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					                          Hughes Hall May Ball 2010

                         ‘Journey through 125 Years’
                              Terms and Conditions

1. Definitions:
     ”Committee” – The Hughes Hall College May Ball 2010 Committee.
     ”Purchaser” – The person ordering tickets, also denoted “Main Account Holder”
     ”Ball” – The event taking place at Hughes Hall on the evening of Saturday 12th June
       ”Ticket Holders” – Any person attending the Ball that appears on the Committee’s
2. When buying tickets, a Purchaser must buy a ticket in his/her own name. In case the
   Purchaser is neither a current member nor a fellow nor an alumnus of Hughes Hall,
   he/she must advise the name of his/her host to the Committee. If a Purchaser is either
   a current member or a fellow or an alumnus of Hughes Hall, he/she may also buy up to
   5 other tickets, here denoted as “subsidiary tickets”; the holder of a subsidiary ticket
   ordered by the Purchaser is denoted as “his/her Guest”, or more generally a “subsidiary
   ticket holder”.
3. The Purchaser shall ensure that all his/her Guests are over 18. No ticket holders under
   the age of 18 will be admitted to the Ball. Furthermore all ticket holders will be required
   to show proof of age. The only forms of acceptable ID for this purpose are photo-card
   driving licenses and passports.
4. The Committee’s emailed or posted confirmation to the Purchaser of his/her application
   for tickets shall constitute an offer to sell the tickets requested, the acceptance of which
   is established by payment via bank transfer or cheque or cash or – for current Hughes
   Hall member only – via College Bill to the value of the price specified in the order.
   When using bank transfer or cheque or cash, full payment must be done within 14 days
   after ordering tickets. When purchased via College Bill, a signed form authorising the
   billing of the full amount must be submitted to the bursary office within 14 days after
   ordering tickets but not later than March 31st, 2010. Failing such payment the
  prospective booking shall lapse. By making such payment, the Purchaser agrees that the
  contract of sale shall be governed by these terms and conditions. Early booking discount
  of £10 per ticket is applicable only to the booking made by 23:59 on February 28th,
  2010. Subject to Clauses 5 and 8, the Committee agrees to supply the tickets specified in
  the confirmation email or letter to the Purchaser a reasonable time before the date of the
5. The Committee reserves the right to cancel any applications for tickets within 14 days of
  the application for the tickets; in this case only, if a fund transfer has been made, a
   refund will be given via reasonable methods.
6. Tickets are non-refundable except where express permission is granted by the
   Committee. The decision to make refund will be made entirely at their discretion. The
   ticket of the Main Account Holder is transferrable as long as the new Ticket Holder is
   either a current member or a fellow or an alumnus of Hughes Hall and name of new
   Ticket Holder is reported to the Committee by June 5th, 2010. The subsidiary tickets are
   transferrable as long as the name of new Ticket Holders is reported to the Committee
   by June 5th, 2010. The Committee reserves the right to levy an administration charge of
   £10 per Ticket for completing transfer of tickets after June 5th, 2010.
7. The Tickets are only representative of each Ticket Holder’s eligibility to attend the
   Ball, and remain the property of the Committee.
8. It is a condition of sale that tickets will only be issued to a Purchaser upon provision to
   the Committee of his full name, address and valid photographic identification (valid
   driving license, passport, or University ID) and the full name and other details of any of
   his Guests. People not on the Committee Guest list will not be admitted to the Ball. The
   Purchaser undertakes full responsibility and liability for the accuracy of this information
   and for the actions of his/her Guests at the Ball.
9. In the event that the Ball is cancelled for any reason whatsoever, the Purchaser assumes
     the risk that a refund may not be available. Partial or full refunds will be given only
     where, in the opinion of the Committee, the cost of such refunds can be recovered by
     the Committee.
10. No admission to the Ball will be accepted after 11pm, and ticket holders will not be
     readmitted if they exit the Ball at any time for any reason. The Committee reserves the
     right to alter this arrangement with reasonable prior notice.
11. The Committee reserves the right to make changes to the Ball programme without
     prior notice.
12. Ticket Holders will comply with the instructions of the Committee and / or persons
     employed in administering and supervising the Ball. This is to ensure the safety of all
   persons present.
13. Ticket Holders will be issued with identification bracelets (or equivalent) on the night
   of the Ball which must be worn during the Ball and shown to any Committee members
   and / or persons employed in administering and supervising the Ball who requests
   them to do so.
14. The Committee reserves the right to require the search of any persons by a licensed
    security guard upon reasonable suspicion of possession of any illegal substances or
15. The Committee further reserves the right to refuse entry to, or eject any person from
    the Ball, and to take whatever further action they deem appropriate. Grounds for such
    exclusion include, but are not limited to, violent, loud, indecent, illegal or immoral
    behaviour, excessive intoxication, possession of illegal drugs or other breach of these
    terms and conditions. Further grounds include where the Committee and/or its duly
    authorised representatives have reasonable grounds to believe that an attendee may not
    be a legitimate Ticket Holder, or believe that a Ticket Holder may have committed or
    may be about to commit a criminal offence or has engaged or is engaging in other such
    activities as the Committee deems unacceptable.
16. Ticket-holders believed to be involved in an illegal activity may be reported to the
17. The Ball accepts no liability for financial compensation to the guest if he or she is
    removed from or refused entry to the Ball.
18. The Committee neither undertakes nor accepts any responsibility or liability whatsoever
    for any loss or damage to the personal property or other property of any person
    attending the Ball, whether caused by the default or want of care on the part of the
    Committee or its workers, sub-contractors or any independent contractor, or otherwise.
    Attendees are strongly advised to take care of all personal items and to make their own
    arrangements to insure all items of value.
19. Under no circumstances shall the Committee be responsible for any injurious act or
    default committed by themselves, their workers, sub-contractors or any independent
    contractor causing death or personal injury unless directly caused by gross negligence
    on the part of the Committee.
20. Unauthorised access or use of the Ball website is prohibited and constitutes an offence
    under the Computer Misuse Act 1990.
21. By submitting an application the applicant agrees to have their details stored
    electronically. The details will not be passed onto any third party and shall remain
    confidential. All data collected is subject to the Data Protection Act 1998.
22. The Committee reserves the right to photograph and record CCTV footage of the Ball
    site, its immediate surroundings, the grounds of Hughes Hall, and those entering and
    leaving it, in order to document the event in case of later legal action.
23. All decisions of the Committee are final.
24. Any person who is not a party to the contract of sale shall have no right under the
    Contract (Right of Third Parties) Act 1999 to enforce or enjoy the benefit of any its
25. English law shall govern the contract of sale.
26. The only acceptable attire for men is Black Tie, White Tie or national dress; women
    should have a comparable standard of dress. Sports blazers are not allowed. The
    Committee reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone they deem not suitably attired.
27. Ticket Holders are reminded that smoking at the Ball is only permitted in the
    designated areas.
28. Ticket Holders are expected to conduct themselves with due care throughout the Ball.
    The Committee do not in any way condone excessive alcohol consumption and hereby
    give notice of the risks inherent in careless participation at the Ball. All care is taken to
    minimise risks including, but not limited to, trip hazards, suspended objects, hot
    surfaces and equipment at the Ball. By agreeing to these terms, the participant
    acknowledges receipt of this notice.