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					                                            Fairfield Glade Ladies Club Travel Policies & Procedures

RESERVATIONS: All reservations and cancellations must be made with Liz Middleton. Her phone number is: 456-8509.

DEPOSITS: Checks payable to: FFG Ladies Club Travel. Mail to Nancy Bowles, 142 Lakewood Dr., Fairfield Glade, TN 38558. If you have any
questions regarding deposits or subsequent payments, Nancy’s phone number is 456-1932 or you may contact her via the FFG Ladies Club web site.
Day Trips: Full payment is required within 7 days of making your reservation. Theatre, Concerts and Sporting Events are nonrefundable but we
will assist you in reselling your trip. Multi-day Trips: A per person deposit of $100 for motorcoach tours or $200 for fly tour (unless otherwise
indicated on your brochure) is due within 7 days of your reservation. A schedule for subsequent payments is printed on the tour brochure. All multi-
day trips must be “paid in full” 45 days prior to the trip’s departure. We are your travel club and your payments prepay vendors for tickets,
attractions, restaurants, and hotels for the individual trips.

CANCELLATIONS: Call Liz Middleton at 456-8509 if you need to cancel a trip. Trip cancellations cannot be done via the web site.
Multiday Tours: If your trip cancellation is received 45 days prior to departure, all monies, that are refundable to the club, will be refunded to you.
Cancellations received for multiday trips, within 45 days of departure, will be assessed a fee of $25, plus costs not refundable to the Club. A sincere
attempt will be made to resell your reservation. If this is possible, only the cancellation fee would apply to cover the cost involving the change. Day
Tours: Theatre, Concert and Sporting Events are nonrefundable. Should you need to cancel your trip, we will assist you in reselling your trip. All
other day trips are refundable, less any costs that are not refundable to the club. A $5 cancellation fee would also apply if your cancellation is
received within 45 days of departure. For trips that are operated by tour companies, other than your FFG Ladies Club Travel, our partner
company’s cancellation policy will apply.

SPECIAL ARRANGEMENTS, CONCERNS OR TRIP INQUIRIES: Call Sheila Banik, Travel Committee Chairman, at 456-5047
or contact Sheila via the FFG Ladies Club web site (ffgladiesclub.org).
TRIP BROCHURE: Obtain your trip brochure via the Monthly Ladies Club Meeting or the FFG Ladies Club web site. If you do not have access
to the web site, call Laura Kaluszka at 456-6309 and a copy will be mailed to you. Everyone taking a FFG Ladies Club trip should have a copy
of the individual trip brochure. One-day trip brochures list the itinerary and having the brochure is the only way you will know what time the trip
TRIP INTERRUPTION: If illness or other circumstances necessitate your early departure from a tour, miscellaneous expenses (i.e. alternate
transportation, motels) will be your responsibility. Any unused portion of the tour that FFG Ladies Club Travel is not assessed a charge, will be fully
refunded. A medical information form will be provided for multi-day trips. We encourage you to fill it out and place it in your wallet, so that in the
event of a medical emergency, this information could provide emergency room doctors with information to expedite your care.
TRAVEL PROTECTOR INSURANCE: To help you handle unforeseen travel headaches, we suggest that you purchase “Access America Travel
Protector Insurance." It has an award-winning reputation for service and has been providing worry-free travel to millions of travelers around the
world for 20 years. Their toll-free phone number is: 1-866-807-3982. Even easier, contact them via the internet at: accessamerica.com.
TRANSPORTATION: Motorcoach tours feature deluxe, wide-body motorcoaches with air-conditioning, restrooms and reclining seats.
SEATING: All seats are preassigned and on multiday trips, passengers will rotate 3 seats each day. The motorcoach rides differently in other
areas of the coach and legroom varies between seats. Seat rotation will ensure the comfort of all passengers. A pre-assigned seating chart will be
posted inside the motorcoach entrance door each morning of departure.
HOTEL ACCOMMODATIONS: Where you stay makes a difference! AAA-rated hotels (3-stars or better) are selected. Decisions are based upon
location, to better utilize the time allowed for your visit, and proximity to restaurants. Hotel arrangements are based upon double occupancy rates.
Single rates are available but are more costly because you pay the entire room cost. Adjacent rooms can be requested for friends traveling together
but cannot be guaranteed. This is solely dependent upon hotel availability upon arrival. Smoke-free rooms are requested. . If you require a “smoking
room”, please let us know at the time that you make your reservation. Your Tour Director will obtain room key cards; return the key card to the
hotel’s Front Desk upon departure. Miscellaneous expenses (telephone calls, room service charges, etc.) charged to your room must be paid to the
hotel prior to departure.
LUGGAGE HANDLING: Luggage handling is provided for one piece of luggage (45 lbs. Maximum) on multiday tours. You will be provided a
FFG Ladies Club tag to place on the handle of your main piece of luggage. This luggage will be stored underneath the coach and will be delivered
to your room upon arrival at the hotel; it will be picked up and delivered back to the motorcoach upon departure. You will not have access to your
tagged luggage while in transit on the motorcoach. You will be responsible for one small carry-on piece of luggage, which is to be stored in the
motorcoach’s overhead compartment. FFG Ladies Club Travel does not assume liability for loss, damage, nor theft of luggage. Personal items are to
be removed from the coach each evening. FFG Ladies Club Travel, and the Bus Company from which the motorcoach is leased, does not assume
responsibility for theft or damage to personal items left on the coach. Airline Travel: Since 9/11, the airlines do require all passenger’s checked
luggage to be in their personal possession throughout check in. Do not leave any luggage unattended at the airport! Passports are required for all
travel out of the U.S., including Canada and Mexico.
GRATUITIES: Gratuities for included meals, motorcoach drivers and local step-on guides are included in the cost of FFG Ladies Club Trips. For
trips that are arranged by our partner companies, please consult your trip brochure.
RESPONSIBILITY: FFG Ladies Club Travel, tours arranged by your fellow club members, acts as agent only for the tour participants in making
the arrangements for your accommodations, meals and sightseeing.. We are not responsible for any failure, delay, accident or sickness in connection
with any of the vendors rendering service. FFG Ladies Club Travel, as an agent only for the club members and their guests, is not liable for injury,
loss, theft, damage, accident, delay or otherwise which may possibly occur by reason of defect in any vehicle of conveyance used in the performance
of these tours. FFG Ladies Club Travel reserves the right to make changes in tour arrangements anytime, due to emergency or otherwise unknown
situations. We also have the right to terminate any tour participant who is objectionable or disruptive or any tour participant who is determined unfit
to travel as part of the tour.
                                                                      Revised 04/18/08

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