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									Tips For Installing Your Toucan Exhaust System
Congratulations on your purchase of the all stainless steel “Toucan” dual exhaust system. We trust our products will provide you with trouble free service for many years to come. Our new Toucan exhaust system is meant to be adaptable to most any application. The entire exhaust can be rotated more than 180 degrees, as can the muffler as an individual component. To properly seal your exhaust we recommend that you put a bead of high-temp red RTV silicone in the exhaust sleeves of your mufflers (see Photo 1). Then cut four lengths of fiberglass rope seal (provided) long enough to encircle each sleeve, insert them into the sleeves, and tamp them to the bottom. Finally, put another bead of high-temp red RTV silicone in the exhaust sleeves and insert the exhaust pipes. Let the silicone cure for a minimum of 24 hours before starting the engine to prevent the silicone from blowing out. (See Photo 1)

Photo 1

After the silicone has cured, install the exhaust in the proper orientation by rotating the entire system, or muffler, to provide the best angle of exit for the tail pipes. Install the tail pipes using the stainless steel springs provided. We recommend safety wiring the springs so that the tail pipe (and spring) remain fastened to the exhaust in the event the spring should break. It is further recommended that you apply a bead of the same high-temp red RTV silicone to the spring over its entire length to cushion the vibration of the engine and to reduce the likelihood of fracture. Once the entire exhaust system is completely installed, drill a small 1/8” or #30 hole in the outer sleeve of one or both end(s) of each muffler and through the adjacent wall of the exhaust pipe and rivet in place using the stainless steel rivets supplied. This prevents the muffler from rotating during engine operation. (See Photo 2)

Photo 2
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