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Advanced Wireless Networks 4G T


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Advanced Wireless Networks: 4G Technologies

Description:    This book provides systematic coverage of the latest global research results in the field of advanced
                wireless technology networks at a time when the industry is paving the way for 4G. The author
                adopts a logical approach, beginning each chapter with an introduction to the topic in question,
                before moving on to more complex ideas for system analysis. The discussion incorporates the
                physical layer, multiple access, the adaptive link layer, the adaptive Media Access Control Layer
                (MAC), teletraffic modeling and the adaptive Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) layer. There is
                then a detailed analysis of crosslayer optimization, mobility and handoffs, adaptive resource
                management, ad hoc and sensor networks, security and active networks. Strong sections on
                network deployment, network management, wireless information theory and energy efficient
                networks follow. Finally, QoS management and internet economics issues are explored in depth.
                The scope is thus wide-ranging, yet detailed and amply illustrated with real-life examples. It is a
                timely resource for those interested in understanding the current approaches and evolving
                directions for wireless networking.

Contents:       Preface.
                 1 Fundamentals.
                 1.1 4G Networks and Composite Radio Environment.
                 1.2 Protocol Boosters.
                 1.3 Hybrid 4G Wireless Network Protocols.
                 1.4 Green Wireless Networks.

                 2 Physical Layer and Multiple Access.
                 2.1 Advanced Time Division Multiple Access-ATDMA.
                 2.2 Code Division Multiple Access.
                 2.3 Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing.
                 2.4 Multicarrier CDMA.
                 2.5 Ultrawide Band Signal.
                 2.6 MIMO Channels and Space Time Coding.

                 3 Channel Modeling for 4G.
                 3.1 Macrocellular Environments (1.8 GHz).
                 3.2 Urban Spatal Radio Channels in Macro/MicroCell Environment (2.154 GHz).
                 3.3 MIMO Channels in Micro- and PicoCell Environment (1.71/2.05 GHz).
                 3.4 Outdoor Mobile Channel (5.3 GHz).
                 3.5 Microcell Channel (8.45 GHz).
                 3.6 Wireless MIMO LAN Environments (5.2 GHz).
                 3.7 Indoor WLAN Channel (17 GHz).
                 3.8 Indoor WLAN Channel (60 GHz).
                 3.9 UWB Channel Model.

                 4 Adaptive and Reconfigurable Link Layer.
                 4.1 Link Layer Capacity of Adaptive Air Interfaces.
                 4.2 Adaptive Transmission in Ad Hoc Networks.
                 4.3 Adaptive Hybrid ARQ Schemes for Wireless Links.
                 4.4 Stochastic Learning Link Layer Protocol.
                 4.5 Infrared Link Access Protocol.

                 5 Adaptive Medium Access Control.
                 5.1 WLAN Enhanced Distributed Coordination Function.
                 5.2 Adaptive MAC for WLAN with Adaptive Antennas.
5.3 MAC for Wireless Sensor Networks.
5.4 MAC for Ad Hoc Networks.

6 Teletraffic Modeling and Analysis.
6.1 Channel Holding Time in PCS Networks.

7 Adaptive Network Layer.
7.1 Graphs and Routing Protocols.
7.2 Graph Theory.
7.3 Routing with Topology Aggregation.
7.4 Network and Aggregation Models.

8 Effective Capacity.
8.1 Effective Traffic Source Parameters.
8.2 Effective Link Layer Capacity.

9 Adaptive TCP Layer.
9.1 Introduction.
9.2 TCP Operation and Performance.
9.3 TCP for Mobile Cellular Networks.
9.4 Random Early Detection Gateways for Congestion Avoidance.
9.5 TCP for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks.

10 Crosslayer Optimization.
10.1 Introduction. 10.2 A Cross-Layer Architecture for Video Delivery.

11 Mobility Management.
11.1 Introduction.
11.2 Cellular Systems with Prioritized Handoff.
11.3 Cell Residing Time Distribution.
11.4 Mobility Prediction in Pico- and MicroCellular Networks.
Appendix: Distance Calculation in an Intermediate Cell.

12 Adaptive Resource Management.
12.1 Channel Assignment Schemes.
12.2 Resource Management in 4G.
12.3 Mobile Agent-based Resource Management. 12.4 CDMA Cellular Multimedia Wireless
12.5 Joint Data Rate and Power Management.
12.6 Dynamic Spectra Sharing in Wireless Networks.

13 Ad Hoc Networks.
13.1 Routing Protocols.
13.2 Hybrid Routing Protocol.
13.3 Scalable Routing Strategies.
13.4 Multipath Routing.
13.5 Clustering Protocols.
13.6 Cashing Schemes for Routing.
13.7 Distributed QoS Routing.

14 Sensor Networks.
14.1 Introduction.
14.2 Sensor Networks Parameters.
14.3 Sensor Networks Architecture.
14.4 Mobile Sensor Networks Deployment.
14.5 Directed Diffusion.
14.6 Aggregation in Wireless Sensor Networks.
14.7 Boundary Estimation.
14.8 Optimal Transmission Radius in Sensor Networks.
14.9 Data Funneling.
14.10 Equivalent Transport Control Protocol in Sensor Networks.

15 Security.
15.1 Authentication.
15.2 Security Architecture.
15.3 Key Management.
15.4 Security Management in GSM Networks.
15.5 Security Management in UMTS.
15.6 Security Architecture for UMTS/WLAN Interworking.
15.7 Security in Ad Hoc Networks.
15.8 Security in Sensor Networks.

16 Active Networks.
16.1 Introduction.
16.2 Programable Networks Reference Models.
16.3 Evolution to 4G Wireless Networks.
16.4 Programmable 4G Mobile Network Architecture.
16.5 Cognitive Packet Networks.
16.6 Game Theory Models in Cognitive Radio Networks.
16.7 Biologically Inspired Networks.

17 Network Deployment.
17.1 Cellular Systems with Overlapping Coverage.
17.2 Imbedded Microcell in CDMA Macrocell Network.
17.3 Multitier Wireless Cellular Networks.
17.4 Local Multipoint Distribution Service.
17.5 Self-organization in 4G Networks.

18 Network Management.
18.1 The Simple Network Management Protocol.
18.2 Distributed Network Management.
18.3 Mobile Agent-based Network Management.
18.4 Ad Hoc Network Management.

19 Network Information Theory.
19.1 Effective Capacity of Advanced Cellular Networks.
19.2 Capacity of Ad Hoc Networks.
19.3 Information Theory and Network Architectures.
19.4 Cooperative Transmission in Wireless Multihop Ad Hoc Networks.
19.5 Network Coding.
19.6 Capacity of Wireless Networks Using MIMO Technology.
19.7 Capacity of Sensor Networks with Many-to-One Transmissions.

20 Energy-efficient Wireless Networks.
20.1 Energy Cost Function.
20.2 Minimum Energy Routing.
20.3 Maximizing Network Lifetime.
20.4 Energy-efficient MAC in Sensor Networks.

21 Quality-of-Service Management.
            21.1 Blind QoS Assessment System.
            21.2 QoS Provisioning in WLAN.
            21.3 Dynamic Scheduling on RLC/MAC Layer.
            21.4 QoS in OFDMA-based Broadband Wireless Access Systems.
            21.5 Predictive Flow Control and QoS.

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