        Professor      Yukio     Uyehara’s    translate the navigational chart      subject by other investigative
                                         Japanese class, he befriended a       taken from the Japanese midget        agencies.
COMING EVENTS OF THE                                                           submarine          beached       at       From December 1954 to July
WEEK                                     middle-aged haole in the class,
                                         who later turned out to be Lt.        Waimanalo. Wada and Iwai also         1975, Wada was assigned to
Thurs. Sept. 3 - Pay will                Cmdr. W.J. [K.D.?] Ringle, a          translated documents confiscated      Commander, US Naval Forces,
probably be available, and will          Navy       intelligence    officer.   from the Japanese Consulate by        Far East. He worked on
be paid in cash by the Paymaster.        Toward the end of Wada’s senior       Honolulu Police on the morning        classified naval intelligence in
                                         year, Lt.Cmdr Ringle offered          of the Pearl Harbor attack.           conjunction with the intelligence
                                         Wada a job. But Wada had no               Just as Gero Iwai had             sections of the Prime Minister’s
“No, lady, I don't come from                                                   experienced,       Wada      found    Office (“Sorifu”), Maritime Self-
                                         idea what the job entailed until
either Columbia or Harvard. I'm                                                himself isolated socially from the    Defense Force (Japanese Navy),
                                         interviewed by Capt. Kilpatrick
just naturally repulsive.”                                                     Japanese community in Hawaii.         Maritime      Security     Agency
                                         in the District Intelligence
---------                                Office, 14th Naval District, and      Very few knew of Wada’s work          (Japanese Coast Guard) and
Vol 1, No 2:                             Pearl Harbor.                         and affiliation with naval            Japanese National Police. Also,
                                            With foresight, the Navy had       intelligence. One of them was         functioning as the Admiral’s
Men in the courses who plan to           hired Wada in anticipation of the     Masaji Marumoto of the first          liaison and interpreter, Wada
have dental treatment had                need for a language specialist in     MIS volunteer group from              associated      with     high-level
better start adjusting their             the event of war with Japan. The      Hawaii, who-encountered Wada          Japanese government officials.
budgets immediately. As Chief            Navy, looking to the future, also     as a witness for the Office of        Among them were Prime
Gergen pointed out to two                tutored Wada in Chinese, Korean       Naval Intelligence in a litigation    Minister Shigeru Yoshida, for
horrified students who had               and Russian, so that he acquired      against a Japanese society that       whom he acted as personal
already        incurred      bills       proficiency in these languages        Marumoto               represented.   bodyguard       when     Yoshhida
for dental work, you will have to        and could translate into English      Marumoto could have revealed          passed through Hawaii enroute
pay for it yourself.                     with the aid of a dictionary.         Wada’s identify to the public but     to San Francisco, House Speaker
    The Manual of the Medical               In the beginning, Wada was         never did, and for this, Wada         Naka Funada, Chief of National
Department of the United States          assigned      to     the    HASP      holds the highest esteem and          Police        Asonuma,         and
Navy definitely states that men          Commander Capt. Dickey, to            respect for Marumoto.                 Parliamentary Members Ohira,
on detached duty (that's us) are         extend the courtesy of the port           Following Japan’s surrender       Kishi and Furuya.
liable to all bills incurred for         when Japanese naval ships             in August 1945, Wada received             Wada retired from the Navy
dental work....                          visited Honolulu. Later, on duty      orders assigning him to the           in July 1975 with the rank of
                             Bill Amos                                         Prosecution                Section,   Commander, after 38 years of
                             JLS 1943
                                         with U.S. Customs, Wada
           _______________               checked      the     baggage    of    International Tribunal for the Far    service. Douglas Wada’s unique
stature as the first and probably       A Navy JICPOAn                       on a Liberty ship that carried             surrender of the atoll by the
the only Nisei known to be                                                   prisoners back to Oahu. During             Japanese. Following that, I was
entrusted by the U.S. Navy with         Some of my days at JICPOA            the trip I was expected to help            assigned to a Marine Division at
its most classified intelligence        were spent at a prison camp          identify     the    officers   and         Sasebo where I was the interface
secrets highlights a remarkable         which the Navy maintained on         specialists since they were to be          with the providers of such
career as a special agent and           an overgrown breakwater that         kept in our camp on Oahu. The              critical services as laundry and
commissioned naval officer.             jutted out from Oahu into the        Japanese enlisted men and                  the local beer delivery. It was
                                        Pacific Ocean. There we kept         Koreans were sent Stateside.               fun, but by that time I had been
     Article provided by Allen Meyer    officers     and      nonmilitary
                       US Army MIS                                              Before the end of the War, I            overseas for two years. I was
                                        specialists who might be useful      was assigned to a unit in                  ready to come home and see my
[Ed. Note: The story of Lt. Cdr. K.D.   in confirming or identifying         Honolulu to write a summary of             (one year and four-month-old)
Ringle is no less remarkable. We will   equipment, or location of            intercepted Japanese messages              son, Mike, for the first time.
reprint his story with his son’s        manufacture.       The enlisted      each week to be distributed to
permission in the future. For those     personnel were shipped to the                                                                          Daniel Busch
who do not know, Allen Meyer is our                                          units of our fleet                                                     JLS 1944
                                        States.                                 At the end of the War, I was
ex officio liaison to the veterans of                                                                                   [Ed. Note: This is an old letter I
the US Army MIS, the Army version           I was with a Marine Division     sent to Truk to help in translating        found going through the files. Thanks
of the JLS. He laments that the Army    assigned to Saipan and Tinian        chores involved with the                   go to Dan Busch for the note.]
MIS has no central archives as does     during that operation. I returned                                                           _______________

the Navy JLS/OLS.]

       WAVE Letter                      me back to the JLS and he to         the pressures of learning to write         Contact
                                        Washington, DC. On his way to a      a couple of thousand kanji where
… We did win a medal of                 new assignment in Pearl Harbor,      the omission or misplacement of            David Hays, Archivist
commendation for our work. I            he spent a week with me in           one stroke made it all wrong.              Archives,
will say that one of my lingering       Boulder, where we stayed at the                                                 University of Colorado at Boulder
                                                                                                 Mary Jane Carroll
memories was of reading a terse         Bolderado Hotel. Mine was the                                                   Campus Box 184
                                                                                                         JLS 1944
Japanese      message     of    an      last group of WAVES in the JLS;                                                 Boulder, Colorado, 80309-0184
explosion of a monstrous bomb           nearly everyone else had             [Ed. Note: This is another of the
on the city of Hiroshima. No one        graduated, so we went from the       letters I have uncovered in the files. I   Phone (303) 492-7242
knew what it was. That bomb             Phi Delt house into vacated space    thought it was high time we heard          Fax (303) 492-3960
changed my husband’s mission            in the Men’s Dormitory for the       from a WAVE. All you WAVES out             Email:
from the invasion of Honshu to                                               there, send in stories, please. Wives
                                        rest of our time there.
the occupation [of Japan].                                                   too – we need stories from wives to
                                           I will never forget Boulder and   interrupt all these masculine stories.
    Bill and I were married in our      the University of Colorado, as                                                  New JLS Website:
                                                                             Not that I don’t appreciate the men’s
Naval dress uniforms in my              they were then; small and friendly   stories. I do. I just think that variety   http://www-
church in Columbus, Ohio and            and beautiful. I have been unable    makes a better newsletter.]      
after a brief honeymoon returned        to return, but I wouldn’t have                    _______________               jlsp.htm
to our individual assignments –         missed those 14 months, despite