�Tips for Running an Organized (and Fun) School Clinic� by latenightwaitress


									“Tips for Running an Organized (and Fun) School Clinic” Joy Burger, RN, SNP, Highland Park I.S.D. 214-780-3220; burgerj@hpisd.org PHILOS0PHY Have fun! (Don’t take every minute so seriously. . .have a sense of humor).  Have an ―Attitude of Gratitude‖ for students, families, staff, work, blessings and life! (Spills over to others).  Start each day with a ―Good Morning‖ prayer for wisdom and strength (such as): “Good Morning, Lord. This is Your Day. I am Your Child. Show Me Your Way.” Ask for help (you’re not expected to know and do everything!). Be flexible (if you didn’t get to screen the class as planned, it’s OK). Be realistic and proactive (lots of interruptions—er, ―opportunities‖—and unplanned events make up the life of every school nurse). Don’t assume anything (and always have ―Plan B‖ when things don’t go as planned). Give yourself extra time for those unplanned events! Hope for the best and keep your sense of optimism. “A cheerful heart does good like medicine.”

Use ―Show and Tell‖ basket or box or kit for presentations—it’s simple and keeps you organized and less
anxious! For example, fill a basket with healthy foods for a nutrition talk. Keep a timer in the clinic to time temperature checks, time students rest on cots, etc. Easiest to use a timer with digital numbers rather than knob—digital has been more reliable also. Available at Target, Wal-Mart, etc. Keep handy self-laminating sheets (8.5 x 11), which peel off and can be used to attach signs and information sheets to desk, cabinet, wall, etc. These are available at Sam’s Club, Office Depot, Office Max, etc. Use colored see through plastic (sorter type) divider sheets to keep items sorted as an alternative to file folders. Available at office supply stores. Keep plenty of plain labels of various sizes and colors on hand to stick on to envelopes, drawers, bottle tops, etc., to find items quickly and easily. Can also type up large signs on bright colored card stock paper on the computer. Use Pre-made business stamps for envelopes, letters, etc.:  ―For the parents of:‖  ―For the mother of‖  ―From the desk of ____________‖  or Your Signature (These can be made for you at any office supply store). Pre-made door signs, notices to home and notices to teacher (fill in the blank)—saves writing out messages you send out often. Use clothes pins and magnetic holders for clipping items and holding things up! Use ―Communications/Phone Conversation‖ notebook next to the phone (make notes for all conversations and have book divided into months of the school year. Alphabetize virtually everything to help make things a lot easier to find (not only files, books on shelf, names of schools, notes to other nurses, etc.). Categorize:  Files: ―Clinic Activities,‖ ―Clinic Literature and Handouts,‖ ―Medical Information,‖ ―Resources.‖  Books (―Pediatric References,‖ ―General References,‖ ―Women’s Health,‖ ―Medications,‖ etc.).  Drawers (―Diagnostic Equipment,‖ ―First Aid,‖ and ―Respiratory Aids,‖ etc.).  Stickers, Labels, Greeting Cards (―Birthday,‖ ―Congratulations,‖ ―Sympathy,‖ ―Thank You,‖ etc.). Colorize (Forms and letters: change color of emergency card each year to indicate the new year; color code health alert letters—blue for asthma (cyanosis), red for rash and hives (color of skin), and green for nausea/GI. Upset ―Green around the Gills‖).



Page 2 Sorters or mail slots for clinic activities (―Addresses and Phone Numbers,‖ ―To Do ASAP,‖ To Do Later,‖
―To Purchase for Clinic,‖ etc.). Keep your business card handy to staple to health information or notes home. Sorters for clinic forms in alphabetical order (―Accident Reports,‖ ―Chicken Pox Letter,‖ ―Call Slips,‖ etc.). Multi-Task (For example, you can talk on the phone and do some simple care or paper work at the same time; get a long 25 foot phone cord, or cordless phone, and a ―Soft Talk‖ or head set for the phone to make holding it more comfortable).

CLINIC SUPPLIES, TOOLS, and “HELPS” (Things I don’t know how I ever did without!) Voice Mail (or Answering Machine) – Avoids interruptions during screenings, busy lunch time, and clinic meetings, for example. Computer and printer – Will save you tons of time if you can ask your district or P.T.A. and justify the time it will save and the increased clinic effectiveness. E-mail—Saves paper and time also! Copy Machine (shop around—Sam’s Club, Office Depot, etc.— ―plain Jane‖ types aren’t too expensive.). Small refrigerator and microwave (medications, ice packs, warm water to gargle, etc.). Intercom to rooms and office. Walkie talkie and/or pager (extra security when you leave the clinic). May want to wear ―First Aid‖ pouch to clip these to. Paper Cutter and Glue Gun (but hide so students don’t get injured; wear rubber gloves with glue gun). Ear Scan, Otoscope, and Audiometer – to detect ear fluid, Ear Scan is so helpful in screening. Stadiometer (attaches to wall and measures height) and a portable scale. Tools (hammer, screw driver, drill, screws, etc.—for the really gung ho reorganizer.) Eye glass repair kit, ring cutter, and orthodontic misc. Ice chest or ice machine. Small tape recorder (memory ―tickler‖) to carry in pocket or purse (or Palm Pilot). Water cooler (nice for medication administration and cool water for patting wounds). Radio, tape or CD player (to play soft, pleasant music). Electric pencil sharpener. CLINIC SUPPLIES ON A BUDGET Don’t be shy. . .ask for help from PTA, administrator, businesses, church, and others who care. Dollar stores and thrift stores (you’d be surprised at what they carry—make a mental note where they are in your community). Wholesale clubs, large office supply, teacher supply (Some of my favorites and on our district vendor list include Sam’s Club, Office Depot, and Wal Mart.). SERVICES TO STUDENTS, FAMILIES, AND STAFF Literature file on subjects from A-Z (ADHD-Zoonoses). ―Tips to Grow‖ by are some of my favorite hand outs—available from Children’s Hospital of Akron: 1-800-358-KIDS. Books to loan overnight or for longer (keep check out list). Categorize by subject for easy retrieval or have librarian assist you. First Aid Kits for classroom teachers (Passes, Band-Aids, Cotton, Disinfectant Wipes, Vaseline Packets, Disposable Thermometers, Tooth Boxes, Safety Pins and Vinyl Gloves). Tooth boxes are available from SMILE MAKERS: 1-800-825-8085 (also stickers, pencils, incentives, etc.).


Faculty Survival Kit for lounge or teacher restroom(s): Tylenol and Ibuprofen (donated), hair spray, clear nail polish, deodorant, Pepto Bismol, antacid, and feminine hygiene products. CLINIC PERSONALITY Keep a ―Nostalgia File‖ or scrap book for favorite notes, cards, and memories.. Buy calendars at end of season and laminate pictures to decorate clinic. Post health articles, funny cartoons or news on bulletin board in clinic or by clinic door in hall. Clip Art File, Cartoon File, and Inspiration and Humor File. For elementary, to keep students occupied (such as while waiting for parent to pick up):  ―Activity Box‖ (crayons, coloring books, and colorful paper).  ―Book Box‖ (with various books for all ages—include health themes).  ―Birthday Box‖ (with small gift items for those with Birthdays: colorful pencils, erasers, and stickers). Put resources file in teacher work area to have them pick up literature they need. Stamps and stamp pads of various colors. Bring disposable camera (cheap at Sam’s club) for those special moments (check photography waivers). Attractive or cute return address labels, personalized thank you stickers (such as heart shaped) and other personalized items. Excellent resource: COLORFUL IMAGES: 1-800-458-7999. Acrylic holders for literature (hang in hall or office for people to take free). Resources list and file with favorite health web sites, books, radio programs, etc. MEDICATIONS Use movie ticket system to help students remember meds. Turn (tightened) bottles upside down after student has taken medication. Have pill cutter and pill counter and pill crusher on hand. Have pre-made sheets telling parents that meds are running low. Have pre-made sheets indicating when medication has gone home (reminder to you).

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