Tips for Giving and Effective Presentation

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					Tips for Giving and Effective Presentation Preparation:  Content- Spend sufficient time learning your subject, exploring the topic and researching ideas.  Organization- plan out your introduction, body and conclusion. Plan points of the speech logically and in sequential order.  Notes- use note cards and keep notes brief to avoid reading  Practice- an effective delivery required practice. Some ideas are to practice out loud, practice standing up, practice with a timer (if there are time requirements for your presentation, and try practicing in front of a mirror. Delivery: Conversational Qualities  Enthusiasm- demonstrate your positive attitude and interest in the topic trough your voice and facial expressions  Eye contact- Maintaining eye contact helps you connect with your audience, keeps them engaged, shows confidence and helps you see any non-verbal feedback.  Clarity- speak slowly, clearly and use language appropriate for your audience. Body Language  Posture and Movement- should show confidence, professionalism and credibility. (Be careful of pacing because it can be distracting for the audience)  Gestures- Natural gestures are best. Use gestures to emphasize points and keep the audience’s attention. Visual Aids should be:  Easy to understand  Provide clarity on the subject  Positioned so everyone in the audience can see them  Large enough  With applicable color schemes