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Almost Seven years experience in full life cycle of database administration in Production/Development
environments, which includes Database creation, upgrades, tuning, maintenance, backups and recovery in
both Unix (Sun Solaris, IBM AIX, HP-UX & Red Hat Linux) and Windows Environments on multiple versions
of Oracle (Oracle 8i/9i/10g).
 Extensively worked as Team member in performing task such as Strategic Planning, Logical and Physical
   Data Modeling & Application Tuning.
 Experience in maintaining Oracle Data Guard & Standby Database and providing critical solution with
   strategic disaster recovery plans with different recovery procedures and methods.
 Designed and implemented Backup and Recovery strategies using conventional and RMAN utilities.
 Hands on experience of database backups and recovery methods like PITR, TSPITR Export/Import,
   Data Pump and Flashback Technologies.
 Cloned Database from Production to Test and Development and from Development to Production.
 Experience in Upgrade and Migration of oracle database to higher version and installing patches.
 Thorough knowledge in high availability RAC (multiple nodes) environment and upgradation of the
   standalone databases to 10g RAC environment.
 Experience in Installing and configuring ASM and RAC for high availability databases.
 Experience in writing shell scripts to check to the Status, Space Management and Performance of
 Extensive used the Grid Control for maintaining many databases together on separate servers.
 Having experience in performance tuning issues using AWR and ADDM Reports.
 Installation and configuration of Statspack and analyzing Statspack report at regular intervals to ensure
   good database performance.
 Experience in working on TKPROF, Explain Plan and SQL Trace for Performance Tuning.
 Used OEM, QUEST FOGLIGHT and DBArtisan for Database Monitoring and Performance Tuning.
 Performed Capacity Planning and Sizing of databases based on input from business.
 Created Database link to access the object on remote database and scrip to check the connectivity
   among all the databases.
 Hands on experience using various DBMS packages like DBMS_JOB, UTL_FILE, UTL_MAIL, DBMS_SQL and
 Well Versed with Veritas Cluster Environment, SAN storage systems, RAID, Logical Volume Manger
 Performed complete multi-master replication with updateable Materialized Views.
 Experience in Extracting, Transforming and Loading (ETL) data using SQL*Loader Utility
 Designed logical and physical Data Models using ERWIN forward-engineered into DDL and executed on
   large scale to create database.
 Extensive use of Crontab in UNIX environment for scheduling routine tasks.
 Created and Maintained Users and Roles with Appropriate Privileges and Profiles.
 Hands on Experience to write Stored Procedures, Triggers, Functions and Packages.
 Experience in creating Partitions on the Tables and Indexes in order to improve performance.
 Troubleshoot database Network problems using Oracle Net Configuration Assistant, Oracle Net Manager,
   Netstat and ping utility.
 Good understanding in optimization and Normalization in Oracle RDBMS.
 Experience in working with different FTP Clients like Smart FTP, Cute FTP SFTP and SCP.

 Database Administration (Oracle 8i/9i) of the database, size varying from Medium to Large (100 GB to
  10 TB).


Languages             SQL, PL/SQL, Shell Programming, C, PERL
RDBMS                 Oracle 8.0, 8i, 9i, 10g
Reporting Tools    Crystal Reports 8.5
Tools              ERWIN 4.0/3.6, Oracle Enterprise Manager, TOAD 8.6/8.5/7.6, DBArtisian,
                   Oracle Developer 2000,Veritas Volume Manager, VERITAS Net Backup,
                 F-Secure Client, Humming Bird, Smart FTP, Cute FTP, Quest Foglight, BMC Patrol
Utilities          SQL Loader, Export / Import, Data Pump, TKPROF, Statspack
Operating Systems UNIX, Sun Solaris 5.6/5.8/5.9/10, Windows NT, Windows 95/98/2000,
                   Windows XP, HP-UX 10/11i, RED HAT LINUX AS2/4.1


Oracle Certified Associate (OCA)
    Oracle 9i SQL Exam
    Oracle 9i Database Fundamentals I
Brainbench Certifications
    Brainbench Certified in RDBMS Concepts


NBC Universal, Englewood Cliffs, NJ                                            July 08 – Till Date
Role: Oracle DBA
NBC Universal is one of the world’s leading media and entertainment companies in the development,
production, and marketing of entertainment, news, and information to a global audience. This project
included designing and planning the deployment of architectures of the new Database and development of
various new applications, but at the same time supporting, maintaining the old policies

 Team member of Database Built & Run Team; was responsible Development and Production
  Support as well as Database Tuning and Capacity Planning.
 Installed & configured Oracle 9i/10g on various UNIX platforms.
 Involved in database designing, created Logical and Physical Models using Erwin.
 Schema migration from Dev to QA, STG and Production after successful testing.
 Fetched the expensive SQL from ADDM and perform query tuning for Performance Tuning.
 Keep the Database and Erwin Data model synchronies with Erwin Reverse and forward Engineering
 Involved in database Upgrade from to In RAC environment node by node.
 Cloned production database to the test environment using Recovery Manager (RMAN).
 Written PL/SQL procedure for SQL loader to load data from OLTP to Data warehouse once in Day and
  automated that process with Cron job with notification in mail with status of Job to appropriate person.

   Maintained IBM Rational Clearcase for version control of Database for entire Environment.
   Assign ticket to offshore DBA according to availability of resources, skill sets and priority of works
   Written various trigger at Table level for security reason.
   Daily review Automated Workload Repository (AWR) and Automatic Database Diagnostics Monitor
    (ADDM) report for Performance Tuning.
   Created Database link to access the object on remote database and scrip to check the connectivity
    among all the databases.
   Granted and Revoked privileges and roles to the users on different objects depending on there work
    requirement and provided the necessary security to the database.
   Written script to create Private Synonyms and object grants to make the process centralize and unique
    across all platform.
   Created Physical Standby database as a part of DR planning, also involved in creating the Logical
    Standby database for the reporting.
   Involved in installation and configuration of Real Application Clusters (RAC) running on 2 node
   Responsible for configuration and implementation of backup strategies using RMAN
 Monitored and tuned Rollback Segment, Temporary Tablespace, Redo Log Buffer, Sort Area Size,
  and Flash Recovery Area.
 Communicated with Oracle to get the necessary patches required to fix up the database changes needed
  using TAR Support and coordinating the patches and implementing the necessary changes.
Oracle 10g/9i, SUN Solaris 5.9, Red Hat Linux 4.1, ERWIN 4.0,DBartisan 8.5.5, OEM, Data Guard, RMAN,
Exp/Imp, Data pump, Putty, Oracle Client 10.2

3N (National Notification Network), Glendale, CA                                     Jan 07 – Jun 08
Role: Oracle DBA
3n is the leading global provider of mass notification solutions to Global 2000 corporations in more than 70
countries with the ability to communicate in more than 230 countries worldwide. 3n uses variety of Oracle
database and products to maintain high availability and reduce downtime. The project is about instating
new Database on RAC, Upgradation and Production support.

 Team member of Infrastructure Team; was responsible for Developing backup and recovery strategy,
  database tuning strategies, capacity planning etc.
 Installed & configured Oracle 9i/10g on database server on various platforms.
 Designed, Implemented and Tested Backup & Recovery strategies for database using Data Pump and
  RMAN Utilities.
 Used Recovery Manager (RMAN) and Enterprise Manager for various maintenance tasks like backing
  up of database, restoration and recovery of database.
 Successfully implemented physical standby database using Oracle Data Guard feature for High
  availability configuration.
 Cloned production database to the test environment using Recovery Manager (RMAN).
 Configured ASM for the new databases and moved non-ASM file of the old databases to ASM disk groups.
 Implemented two-node parallel RAC environment of the production database instance with Automatic
  Storage Management (ASM).

 Managed RAC, ASM and Data Guard Instances.
 Extraction of data from different flat files into Oracle Database using SQL*Loader and automated the
  process by using UNIX Shell scripting.
 Used UNIX shell programs and Cron jobs for automating the process of refresh of data periodically.
 Wrote script to inform DBA’s about regarding the Status, Performance and Space Management of the
 Upgraded database from to on Sun Solaris using DBUA.
 Troubleshoot Database performance issues using Automated Workload Repository (AWR) and
  Automatic Database Diagnostics Monitor (ADDM).
 Performed database tuning, application tuning and performance monitoring using STATSPACK, EXPLAIN
 Performed Capacity Planning and Sizing of databases based on input from business.
 Involved in the designing of databases and developed the ER Diagrams with ERWIN.
 Actively worked on SQL and Physical database tuning resolving fragmentation and disk contention.
 Communicated with Oracle to get the necessary patches required to fix up the database changes needed
  using TAR Support and coordinating the patches and implementing the necessary changes.
 Documentation of Data Base Setup and administration of Server Environment.
 Provided 24x7 on-call supports. Worked beyond regular hours based on business demands.
Oracle 10g/9i, SUN Solaris 5.6/10, HP-UX 10/11i,HP 9000 Server, ERWIN 4.0,TOAD 8.5, OEM, Data Guard,
RMAN, Exp/Imp, Data pump, Veritas Cluster Environment, Smart FTP.
MOTOROLA, Plantation, FL                                                      Jan 06 – Dec 06
Role: Oracle DBA
Motorola is one of the leading global communications Player. It has revolutionized technologies such as
wireless technology, embedded systems and broadband. The project is about installation of new database,
Migration, Upgradation and RAC on different platform.

 Installation, creation, configuration and Performance tuning of database.
 Performance tuning for Oracle Day-To-Day Maintenance and management of the several different
  databases in development, test, and production environments.
 Understanding the existing Database Structure and suggesting the database reorganization.
 Oracle 10g Installation and Configuration.
 Upgraded databases from to 10gR2 and applied critical patches update (CPU) .
 Actively involved in installation and configuration of Real Application Clusters (RAC) running on 2 node
 Involved in project of upgradation of standalone databases to 10g RAC environment.
 Configured Bigfile Tablespace for Very Large Scale Database (VLSD).
 Tune Databases for optimization using Statspack and Explain Plan, Estimating Table & Index Size.
 Wrote shell script, which generate Statspack Report at regular interval.
 Resolved performance issues by Automated Workload Repository (AWR) and Automatic Database
  Diagnostics Monitor (ADDM).
 Automated the Database refresh process from Production to TEST environment.
 Data loading using Oracle SQL Loader and also developed SQL Loader script to load data with fine-tune
  setting for optimum performance of the SQL loader.

 Extensively used new features of 10g like Import, Export and Data Pump logical backup.
 Wrote a shell script for taking backup using Export/Import.
 Involved in Physical and Logical design of Data MODEL using ERWIN.
 Automation of lot of process to keep the systems up to date and to reduce manual errors by developing
  shell scripts and using CRONTAB in UNIX.
 Created Database link to access the object on remote database and scrip to check the connectivity
  among all the databases.
 Audit of the Data/Database objects for auditors.
 Monitored and tuned Rollback Segment, Temporary Tablespace, Redo Log Buffer, Sort Area Size, and
  Flash Recovery Area.
 Storage Management, Managing Space, Tablespaces, Segments and Extents, Rollback Segments & Data
 Supported test and development environments to ensure smooth transition of applications into
 Served as Oracle DBA in a 24x7 Production environment managing several Database instances.
Oracle 9i/10g, SUN OS 5.8/5.9, Red hat Linux AS 2.1/3.0 UNIX, PL/SQL, SQL*PLUS, TOAD 7.6
ERWIN 3.0, Cute FTP.

AAA Of Northern California, San Francisco, CA                                      Oct 04 – Dec 05
Role: Oracle DBA
AAA offer a wide array of automotive, travel, insurance and financial services. AAA is using variety of oracle
product and services to server its customer around the globe. The project is about Upgrade & Migration as
well as production support for on going application.

 Installation of oracle database software 8i and 9i.
 Cloned the Database from production to development environment.
 Migration of database from SunOS 5.6 to SunOS 5.9.
 Upgraded database from to on SUN Solaris using Database Upgrade Assistance (DBUA)
  and manual upgrade method.
 Upgraded and patched Oracle software, Setup brand new machines including Oracle software
 Converted tablespaces to locally managed tablespaces to eliminate fragmentation, better performance
  and reduced maintenance.
 Wrote the SQL*Loader scripts to load the external files into the Oracle Database.
 Configured Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) and monitored production databases.
 Extensively used Explain Plan to identify the poorly performing query.
 Utilized Crontab and DBMS_JOBS to automate the monitoring jobs.
 Created User and Roles and grant appropriate Roles, Privilege and Profile.
 Implemented database refresh with the hot backup using DUPLICATE or full export.
 Designed and implemented of Backup Strategy for the production databases.
 Extensively Used RMAN for hot backup as well as Developed or modified some Oracle Backup and
  Recovery Scripts.
 Design, deployment, monitoring and troubleshooting of rollback segments.
 Supported the development team and supporting production Environment.

 Performance tuning by doing Partitions of large table and Created Indexes by analyzing and rebuilding
  of Indexes for better performance.

Oracle 8i/9i, Solaris 5.6/5.9, Red Hat Linux Advanced Server 2, SQL*Navigator, RAC, RMAN, Windows
NT/2003, EMC Storage System.

Healthcare Department of NJ, Trenton, NJ                                           Nov 03 – Sep 04
Role: Oracle DBA
Healthcare department of NJ (IT department) provides a solution for health and senior services, is a
situational awareness system being developed for the Dept. of Health Emergency It is using variety of Oracle
products to stream line their development process.

 Installation of Oracle 9i and creation of database.
 Performed regular Backups and Recovery as per Organization Strategy to support the database and also
  maintain 24 hours uptime for the database while carrying out the activities.
 Worked in backup team and was responsible for configuration and implementation of backup strategies
  using RMAN.
 Backup/Restoration, Scheduling Backups, taking Logical Backups.
 Performed Partial, Complete and Metadata Exports & Imports.
 Capacity Planning, Storage Allocation and Space Monitoring & Management.
 Responsible for Oracle 9i logical and physical databases design, implementation and maintenance.
 Created Tables with appropriate Tablespace and Index.
 Created Users, Roles and Schemas with suitable Permissions.
 Responsible for Partitions on tables and Indexes for managing large tables.
 Maintained Logs/Backups using Imp/Exp Utilities.
 Coordinated with Unix Administrators for Space Management on various servers &help in Oracle.
 Automating processes, Scheduling Jobs per user requirements using DBMS_JOB.
 Database monitoring for Deadlocked process.
 Installation and configuration of Statspack and analysis of Statspack.
 Performed SQL tuning by using Explain Plan and TKPROF and Oracle Enterprise Manager.
 Responsible for Data Integrity and Concurrent Data, Locks, Latches and Deadlocks.
 Created Users and Roles with appropriate Privileges.
 Created Materialized views and database links.
 Wrote shell scripts for monitoring the database.
 Designed logical and physical Data Models using ERWIN.
Oracle 9i, AIX 5, Sun OS 5.6, Exp/Imp, ERWIN 4.14, SQL Developer, OEM, SQL*LOADER, Cute FTP

ONGC LTD. Ahmadabad, India                                                              Oct 02- Oct 03
Role: Oracle DBA/PL/SQL Developer
Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited is an Indian public sector petroleum company. ONGC uses multitude of Oracle
Products and Solutions to streamline its operations across its global enterprise.

 Designed and created, client Database instances per requirements including production and test
 Organized Oracle Database Operations, Installation, Creation, and Configuration of Databases.
 Configuration of Oracle Instance with SGA, PGA and Background Processes.
 Managed Logical objects like Tablespaces, Segments, and Extents.
 Estimated table sizes, table spaces and add datafile as per growth of database.
 Created Users and Roles with appropriate Privileges and Roles.
 Defined Database Level Authentication and OS Level Authentication using Password file.
 Created User Profiles and assign to appropriate user.
 Setting up of RMAN on the database to perform necessary back up.
 Responsible for Performing Hot/Cold Backup as per company strategies
 Loaded Data from flat file to the Database using SQL * Loader.
 Integrated the Backup Status Reporting for all the databases using shell script in Korn Shells.
 Created Indexes and Sequences for faster retrieval of the information and enhance the database
 Wrote extensively UNIX Shell Scripts, PL/SQL, Stored Procedures, Functions and Triggers.
 Created Tables, Views, and Materialize Views, Private and Public Synonyms.
 Created User Define Packages and Use Pre-Define Packages.
 Work on User-defined and System defined Exception to handle different kind of Errors.
 Responsible for Integrity and Concurrency of data, Locks and Latches.
 Worked with management system like DBMS and RDBMS with specific functions, database tools and
 Managed and resolved design issues during development.
 Also Maintained 24 X 7 Uptime for the database while carrying out the activities.
Oracle 8i, SCO UNIX, Windows 2000/NT, SQL * Loader, PL/SQL, RMAN, SQL*Loader

Surya Roshani Ltd, New Delhi, India                                                Jan 02- Sep 02
Role: Jr. Oracle DBA/ PL/SQL Developer
Surya is second largest manufacturing unit in India in lighting products. The company was is in process of
implementing their product line software to stream their manufacturing process. It’s using variety of oracle
product to manage of the resources to gain the productivity.
   Installed Oracle package & responsible for implementation and maintenance of Oracle Database 8i.
   Worked on database setup and monitored the database growth on daily basis.
   Month end activities and database capacity planning and space management.
   Password security management at database level as well as operating system level.
   Wrote shell scripts for hot backup for all servers and PL/SQL for code extractions from DBA source and
    DBA views.
   Modified and established backup and recovery strategies and procedures.
   Proactive /active database check up & Database performance and SQL tuning.
   Developed some UNIX Shell scripts to automate database operation and database monitoring.
   Developed the databases, Tables, Views, Materialize view, Indexes.
   Developed Database Triggers and PL/SQL Procedures, Functions using PL/SQL.
 Rewrote many ORACLE Stored Procedures, resulting in a performance increase.

 Used different kinds of Packages for pre-define functions.
 Created User defines packages to store bunch of useful functions, stored procedure and trigger.
 Worked on User-defined and System defined Exceptions to handle different types of Errors like
 Created Indexes by analyzing and rebuilding of Indexes for better performance.
 Defined database validity using different types of constraints.
 Assisted Senior DBA in day-to-day Administration
 Involved in Documentation of the Database.

Oracle 8i/8.0.5, Solaris 2.6, SCO UNIX, PL/SQL, SQL Developer, Export/Import.

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