Chris� Tips for Surviving Bio 97 by latenightwaitress


									Chris’ Tips for Surviving Bio 97 1. Focus on the lecture material. If the professors don’t go over it in lecture, it probably won’t be on the midterms or final. Furthermore, if material is covered very lightly in lecture, you will not need to study it in detail. Read the book as a supplement to lecture material, or if you don’t understand something in class. Be able to apply important concepts further (like mitosis, meiosis, DNA replication, transcription, translation). You should be able to compare similar topics, like DNA replication, DNA sequencing, and PCR. Ask yourself questions about what would happen in certain processes if one specific step or component (enzyme, protein) was dysfunctional. This will help you familiarize yourself with the specifics of different processes, and will help with your application of different concepts. Do book problems to increase your understanding of concepts. They are “recommended” for a reason. This is especially important in the second part of Edinger’s portion and throughout Brachmann/Taagepera’s portion. There are additonial problem books you can purchase for cheap (Brachmann will recommend one of these to you). Attend the office hours of your professors, TAs, and BioSci peer tutors (ESPECIALLY!!!) They will all be glad to help you!





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