Big Island of Hawaii Region SCCA

					Big Island of Hawaii Region SCCA

Board Minutes

June 1, 2009


Present: Barbara Archer, Paul Zabel, Jonathan Spiegel, Brian Dorr

Absent: Mark Pernell

Also Present: Michelle Eoff, Recording Secretary

Call to order: Barbara Archer called the meeting to order at 9:05 am.

Minutes Approval: The May minutes were presented for approval.

M/S Jonathan/Paul to approve the minutes as presented.

Motion Passed-Unanimous

Financial Report: Jonathan reports that all is well financially. The cargo container is
paid for -- $1,000.00. We paid the $200.00 deposit for the Evolution Driving School.

M/S Paul/Brian to accept financial report as presented.

Motion Passed-Unanimous

Membership Report: Brian reports that we had one new member from Waimea join
at the May Solo event. Membership is steady at 59.

Membership breakdown as follows:

46 Hawaii members
13 Dual members

Hawaii Membership breakdown is:

Kona 10 members

Hilo 11 members

Waimea 13

Hawi 6

Other Big Island locations 6 members

Oahu 1 member

Several photographers were at the last Solo event. It was suggested we have media
passes for photographers and other media personnel.

Brian will make sure to have Media Passes at future events.

Six weekend members participated in the May Solo Event.

National’s member incentive program: This topic will be covered at the next board

Local region benefits and discounts: Brian reports that this is in progress; Jonathan
has paperwork ready for Checkers Auto they are anxious to join.

Competition Update:

Solo event update: Jonathan reports that there was an excellent turn out for the May
event with 30 entries. The event received good comments from visitors and viewers.
We need to work on efficiency in event operations. We need to tighten up procedures
in all specialties.

Timing and scoring need to get back to posting results at events. Timing & Scoring
should also have a backup plan in case of computer failure.

Entry Fee Clarification: Current entry fees cover only 4 runs. Drivers who want to
run more than 4 runs will have to pay an additional $20 for pre-registered or an
additional $25 for registration at the track. If drivers want to run other cars in additional
heats, additional fees will apply to the additional heats.

M/S Jonathan/Paul to approve the fee structure outlined.

Motion passed-unanimous.

Track Paving: The May 31, 2009 event brought in $780.00 of donations for this
project. Contributors will be publicly recognized (name only) at the end of the

Chiefs and Officials: Barbara will route the current list of Chiefs and Officials to board
members for approval. When approved, the list of Chiefs and Officials with contact
information will be posted on the website

Bradshaw Airstrip Report: Brian presented a map of the airstrip. Coronal
Richardson’s will work on the details on their end. Paul asked if we know the National
SCCA track approval criteria/process. We do not. Paul will contact National SCCA about
track inspections.

Old Airport Meeting: Paul and Jonathan report that the plan is complete for the
current park, it was decided that this was not the venue for SCCA since the park is a
dedicated “Green Space”. However with the help from Paul Zabel the consultants have
included consideration of motorsport needs for the planning of the regional park. This
venue will be able to accommodate several groups including the RC clubs, farmers
markets, etc. The board will be compiling a list of other groups wanting to share the
space and help promote a motorsport paved area (MUPA). No specific time frame has
been established for discussions relating to the regional park. The expectation is that it
will be about 6 months until these discussions begin.

Evolution Autocross School: Jonathan reports that the contract has been signed and
the $200.00 deposit has been sent.

Information about the Evolution Driving School is posted on the website.

We will begin advertising the event to our members now:

Brian will be put together some hand outs about the event.

Barbara will send an email to all current SCCA members regarding the event.

Jonathan will contact Paul Moffett regarding adding Saturday to our November date.

Barbara will send Paul Zabel information for the website.

The school can handle 18 entrants. Entrants will have until August 30 to submit their
request for the school – a deposit of ½ the entry fee is required to secure a place in the
school. The entry fee deposit is non-refundable, but may be transferred to another
entrant if one is available. Entry preference may be given to those who work the
September Car Control Clinic.

It was suggested we contact Ohana Road about both the Car Control Clinic and the
Evolution Driving School. Brian will follow up on this.

Car Control Clinic: A sign-up sheet for the Car Control clinic helpers will be created.
Jonathan needs the information about distances for the 3 course areas from the last
CCC. Jonathan will contact Jim Cohn to see if he has the distance information.

Cargo Container Move: Jonathan reports that the container is ready to move, and
will make arrangements with Bob Lindsey to move the container to the track. Jonathan
has three references for movers. We expect arrangements to be made for the move
this month.
It was also discussed that no valuables will be left in the container.

Solo Promotion Kit: We received the free “Solo Promotion Starter Kit” from National
SCCA. The kit was turned over to Brian.

Trans Pacific Exchange Road Race -- Bremerton: The dead line for having shirts
printed is the first of Aug. They must be produced and sent to NW Region by mid

Brian will be in contact with local T-Shirt printers.

Region Operations:

September Planning Date: We have 2 major projects to plan for – the Bradshaw
Airstrip site and the regional park. It was agreed that we will set a date in mid-
September as a planning meeting for these 2 very important projects.

Military Dues Structure: We will adopt the National SCCA dues structure. The
regional dues structure for this category will mirror the National SCCA dues structure.

M/S Paul/Jonathan To approve a specific Military dues category as outlined.

Motion passed- unanimous

Website Update: Paul reports that the site is up to date. Paul is revising and updating
the contributions list for the board.

Website Improvements: Plan for 2010 will be discussed at next meeting. Barbara
requested the board come up with 3 to 5 ideas for website enhancements. All board
members should submit website improvement ideas to Barbara by July 1st.

Public TV Update: Brian will be putting together two 30 second public announcements
he is still seeking volunteers to help with this and the camera.
Christmas Parade: Brian will be in contact with Bill Sanborn about Parade.

Hilo Car Show: There is a car show in Hilo. Brian will contact Rob Gavel, Jr. and will
work on details for SCCA to be represented at the car show.

RE’s Report:

Strategic Plan: The strategic Plan will be discussed at the next board meeting.

Adjourn: The meeting was adjourned at 10:50 am.

Respectfully submitted,

Michelle Eoff, Recording Secretary