The Coral Reef by P-Bearport


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									The Coral Reef
Spectacular Animal Towns

Author: Stephen Person

2011 Teachers' Choice AwardVisit a magical city under the sea! Coral reefs look like colorful buildings
rising up from the ocean floor. These huge underwater colonies are built by tiny animals called coral
polyps. An amazing variety of plants and animals live among coral reefs—in fact, reefs are home to more
than one million species of marine life! Jaw-dropping photos, a habitat map, and fascinating information
will captivate young readers as they learn about these truly spectacular cities under the sea.

Animals in their habitats—this is a topic interesting to young readers and one with a strong curricular
connection. This series includes a variety of animals including insects, mammals, and ocean life, and
each title describes the unique homes of the featured animal. Stunning photos depict the habitat and
there are many interesting shots of the animals. Factoids are included throughout which provide
additional information about the habitat and other animals and plants that live there. The Coral Reef differs
from the other titles because of the variety of animal life in the reef itself; this variety is described and
detailed well. Readers can learn more about the topic from the book, and then explore websites and other
books. Bibliography. Glossary. Index. Recommended.

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