Apoptosis in Toxicology Apoptosis in Toxicology Editor R by P-TaylorFrancis


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									Apoptosis in Toxicology
Editor: R. J. Roberts
Other: Gerry Cohen

Edition: 1
Table of Contents

1. Apoptosis: Basic Mechanisms and Relevance to Toxicology J.H. Gill and C. Dive 2. The Toxicological
Consequences of Caspase Inhibition and Activation K. Cain 3. Modulation of Apoptosis in
Immunotoxicology J. Schumann and G. Tiegs 4. Apoptosis in Male Reproductive Toxicology I.
Woolveridge and I.D. Morris 5. Apoptosis in Female Reproductive Toxicology J. Tilly 6. Apoptosis in
Renal Toxicology M. Davis 7. Role of Apoptosis in Neuronal Toxicology R.M. Gibson 8. Perurbation of
Apoptosis as a Mechanism of Action of Nongenotoxic Carcinogens S.C. Cosulich and R.A. Roberts 9.
Toxic Mechanisms Mediated by Gene Expression P.R. Holden 10. Detection and Biomarkers of
Apoptosis J.R. Foster

Apoptosis in Toxicology is the first book to focus on the molecular regulation of apoptosis with particular
emphasis on toxicant action. Cell survival signalling and its perturbation is addressed at the genetic and
biochemical level, including key survival and death genes, survival signalling, commitment to apoptosis
and recruitment of the initiator and executioner caspases.
Emphasis is given to the role apoptosis plays in the action of toxicants in the brain, the immune system,
the reproductive organs, the kidney and the liver. The ability of drugs to regulate apoptosis either as a
target or as an adverse effect is discussed with particular reference to cancer chemotherapy. The many
methods that can be employed to quantify apoptosis are compared and their application to different
tissues is discussed.
This timely and comprehensive volume has been written by leading authorities and active researchers in
their respective fields. It will have broad appeal to toxicologists, physicians and biologists across many

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