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					                                            Parent Information on FREE Tutoring (SES)
                                                       School Year 2007-2008
                 Name of Tutor               Grade   Subject     Locations     Times per                                About Tutoring
                                               s      Areas       Islands        Week
College Connections Hawaii                   K-12    Reading     Oahu,         Two one-      College Connections’ Tutoring program equips students to become
Traci Sakurada, Director of Instructional            Math        Kauai,        hour          independent learners through strategic, standards-based tutoring.
Programs                                                         Hawaii,       sessions      Rather than simply helping students complete their daily
Kamaile Williams, Administrative                                 Molokai       per week      homework assignments, trained tutors target grade-level
Assistant                                                                                    appropriate state benchmarks and teach strategies that students
Phone:             (808) 737-8955                                                            can use on their current assignments as well as future
Toll Free:         (866) 233-0777                                                            assignments.
Fax:                (808) 737-8966
                                                                                             The goals for our tutoring program are to: 1) Create independent
Email:                                                                                       learners by teaching math and/or reading strategies, and 2)                                                                 Support student achievement by intentionally targeting and                                                               teaching state benchmarks. Research has shown strategic
                                                                                             tutoring to be effective for all students, especially those who are
Website:                                                                                     struggling.
                                                                                             All of our tutoring sessions are limited to small groups of 2-3
                                                                                             students at a time. Small groups allow trained tutors to work with
                                                                                             students face-to-face and focus on their individual strengths and
Community Schools Support Services           K-12    Reading     All Islands   Flexible      SES Tutoring services varies with each Complex Area Community School for
                                                     Math                                    Adults. Please contact you child’s school or complex area for additional
                                                                                             information on tutoring services being offered.

Education Therapy                            K-12    Reading/    Maui          18 hours to   Reading, spelling, writing, and vocabulary program that teaches
Mare Langlois                                        spelling/   (Only)        be            according to phonics. This method has been very effective with
Phone: 808-893-0590                                  writing &                 completed     special education students that are dyslexic and/or who have
Cell: 808-283-0562                                   Math                      in 2, 3, or   learning difficulties. The students learn the “code” of reading. For
Email:                                            4 wks.        decoding, they use magnet letters and syllables so they see, hear,
Website:                                                            touch, and say the sounds and words
Educational Enterprises                      K-12    Reading     Hawaii        1.5 hrs per   Educational Enterprises offers a comprehensive tutorial program in
Myron Baccus                                         Math        District,     session,      the core subjects of Reading / Language Arts and
Toll free at: 1-877-416-0440.                                    Honolulu      Mondays &     Mathematics. We also focus on Test Taking and Study Skills to
                                                                               Wednesdays,                                             District,                   assist students in raising academic achievement in class and on
                                                                               or Tuesdays,                                              Maui          & Thursdays   standardized testing. Pre-Test and Post-Tests are conducted to                                              District,     20-24         assess student needs and to measure academic growth. With the
                                                                 Windward      sessions      experience of certified teachers, retired teachers and trained                                           District                    degreed professionals, we utilize small group (1:5) and
                                                                 (Castle/                    individualized instruction models (1:1) to facilitate student
                                                                 Kahuku)                     success. Sessions will be conducted, 2 days per week, 1.5 hours
                                                                 Kauai                       per day for 12-15 weeks. Visit us on the web at
                                                                 District           or call us toll free at:
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                                       Parent Information on FREE Tutoring (SES)
                                                  School Year 2007-2008
                 Name of Tutor          Grade   Subject    Locations     Times per                               About Tutoring
                                           s     Areas      Islands         Week
Hui Malama Learning Center              K-12    Math       Maui          Flexible       Hui Malama Learning Center (HMLC) brings its 34 years of
Contact person: Jozette Momoa-Smythe            Reading    (Only)                       educational experience to the “No Child Left Behind” Triple S
(808) 244-5911 ext. 24 (phone)                  and                                     Program. HMLC will provide your child with a qualified TUTOR in
(808) 242-0762 (fax)                            Writing                                 math and reading in a one-on-one or small group alternative
                                                                                        environment. Our Tutors are caring and patient teachers and we
Email: jozette.momoa-                                                                   take pride in matching them with the learning style and                                                                    personality of each student. Our unique, personalized tutoring
Website:                                                                                program can meet your child’s need and help them enjoy school
                                                                                        and learning
It's All About Kids, LLC                K-12    Reading,   Eligible      2-3 hours      IAAK’s mission is to educate, cultivate, and motivate students to
Mrs. Susan Seitman                              Languag    schools,      per week       lead fulfilling and successful lives.
Phone (808) 237-5561                            e Arts &   state-wide    instruction
Fax (808) 487-3150                              Math                     (or virtual    IAAK offers innovative learning solutions that combine an
e-mail:                                                instruction)   engaging computer-based curriculum designed to improve
                                                                                        students’ academic achievement with an exclusive performance-
Mrs. Liane Fukumoto                                                                     based rewards program.
(Phone (808) 237-5581
Fax (808) 487-3150                                                                      The program is directly tied to Hawaii State Standards and is
e-mail:                                                              customized to each individual student’s needs. Instruction is
                                                                                        collaborative in nature with on-site coaching.

                                                                                        At completion students receive UNLIMITED ACCESS to ON-LINE
                                                                                        CURRICULUM and REWARDS program.

Learning for a Lifetime                 K-12    Language   Farrington,   1 hour per     We help each child write his own life story; we then bind that
Margaret South                                    Arts,    Waimanalo,    week           story in hardcover for the student to keep forever. In the process,
Phone:                                           Reading    Waianae                     we help the student master the language arts through the process
Email:                                             and     Complexes                    of creating a story, and reading that story aloud in a small group
Website:                                         Writing                                setting.

Kumon                                   K12     Reading    All Islands   Two 30-        Kumon Math and Reading Centers offer K-12 math and reading
Contact Information:                            Math                     minute or      assistance programs that supplement the school curriculum. The
Kevin Fujimoto and Lei Melket                                            one 60-        math program focuses on practice to develop better skills,
Phone: (808) 949-6284, Ext. 225                                          minute         concentration, and confidence. The reading program uses
Fax: (808) 949-7323                                                      sessions       phonics, as well as whole word, and is strongly focused on reading
Email:                                               per week,      comprehension. Kumon is an individualized approach based on                                                        up to 52       ability, not age. Students improve their math and reading skills
Website:                                                   weeks          by advancing through the Kumon curriculum in short daily
                                                                                        increments. Students attend the Kumon center for 30 minutes,
                                                                                        twice a week, and complete brief homework assignments on the
                                                                                        other five days. Parents must be committed to the success of
                                                                                        their children and Ensure consistent attendance and completion of

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                                     Parent Information on FREE Tutoring (SES)
                                                School Year 2007-2008
                  Name of Tutor          Grade   Subject     Locations     Times per                               About Tutoring
                                            s     Areas       /Islands       Week
 Mathnasium                              2-12    Math       Mathnasium     Student        Mathnasium is a highly specialized learning center where children
 Dr. Forrest Lum                                              Centers      come in        go after school and on weekends to boost and improve their math
 PH 808 949-8545                                            Oahu Only      twice a        skills. Like a gym students can come up to three times a week for
 Email:                           Honolulu,      week for       about an hour to increase their understanding of math, develop                                 Hawaii Kai,    an hour        number sense, strengthen their skills. Each child is assessed and a
                                                            Waipahu,                      tailored curriculum is developed which will in the gaps of
                                                            Kaneohe &                     understanding, develop and increase their mental math capability,
                                                            Kailua                        develop a deeper visualized understanding of math, and
                                                                                          strengthen their computational and problem solving skills. Each
                                                                                          child is assessed every two months to keep them on track. A
                                                                                          typical session consists of algorithmic development, mental math
                                                                                          exercises, and their current school homework. Our centers are
                                                                                          open on weekdays and weekends to accommodate your schedule.
The Learning Hale Instructional Center   K-12    Reading,    All Islands   Flexible       Your child deserves the best, and the Learning Hale Instructional
 Paul Ware or Aron Schweitzer                    Language    On Campus,    Schedule.      Center caters to each student’s individual needs. We begin with                            Arts,       At Home, or   Up to 20       in-depth assessment(s), and then create a personalized lesson
                                                 Math        Anywhere      hours of
 Phone: (808) 947-9006                                                                    plan built specifically to highlight your child’s strengths and
                                                             Internet is   instruction.
 Toll Free 800-399-4669                                      available     A minimum      improve upon their weaknesses. Each student benefits from a
 Fax:    (808) 947-9002                                                    of two 1       unique combination of personal attention and self-paced computer
 Email:                                                                    (one) hour     instruction in Reading and Mathematics using a variety of,                                                    sessions per   educational software.,                                                    week. More                                                frequent       The Learning Hale is committed to improving your child’s
                                                                           attendance     educational experience. Students are consistently engaged as they
                                                                                          move between several challenging and fun computer-based
                                                                                          programs (1-4 programs). We also supplement all computer work
                                                                                          with small group instruction and one-on-one attention as needed.
                                                                                          Our goal is to improve academic success, prepare students to do
                                                                                          well on the Hawaii State Assessment, give them the ability to do
                                                                                          their homework independently, and produce life-long learners.

                                                                                          We provide prescriptive lesson plans based on Diagnostic and
                                                                                          Formative      Assessment(s),      Monthly     Reports,    continual
                                                                                          reinforcement, and Certificates of Achievement (including
                                                                                          incentive Reward Coupons for the students!).
 Tutor HAWAI’I                           K-8     Reading     All Islands   2 one-hour     Tutor Hawai’i provides a 3 month individualized tutoring program
 Robert Allen                                    Math                      sessions       for Hawai’i’s students K-8 at their school (or a more convenient
 Phone     (808) 263-9890                                                  per week       school closer to home). Regular school day lessons will be
 Toll Free 877-268-9890                                                                   supported by a combination of SuccessMaker computer based
 Fax       (808) 441-0938                                                                 instruction and face-to-face tutor/teacher instruction. For every 1
 Email:                                                             hr session, students will spend approx. 30 min. with the                                                                      computer-based individualized program and 30 min. with a highly
                                                                                          qualified tutor/teacher.

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