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                         OPEN COUNCIL WORK SESSION
                            MONDAY, MAY 23, 2005
                                  6:00 P.M.
                             MUNICIPAL CENTER
                          LOBBY CONFERENCE ROOM

Members Present:      Mayor Zanmiller; Councilmembers Wright, Tessmer, Juarez,
                      VanMoorlehem, Englin, and Lewis

Members Absent:       None.

Also Present:         City Manager Arbon Hairston, City Attorney Rollin Crawford
                      Deputy Police Chief Manila Shaver and Asst. City
                      Manager/Human Resources Director Karen Divina.

Mayor Zanmiller called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m.

Adopt Agenda:
City Manager Hairston added Drug Task Force Canine Agreement.

HiPP Resolutions
City Manager Hairston explained that we are one of 3 or 4 cities that haven't passed this
resolution. 13 other communities have committed to the HiPP group for dispatching. He
noted this is a universal resolution used by all the cities involved.

The Council discussed what the next step would be after passage of the resolution. City
Manager Hairston indicated that all the cities will get together and determine what the
cost will be.

This item is on the regular Council agenda for action.

LOGIS Agreement
Deputy Police Chief Shaver introduced Michael Garris of LOGIS to explain to the
Council what the LOGIS agreement entails. He explained that the one-time cost to
place CAD into the police cars would be approximately $153,000 and the annual
operating cost would be approximately $78,000. There is also a need for a full-time data
entry person.

The Council discussed the need for this equipment whether we go with consolidated
dispatch or not. It was noted that one of the proposals showed the cost at $105,000, but it
was explained that number was if Mendota Heights and South St. Paul were still with
West St. Paul. Also discussed was whether PERA funds could be used towards the one-
time costs.
OPEN COUNCIL WORK SESSION                                                               2
May 23, 2005

Chief Shaver indicated that there was about $30-40,000 left in the PERA account after
the final payment for the work on the gun range.

Council posed questions to Mr. Garris regarding the efficiency of the system and Mr.
Garris explained how a typically generated ticket would be done. He noted this is a very
powerful record sharing system.

It was the consensus of the Council to go forward with the LOGIS system and Agreement
noting that if the City is going to join the HiPP group with consolidated dispatching, we
will have to install this equipment. Clpn. Englin will place this item on the regular
Council agenda for action.

The Council discussed the issue as to whether the County dispatching was still a viable
option. There were still unanswered questions regarding what happens to the City's
personnel as well as other issues, therefore, it was the consensus of the Council that staff
be authorized to approach the County Sheriff's Dept. to meet again with Council to clear
up any unanswered questions. Clpn. Englin will also put this item on the regular
Council agenda for action.

Drug Task Force Canine Program
Police Chief Shaver explained the opportunity of the City to provide a drug dog handler
to work on the County Drug Task Force and the need to enter into an agreement with the
County spelling out the responsibilities. There would be no cost to the City for the dog's
care, but the City would provide the time of a police officer to train and work with the
dog. He noted that the City already has an officer on the Drug Task Force and that
officer would be returned to City duty and another officer who has volunteered to train
with the dog would be the City's representative on the Task Force.

It was the consensus of the Council to approve this agreement, and Clpn. Englin will
place this item on the regular Council agenda for action.

Float/Vehicle Use
City Manager Hairston indicated he had received a request from the West St. Paul Days
Queen committee regarding the City providing a car and driver to pull the float for their
various parades the royalty attend. He explained that based on the first 9 events they
have scheduled where they would need a driver, the overtime costs would total $9,000,
and they do 60 events during the year.

The Council suggested a request for a driver be put on the City's web site asking for
volunteers to drive the vehicle pulling the float.

Thompson Park, May 24, 2005 meeting at 5:00 p.m.
City Manager Hairston distributed the agenda for the May 24th meeting of the Dakota
County and West St. Paul Facility Operations Committee for the Council's information.
OPEN COUNCIL WORK SESSION                                                      3
May 23, 2005

WiFi Issues (Clpn. VanMoorlehem)
Clpn. VanMoorlehem indicated he had some questions regarding WiFi, but due to lack of
time, this item will be considered at a future work session.

The Mayor adjourned the meeting at 6:58 p.m.

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