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Mulherin Announces Site-Level Gallup Results


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           A weekly publication of Northrop Grumman Shipbuilding-Newport News | April 26-30, 2010

           We will continue our focus on the single most important contributor to our success – OUR PEOPLE – by increasing
           individual ownership, engagement and personal commitment

           Mulherin Announces Site-Level Gallup Results
           Shipbuilding President Mike Petters
           announced the sector's employee
           engagement results in a special
           communication to all employees on April 19.

           The results are important, Petters said,
           "because we know that engagement is
           directly related to performance. If we can
           improve engagement, our safety, quality,
           cost and schedule performance will naturally
           follow, and we will continue making progress
           on our Top Five Priorities."

           Today, Matt Mulherin, sector vice president
           and general manager, announces the site-
           level results for Newport News.

           "I have several take-aways from our Gallup
           results," Mulherin said. "The first is that I'm
           very happy with Newport News' 89 percent
           participation rate. This tells us that people
           want their voices to be heard. To that, I say,
           ‘We hear you, and we're taking action.'

           "The second," he said, "is that even though
           our overall scores still aren't as high as we'd
           like them to be, we do see improvement
           every time we take the survey. That tells us
           we're doing something right, but we always
                                                                This chart shows Newport News' percentile ranks (vs. Gallup's
           have an opportunity to do more."
                                                                2009 Q12 overall database) for each question on the employee
           Mulherin said he'd like Newport News                 engagement survey. "It’s getting increasingly harder to score
           shipbuilders to focus on the questions Gallup        high," Shipbuilding President Mike Petters said, "because the
           says are highly correlated to quality: Q01,          numbers in Gallup’s database are going up. It’s a moving
           Q02, Q04, Q05 and Q07. "This is the focus            average.” For additional charts, visit:
           of the latest EPL module for leaders and             http://sb.northgrum.com/docs/NN/ GallupResults.pdf.
           should guide the discussion as teams begin
           their action-planning," he said.

           "Finally," he said, "I would just remind all shipbuilders to speak up anytime they have ideas on what we can do to
           improve. It doesn't have to be through formal action-planning. Just talk to your supervisor or anyone on the
           leadership team -- myself included. Dialogue is what engagement is all about."

           View the site-level results on Homeport: http://sb.northgrum.com/docs/NN/GallupResults.pdf.

           View the sector-level results and Mike Petters' message on Homeport:

                                       “Be assured that employee engagement is not ‘just another thing’ being added to
                                       your already busy schedules. It affects everything we do. In fact, understanding
                                       our level of employee engagement and working to increase it in the future will
                                       make everything we do easier and will move us closer to achieving our vision of

file:////Rsnv43-pwnws02/wwwroot/divisions/O29/currents_email.html[4/26/2010 11:17:32 AM]

                                       being the world’s best military shipbuilder.”

                                       Mike Petters, president, Northrop Grumman Shipbuilding

           We will continue our focus on the single most important contributor to our success – OUR PEOPLE – by increasing
           individual ownership, engagement and personal commitment

           Shipyard Featured On NN-TV
           The April edition of "Newport News In Review" will air 10
           times a day from April 23 through May 21 on Newport News
           TV (NN-TV). The show, produced by the City of Newport
           News, airs on the city's government-access cable television
           channel (Cox Cable Channel 48 and Verizon FiOs Channel 19.)
           The April edition was shot in and around Northrop Grumman
           Shipbuilding-Newport News and includes feature stories on the shipyard and interviews with shipbuilders.

           The show will air at 12:30, 2:30, 8:30 and 10:30 a.m. and at 12:30, 2:30, 6:30, 8:30, 10:30 and 11:30 p.m. The
           show is also available on youtube (for viewing at home) at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DnrC7PQ0A0g.

           The Apprentice School graduation ceremony will also air at 1 and 7 a.m. and 1 and 7 p.m. from April

           We will continue our focus on the single most important contributor to our success – OUR PEOPLE – by improving the
           health, safety and quality of life for our people

           36 Accidents Reported April 16-22
           Newport News shipbuilders reported 36 accidents from Friday, April 16 through
           Thursday, April 22, including a finger amputation on April 22. None of the days were
           accident-free, and of the 36 accidents reported, 20 were delayed reports, meaning the
           accidents were not reported on the day they occurred. The numbers for previous week
           were 32 and 15.

           Newport News' current "Accident Free" goal is to repeat five accident-free days in a
           month and to reduce the number of delayed accident reports.

           Shipbuilders are encouraged to report accidents as promptly as possible.

           For purposes of "Accident Free Day" communications, a day is considered accident free if no accidents are
           reported by noon the following day. All accident data is adjusted on cumulative reports to reflect late reporting.
           For health and safety bulletins, alerts and notices; procedures and manuals; and other training resources, visit the
           Health and Safety Dept. (O27) intranet homepage: http://yardnet/divisions/humres/O27/hlthsfty.stm.

              X67 Team Goes 720 Days Accident-Free
              Newport News' Non-Nuclear Inspection
              Dept. (X67) recognized the inspection
              team at Trailer 112 on April 20 for
              working the entire USS Enterprise
              (CVN 65) availability – more than 720
              days – without an accident or injury.

              "As we all know, our bosses set the
              standard very high for us as far as
              safety and quality, and it's just a
              testament of what you can do when
              you put your mind to it and you care
file:////Rsnv43-pwnws02/wwwroot/divisions/O29/currents_email.html[4/26/2010 11:17:32 AM]

             about yourself, you care about what
             you're doing, you care about one
             another, you care about the
             customer," Michael Mugler (right),
             the team's supervisor, said before
             serving cake. "That was a very, very
             aggressive target – zero accidents
             every day, everywhere – and we did it,
             and I'm as proud as I can be of this
             group and the effort that everybody put forth."

             X67 Manager Bill West and Ron Murray, director, Non-Nuclear Quality, also attended and thanked the
             team members for their safety accomplishment.

             "It feels good," said Taj Parker (X67). "We try to look after each other on the job site and make sure that
             all of us are safe, whether we're on the flight deck or on the dry dock. … It's good to know that people are
             actually concerned about our welfare and appreciate the work that we put in, especially when you're
             working six or seven days a week every week. It's real good to know you have people that care." Photo by
             Ricky Thompson

             Welders Recognized For Safety Efforts
                                   Three Welding Dept. (X18) employees -- Percy Paxton, Brendan Summers and John
                                   Williams – are featured in the "Safety Spotlight" section of their department's
                                   newsletter, The Shield.

                                   "By having a military background," Paxton says, "I was taught, from basic training
                                   throughout my military service, to look out for yourself and fellow soldiers. I guess when
                                   I started in the shipyard in 1977, I tried to implement those values here at the shipyard.
                                   Now by using the 10-second challenge, REC (Recognize, Evaluate and Control) and Risk
                                   Assessment Sheets, you have some good tools to help you work safely. By sharing these
                                   values with my co-workers, I'm helping them to be safe also."

                                   To read the April edition of The Shield, visit:
             Paxton                http://yardnet/divisions/Operations/x18/Shield.stm.

             SRNS Recognized For 7M Accident-Free Man-Hours
             Savannah River Nuclear Solutions
             (SRNS), a subsidiary of Newport News,
             hosted celebration lunches the week of
             April 12 to congratulate 8,000
             employees, contractors and
             subcontractors for working 7 million
             man-hours with no lost-time injuries.

             The week before the celebration, SRNS
             President and CEO Garry Flowers
             received a congratulatory letter from
             Ines Triay, Assistant Secretary for
             Environmental Management, for
             passing the 6 million man-hour mark.

             "The Department of Energy and the
             Office of Environmental Management
file:////Rsnv43-pwnws02/wwwroot/divisions/O29/currents_email.html[4/26/2010 11:17:32 AM]

              congratulate SRNS management and
              workers for their attention and actions that helped reach this milestone," Triay wrote. "Please convey our
              appreciation for the excellent achievement in safety by the SRNS leadership and thousands of hard-working
              SRNS employees."

              Photo caption: SRNS President and CEO Garry Flowers (far right) and other members of the SRNS
              leadership team sing the James Taylor song, "Shower the People You Love with Love."

           We will continue our focus on the single most important contributor to our success – OUR PEOPLE – by increasing
           individual ownership, engagement and personal commitment

           "Ethically Speaking"
           The Shipbuilding sector's Business Conduct Office and
           Communications Division are proud to present a recurring
           feature called "Ethically Speaking." To promote ethical
           behavior and help support Northrop Grumman's ethics theme
           for 2010 -- "Ethics: Our Reputation and our Future" -- short
           interviews with Shipbuilding executives will be featured in
           Currents and Centerline, the Gulf Coast newsletter, twice a
           month. The sixth executive to be featured is George
           Simmerman, sector vice president and sector counsel.

           All of our company values are important. How/why are
           integrity and quality important in your organization?
           Integrity and quality are central to the provision of timely,
           accurate and helpful legal advice. The advice our Law Dept.
           provides will be used by others as part of their business
           decision process. Without integrity and quality in our legal
           advice "products," those to whom we supply our advice
           would be poorly served.

           How do you make ethics a part of your leadership?
           Respect goes hand-in-hand with ethics. A central theme in
           our department is we encourage open dialogue within the
           department. This encourages people to share their views and
           broaden our thought horizons. All of this is part of how we
           treat one another: ethically. Further, ethics demand a
           higher-level approach to work and interaction with one
           another beyond what the minimum level of the law may
           require. Astute attention to our ethical standards, coupled with efforts to appropriately model compliance to
           others, are chief elements of our leadership modalities within the Law Dept.

           What example of an ethics dilemma or "gray area" have you faced in your business?
           Through the years, a number of employees have taken a benign approach to certain rules in the sense they knew
           there were rules but failed to ask for guidance about them before acting. They essentially followed the "better to
           seek forgiveness than permission" approach. Not all such actions violate our ethical principles, but they have given
           an appearance that the rules may not be as crucial as we leaders claim they are. Victory here would be folks
           seeking answers before they act as opposed to trying to find answers to fit their actions later.

           What is your opinion on "Good news travel fast, but bad news should travel faster?"
           People do not want to share bad news or feel implicated by sharing it. We must create an environment where
file:////Rsnv43-pwnws02/wwwroot/divisions/O29/currents_email.html[4/26/2010 11:17:32 AM]
           employees feel as free as possible to share their views and concerns. We need to know bad news early so we can
           better address a problem before it grows or cannot be repaired.

           The ethics theme this year is "Ethics – Our Reputation and our Future" How does that theme apply to
           your organization?
           We are known by our reputation. It takes years to develop a good reputation and only a few minutes to tear one
           down. If we're just known as a company that complies with the law, there's little credit in that, as we are
           supposed to comply with the law. If we go above and beyond and are known as an ethical company, it garners
           more favorable attention and will help direct employees our way who value our core principles.

           How do you define ethical leadership as it relates to your organization?
           Ask about, listen for, support and seek legal, practical and always ethical approaches to any issue or task. Then
           apply the information to how the advice is structured and provided to our clients. These are the criteria for ethical
           leadership in our department, and the criteria apply to all Law Dept. employees.

           Look for more "Ethically Speaking" interviews on the Shipbuilding Web site:

           For more information about "Ethically Speaking," contact Kenny Rogers, sector director, Compliance and Ethics,
           at Kenny.Rogers@ngc.com.

           We will continue our focus on the single most important contributor to our success – OUR PEOPLE – by advancing the
           development of our critical skills

           E05 Employee Recognized By Adm. McMahon
           Newport News shipbuilder Chaim "CJ" Tor
           recently received a letter of commendation
           from Rear Adm. Michael McMahon, Program
           Executive Officer, Aircraft Carriers, for his
           superior performance supporting the U.S.
           Navy on the Electro-Magnetic Aircraft Launch
           System (EMALS) IPT.

           Tor works in the Washington Technical Office
           (E05), where he provides daily support to
           the Washington Navy Yard and has become a
           critical member of the NAVSEA 05 Carrier
           Engineering Team. He transferred to D.C. in
           1998 from the Submarine Engineering
           Electrical Design Dept. (E13), where he was
           a supervisor.

           Rear Adm. McMahon cited Tor as being
           "responsible for numerous activities
           associated with the technical review of the
           EMALS system, assessing the design, system integration and test program success." McMahon went on to say
           Tor's "dedication, hard work and expertise not only provided a critical review, but also resulted in the successful
           demonstration of the equipment and system performance requirements."

           Pictured (left to right) are Capt. Brian Antonio, CVN 78 Program Manager; Roy Miller, NAVSEA 05V3; Frances
           Colberg, NAVSEA 05V3; CJ Tor, Washington Technical Office; and Rear Adm. Michael McMahon, PEO Carriers.

           We will continue to improve our OPERATIONAL PERFORMANCE by advancing our Top 5 Priorities to sustain our performance

           OneBadge Roll-Out Moving To Waterfront In May
           Since the Northrop Grumman OneBadge roll-out began at Newport News in April 2009, more than 11,000
           employees have received the new high-assurance (HA) badge.

           The rollout of the basic-assurance (BA) badge, which will allow for physical access to company facilities (i.e.,
           turnstiles, electronic doors, etc.), is scheduled to begin on the waterfront in May. All Newport News employees
           and long-term visitors will be badged by December 2010.

           As the population of employees who have been issued the OneBadge grows, more questions arise about the
           functionality of the badge. Employees are reminded that a OneBadge resource site with user guides and
           frequently asked questions (FAQ) is available at:
file:////Rsnv43-pwnws02/wwwroot/divisions/O29/currents_email.html[4/26/2010 11:17:32 AM]

           For technical assistance with OneBadge, call the Help Desk at 8-HELP. Any additional questions regarding
           OneBadge can be e-mailed to: Security1BadgeNN-001@ngc.com.

           We will continue our focus on the single most important contributor to our success – OUR PEOPLE – by advancing the
           development of our critical skills

           Reminder For Employees Needing Export Training
           Newport News' International Compliance Office (ICO) reminds shipbuilders that they may not attend the 60-
           minute "Annual Export Training-Refresh" class unless they attended the 120-minute "Annual Export Training-
           Basic" class in 2009.

           The ICO manually checks LX (Learning Exchange) class rosters against 2009 attendance records, and employees
           who have registered in error for the "Refresh" version will be removed from the class. The ICO will make
           reasonable efforts to contact employees who have registered in error; however, if the ICO is unable to reach
           ineligible registrants prior to class start time, they will be turned back at the door.

           The LX course code for "Annual Export Training-Basic" is: BUIE-ANEX-NN-ILT. This class is open to all. The LX
           course code for "Annual Export Training-Refresh" is: BUIE-ANEXR-NN-NN. This class requires a 2009 AET

           Employees can view their most recent AET certification date and the earliest date they can take the next AET
           class by going to "My Learning" in LX, then "Certifications," then "Annual Export Certification (Version 1.1)."

           Employees who discover they have registered for "Refresh" in error should unregister and re-register in one of the
           "Basic" classes.

           We will deliver on our FINANCIAL COMMITMENTS to our Shareholders by accurately forecasting and hitting projected
           results quarter-over-quarter

           Managed Print Services Update
           Newport News began implementation of Managed Print
           Services (MPS) -- an effort to significantly reduce the number
           of printers, copiers, fax machines and scanners in the
           shipyard -- in February.

           During the first step of implementation, Xerox representatives
           are on-site to inventory current equipment and to create
           current state maps. Results from data collection activities and
           current state maps will aid in creating recommended future
           state maps. Migration to MPS will be broken down into
           multiple phases within Newport News with each phase made
           up of specific buildings and locations.

           In a video message released in February, Matt Mulherin, sector vice president and general manager, and the
           executive sponsor of the project, asked employees to help Xerox with its audit "by giving your honest input about
           your print and copy requirements, so we can design a plan that works for everyone."

           Here is an overview of the next steps for each phase at Newport News:

           * MPS will present recommendations to Newport News management for approval
           * Upon approval, implementation process begins and will include the announcement of device information, user
           training and future supply and maintenance procedures
           * Following implementation, a satisfaction survey will be distributed to employees to gain feedback

           For more information, including past announcements and frequently asked questions (FAQ), visit the MPS intranet
           page: http://yardnet/it_solutions/projects/managed_print/index.stm. Questions not answered in the FAQ may be
           e-mailed to: NGSBNNManagedPrintServices@ngc.com.

           We will continue our focus on the single most important contributor to our success – OUR PEOPLE – by increasing
           individual ownership, engagement and personal commitment

           Anchor Services Hosts "Meet And Greet" For Admins
           Cheryl Gillikin (right), an administrative assistant in
file:////Rsnv43-pwnws02/wwwroot/divisions/O29/currents_email.html[4/26/2010 11:17:32 AM]

           Newport News' Nuclear Construction Engineering Dept. (E86),
           serves herself lunch during a "Spring Meet and Greet" in
           Bldg. 520-6. Anchor Food Services hosted the special event
           on April 21, Administrative Professionals Day. Photo by Ricky

           We will continue our focus on the single most important contributor to our success – OUR PEOPLE – by increasing
           individual ownership, engagement and personal commitment

                                                   MOE Nomination
                                                   Materials Available
                                                   Nomination materials for the 2010 Model of Excellence Awards are now
                                                   available at: http://yardnet/divisions/ProEx/moe/ moe.stm. The deadline for
                                                   nominations is May 24.

           We will improve the FIRST-TIME QUALITY of our products by delivering defect-free products at every step of the value

           Reminder: Final Week Of $250 OFI Promotion
           Shipbuilders who submit valid ideas to the OFI (Opportunity For Improvement) Program from April 1-30 will be
           entered into a drawing for $250. The OFI Program will reward one hourly and one salaried employee. For more
           information on the OFI promotion or on 2010 program changes, visit the OFI intranet site:

           We will continue our focus on the single most important contributor to our success – OUR PEOPLE – by increasing
           individual ownership, engagement and personal commitment

           Corporate Manager To Speak At "Green" Symposium
           Bill Haslett of Northrop Grumman's Corporate Supply Chain Office will be among the speakers at the Hampton
           Roads Environmental Business Symposium, which will be held on May 11 at the Norfolk Waterside Marriott.
           Haslett, manager, Enterprise Sourcing and Logistics Procurement Shared Services, will speak about "Green Supply
           Chain Management." The symposium is presented by the Green Jobs Alliance and Inside Business. Tickets are
           $195. For more information, visit: http://www.insidebiz.com/ebs2010.

           SME Chapter To Host Dinner Presentation On May 26
           The Apprentice School student chapter of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) will host a dinner
           presentation by NASA's Dr. Jose Ortiz on "Electromagnetic Environmental Effects on Aries I-X" at 6 p.m. May 26
           at the Knights of Columbus hall on Nettles Drive in Newport News. Cost is $10 per person. RSVP by May 21 to
           Tracey A. Naumann (E06/E84) at 619-4500 or ApprenticeSME@gmail.com.

           We will continue our focus on the single most important contributor to our success – OUR PEOPLE – by increasing
           individual ownership, engagement and personal commitment

           Corporate Communications News
           Live Meeting Will Replace NetMeeting This Summer;
           Begin Using Live Meeting Now and Explore its New

file:////Rsnv43-pwnws02/wwwroot/divisions/O29/currents_email.html[4/26/2010 11:17:32 AM]

           If you are still using NetMeeting to collaborate with co-
           workers, take note: NetMeeting is being retired this summer.
           Begin using Live Meeting now for all your online meetings as
           Northrop Grumman transitions to this single tool.                       Comparing Live Meeting to NetMeeting

           Live Meeting allows you to collaborate quickly and easily with          * Like NetMeeting, Live Meeting is software used
           co-workers and works in concert with Office Communicator                to collaborate with colleagues who are connected
           instant messaging (IM). With a new version just deployed to             to the Northrop Grumman Global Network.
           your computer, you can share your desktop instantly with a
           colleague through an IM.                                                * Live Meeting can accommodate up to 250
           Become Familiar with Live Meeting
           The Live Meeting site and user guide are available here for             * Live Meeting, like NetMeeting, is for
           Newport News employees:                                                 unclassified use only.
                                                                                   * Unlike NetMeeting, Live Meeting works with
           Or, visit the Live Meeting portal site (requires 5+2 for                Outlook and instant messaging. You can invite
           access) or MyIT on the intranet for frequently asked                    colleagues to a Live Meeting from your Outlook
           questions and training modules.                                         calendar or from an instant message. You can
                                                                                   also share your desktop with a colleague
           Take a Course                                                           through an instant message.
           You can take interactive courses through Learning Exchange
           (LX). Type "Microsoft Live Meeting 2007" in the search box and click go. Click launch to begin the course. This
           course contains a list of modules. Click on each module title to continue through the entire course.

           If you have questions about LiveMeeting, e-mail: AskLiveMeeting2007@ngc.com.

           Corporate Communications News Briefs
           Northrop Grumman to Honor Employee Volunteers: Wes Bush, Northrop Grumman's chief executive officer
           and president, announced on April 20 the launch of Northrop Grumman's Volunteer Recognition Program,
           designed to shine a light on employee volunteerism across our company. "If you volunteer on a regular basis with
           a non-profit organization or at an accredited public school, you are eligible to be nominated by that organization
           for a Northrop Grumman Excellence in Volunteerism award," Bush wrote. "This award will recognize 10
           outstanding volunteers and provide a grant to each volunteer's organization." To read the entire announcement,
           visit: http://home.northgrum.com/comm/pdf_2010/mfcp_1008.pdf.

           Northrop Grumman Commitment To The Environment Reflected In greeNG Goals: Wes Bush, Northrop
           Grumman's chief executive officer and president, announced on April 22 significant steps the corporation has
           taken to improve environmental sustainability and plans to do more in the years ahead. "We have integrated
           environmental sustainability into our long-range strategic plans," Bush wrote, "and we believe that our success in
           this arena plays an important role in becoming the top performing company in our industry." To read the entire
           announcement, visit: http://home.northgrum.com/comm/pdf_2010/mfcp_1009.pdf.

           Northrop Grumman Honored As One Of The Best Corporations For Veteran-Owned Businesses: The
           National Veteran-Owned Business Association (NaVOBA) has honored Northrop Grumman Corp. in its April issue
           Vetrepreneur magazine of as one of its 10 Best Corporations for Veteran-Owned Businesses for 2010. "Northrop
           Grumman is honored to be named one of the Best 10 Corporations for Veteran-Owned Businesses. This
           recognition is an acknowledgement that our focus on creating a competitive advantage by partnering with diverse,
           technologically superior and agile suppliers is a winning proposition for Northrop Grumman and veteran-owned
           businesses," said Susan Cote, vice president, corporate contracts, pricing and supply chain. "More importantly, it
           proves our assertion that a diverse supplier base is more than good business -- it is a business imperative." To
           read the entire story, visit: http://www.irconnect.com/noc/press/pages/news_ releases.html?d=188750.

           Internal Spear Phishing Test Targets Business Development: In March, Information Security conducted an
           internal spear phishing test that targeted a group of 250 employees in Business Development. Of the 69 percent
           who read the e-mail, more than 23 percent clicked on a fake link that could have downloaded malicious software
           if the spear phishing e-mail had been real. Results of the exercise serve as a reminder that employees must
           carefully examine e-mails before clicking on links or opening attachments. The ongoing and malicious nature of
           cyber attacks toward governments and defense companies is known in the security industry as the advanced
           persistent threat. To read the entire story, visit:

                                Green Pledge from M.G. Jones (E81): "I pledge to lower my heat and raise my A/C
                                temps. Each degree you turn down the heat saves 3 percent of heating costs, while each
                                degree you raise the temperature of your air conditioner saves 3 to 4 percent of cooling costs.
                                By changing the temperature by 2 degrees all year, you can save about 2,000 pounds of CO2

file:////Rsnv43-pwnws02/wwwroot/divisions/O29/currents_email.html[4/26/2010 11:17:32 AM]

                                a year."

                                View more award-winning Green Pledges on the O27 page.

           Need to dispose of household hazardous waste? A drop-off schedule for all of Hampton Roads is
           available on Homeport: http://yardnet/divisions/ humres/O27/Envn_Eng/hazardous_waste/
           Household_Haz_ collection.pdf.

             Datebook                                                                      Currents is published every Monday
                                                                                           for employees of Northrop Grumman
             4/27: Newport News will host an American Red Cross
             Bloodmobile from 8 to 11 a.m. outside Bldg. 802                               Shipbuilding-Newport News.
             (NetCenter). To schedule an appointment, call 8-0308.
                                                                                           The deadline for submissions is noon
             4/29: Newport News will host an American Red Cross                            Thursday for publication the following
             Bloodmobile from 7:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. outside Bldg. 520.
             To schedule an appointment, call 8-9191, option 9.                            week.

             4/30: The Apprentice Alumni Association (AAA) will host its                   Note: To ensure publication,
             annual banquet at 6 p.m. at the Virginia Air and Space Center                 employees are encouraged to submit
             (VASC) in Hampton. The Class of 1960 will be honored. Tickets
             are $40 and are available from AAA delegates and from Judy                    content as soon as possible.
             Hester at The Apprentice School. To find a delegate, call Tom
             Gentry (E51) at 0-7999 or any of the AAA officers.                            Editor:
                                                                                           Jim Roberts (O29)
             5/5: Newport News' Education Assistance office will host its
             annual College Day from 2 to 5 p.m. in the James River Room                   jim.roberts@ngc.com
             (Bldg. 520-6). Representatives from more than 25 educational                  757-688-4962
             partners, including EdAssist, will be available to discuss
             undergraduate admissions, transfer credits, graduate programs                 Currents Archives
             and various programs of study. Information will also be
             available on in-house certification programs, including systems
             engineering, program management and project management.                       Questions/Comments
             Contact: Linda Graves (O35) at 8-8236.
                                                                                           Visit the O29 Yardnet web site to
             5/7: Newport News will offer Annual Export Training "Basic"                   submit a story.
             from 9 to 11 a.m. in Bldg. 903-7. Register on LX.

             5/12: Newport News will offer Annual Export Training "Refresh"                Newport News Employee
             from 8:30 to 9:30 a.m. in the Virginia Advanced Shipbuilding                  Information Phone Line:
             and Carrier Integration Center (VASCIC) auditorium. Register                  1-800-995-4318
             on LX.

             5/12: Newport News will offer Annual Export Training "Refresh"
             from 10 to 11 a.m. in the Virginia Advanced Shipbuilding and
             Carrier Integration Center (VASCIC) auditorium. Register on LX.

             5/15: Newport News' Reactor Plant Planning Yard Dept. (E83)
             will host a spring golf tournament on at Cypress Creek Golfer's
             Club in Smithfield. The tournament is open to Northrop
             Grumman employees and their guests. Cost is $60 per golfer.
             The entry fee includes greens fee, cart and a post-tournament
             dinner. Contact: James Kaliszewski at 8-9842 or
             james.kaliszewski@ngc.com or Mike Howell at 8-7484

             5/19: Newport News will offer Annual Export Training "Refresh"
             from 8:30 to 9:30 a.m. in Bldg. 907-2. Register on LX.

             5/19: Newport News will offer Annual Export Training "Basic"
             from 10 a.m. to noon in Bldg. 907-2. Register on LX.

             6/11: The Apprentice Athletic Club (AAC) will host its fifth
             annual Builder Backer Golf Classic and Fund-raiser at Cypress
             Creek Golfer's Club in Smithfield. Details will be announced in
             future editions of Currents. For sponsorship information,
             contact Bob Granata (O30) at Robert.Granata@ngc.com.

             6/12: WiNGs (Women in Northrop Grumman) will host a bus
             trip to Baltimore's Inner Harbor. The trip will include a stop at
             Honfest, an annual celebration in honor of working-women of
             Baltimore. WiNGs members and guests are welcome, but a
             deposit of $20 per person at time of registration is required.
file:////Rsnv43-pwnws02/wwwroot/divisions/O29/currents_email.html[4/26/2010 11:17:32 AM]
             Registration is available on the WiNGs intranet site:
             http://yardnet/wings/index.stm. For more information, contact
             Stephanie White (O20) at 0-3576.

             6/25: Newport News' Production Refueling and Nuclear Support
             Dept. (X73) will host the X73 Golf Classic at 12:30 p.m. June 25
             at Cypress Creek Golfer's Club in Smithfield. Cost is $75 per
             golfer. The entry fee includes greens fee, cart, range balls,
             post-tournament dinner and goodie bag. Registration deadline
             is June 11. For more information contact Julie Fike (X73) at 4-
             3850 or Julie.Fike@ngc.com

             7/10: The Apprentice School will host a "captain's choice" golf
             tournament at Cypress Creek Golfer's Club in Smithfield. Non-
             apprentices are welcome to participate. Cost is $60 per golfer.
             The entry fee includes greens fee, cart, lunch and a discount at
             the pro shop. Contact: Judy Hester (O22) at 8-2512.

             Volunteers Needed: The Apprentice School student chapter of
             the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) is looking for
             volunteers to help plan and promote the 2010 Apprentice
             Cardboard Boat Regatta, which will take place at 10 a.m. Aug.
             28 at the Lee Hall Fishing Center in Newport News Park.
             Proceeds from the event will benefit the Shriners Hospitals for
             Children. Registration -- for volunteers and participants -- is
             now open at: www.nnapprentice.com/sme. For more info,
             contact Tracey A. Naumann (E06/E51) at
             2010CardboardRegatta@gmail.com or 619-4500.

             Monday through Thursday: Health Waves offers free aerobics
             classes for Shipbuilding employees from 4:30 to 5:30 p.m. at
             the Mid-Town Community Center in Newport News (570
             McLawhorn Dr.). Contact: Brady Goggin at 0-7646 or

             Monday and Wednesday: Health Waves offers free Yoga
             classes for Shipbuilding employees from 4:30 to 5:30 p.m.
             Monday in Bldg. 901 and Wednesday in Bldg. 802 (the
             NetCenter). Contact: Brady Goggin at 0-7646 or

             Every Tuesday and Thursday: St. Leo University offers
             academic advising and registration from 1:30 to 5:30 p.m. in
             Bldg. 907-2, Room 208. For more information, contact Shirley
             Smith-King (O22) at 8-8608.

             More events listed on Homeport.

           Employee Classifieds

           Ads and submission guidelines are also available online at: http://www.sb.northropgrumman.com/
           Have you bought or sold an item or service using Employee Classifieds? Write to
           SBClassifieds@ngc.com to share your story in a testimonial.
           Want To Carpool? For a listing of employees offering carpools and/or van rides, visit the "Ride Share"
           listing on the Shipbuilding intranet: http://yardnet/divisions/O29/rideshare.stm.

            AUDIO/ VIDEO                    TROY BUILT SUPER                 2008 EB FORD EXPLORER   WMSBG HOUSE 4 SALE.
                                            TOMAHAWK CHIPPER, 8              TWO TONE PAINT ONLY     1000SF 3BR/ 2BA
            2 12" CROSSFIRE P1              HP BRIGG & STRAT                 24000 MILES ASKING      COMPLETELY
            SUBS W/ 1000W                   ENGINE $500 PH# 757-             $18950.00.CALL KEITH    REMODELED/
            KENWOOD AMP. PAID               746-9770 OR 757-746-             252-287-8718            EVERYTHING NEW. $168K
            450, ASKING 250. CALL           9060                                                     NEAR I64 870-9546 MSG
            JAMES 757-814-3112                                               5 LUG 22" RIMS & 265/
                                            JOHNSON PRESSURE                 35/ 22 TIRES. $900 OR   NC WATERFRONT LOT IN
            BOATS / MARINE                  WASHING-FREE                     BEST OFFER. MOODY       GATED COMMUNITY WITH
            SUPPLIES                        ESTAMENTS- NO JOB                240-498-1817            GOLF/ TENNIS/ MARINA 1
                                            TOO BIG OR SMALL. CALL                                   HR FROM GREAT BRIDGE
            '79 MARTINI                     757-304-1888 OR 757-             92 GEO TRACKER SOFT     $175K. 374-4511
            (CIGARETTE), 25FT,              351-5550                         TOP 4CYL 5SPD/ MANUAL
            TRAILER, 454 NEEDS                                               GOOD COND/ GAS          NN DENBIGH AREA, 4BR/
            ASSEMBLY, PROJECT               CONVERTIBLE DEEP WELL            MILEAGE $600 OBO        2BATH RANCHER WITH
            BOAT. JEFF, 757-561-            PUMP, WATER ACE. 1HP,            MUST GO ASAP 757-768-   ATTACHED GARAGE FOR
            4361                            21GPM. MODEL RC-10,              9454                    RENT. $1, 000/ MO.
                                            NEVER USED. UP TO 90'.                                   SHORTY 874-7966

file:////Rsnv43-pwnws02/wwwroot/divisions/O29/currents_email.html[4/26/2010 11:17:32 AM]
           24' HYDRA SPORT, 2003            $125 328-0130                    01 MUSTANG GT, BLACK
           CENTER CONSOLE, 225                                               ON BLACK, 72K MILES,     YORK CROSSING 3BR
           YAMAHA OUTBOARD,                 WEDDING DRESS $500.              EXCELLENT CONDITION,     2.5BA END UNIT W/
           VERY LOW HOURS, $27,             SIZE 10 HALTER                   MUST SEE! $8000 OBRO     FIREPLACE, CEILING
           000 CALL BOB 561-4865            TOP.CALL 575-8065                880-1770 BILL            FANS, FENCED PATIO,
                                                                                                      CLEAN! $176, 500 CALL
           14' WIDE LOWES JON               WEDDING RING AND                 YAMAHA ROADSTAR 1700     570-0570
           BOAT, TRAILER, 2                 BAND $300 FOR SET.3/ 4           04 13K MILES PEARL
           9.8 MERC.THAT NEEDS              AND MULT STONE                   CHROMED SADDLE BAGS      3BR, 3.5 BATH, BRICK
           WORK $900.00, RICK               DIAMOND BAND.CALL                AIR HORNS 2523324284     RANCHER WITH FULL
           897-9821                         575-8065                                                  BASEMENT, WORKSHOP.
                                                                             1967-EARLIER VW BUG      2, 200 SF. 328-0130
           81 24'SEA RAY & TRAILER          CROQUET BABY                     STOCK WHEELS 5-LUG
           350 MAG.HAS CABIN,               BLANKETS $25-$35                 PATTERN $15 EA OR $80    FOR SALE, 2BR, 2 BATH
           NEEDS TLC $2500 OR               EACH. ALSO AVAILABLE             FOR SET OF 6 CALL        CONDO NEAR FT.
           TRADE FOR CENTER                 TO MAKE CUSTON                   FLOYD 804-642-0071       EUSTIS, NEWPORT NEWS,
           CONSOLE, RICK 897-               BALNKETS. CALL JUDY                                       $121, 900. MLS1001689.
           9821                             757-251-6696                     89-FORD F-150. EXT.      CARLA(757)329-3072
                                                                             CAB 8FT BED. EX. WORK
           FORCE 5 SAILBOAT. NEW            ARMSTRONG SOLID                  TRUCK. NEED MINOR        CONDO IN KILN CREEK
           SAIL, RIGGING AND                WOOD OAK PARQUET                 REPAIRS. $2500. CALL     FOR SALE, 2BR, 1ST
           PAINT. TRAILER AND               FLOORING, (TAWNY                 245-1223 FOR DETAIL      FLOOR ON THE
           COVER INCLUDED. MUST             SPICE)625 SQ FT @ $1.50                                   LAKE(CASCADES).
           SEE. (804)815-6710               SQ FT. CALL VAL, 766-            2004 KAWASAKI ZX-6R,     JEREMY 814-4298.
                                            1233                             BLUE, GOOD COND,
           FURNISHINGS /                                                     SOME MODS CALL FOR       T/ H FOR RENT. 2BDRM/
           APPLIANCES                       MARQUETTE PRO ARC                DETAILS, ASKING $4500    1.5BA MILL PT HPT. ALL
                                            WIRE FED MIG WELDER.             JAMEL 757-358-0645       NEW APPLS, W/ D, F/ P,
           WATER DISPENSER IN               $135. 757-725-1694.                                       AND ATT. GARAGE.
           GOOD CONDITION & TWO                                              5 LUG 22" RIMS & 265/    $1195. 245-1223.
           5 GAL. WATER BOTTLES -           SAINT LEO GBA-498                35/ 22 TIRES. $900 OR
           $65 (535-9279)                   STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT             BEST OFFER. MOODY        4BED/ 1.5BATH HOUSE
                                            TEXT BOOK                        240-498-1817             IN NN REMODELED
           WHITE CAST IRON CLAW             INTERNATIONAL 17 ED                                       KITCHEN/ BATH CORNER
           FOOT TUB EXCELLENT               $25 CALL FLOYD 804-              '95 CHEVY CAMARO 5-      LOT $185K. $5000
           CONDITION $450.00 CALL           642-0071                         SPEED MANAUL, GREEN,     TOWARD CLOSING 757-
           KEITH 252-287-8718                                                CLEAN INSIDE, $4,        870-9426
                                            YORK HIGH ALUMNI                 000.00/ BEST OFFER,
           GE GAS STOVE, WHITE              MIXER, FRIDAY, MAY 7TH.          CALL 813-217-2114        HOUSE 4 RENT 3BR/ 1BA
           W/ BLACK TRIM, DIGITAL           6:30-10PM @                                               900 SQFT, MAIN ST.
           DISPLAY, GOOD COND $             WATERMEN'S MUSEUM,               A.R.E (LEONARD)          NEWPORT NEWS $900/
           200 PH# 757-746-9770             YORKTOWN. YORKHIGH               FIBERGLASS BED CAP,      MONTH CALL DAVE @
           OR 757-746-9060                  ALUMNI.ORG                       BLACK, FOR 94-01 RAM,    234-6131
                                                                             SHORT BED, GC, $225
           GE DISHWASHER,                   DARLENE HAS THE                  OBO, CRAIG 746-2065      IOW 2AC WOODED LOT
           QUIETPOWER 1, WHITE,             ANSWERS FOR YOUR                                          ON MOGARTS BEACH RD.
           GOOD CONDITION, $ 150            SILK WEDDING FLOWER              1991 HARLEY DAVIDSON     PERKED, ASSESSED AT
           OBO PH# 757-746-9770             NEEDS. FREE                      FXR LOWRIDER. LOTS OF    $85K. NICE
           OR 757-746-9060                  CONSULTATION. (757)              EXTRA CHROME AND         NEIGHBORHOOD, CALL
                                            206-3386                         PARTS. $ 7000 OBO.       5674504.
           VANITY CABINET, 36" W                                             CALL 757-537-1839
           X 21" DEEP, NEW, IN              COLLEGE STUDENT WILL                                      3 ACRES I.W.C. CONV
           BOX, ANTIQUE WHITE $             MOW, TRIM , EDGE,                2006 HD 1200 CUTOM       SEPTIC. CLEARED BLDG
           45 PH# 757-746-9770              SEED, FERTILIZE, POWER           SPORTSTER, 3364 MILES,   SITE ON HILL. ABT 20
           OR 757-746-9060                  WASH OR CLEAN UP.                SOFTBAGS, W/ SHIELD.     MIN TO JRB. 84, 900 JEFF
                                            CALL CHAD @ 876-3336             EX. COND. $6200.00       757-353-2271
           BATHROOM CABINET, 24"                                             DARK BL. (757)357-2126
           X 29", NEW, IN BOX,              AUTH. NFL STITCHED                                        RENT-HAMPTON-2STORY
           ANTIQUE WHITE $30 PH#            JERSEY, NEW: STEELERS,           88 CHEVY Z71 4X4 130K    3BD/ 2.5BA 1670SQFT
           757-746-9770 OR 757-             HOLMES_BLK $40 (150$             V8.DMND PLT TOOLBOX,     REMODELED FENCED
           746-9060                         VALUE) CALL TOMMY 757-           BED RAILS, BED LINER,    YARD W/ DECK ON
                                            209-3330                         RECIEVER HITCH 804-      POND. $1500/ MO 757-
           4 PERSON HOT TUB.                                                 854-6435 BEN JR.         865-0221
           AND CHEM INCLUEDED.              JRSEYS, NEW:YANKS,               1968 MUSTANG(PRO         2 STORY HOME FSBO IN
           MOVING AND CANT                  J.ROBINSON-L, CANO-              STREET), 460 BIG BLK,    CARROLLTON 4BR 3BA
           BRING ALONG. $1000               XL_STRPD, JETER-XL_BLK           TURBO 400, 9IN.REAR      ON 1.14 ACRES 21500
           OBO                              (HOT!) ALL $40, 209-             33X18.50X15, HI 10'S     HAYNES LN. $232, 500
                                            3330                             @125, SELL 19K, 851-     CALL 880-5401
           SHARP PORTABLE AIR-                                               6186
           CONDITIONER 10, 000              AUTH.NFL STITCHED                                         3BR/ 2BA HOUSE IN
           BTU LIKE NEW. 804 693            JRSEYS, NEW: GNTS-               96 BUICK ROADMASTER      NORFOLK, MANY

file:////Rsnv43-pwnws02/wwwroot/divisions/O29/currents_email.html[4/26/2010 11:17:32 AM]
           6793                             MANNING_KD-L; CWBYS-             COLLECTORS EDITION.      UPGRADES, CORNER LOT
                                            WITTEN, E.SMITH                  GREAT SHAPE, LOW         W/ FENCED YARD &
           FULL SIZE FUTON BED                                               MILES. 26MPG
                                            XL;$50EA(150-                                             SHED. 209K KIM 620-
           FOR SALE @100.00 CALL                                             HWY.$3000 OBO
                                            300$VALUE) 209-3330                                       2503
           TASHA 757-343-6346                                                (804)815-6710
                                            FLOWERS FOR                                               FOR RENT 3BR, 2BA
           GE DRYER 2YRS OLD                                                 1999 YAMAHA V/ STAR:
                                            WEDDINGS & SPECIAL                                        RANCHER. CLOSE TO
           WHITE VERY GOOD                                                   EXTRA LOW MILES,
                                            OCCASIONS. NG                                             SMITHFIELD AND TO
           CONDITION WARRANTY                                                ACCESSORIES,
                                            DISCOUNT FOR LOCAL                                        SCHOOLS, 1300/ MO.
           STILL GOOD $200,                                                  EXCELLENT CONDITION
                                            DELIVERY. (757) 357-                                      CALL HOLLY 4 DETAILS,
           CONTACT 757-897-4645                                              $3500 FIRM 757-599-
                                            5184                                                      621-1714
           FOR SALE-BABYBED,
                                            NEED A DJ TO KEEP THE                                     2AC WOODED LOT IN
           CHANGING TABLE, CAR                                               2004 HARLEY DAVIDSON
                                            PARTY GOING? RNB                                          IOW ON MOGARTS
           SEAT, AND STROLLER-                                               DYNA SUPER/ GLIDE,
                                            HIPHOP POP OLDIES &                                       BEACH RD. PERK TEST.
           25.00 EACH-ALL FOR                                                LOW MILES, LOTS OF
                                            TOP 40'S 757-735-1449                                     NICE NEIGHBORHOOD.
           100.00-SAM@236-3630                                               EXTRAS, EX/ CONDITION    ASSESSED AT $85K. CALL
                                            BUSH HOGGING,                    $9000 757-599-8238       567-4504
                                            TILLING, GRADING,
                                            MOWING & BACKFILLING.            PETS                     NORTH GLOUCESTER,
           BLADE CX2 RC
           HELICOPTER W/ 2                  CLEARCUT                                                  PAMPA RD.1STORY
                                            TRACTOR.LICENSED 757-            RINGO, M, 7 YO, 75LB     RANCHER. 3BR, 2 BATH.
           BATT.ANT. SNAPD STILL                                             BLACK LAB, SWEET BOY,
           WORKS FINE.BARELY                810-9052 LVE MESSAGE                                      1600 SQFT. 1.8ACRES,
                                                                             WWW.ANIMALAID-           $144, 900. 804-815-1912
           USED.PD$190                                                       VA.ORG, ADOPT FEE,
                                            1ST, 2ND, & 3RD SHIFT!
           ASKING$90.358-0092                                                865-0511
                                            NEED FLEXIBLE,                                            FSBO-3 BED 1 &1/ 2
           MARTIAL ARTS/ SELF               EXPERIENCED &                                             BATH RANCHER,
                                            AFFORDABLE DAYCARE!              BUBBLES OR BUTTERCUP,    BAYBERRY. NN. ASKING
           DEFENSE: THREE CLASS                                              F, 1.5 YO, 60LB HOUND-
           TIMES A WEEK. EARN               CALL TAMMIE (757)358-                                     224.9K. 757-591-9619
                                            5342                             MIX. SISTERS, WWW.       26 WENDFIELD CIR.
           YOUR BLACK BELT. CALL                                             ANIMALAID-VA.ORG,
           439-3804 FOR INFO                                                 ADOPT FEE, 865-0511
                                            AIR COMPRESSOR 80                                         DENBIGH-BEECHWOOD
           4-SALE 15.3H PAINT               GALLON VERTICAL 7.5HP                                     EST-BRICK 3BR, 1 1/
                                            2 STAGE, MAC TOOL                REAL ESTATE              2BAT, FAM RM, OFFICE,
           MARE, 15.3H QH GLDG
           18-20 YRS, MARE ENG/             #ACP7580V VERY GOOD                                       FEN’D REAR LOT, MANY
                                            CONDITION 876-6352               FOR SALE OR RENT 3BD
           WEST, GLDG WESTERN                                                                         UPGRADES, MST. C 226,
                                                                             2.5BA TOWNHOUSE
           $1500 EA(757)343-7497                                                                      800 SCOTT-7150363
                                            NEED EXTRA $-LOOKING             HAMPTON. 1321SQFT
                                            TO BUY GENTLY USED               LOCATION LOCATION!!! 4   FSBO, GLOUCESTER,
           DANCE LESSONS:                                                    INFO CALL: 814-6916
           BALLET, BALLROOM,                DVDS, TOYS,                                               BELROI RD, 3BR, 2BA, 1-
           BELLY, LINE SHAG &               COLLECTABLES, ETC I                                       STORY RANCHER, .67
                                            PAY CASH. CALL JIM               2 CAR OVERSIZE GARAGE
           ZUMBA CINDY-757-898-                                                                       ACRES, $186K, CALL
                                            (846-0281)                       FOR STORAGE ONLY.
           1922                                                                                       KEVIN @ (757- 291-
                                                                             DIRECT STREET ACCESS,
                                            HVAC WORK. NEW WORK,             8W X 10H FT DRS. $225/
           IN APPRECIATION                                                   MONTH, 310-3757
                                            CHANGE OUTS, ROOM                                         WANTED
                                            SPECIALIST. CALL                 2/ 3BR/ 1.5BA, 2 STORY   REDSKINS VS PACKERS
           FOR ALL THAT YOU DO                                               REAR YD & DECK.
           FOR US HERE IN THE               JOHNNY 880-8965                                           TICKETS FOR 10/ 1 GAME
                                                                             WINDOW AC, STOV/         IN WASHINGTON.
           MACHINE SHOP. YOU ARE                                             REFRIG, W/ D HKUP ALL
           AN ASSET TO M53                  ARE YOU LOOKING FOR                                       CONTACT VALERIE AT
                                            PART TIME INCOME?                ELEC. $825/ MO 310-      897-4377
                                            THEN WE ARE LOOKING              3757
           ITEMS                            FOR YOU. CALL                                             LOOKING FOR
                                            757.343.2987                     1703 SQ' CONDO 14 MIN    COMPOSITE -3 BASEBALL
                                                                             TO NNS. WESTERN          BAT IN GOOD
                                            FISHER PRICE DELUXE              BRANCH SCHOOLS.          CONDITION (757)814-
           FASHION EXPO, NN, MAY
                                            JUMPER 1 YEARS OLD               APPLIANCES INCLUDED.     1153 ASK FOR ANDRE'
           22 W/ ATLANTA
                                            (LIKE NEW) $35                   $1200/ MO. MIKE 748-
                                            CONTACT 757-897-4645             0841                     DOG KENNEL 4' X 10'
           HARTWELL, TIKS:232-
           0851                                                                                       CALL 757-897-4737
                                            GRIEFSHARE SUPPORT               HOME FOR SALE LIKE
           WWW.LILYHOUSING.ORG                                               NEW RANCH ONLY $109,
                                            GROUP (GRIEFSHARE)                                        INEXPENSIVE WORKING,
                                            MEETS EACH WED 6-7PM,            900! 3 BDR. 1 BA. 914    STREET LEGAL VAN OR
                                            FOR INFO, CALL HOLLIS            20TH ST.5 MIN.TO         TRUCK TO USE AS A
           (2)POL300 CONTEMP
                                            PALMER 812-1906                  SHIPYARD 757 675-9954    WORK VEHICLE. (757)
           INTL PROB; WORLD
           POLITICS; BUS105 PRIN            (PALMER11@COX.NET)                                        877-5755 ASK FOR JOSH
                                                                             FOR RENT- LIKE NEW
           ORG BEHAVIOR-879-                                                 RANCH HOUSE $975 MO.
                                            MOTOR VEHICLES /                                          SEEKING ROOMMATE.
           2734                                                              3 BDR. 5 MIN. FROM
                                            SUPPLIES / PARTS                                          WATERFRONT CONDO.
                                                                             SHIPYARD MUST SEE!       ALL UTIL. INCLUDED
                                            02 PONTIAC GRAND PRIX            757 675-995              $700/ MO. 3BD. 3BTH.
           YARD WORK,
                                            GT, WHITE, 4 DR, SUN             OPTION2BUY               NICE PLACE! NEAR FORT
file:////Rsnv43-pwnws02/wwwroot/divisions/O29/currents_email.html[4/26/2010 11:17:32 AM]

            FOR FREE ESTIMATES/             ROOF, GARAGE KEPT, VG                                     EUSTIS.
                                            COND., $4900.00. CALL            TIMESHARE FOR RENT/
            CONSULTATIONS - 535-                                             OUTER BANKS-SEASCAPE
                                            (757)877-3365                                             ESCAPE FROM ALCATRAZ
            9279                                                             MP1.5. JULY 10TH-17TH.   DVD. BORROWED FROM
                                            2004 SILVER NISSAN               $985 CALL DAVID FOR      A FRIEND. NEED TO
            2 SEARS PUSH LAWN
                                            SENTRA, EXCELLENT                INFO 343-3585            REPLACE ASAP
                                            SEATS & SPOILER ($5,             FOR RENT, NORF, BRK      CERAMIC MOLDS AND
            NEED CARB CLEAN                                                  RCH, 3BR, CUST BATH,
                                            500) 763-0899                                             MAGAZINES ABOUT THE
            $25.CASH EA. 637-5914                                            1800SQFT, LR, DEN, DIN   CERAMIC HOBBY. PLEASE
            TODD                                                             RM GARAGE, PATIO, NICE
                                            1997 HONDA ACCORD                                         CONTACT DAVID AT
                                            "SE", $170K MILES,               NEIGH, $1200 340-6653    (757) 369-8802 AFTER
                                            SINGLE OWNER, GARAGE                                      6:00 PM
                                            KEPT, WELL MAINTAINED.           FOR SALE, NORF, 2ST,
                                            $3600. PH 890-0029               4BR, 2F BTHS, WTRFRNT,   YARD & GARAGE SALES
                                                                             1700SQFT, ALL NEW
                                            96 M EDITION MIATA.              INSIDE, NEW HVAC,        CUT, TRIM, EDGE $30.00
                                            FM2 TURBO. 94K MILES.            ROOF, APPLIA, $229K,     NEWPORT NEWS,
                                            EXC COND. BLK HARD               340-6653                 HAMPTON. CALL 757-
                                            TOP. GARAGED. $6200                                       897-4737

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