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					This year We Will be Taking The summer school To cambridge and sTudying aT The beauTiFul clare college

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9th annual                                                                                                 !

employmenT laW
summer school
a residenTial course Taking a pracTical look aT The laTesT developmenTs in employmenT laW

Wednesday 15Th – Friday               some of the many reasons that the summer school has proved so popular
17Th sepTember 2010
                                     •	 All	inclusive	residential	summer	school    •	 A	full	and	varied	social	programme	has	
clare college,                          at one of Cambridge’s best                    been designed to complement your
cambridge                               known and most beautiful colleges             stay in Cambridge and to give you a
                                     •	 Expert	and	popular	course	tutors              great chance to meet your peer group
                                     •	 A	mixture	of	lectures,	case	studies	and	   •	 Following	attendance	each	delegate	will	
                                        workshops, with ample opportunity to          receive a specially designed Certificate
                                        question the lecturers both in class and      of	Attendance
“A	relaxed	way	to	learn.	Very	
                                        informally, during the social programme    •	 Bring	your	team	–	Group	discounts	apply
informative with speakers            •	 Full	and	comprehensive	notes	are	
who were knowledgeable                  provided to act as an invaluable           pasT delegaTes have included
and approachable. Everyone              reference tool when you get back to
                                                                                   HR directors // HR professionals //
                                        the office
was only too happy to help”          •	 Many	of	our	delegates	come	back	year	      Company	secretaries	//	Finance	
East	Midlands	Trains                    after year                                 directors // In-house lawyers

 opTional back-To-basics Workshop and early regisTraTion during The evening oF Tuesday 14Th sepTember 2010

                                                                                                                              rofessional d


                                                                                                               • personn

                                                                                                                                             lopment ho

                                     enquiries hoTline 0161 235 4545

                                                                                                                         s • la       ty
                                                                                                                               w socie
lasT year’s
8th annual                    9th annual

delegaTes...                  employmenT laW
                              summer school

“Breath of fresh air to       The	Annual	Employment	Law	Summer	School	has	gone	from	success	to	success	
get advice that is not dry    and now in its 9th year has become an established fixture in many people’s diaries.

but can be related to the      The summer school has been designed To:
commercial workplace”         • Focus on the latest developments in employment law
TOG Operations Ltd
                              • Learn from the intensive programme in unique surroundings away from the usual
“My third year – looking
                              • Develop skills in employment law and, more importantly, get practical advice about how
forward to the 4th!
                                to apply it to your business
Excellent, stimulating and
                              • Socialise and network with fellow delegates who will undoubtedly be experiencing
returning to work with          similar issues to yourself
recharged employment          • Discuss issues with the trainers formally and informally over the three days
law knowledge and
awareness. The manual of       summer school – course sTyle

notes has been invaluable     • Mixture of lectures and smaller workshops
– both my team and I have     • Interaction and discussion positively encouraged throughout the course
referred to it throughout     • Great emphasis on practical application of information learnt
the year”                     • Real life case studies and situations
NHS Isle of Wight             • Rapid fire sessions – giving you the opportunity to have an input into which topics are
“Excellent venue with
                              The Summer School’s full and varied social timetable has been designed to complement
good quality, experienced     the thorough working programme and ensure delegates have the opportunity to
speakers. The best short      network informally and to make the most of their stay in Cambridge and the historic
update there is!”             college surroundings.
London Borough of Redbridge
                               WhaT is The back-To-basics Workshop?

“Very enjoyable subjects       This optional workshop will be run between 5pm and 7pm on the evening of Tuesday14th September.
made interesting in a          It was developed because we realised that the Summer School caters for a range of levels of
                               knowledge. The workshop outlines the basic principles of employment law allowing everyone to
relaxed setting. Pitched       start the Summer School the next day on a similar footing. Not only do those who have not studied
at the right level for HR      employment law find it useful but many delegates attend it as a refresher to remind them of principles
professionals”                 they have learnt before but have not used recently. The workshop is led by Stephen Taylor who is a
                               lecturer at Manchester Metropolitan University’s Business School.
West Sussex County Council

                              enquiries hoTline 0161 235 4545                        WWW.dlapiper.com/advance

  early regisTraTion                                              rapid fire session                                                 Workshop 2 unfair dismissal, including
  Tuesday 14Th sepTember                                          Opportunity to ask the course presenters to explain                constructive dismissal looking in detail at
                                                                  specific employment law areas which may be causing you             mutual trust and confidence
  optional back to basics Workshop:                               concern, to deal with specific issues, and to ask further          •	 Mutual	trust	and	confidence
  The employment contract                                         questions about issues that have been covered throughout           •	 Implied	term	which	is	assuming	so	much	
  •		unfair	dismissal	law                                         the day.                                                              significance in cases around bullying, constructive
  •		The	basic	principles	of	discrimination
                                                                                                                                        dismissal and misconduct dismissals
  Stephen Taylor, Manchester Metropolitan University
                                                                                                                                     •	 Case	law	
  Buffet Dinner in the Great Hall                                   Tour	of	Cambridge	(including	treasure	hunt)	and	dinner	          Workshop 3 employee monitoring
                                                                                                                                     •	 What,	who		and	when	can	I	monitor?
  day one Wednesday 15Th sepTember                                                                                                   •	 Employees	are	spending	too	much	time	on	non-
                                                                    day TWo Thursday 16Th sepTember
                                                                                                                                        work	computer	activity	–	how	do	I	manage	this?
Welcome and introduction                                                                                                             •	 How	does	the	Human	Rights	Act,	the	ECHR,	Data	
                                                                  outsourcing: the employment law and tactical
by Jonathan Hearn and Mary Clarke                                                                                                       Protetcion	Act	and	Codes	affect	this?
                                                                  issues in outsourcing activities, or bidding for
                                                                                                                                     •	 If	evidence	is	obtained	illegally	can	I	still	use	it	in	
complete review and update of equality and                        contracts
                                                                                                                                        the	tribunal?
diversity law and where we are with equality law                  This will be a thorough legal, practical and tactical guide to
                                                                                                                                     •	 Facebook	bullying	–	can	I	stop	it	if	it	is	outside	
                                                                  employment law issues in outsourcing, whether you are
equality law                                                      the outsourcing organisation or are bidding for the work.
                                                                                                                                     •	 How	do	you	police	internet	and	mobile	phone	
•	 Political	climate	on	equality                                  With case studies and numerous commercial suggestions,
•	 Where	Equality	Bill	stands	at	the	time	of	the	                 this session will strengthen your understanding and tactical
                                                                                                                                     •	 Cyber	stalking	–	is	it	a	real	threat?
   Summer School                                                  skills in this area, whatever your existing knowledge.
                                                                                                                                     •	 What	should	my	policies	say	for	best	practice?
•	 Where	the	new	law	stands	and	its	implications	
•	 Key	changes                                                    •	 Shall	we	outsource?	What	are	the	hidden	cost	issues	
•	 Association	and	perception                                        we	might	forget?
                                                                  •	 Will	transfer	of	undertakings	law,	known	as	TuPE,	              acTiviTies
•	 Combined	discrimination
                                                                     apply?	                                                         Pre	dinner	drinks	in	the	garden	by	the	river/	dinner	in	
•	 Remedies
                                                                  •	 Tactical	issues	when	inviting	bids                              the Great Hall and quiz in the college bar
legal principles of discrimination law                            •	 As	a	bidder,	tactical	and	legal	issues	to	consider
•	 Direct	discrimination	                                         •	 Which	employees	will	go?                                        day Three Friday 17Th sepTember
•	 Indirect	discrimination	                                       •	 Redundancies	–	who	should	make	them,	and	when?
•	 Victimisation	                                                 •	 Consultation	rules                                            atypical workers
•	 Harassment	                                                    •	 Varying	employees’	contracts	in	an	outsourcing                •	 Employment	status	
•	 Public	Sector	employers,	and	how	these	may	apply	              •	 Protections	to	build	into	the	outsourcing	contract            •	 Definitions	–	fixed	term	workers	/	temporary	employees	
   in the private sector too                                      •	 Special	rules	and	commercial	issues	in	outsourcing	from	      •	 Part-time	working	
•	 Tests	for	discrimination	                                         the public sector                                             •	 Who	has	the	right	to	request	flexible	part-time	work?	
•	 unfavourable	treatment	                                        •	 Pensions	issues	                                                 Managing	requests	
•	 Positive	action	                                               •	 Offshore	outsourcing	–	what	are	the	employment	               •	 Discrimination	laws	
•	 Harassment	by	third	parties,	such	as	customers		                  issues?                                                       •	 European	interventions	
•	 Equal	pay	
•	 Flexible	working	rights	for	mothers	                           Workplace health issues                                          agency Workers – the new regulations
•	 Retirement	dismissals	                                         •	 A	summary	of	the	legal	issues	involved	in	workplace	          •	 Directive	
                                                                     health, including stress, health & safety, managing           •	 Key	features	
The day will cover all aspects of discrimination                     absence, absence dismissals, and permanent health             •	 Equal	treatment	principle	
•	 Disability	including	new	tests	and	case	law                       insurance, building on the disability issues covered on       •	 The	12	week	qualifying	period	
•	 Rights	for	carers	                                                Wednesday.                                                    •	 Pay	and	benefits	–	obligations	to	agency	workers	
•	 Age	–	essential	guidance	for	avoiding	disputes                 •	 Managing	short	term	issues                                    •	 Access	to	facilities	
•	 Religion	or	belief	–	how	far	can	the	definition	of	            •	 Managing	long	term	absence	                                   •	 Penalties	for	non-compliance	
   religion or belief extend                                      •	 How	to	get	the	best	from	HR’s	relationship	with	              •	 How	will	we	have	to	change	our	practices?
•	 Sexual	orientation		                                              internal or external occupational health advisers             •	 Practical	guidance	on	avoiding	the	pitfalls
•	 Race,	nationality,	ethnic	origin
•	 Sex	and	equal	pay                                              The approach of occupational health, and their                   nuggets from case law – changes you ought
•	 Transgender	discrimination	                                    role in supporting hr                                            to know about
                                                                  Professional Speaker – Nerys Williams                            Rather than a grand update on new law, the focus will be
A	case	study	is	a	great	way	to	illustrate	the	many	
                                                                                                                                   on nuggets from case law that you need to know about.
situations that can arise when dealing with one or more             short Workshops
                                                                                                                                   We will tell you about key developments in all areas of
discrimination claims. We will run through the case study
                                                                                                                                   employment law, including cases that are overlooked by
in	workshop	style	and	draw	on	as	many	issues	as	we	can	–	           Workshop 1 restructuring
                                                                                                                                   the	press	but	which	fundamentally	affect	HR’s	work.	For	
focussing on particularly difficult or sensitive subject areas.     •	 Redundancies,	including	
                                                                                                                                   example, cases on discipline and dismissal, grievances,
We will illustrate the legal principles through the case            	 –	Is	selection	necessary?
                                                                                                                                   disability, race, sex and discrimination, stress and employee
study which will demonstrate how claims arise and                   	 –	A	fair	consultation	process
                                                                                                                                   consultation.	Plus	statistics	about	what	people	really	win	
methods of managing them to avoid escalation and                    	 –	Suitable	alternative	employment	
                                                                                                                                   when they bring tribunal claims. In this slot we will also
added issues like victimisation and whistle-blowing. The            	 –	Redundancy	pay:		avoiding	age	discrimination
                                                                                                                                   cover	the	new	Act	that	will	require	the	Tribunal	to	share	
case study will be fully interactive and will involve an            •	 Is	it	really	a	redundancy,	or	is	it	contract	variation?
                                                                                                                                   public interest disclosures with regulators.
opportunity to analyse legal issues from decided cases and          •	 Making	contract	variations,	with	or	without	
apply best practice to some of the trickiest areas which               agreement                                                   Future employment law developments
HR practitioners currently manage. The course materials             •	 Collective	issues:	when	is	collective	consultation	         We will introduce you to all the key employment law
will provide detailed answers and sample documents to                  required?                                                   developments	that	are	on	the	horizon,	from	the	uK	
use in practical situations as well as guidance checklists.         •	 Some	alternatives	to	redundancy	                            Government	and	the	Eu.	
The facts will concern an employee who has claims for               •	 With	case	studies
sex, disability and race discrimination.                                                                                           rapid fire session

For FurTher deTails call rachel cook on 0161 235 4562 or email: rachel.cook@dlapiper.com
clare college, cambridge                                                                        in-house

                                                                                                As well as being the leading provider of
                                                                                                public employment law training, Advance can
                                                                                                deliver bespoke courses for your organisation
                                                                                                following consultation about your actual
                                                                                                training needs. In-house training is not only
                                                                                                more cost effective to your organisation, it
                                                                                                enables flexibility in terms of date, location and
                                                                                                exact subject matter. The training is tailor-made
                                                                                                to your organisation, using your own policies
                                                                                                and basing case studies on situations relevant
                                                                                                to your organisation and focusing on your key
                                                                                                areas of concern. Since most of our trainers
                                                                                                are practising lawyers, a key benefit unique
                                                                                                to Advance is on the spot legal knowledge.
                                                                                                In-house training assignments might be a one-
Clare College is the second oldest of Cambridge’s thirty-one colleges (its foundation           day workshop focusing on a specific area of
                                                                                                employment law through to multi-day delivery.
having	been	anticipated,	among	surviving	institutions,	only	by	Peterhouse).
                                                                                                We can provide an intensive course covering
It was founded in 1326, and generously endowed a few years later by Lady Elizabeth              points of law and case law for board members
                                                                                                and senior HR Managers and then provide
de Clare (Lady de Burgh), a granddaughter of King Edward I (1272-1307). In 1336 King
                                                                                                cascade training on a more practical basis to
Edward III (1327-77) granted licence ‘to his cousin Elizabeth de Burgo’ to establish a          line managers and other employees showing
collegium (the word originally meant ‘a corporation of scholars’, not, as in modern English     them the new procedures, when and how to
‘college’, the buildings in which the scholars were housed); although it was in the first       use them, and the legal rationale behind them.
instance referred to unspecifically as ‘the House of the University of Cambridge’, it became
                                                                                                  1 phone us WiTh your requiremenTs
known as Clare Hall as early as 1339 (the present simplified title,‘Clare’, dates from 1856).
                                                                                                Call Anna Juniper on 020 7796 6632 or Rachel
The college boasts 17th century architecture, stunning gardens and a convenient location in     Cook on 0161 235 4562. We will discuss with
central Cambridge, either side of the River Cam.                                                you what type of training you require, how
                                                                                                we could best deliver such training in your
 your sTay aT neW college                                                                       organisation, a price and how to proceed.

All meals and accommodation are included in the price of the Summer School.                       2 receive a Tailor-made programme

Accommodation will be provided in ensuite rooms. These are student rooms so although            Anna or Rachel will then decide upon an
they are spotlessly clean they are student accommodation so rooms are quite basic. All          appropriate trainer for your needs taking into
rooms have towels (bath and hand), bedlinen, a welcome pack (containing shampoo, soap           account your organisation and the type of
                                                                                                training you need. They will then work with
etc), and tea and coffee making facilities. Wired internet access is available in all of the
                                                                                                this trainer to draft a programme specifically
bedrooms and college computers can be used in the JCR if you don’t have a laptop. There         tailored for you along with a detailed proposal.
are also wireless hotspots around the college – our conference room is one of them!             You are not obliged at this stage to proceed
                                                                                                with the training.
Most of our meals will be taken in the college’s magnificent great hall which is an
experience in itself.                                                                             3 decide To proceed

Car	Parking – The college has an arrangement with a nearby sports ground where cars             If you wish to proceed we will prepare the
can be parked. There is a charge of £2.75 for each day and these spaces need to be              supporting coursebook and materials and the
                                                                                                precise content of the programme based on your
booked in advance so please contact us if you wish to book one.                                 company’s policies, procedures and development
We will send full travel details with the joining instructions nearer the time which will       requirements. You can have as much or as little
                                                                                                input at this stage as you choose.
include car parks close by and city maps.
                                                                                                In the past twelve months organisations
Social	Programme	– The social programme gives you the chance to meet and network                we have trained include: G4S Securicor,
with fellow delegates which, from our experience, is a hugely important part of this            Nationwide Building Society, Mitsubishi, Anglia
kind of course. As well as being here to learn we also want you to enjoy the experience         Ruskin University, South Lakeland District
of staying in such a beautiful college. This years activities include tour and treasure hunt    Council, Proctor and Gamble, Thames Valley
                                                                                                Police, Thames Valley Housing, NFU Mutual,
of Cambridge, dinner out at a local restaurant, tour of the college and a quiz on the
                                                                                                Learning and Skills Council, Gateshead Council,
last night.                                                                                     South Yorkshire Police, Mitsui, DWP Child
                                                                                                Support Agency, MOD, Writtle College and
                                                                                                Johnson Matthey.

alTernaTively see The back page For oTher Ways To book
9th annual
                                                                                               summer school
employmenT laW                                                                                 TimeTable
summer school
leading speakers

                                                                                               Tuesday 14Th         16.30-18.30         Optional early registration
Jonathan hearn, Legal Director, DLA Piper London and                                           sepTember 2010
mary clarke, Partner, DLA Piper Manchester                                                                          17.00               Back-to-Basics workshop
Jonathan and Mary are both senior practising employment lawyers and advise for major                                19.00               Buffet dinner and drinks
UK and international employers on all aspects of employment law, contentious and non-
                                                                                               Wednesday 15Th 8.00                      Breakfast
contentious. Both Mary and Jonathan are also principal employment law trainers for DLA
                                                                                               sepTember 2010
Piper, developing and delivering numerous in-house programmes, as well as being regular                             8.30                Coffee and registration
speakers on our Advance public programmes.
                                                                                                                    9.00                Start of Summer School
Jonathan and Mary have both played an integral part in the previous six Summer Schools
and this year will be co-hosting the programme.                                                                     17.00               End of day one
                                                                                                                    18.00               Tour and treasure hunt of Cambridge
oTher speakers Will include                                                                                         20.00               Dinner at a local restaurant
stephen Taylor, Senior lecturer in Human Resource Management, Manchester                       Thursday 16Th        8.00                Breakfast
Metropolitan University                                                                        sepTember 2010
                                                                                                                    9.00                Start day two
Stephen teaches employment law, employee resourcing and reward management on
MA and MBA courses. Previously he taught at the Manchester School of Management                                     17.30               End of day two
at UMIST and before that held a series of personnel management posts in the NHS                                     18.45-19.30         Tour of College
and hotel industry. He is the Charted Institute of Personnel and Development’s national
examiner for its ‘Managing in a Business Context’ paper and is the author/co-author of                              20.00               Dinner followed by quiz
five books on employer resourcing and human resources management topics.                       Friday 17Th          8.00                Breakfast
                                                                                               sepTember 2010
carl soan,	Solicitor,	DLA	Piper	London                                                                              9.00                Start of day three
Carl is a Solicitor in the Employment team in our London office and advises on
                                                                                                                    13.00               Close of Summer School followed by
contentious and non-contentious employment matters. He is currently handling several                                                    buffet lunch
Employment Tribunal cases involving allegations of disability and sex discrimination,
                                                                                               Lunch, coffee and tea breaks will be taken at appropriate times during the day
among others. He has undertaken training events covering matters such as bullying and
harassment in the workplace and the Government’s new provisions relating to discipline
and grievance in the workplace.
                                                                                                 abouT advance
kate mcgough,	Associate,	DLA	Piper	Manchester
Kate is an associate in the employment law team based in Manchester. Kate has                  We provide training courses and conferences for over 3,000
advised on a wide variety of contentious and non-contentious matters with particular           delegates each year, many of whom return over and over again.
experience in advising on issues such as transfer of undertakings, large and small scale       Our training programmes help senior executives and operational
redundancy exercises, unfair dismissal, executive service agreements, restrictive covenants,   managers increase their understanding of how legislation and
reorganisations, contract variation exercises, executive severance, management of
                                                                                               regulation affects the way they manage their business. Our seminar
employee absence and poor performance issues, drafting employing contracts, polices
                                                                                               style programmes are interactive, covering the practical impacts
and procedures and employment handbooks Kate also regularly presents seminars on all
aspects of employment law and practice to a diverse range of clients.
                                                                                               of current and future legislation and case decisions. Our courses
                                                                                               are led by experienced lecturers who are at the front line both as
nerys Williams, Occupational Health Expert                                                     practising lawyers and HR professionals.
Dr Nerys Williams qualified in Manchester and then worked in a number of hospital
and General Practice posts before qualifying as a specialist in occupational medicine.         •	 Operational	for	14	years
She worked for 12 years in the Health and Safety Executive latterly as Senior Medical          •	 Law	Society	accredited	courses	qualify	for	personnel	professional	
Inspector and Head of the Employment Medical Advisory service before joining                      development hours
Department for Work and Pensions in a strategy and health policy role as Principal
                                                                                               •	 96%	of	delegates	rated	our	courses	excellent	or	good
Occupational Physician. Nerys is also an Honorary Associate Professor at Warwick
Medical School and Senior Clinical Lecturer at the University of Birmingham. Her               •	 Numbers	limited	to	ensure	maximum	delegate	satisfaction
occupational health interests include the employment implications of obesity and the           •	 Money-back	guarantee	in	the	unlikely	event	of	the	course	failing	to	
OH role in sickness absence management.                                                           meet expectations
                                                                                               •	 All	trainers	are	experienced	lawyers	or	HR	consultants	who	
                                                                                                  understand the practicalities of the law
                                                                                               •	 Coursebooks	are	written	by	an	HR	specialist
                                                                                               •	 All	our	courses	are	complemented	with	programme,	coursebook,	
  bring your Team!                                                                                checklists and summaries, comprehensive slides and interactive
  Group discounts apply and seminar rooms can be made                                             case studies
  available for team meetings or team building excercises.
                                                                                                 coursebook For sale

                                                                                               Our coursebooks are prepared for each programme and are praised
  “Very informative event. I attended                                                          for the quality and the practical information they contain. Copies
  with a number of colleagues and we were                                                      can be purchased for £250 including postage and packaging. To
                                                                                               order please complete the form on the back page. Your book will
  able to combine this Summer School with                                                      be mailed on receipt of payment and after the programme has taken
  teambuilding” Sense                                                                          place.

enquiries hoTline 0161 235 4545                                                                WWW.dlapiper.com/advance
                                                                                                        8th annual

9th annual

employmenT laW
summer school                                                                                           Wednesday 15Th – Friday 17Th sepTember 2010
                                                                                                        clare college, cambridge

easy Ways To book                                                                                         delegaTe inFormaTion

FaX 0161 235 4505                                                                                         delegaTe 1 Title                     First name                       Last name

phone enquiries / crediT card bookings                                                                    Position
Call Rachel Cook on 0161 235 4545 or, alternatively, call National Number                                 Company or organisation
08700 111 111 and ask for Advance.                                                                        Address
NOTE  To confirm your booking, please complete this form and send it to the                                                                                                    Postcode
postal address below.
                                                                                                          Tel                                                                  Fax
posT Please send this booking form or a photocopy, together with your                                     Email
cheque or purchase order no., to Rachel Cook at Advance 101 Barbirolli
                                                                                                          Please indicate any dietary or other special needs
Square, Manchester M2 3DL.
email advance@dlapiper.com                                                                                Please tick if you wish to attend the optional ‘Back-to-Basics’ Workshop

dX   14304	Manchester                                                                                     Please indicate your choice of workshop 1                 2      3

daTe and venue                                                                                            delegaTe 2 Title                     First name                       Last name

Clare College, Trinity Lane, Cambridge CB2 1TL
Tel +44 (0)1223 333 200                                                                                   Company or organisation

If you do not receive joining instructions confirming timings and venue
one week prior to the conference, please contact us.                                                                                                                           Postcode

                                                                                                          Tel                                                                  Fax
paymenT musT be received prior To aTTending The summer school                                             Email
Joining insTrucTions Will noT be senT ouT unTil paymenT is
                                                                                                          Please indicate any dietary or other special needs

                                                                                                          Please tick if you wish to attend the optional ‘Back-to-Basics’ Workshop
Fees The delegate fee includes a comprehensive coursebook, all meals and activities.                      Please indicate your choice of workshop 1                 2      3

£1550.00                                    (PLuS	£271.25	VAT)                         £1821.25           delegaTe 3 Title                     First name                       Last name

early booking discounTs
A discount is available for bookings received by 1st May 2010.                                            Company or organisation

£1350.00                                    (PLuS	£236.26	VAT)                         £1586.25
Unless by prior agreement, payments have to be made before the programme takes place.
                                                                                                          Tel                                                                  Fax
Bookings will be acknowledged with a VAT receipt and joining instructions.

noTes                                                                                                     Please indicate any dietary or other special needs

conTinuing proFessional developmenT This programme is suitable for HR and                                 Please tick if you wish to attend the optional ‘Back-to-Basics’ Workshop
Personnel Professional Development and under Law Society rules, qualifies for 15 CPD hours.
                                                                                                          Please indicate your choice of workshop 1                 2      3
cancellaTions, subsTiTuTions and TransFers If you are not able to attend, you
may send a substitute. However, a refund cannot be made for cancellations received less than 5
                                                                                                                  Please tick here if you do not want to receive mailings from other organisations
weeks before the course is scheduled to take place.

daTabase Your details will be held on the DLA Piper database. If you would like to be                     paymenT meThod Please choose 1, 2, 3 or 4
removed please contact Advance 101 Barbirolli Square, Manchester M2 3DL
                                                                                                          1     Cheque. Make cheques payable to DLA	Piper
There may be occasions when changes in programme content, speakers, timing and location have to
be made for reasons outside our control. We maintain the right to decline bookings if they are not in           Enclosed is my cheque for £
line with course training objectives.
                                                                                                           2 Invoice

                                                                                                                My purchase order number is (if applicable)

                                                                                                           3    Credit card Please tick one

                                                                                                          Card no.                                                                        Expiry date      Security code

                                                                                                          Account name

                                                                                                          Cardholder’s address (if different from that above)


                                                                                                           4    Bankers draft
                                                                                                                I wish to pay by bankers transfer, and will also send a copy of this form to Rachel Cook
                                                                                                                at Advance 101 Barbirolli Square, Manchester M2 3DL.
                                                                                                                Account DLA Piper Account	no. 14089842 Sort code 16 00 01
                                                                                                                Bank Royal Bank of Scotland Plc, Mosely Street, Manchester M60 2BE
                                                                                                                Quoting 319890.1796