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					                  Excellence in Swimming Since 1982

Redlands Swim Team
                                      April, 2010
President’s Message:

The first announcement this new month is made to again congratulate all those swimmers and
their parents who stayed in the water and on deck over the cold winter months. So,
congratulations to all you Winter Warriors for achieving a really significant goal.

Many of you have noticed the increased number of high school swimmers at both practice sites
since the high school swim season began. This will continue to impact our swim program to
some degree until mid-May. The facilities and deck at RHS have never looked better, thanks to
the periodic cleaning we can do now with the new blower. As a guest in their facility, we need
to be considerate of their time and space. Remember that practice times may sometimes change
on short notice, but changes should be updated thru Alert Now messages.

Also, keep watching the calendar for up-coming meets and team events. Team Picture day is
scheduled for the near future, and Swim-A-Thon is also in the early planning stages.

RST swim groups are already showing signs of a very successful Long Course season, with a
number a swimmers achieving June Invite & JO times at the Elite meet and the recent TCC
meet. Keep up the good work, and keep striving for higher goals.
                                     -Dwayne Green

Head Coach’s Message:

As always, this is an exciting time for RST swimmers. In addition to training well and racing
fast, many of our swimmers are participating in events throughout the community. On
Saturday, March 27, Demiana, Kryrellos, and Anastasia Ibrahim competed in the Redlands
Bike Classic. They were joined by teammates Chella Rossel, Matt Ryan, and Miles Corley.
Here is a picture of teammates Miles Corley and Matt Ryan, who finished 2nd in his age group.
Another exciting happening at RST is our new coach, Emily Kukors. Emily had a very
successful swimming and is now excited about working with our swimmers. Please be sure to
introduce yourself and welcome her to our team when you see her on deck.

We are a few weeks into long course season and we already have a number of swimmers with
June Invite, JO, and Sectional qualifying times. As we continue to train, please keep in mind
the following goals for the 2010 Long Course Season. These goals have been developed by the
RST coaching staff and have been approved by the Board of Directors:

         1. RST will increase swimmer participation in qualifying swim meets (June Age Group Invite,
            Summer JO's, Gold Sectionals) by 10% based on 2009 Long Course Season participation.
         2. RST swimmers will attend 75% of their workouts.
         3. RST swimmers will demonstrate competitiveness and sportsmanship when interacting with
            teammates and competitors.
         4. RST swimmers will improve stroke technique in all four strokes, starts, and turns.
         5. RST swimmers, coaches, parents, and members of the Board of Directors will communicate
            frequently and effectively to ensure a positive and collaborative team experience.
Here are a few important pieces of information to keep in mind regarding upcoming meets. The
PSP Long Course B/R/W Meet on 4/24-4/25 will be B/R/W for 11 and up swimmers and B/R
for 10 and under swimmers. This will give 11-12 year old swimmers with White times an extra
opportunity to achieve Blue or Red times. Be sure to take advantage of it by entering the meet.
Lastly, please remember that if your child is entered in a meet you will be asked to time. We
are assigned a number of timing chairs based on the amount of swimmers we have entered in
the meet, so please sure to help out when you are asked. Thank you in advance for your help
with this matter.

Be sure to check the RST website frequently for important information and dates. Thanks and

                                        -Matt Osmond

Team Administrator’s Message:

 ♦ Another reminder that as we enter Long Course season, IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO
   GET MEET ENTRIES IN ON TIME! Due to limited pool facilities that can host long
   course meets, these meets fill up. TCC's Long Course meet did fill up in the older session.
 ♦ Remember you can always email your event information (by the due date) to Camille
   Andreas at if you can't make it to the pool to turn in meet
   forms. Please include swimmer name, event name and number and swimmer times (if you
   have them.) You may then drop checks at either pool at the next practice.
 ♦ Make checks payable to RST for all meet entries submitted for team electronic entry.

 ♦ April will be the last month that we should be billing through the Active Company. Please
   continue to have patience as we are going to be transitioning to TEAM UNIFY during the
   month of April and starting May 1 you will be paying your monthly dues and on-line meet
   entry fees through Team Unify.

      RST is switching to TEAM UNIFY the week of March 30!

      What does that mean?
        1. The billing procedure and email communication will be much improved!
        2. You will be able to update your credit card and bank information by logging into
           your own account. You no longer need to give updated credit card information
           over the phone.
        3. You will be able to do online meet entries…YEAH! You will be able to see your
           swimmers times when you log into your account.

      How will I know when the change has happened?
         1. The launch date for the system to be on the website was updated to March 30. You
            will be receiving an email letting you know the change has occurred. You will still
            be accessing your account information through the same team website at
   but it will have a new look.
         2. Immediately following launch email, you will be sent a system generated email
            with your login credentials to your own private account and email. This email will
            grant you access to your own secure account. Please login and update all of your
            contact information.
         3. As we prepare for our new billing system, it is especially important that you update
            your email addresses with an email address that you use actively as we will rely
            heavily on email communication from this system to keep you updated on team
            activities, events and billing. As importantly please ensure that the rest of your
            contact information is accurate as well.

Any questions regarding billing or meet entry, contact Camille Andreas 909-389-0428 or

                                      -Camille Andreas

Quote of the Month:

"You can't put a limit on anything. The more you dream, the farther you get".

                                      -Michael Phelps

March SuperStar Swimmers:

The following swimmers were chosen by their coaches for their hard work, determination, and
performance last month and will receive an “RST SuperStar Swimmer” cap at practice. Great
job, swimmers and keep up the good work!

                   Seahorse I Group (Mon/Wed/Fri)              Anna Kiss
                   Seahorse II Group (Tues/Thurs/Fri)          Kaley Matthews
                   C Group                                     Clayton Bernholtz
                   C+ Group                                    Jacob Bulf
                   B/B+ Group                                  Mikayla Jean
                   Age Group                                   Baylee Morale
                   Senior Group                                Collin Green

Know Your Coaches:

Which RST coach will graduate from the University of Redlands this spring? The first
swimmer to email Coach Matt at will get a prize! Congrats to
last month’s winner Yousef Hassan!
Swimmers’ Corner:

Last month's question:

            Who would win in a 50 yard free: Michael Phelps or Superman? Why?

Michael Phelps will surely win the 50 free because he's a swimmer and Superman can only fly.
Also Superman's long cape will be a drag in the water and Superman might sink & drown!
                                -Sonia Malik, C Group

I think Michael Phelps would win the 50 free because no one knows if Superman can swim or
not, and if he can, he would sink of all that muscle.
                                 -Mei Cai, Age Group

If you would like to write an article for next month’s newsletter, answer the following question
and send it to Coach Matt at

                  What is the hardest set you have ever had to do in practice?

Important RST News:

No Practice Fri, April 16 or Sat April 17-All RST coaches will be attending a coaching
conference on Fri, April 16-Sun April 18. There will be no practice on Friday or Saturday, but
our coaches will be back and eager to use all they learned at the conference on Monday.

USC/SALO Swim Camp-If you are interested in sending your swimmer to a swim camp at USC
during the weeks of June 13-18, June 20-25, or June 27-July 2, please visit If we have at least eight RST swimmers attend, we can send a
coach with them! Please let Coach Matt know if you are interested in attending. *Swimmers
competing at the JAG Invite Meet should attend the first session from June 13-18.

Proper Suit Care-To get the most out of your swim suits, follow these guidelines:
     1-Have one suit for practice and another suit for racing (racing suit should be a snug fit).
     2-Rinse your suit in cold water after each use and hang to dry.
     3-When your suit starts to fade or become see through...GET A NEW ONE ☺.

Team Pics, Group Pics, and Individual Pics-Team and group pics will be taken at RHS on
Wed, April 25 at 5pm. Please wear our RST TEAM SUIT or another black or red swim suit.
We will take the team picture first, followed by group pictures. Individual pictures will on Sat,
May 1 for Senior Group (10am), B Group (11am), and Age Group (12:15pm) and Sun, May 2
for C Group (10am) and Seahorse Group (11:30am). If you can't make your assigned day and
time, you may come another day/time. Please see the flier attached to email or on the RST
website for information about pricing packages.
Proper Suit Care-Visit the RST website and check out the link to 4 Seasons swim shop for
paddles, fins, goggles, suits, and all your other swimming needs.

4 Seasons Swimwear Warehouse Sale-April 10th & 11th from 9am-2pm at 74-818 Velie Way
(off of Cook Street), Palm Desert, CA 92260. Female suits starting at $15, goggles starting at
$2.95, swimsuits, t-shirts, sandals, shorts, bags and much more!

Need Swim Gear and/or Equipment?-Visit the RST website and check out the link to 4
Seasons swim shop for paddles, fins, goggles, suits, and all your other swimming needs.

Lost and Found-If you are missing towels, goggles, paddles, etc. please check the lost and
found at each pool. Any items left at the end of the month will be donated to charity.

Happy Birthday To You:

   Swimmer:                             Birthday:
   Frances Kate Therese Abalos          4/26/1997
   Daniel Busi                          4/22/1997
   Mei Cai                              4/3/1998
   Pete Justin Louise Castro            4/21/1999
   Amaury Charpentier                   4/2/1999
   Aurelien Charpentier                 4/23/1996
   Luke Cotton                          4/2/2002
   Martin Davis                         4/18/1956
   Victoria Derksen                     4/22/1998
   Nicholas Flemington                  4/10/2001
   Ember Foley                          4/20/2000
   Cleopatra Goodlin                    4/9/1998
   Kyle Gornay                          4/25/1996
   Heidi Green                          4/28/1994
   Kara Herrera                         4/21/1998
   Anastasia Ibrahim                    4/27/1996
   Kyrellos Ibrahim                     4/20/1999
   Joy Jagt                             4/6/1996
   Jacob Jurado                         4/23/1999
   Kelsey Keith-Contreras               4/23/1998
   Hanna Landry                         4/5/1998
   Ariel Lee                            4/2/1997
   Kevin Liu                            4/28/2001
   Katalaina Love                       4/20/2000
   Alexa Melara                         4/6/1999
   Ethan Neal                           4/17/2002
   Hoang Ha Ngo                         4/29/2001
   Sachi Pawooskar-Almeida              4/23/2002
   Alexxis Rathjen                      4/19/2003
   Taylor Riner                         4/9/1998
   Diana Roman                          4/18/1995
   Danielle Tolsma                      4/10/1999
   Robert Tooke                         4/24/1996

If your birthday was missed, we apologize. Please contact Coach Matt at to
have it included in next month’s newsletter.
Important Dates:

Date:                 Time:          Event:                                               Location:
April 3               7pm            PSP Long Course B/R/W Meet Form due                  RHS/REV
April 4               all day          Happy Easter                                       EVERWHERE!!!!!!
April 10              all day        YST Short Course R/W Meet                            Yucaipa
                                     *This meet has been split into two sessions: AM
                                     session for 10 and under swimmers (please arrive
                                     at 7:45am). PM session is for 11 and up swimmers
                                     (please arrive at 12:30pm).
April 16-18           all day        NO PRACTICE (Coaches at conference)                  RHS/REV
April 23-25           all day        RMDA Long Course Sr. Development Meet                La Mirada
April 24-25           all day        PSP Long Course B/R/W Meet                           Palm Springs
April 28              5-6:30pm       Team and Group Pictures                              RHS Football Stadium
May 1                 10-2pm         Senior, B, Age Group Individual Pictures             RHS
May 2                 10-2pm         C, Seahorse Group Individual Pictures                RHS
June 5                TBA            Swim-a-thon                                          RHS

News for Swim Parents from the American Swim Coaches Association (ASCA):

The following article is provided for you by ASCA and will provide you with valuable info
about how to improve your swimmers' overall experience in competitive swimming:

                                       After Your Child Swims the Event

                                               By Guy Edson
                                         Long Time Age Group Coach

What’s the proper process immediately following the conclusion of the swimmer’s event? In this article I am
going to talk about the age group swimmer who does not have the same immediate physical need to warm down
as a senior swimmer does.

Many coaches want to be the first person to speak with the young swimmer immediately after their event is
swum. Why? First, the longer the time between finishing the event and receiving constructive comments, the
less the swimmer is going to remember about the swim. Being lead away by a loving and well meaning parent
for treats or hugs or high fives from Grandpa, lessen the opportunity for immediate feedback from the coach.
Secondly, the coach has critical commentary on the quality of the swim which is vital for the learning process
and needs to be the first person to review the swim with the swimmer. If the swimmer hears either overflowing
positives, or in some cases, harsh criticism from the parents before he or she visits with the coach it is very
possible the swimmer is going to be receiving conflicting messages.

After an event I first ask my swimmers, "How did you like your swim?" I want to hear their feelings first. In
some situations, when a swimmer displays excessive anger or crying after a swim I will ask them to warm down
first, or to sit quietly in private for a few moments before talking about the swim. In these cases I am wanting
them to learn how to manage their feelings and I prefer they not visit with Mom or Dad yet.

After listening to them I proceed to analyze the swim in three basic areas. Was it a best time? A best time is
not the only issue but it is important. I make a pretty big deal about best times and I want the swimmers to
recognize the importance of always trying for best times. However, I also look at how they swam the race –
was it technically correct with proper pace and a good start, good turns, good stroke mechanics and a good
finish? Sometimes a best time is tempered by the fact that the swim wasn’t really a “best swim.” I also look at
the race. "Winning the race" refers to beating whoever they are close to in the heat. Sometimes it means
winning the heat, sometimes it means winning the event, sometimes it means out touching the swimmer in the
next lane for seventh place. The sport is a competitive sport and the ability to race is important. If a swimmer
is successful at one of the three objectives I tell them they did a good job. If they are successful at two of the
three, that's a better job. If they are successful at all three, then they did the best they are capable of at that point
in time. I avoid using words like “unbelievable” or “great” preferring to leave them with a sense that they can
always improve.

How can the parent respond? First, if the child forgets to go directly to the coach, please give them a quick hug
and sent them straight to the coach. Afterwards, I think the most important thing is to simply love your child
and provide emotional comfort. Congratulate them. Console them. Ask them how they felt about their swim
before you tell them anything. Ask them what the coach said. But please, don’t add a technical critique,
leaving that for the coach.

There is no doubt that a healthy parent-coach-athlete relationship is vital to the long term success of the athlete.
Stay in touch with the coach, support him or her, and direct your children to the right places at the right times.

RST Board of Directors and Contacts:

Name:                           Position:                               Email:
Dwayne Green                    President                     
Chris Doolittle                 Vice-President                
Billy Sanders                   Treasurer                               n/a
Kim Pepper                      Secretary                     
Kim Donnelly                    Team Unity Chairperson        
Stuart McHenry                  Special Events Chairperson    
Jennifer Rigsby                 Team Apparel Chairperson      
Eddie Gornay                    Meet Operations Chairperson   
Justin Ryan                     Away Meet Chairperson         
Leah Carlson                    Parent-at-Large               
Dennis Montano                  Parent-at-Large               
Wendall Corley                  Parent-at-Large               
Emily Spencer                   Parent-at-Large               
Andrea Benveniste               Webmaster                     
Matt Osmond                     Head Coach                    
Camille Andreas                 Team Administrator            


RST Website:                                  
Southern California Swimming Website:         
USA Swimming Website:                         

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