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									                                 64th LMHI Congress,
                             Timeless Quality Homeopathy
                          26-30 August 2009, Warsaw, Poland

       Timeless Quality Homeopathy
   The Polish Homeopathic Society, founded in 1892, is honored to organize
    the 64th Congress of the Liga Medicorum Homoeopathica Internationalis.

Poland is located in the geographical middle of Europe between East and West and as
similarity to this during the Warsaw Congress the idea of Homeopathy meets Homeopathic
practice. Nowadays, Homeopathy deserves for an superior idea which guides this method of
healing trough oceans of misunderstanding and disbelief rooting from human self-deception.
This year is a year of crisis but also the year of change. Poland’s eventful history about
prosperity, through ceasing from the world map till overcoming communism proves that only
Solidarity can break the walls of self-deceit. Long and eventful history of Polish
homeopathy started in early 1820s with many successes, overcoming Wars and the
Partitions of Poland till unprecedented statement of Polish Supreme Medical Council last
year calls us to take the responsibility for the situation of homeopathy – because only we are
the people to change it.

                            But what can we change in homeopathy?

Proving that homeopathy works is very important, but even more important is to explain
homeopathy on the basis of modern science and to explain it to ordinary people. For this
reason we have to understand it deeply, to understand on what depends its quality, to
understand that homeopathy directs us toward health which is so far from curing and so close
to healing.
                  The common idea for all homeopaths to promote homeopathy
                    can be the idea of Salutogenesis – building up health.
              What we can change - is to express the idea of homeopathy as such
              together with the idea of health through the idea of salutogenesis.

         Program (Draft) for the 64th LMHI Congress 26-30 August, Warsaw, Poland                  1
              Status: 2009-01-31 - please go to: www.lmhi2009.com for the most current version.
Salutogenesis as an idea has the following merits:
- it is relatively new - so it provokes curiosity
- it is deeply based on homeopathic practice and theory (Organon, § 63, 64)
- it is much, much more than pathogenesis
- it is easy to understand - toward health (salutogenesis) and not only against a disease
- it accents active approach to health (self-responsibility), and not only passive attitude (the
object to be cured)
- it promotes every kind of health prophylaxis, and not only waiting for symptoms to be
- achieved balance is natural (comes from inside) and not artificial as is with chemicals the
- human being is treated here as wholeness, not cut into details
- it has many deep meanings - the open idea will help to discover new horizons.

Moreover, a very important aspect of this new idea is that it is well based on the essence of
In § 63 of Organon Hahnemann writes:
“Every agent that acts upon the vitality, every medicine, deranges more or less the vital force, and
causes a certain alteration in the health of the individual for a longer or a shorter period. This is termed
primary action. Although a product of the medicinal and vital powers conjointly, it is principally due to
the former power. To its action our vital force endeavors to oppose its own energy. This resistant
action is a property, is indeed an automatic action of our life-preserving power, which goes by the
name of secondary action or counteraction.”

Giving the remedy we intensify current state of the organism. The remedy seems to be a
wave which interferes with a wave state of the organism. After administering the remedy, the
symptoms aggravate or reappear (homeo- pathos) – but then the body counteracts the
imposed change (Le Chatelier-Braun principle) – and develops the healing process and,
finally, diminishes the acute state.
The result will be building up health (Salutogenesis!) because body and mind not only do
recover health by themselves, but also learn how to recover it in the future = the organism
becomes healthier by itself, perceives better, have better feedback with itself.

                   Salutogenesis shows the new quality of health.

  Let us discover homeopathy as the salutogenetic approach to health.

          Program (Draft) for the 64th LMHI Congress 26-30 August, Warsaw, Poland                         2
             Status: 2009-01-31 - please go to: www.lmhi2009.com for the most current version.
The 64th LMHI Congress – “Timeless Quality Homeopathy”
will take place in Warsaw, Poland on 26 - 30 August 2009.
  Concert Hall of Pałac Kultury i Nauki - www.pkin.pl/home

Starting from the second day of the Congress, sessions will take place in main Concert Hall
(for over than 500 persons) in Palace of Culture & Science and simultaneously in two adjacent
rooms, for 120 persons each. Participants will be requested to subscribe to each session.

Coffee & lunch breaks schedule:
There are planned two 30 minutes coffee-breaks - morning and afternoon. (10.30-11.00;
16.00-16.30), and one hour lunch break in the noon (13.00-14.00)
 (Different time for breaks on Thursday!)

Day agenda. Each day will start in the main Concert Hall for all participants with introduction
of the day topics, presented in all rooms. Division to the rooms would take place during the
first coffee-break.
Lectures sessions will last 2 hours each (see program below).

Issues raised in the main Hall will concern: scientific approach to homeopathy,
including hypotheses according actions of homeopathic remedies, homoeopathic philosophy,
different approaches to classical homeopathy and others.

In one of two smaller halls raised issue will concern:
     - subjects related to clinical homeopathy, including clinical trials, serological
        investigations, cases from practice (one day)
     - homeopathy in India (one day)
     - homeopathic pharmacy, methods of producing homeopathic remedies (two hours
     - dentistry - classical approach, influence of fluorine (two hours panel)
     - organotropism of homeopathic substances, others (two hours panel)

In the second small hall we plan sessions concerning:
    - veterinary (with presidency of prof. Leoni Bonamin from Brasil), (whole day)
    - palliative treatment, borders of homeopathy, complexity of treatment, obstacles in
        homeopathy; mycosis, acidosis, vaccinations, extraneous proteins, influence of
        heavy metals (whole day)
    - complementation to homeopathy: psychology, diet, aromatherapy,
        supplementation (whole day) (optionally)

The poster session will be organised in foyer during the congress.
Stands of pharmaceutical companies and homeopathic publishers will take place
simultaneously in foyer.

There will be minimum one press conference with attendance of invited quests.

        Program (Draft) for the 64th LMHI Congress 26-30 August, Warsaw, Poland                 3
            Status: 2009-01-31 - please go to: www.lmhi2009.com for the most current version.
Time plan of the 64th LMHI Congress, Warsaw 26-30 August 2009
26.08.2009 (Wednesday), First day of the Congress - Registration & Inauguration
Concert Hall, foyer
14.00-18.00 Registration
18.00-19.30 Official Opening Ceremony. Welcome Addresses:
18.00-18.30 Prof. E. Malarczyk, President of the Congress,
            dr T. Kokoszczyński, NVP of Poland,
            representative of National Authorities
18.30-19.00 President of the LMHI Dr Ulrich Fischer
19.00-19.30 Piano concert of Mr. Stanisław Drzewiecki
19.30-21.00 Welcome "Drink"

27.08.2009 (Thursday), The Second day of the Congress
Concert Hall
- from 8.30 till 18.30
27.08.2009 (Thursday – evening 20.00) – Gala Dinner!

28.08.2009 (Friday), The third day of the Congress
Concert Hall
Start at 10.00, (because of the "Gala Dinner" the previous day) and continue till 20.00
(different times for breaks!)

29.08.2009 (Saturday), The fourth day of the Congress
Concert Hall
from 8.30 till 18.30

30.08.2009 (Sunday), The last, fifth day of the Congress
Concert Hall
from 8.30 till early afternoon. We plan to close the Congress at 14.30

Social activities program
The second day, after substantial part, we have "Gala Dinner" in the unique Capitol Club (paid
additionally), where while enjoying company and good music, having wonderful time we will meet old
and make new friends.
The third day we will start a bit later and after the sessions we will enjoy the extraordinary multimedia
performance "The Science of Art." prepared by Prof. Marcin Molski.
The fourth day at evening there will be a bus Warsaw Tour, with professional guidance.

During the Congress there will be possibility for accompanying persons to take part in very interesting
excursions – most probably they could visit old capitol of Poland – thousand year Krakow which is
World Heritage Site of UNESCO (detailed information available soon in Associated Program).

     After the Congress we plan one week visiting and relaxing Nature of Poland. Details soon.
    Please plan a one week holidays and return journey home on Sunday 6. September 2009.

   Excursions are paid separately. Please register today – we will send you more details by email.

          Program (Draft) for the 64th LMHI Congress 26-30 August, Warsaw, Poland                           4
             Status: 2009-01-31 - please go to: www.lmhi2009.com for the most current version.
List of the confirmed lecturers and their subjects:
Prof. Elżbieta Malarczyk
Biochemical fundamentals in homeopathy

Prof. Marcin Molski, Scientific Committee
Quasi-Quantum Phenomena: the Key to Understanding Homeopathy

Dr. Tony Nicolai, president of ECH
Situation of homeopathy (exact title soon)

Dr. Peter Fisher, London Homeopathic Hospital
Last reports from homeopathic research (exact title soon)

Dr. Sigrid Kruse: Universitätskinderklinik

Dr. Mira Dorcsi-Ulrich: einer kinderärztlichen Kassenpraxis
Homeopathy as a part of modern Pediatrics

Dr. Herbert Pfeiffer
Children development and Homeopathy

Dr. Clemens Dietrich
The Art of Case-taking and it's significance for the Homoeopath's personal development, his
knowledge and skills

Dr. Léon Scheepers, Belgium
Two "hopeless" cases cured with Asarum

Dr. Barbara Bichsel, Switzerland
Hunting for rare remedies

Dr. Robert Ködel, Germany
Cancer treatment in homeopathy (exact title follows)

Sanjay Sehgal: Cases of thrombocytopenia treated on the basis of mental state of a patient.
Yogesh Sehgal: 8 minutes acute case of a child (including understanding prescribing,
action of the medicine and follow up) & another case of a hyperactive child

Dr Andreas Dymek, Germany-Poland, Polish most famous teacher of homeopathy.

Rinaldo Octavio Vargas, sociologist
Homeopathy in post-modern society. Sociologist point of view.

Dr. Michel Van Wassenhoven
Homeopathy and E.BM. in allergic conditions.

Dr. Lex Rutten
The 2005 Lancet review proved superior quality of homeopathy trials

Prof. Louis Rey
Water Structure (exact title follows)

Dr. Gerhard Resch
Physical approach to homeopathic philosophy (exact title follows)

         Program (Draft) for the 64th LMHI Congress 26-30 August, Warsaw, Poland                5
            Status: 2009-01-31 - please go to: www.lmhi2009.com for the most current version.
Dr. Karin Lenger
Homeopathy - a quantum jump

Anatoly Alekseyevich Komissarenko
Mechanisms of homeopathic phenomenon (exact title follows)

Jacek Norkowski, MD – Polish priest, a Dominican
Philosophical approach to homeopathy – session.

Dentistry Session - Dr. Gloria André Feighelstein
- Comparative Study of homeopathy vs allopathy in the surgeries fo third molars
- Comparative study between Hypericum perf. and Oxagel in the treatment of Dentine
- The Homeopathy Appliance in the Dentistry Main Procedures
- The Constitutions and the Homeopathic remedies used in the Odontopediatrics Clinic
- Homeopathy in Periodontal Chronic Diseases
- Homeopathy in the Endodontic Treatment Procedures

Veterinary session - Prof. Leoni Bonamin

        Program (Draft) for the 64th LMHI Congress 26-30 August, Warsaw, Poland                6
           Status: 2009-01-31 - please go to: www.lmhi2009.com for the most current version.
Homeopaths sharing experiences
Lecturers are kindly requested to give her/his answer to the following 5 questions.
Responses will be published for Congress participants’ benefit.

 1.      Could you, in short, define the term health?
 2.      Is an aggravation important part of homeopathic therapy or just unwelcome symptom
         (side effect)?
 3.      Could you name problems you have been experiencing during repeating
         homeopathic remedies? (Do you rather change or repeat remedy? How often?)
 4.      Do strong emotions (stress) influence homeopathic treatment? What you do then?
 5.      What you do when your patient gets into acute or painful situation during chronic
         disease treatment (for example gets flu or bruise)?

           Please consider not coming if homeopathy is nothing but business for you,
           - we could not assure your material costs will pay back at the Congress .

        We cordially invite all whose hearts beat toward homeopathy!
We are sure you will enjoy the Congress and have many, many points to think
   about which will help you in better changing toward Salutogenesis .

                           Do not hesitate to ask for more information at

                    All lecturers in this program confirmed their participation.
                We still wait for some final confirmations which will be additional
             pearls of the Congress – the program will be updated on regular basis.

      Please keep in touch. Many interesting details will appear regularly on our web page:

          Program (Draft) for the 64th LMHI Congress 26-30 August, Warsaw, Poland                7
             Status: 2009-01-31 - please go to: www.lmhi2009.com for the most current version.
Call for Abstracts - Deadline February 15, 2009
Abstracts must be submitted by email to organisingcommittee@lmhi2009.com

The abstracts will be reviewed by the Scientific Committee. The majority of the submitted
abstracts will be accepted at least for poster presentation. Ample time will be devoted to
poster viewing and poster discussions.
The Scientific Committee will select the abstracts for oral presentation. A prize will be
awarded to the best presentation.

Abstracts with the following topics can be submitted:
       Basic Research
       Animal Research
       Provings
       Clinical Cases
       Clinical Studies
       RCT's
       Epidemiological Studies - Data Collection
       Verification of Homeopathic Symptoms
       Computerised Help to Homeopathy
       Micro-Immunotherapy
       Pollutions and Calamities - Homeopathy and the Food Chain
       Pharmacology - Quality, Efficacy and Availability of Homeopathic Medications
       Nosodes
       Philosophy, psychology and sociology of homeopathy

Notification letters will be sent by email by the end of February 2009.
Those authors, whose abstracts have been accepted, will also be requested to send a full
paper by April 31, 2009. Instructions on the submission of a full text will be sent together with
the notification letters.

        Submit your abstract to organisingcommittee@lmhi2009.com
                Abstract submission deadline: 15. February, 2009

                            Guidelines for Abstracts can be found here:

         Program (Draft) for the 64th LMHI Congress 26-30 August, Warsaw, Poland                 8
             Status: 2009-01-31 - please go to: www.lmhi2009.com for the most current version.
Please, Registration fee by bank transfer.

Bank account details:
Bank name: PKO BP SA
Account number: PL 30 1020 1013 0000 0802 0160 3638

Early payment: (until 31 January 2009)
€ 390 for LMHI Members (only to the end of January special price!)
€ 450 for Non Members
Gala Dinner € 65
Student, Trainee, Nurse** € 200
One day Ticket: € 180
It is possible to reduce the price for larger groups - please do not hesitate to contact
with us.
** Proof of Status (student, trainee, nurse) is to be sent to Organising
Committee (fax +48 22 773-20-68).
Without this proof the Non Member fee will be charged!

Regular payment (after 1st February 2009):
€ 450 for LMHI Members
€ 500 for Non Members
Gala Dinner € 85
Student, Trainee, Nurse** € 250
One day Ticket: € 190

At venue:
€ 550 for LMHI Members
€ 650 for Non Members
Gala Dinner € 100
Student, Trainee, Nurse** € 300
One day Ticket: € 200

         Please register today on the Congress website -
we keep current price for you for two weeks from registration date!

We hope that you will not need to cancel your Congress.

Refunds will be given based on the timing of the cancellation.
Until 31 March 2009 - 100% refund minus a € 50 cancellation fee (to cover incurred
administration expenses).

Your cancellation must be mailed (and confirmed) to the Organising Committee:

        Program (Draft) for the 64th LMHI Congress 26-30 August, Warsaw, Poland                9
           Status: 2009-01-31 - please go to: www.lmhi2009.com for the most current version.
Hotel reservation options for the 64th LMHI Congress – Warsaw:

             -> Please make reservation writing directly to given email <-

Special offer in one of the following hotels in the vicinity of the Congress venue:

Marriott Hotel - warsaw-reservation@marriotthotels.com
- single room is available at 230 PLN (+7%Vat) per day, and a
- double room at 270 PLN (+7%Vat).
A single room is also available for two persons at an extra fee for breakfast.

Novotel Hotel - rez.nov.warszawa@orbis.pl
- single room during the week is available at 299,PLN (+7% Vat),
- double room is available at 349,PLN (+7% Vat).
During the weekend, a single room is available at 269,PLN (+7% Vat), and a double
room is available at 319,PLN (+7% Vat).
In the Novotel the reservation is possible until the Congress date on condition of

Holiday Inn Hotel - rez.holiday@orbis.pl
- single room is available at 300,PLN (+7% Vat)
- and a double room is available at 330,PLN (+7% Vat).
The bargain price of the reservation is available by 15.07.2009. After that date, the
reservation will be possible on the condition of availability.

This price offer is about 50 % of the regular price per day scheduled for August 2009.
The Hotels are within a five minute walking distance from the Palace of Culture and
The reservation is available at this price upon the password "LMHI Congress

The above hotels are of the European Standard.

The other hotels in the vicinity of the Congress venue:
The Hilton Hotel - reservation.warsaw@hilton.com
The Metropol Hotel - centralreservation@syrena.com.pl

The Hotels in the two bus stop distance from the Congress venue:
The Campanile Hotel - warszawa@campanile.com.pl
The Kyriad Hotel - warszawa@kyriadprestige.com.pl
The MDM Hotel - hotel.mdm@syrena.com.pl (check the prices!!)
The Sobieski Hotel - rezerwacja@sobieski.com.pl

The cheapest offer:
Students Hostel, PTSM - www.ptsm.org.pl
with mail contact: hostellingpol.ptsm@pro.onet.pl
within few bus stop distance.

        Program (Draft) for the 64th LMHI Congress 26-30 August, Warsaw, Poland                10
           Status: 2009-01-31 - please go to: www.lmhi2009.com for the most current version.

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