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             Volume 5 No 20                                                                        2 July 2009

                  From the Principal, Dr Jillian de Araugo

                  It has been a long and busy term. The winter has been bitterly
                  cold to date. It is important for everyone to have a refreshing
                  holiday in order to return for the third term ready to get down to
                  business. Senior students need to balance relaxing with some                             Raffle
                  schoolwork: finishing anything left undone, pre-reading for next              with incentive award
                  term and completing revision notes from the first semester.
                                                                                        Support the Centennial Development
                  We wish the students and staff travelling to New York a safe
                  journey and a stimulating fortnight wallowing in fabulous art.       Today all students will bring home a book of five
                                                                                       raffle tickets. Great prizes:
                  We look forward to seeing everyone – students and staff – back       1. Night at Wharekauhau with 4 course meal and
                  at Chilton next term feeling fit and well. Any swine flu updates
                                                                                            $100 for wine. Value $1,865
                  will be posted on the Chilton web site at Principal’s Note. This
                  is reached via the tab at the bottom of the home page                2. Panasonic 37” flat screen TV. Value $1,333
                                                                                       3. Screen Print by Jo Luping Design. Value $300
                  This week’s bulletin carries a lot of information about sport
                  arrangements in the last week of the holiday. Please check this      Tickets are $5.00 each. We ask that you take the
                  carefully.                                                           tickets and sell them at your workplace. This is a
                                                                                       great way to spread the fundraising load. More
                  Forthcoming dates                                                    raffle books are available from the school office.
                                                                                       The family that sells the greatest number of books
                  Friday 3 July
                    LAST DAY OF TERM 2                                                 (over a minimum of 10 books) will receive $250
                                                                                       worth of petrol vouchers.
                  Monday 27 July
                   FIRST DAY OF TERM 3                                                            Please look for the tickets
                  Wednesday 29 July                                                             in your daughter’s school bag
                   Seraphim Lunchtime Concert at St Andrews on the Terrace,              All returns including money to the school office
                  Thursday 6 August
                    Parent / Teacher Interviews
                  Years 7 – 11 4.30pm Jubilee Centre

                  Term 3 Invoices
                  Statement Dates
                  Statements invoicing Term 3 Tuition Fees will be posted in the
                  last week of term and fall due for payment on Thursday 23 July
                  2009, unless some other arrangement has been approved by
                  Mrs Rosemary Humphrey, the Director of Finance.
                  Please note that the due date of Thursday 23 July 2009 is the
                  Thursday before school starts for Term 3.
                                                                                                 8 weeks to go
                  Overdue accounts attract a $75.00 late payment fee, as set out               Tickets selling fast
                  in the Business Regulations.
                  Following up overdue accounts is a time consuming process                    Have you arranged your table?
                  and draws our staff away from projects focused on enhancing              Talk to Sally on 570 4031 now about
                  the School. Prompt payment of accounts is in everyone’s best         reserving a table or to be allocated to a table
                                                                                             if you are not coming as a group.

                                      Chilton girls – Remarkable as independent life long learners
SCHOOL NEWS                                   PRESCHOOL                                   HOLIDAY ACTIVITY

                                              With Term 2 ending on Friday, we look       Business for Kids
Office Hours                                  back at a term filled with exciting and     13 - 17 July 2009
The school office is open from 8.00am         engaging learning through our Unit of       Unfortunately due to lack of numbers we
until 4.30pm every day.                       Inquiry on Safety and a wonderful           have had to cancel the Kids for Business
Uniform Shop                                  Preschool/Primary Production. This          holiday programme for 13 -17 July.
Opening hours during the school               could not have happened without our
holidays are as follows.                      preschoolers, parents and teachers          PRIMARY
                                              working together. We would like to end
Week 1:
                                              this term with a poem by Ray A.             This term we have met to discuss
Monday to Wednesday
                                              Lingenfelter.                               Student Portfolios; celebrated our
12.00 noon to 4.30pm
Week 2:                                       Unity                                       blessings at the Harvest Festival;
CLOSED                                        I dreamed I stood in a studio               competed in Central Zone Soccer and
                                                                                          House Cross-Country; Years 4 - 6
Week 3:                                       And watched two sculptors there,            entered the Australasian Science
Wednesday to Friday                           The clay they used                          Competition; enjoyed Secondary House
12.00 noon to 4.30pm                          Was a young child’s mind                    Music; had our blood pumping with Jump
Lower Hutt Food Bank Appeal                   And they fashioned it with care.            Jam; and we had a most wonderful
                                                                                          Celebration Concert which showcased
The Lower Hutt Foodbank annual house          One was a teacher
to house appeal takes place on Sunday                                                     our children’s talents in singing,
                                              The tools she used                          instrument and dance.
12 July 2009 between 1.00pm and
3.00pm. Please place non perishable           Were books and music and art.
                                                                                          At the level of Year groups we have been
groceries items in the bag delivered with     One was a parent                            engaged in fascinating units of inquiry
the Hutt News on the Tuesday prior to         With a guiding hand                         that have involved both trips out of
appeal day.                                   And a gentle loving heart.                  school and visitors into school. We are
Swine Flu Notes                               And when at last                            all ready for the holidays and a change of
You can read the Ministry of Health           Their work was done
media releases at                             They were proud of                          Looking Ahead
enza-a-h1n1. The Ministry of Health           What they had wrought                       Year 4 Unit of Inquiry Field Trip
advises that there is no need for any         For the things they                         Tuesday 4 August at 9.30am
                                                                                          To further their inquiry into the ways that
restrictions on people returning to work,     Had worked into the child
                                                                                          we express ourselves creatively, Year 4
school or their early childhood service       Could never be                              will visit Capital E to be the TV crew at
after an overseas trip, unless they have
                                              Sold or bought.                             the ONTV Studio from 9.30am - 12.00
                                              And each agreed she                         noon. The girls will travel by car to and
The Ministry of Education is continually                                                  from Wellington and return to school in
                                              Would have failed
updating its website, see                                                                 time for lunch. The cost of this outing will
www.minedu.govt.nz/PandemicUpdates            If she had worked alone
                                                                                          be $10.00 per child and will be charged
                                              For behind the parent                       to each student’s Incidentals account.
Travel information is available on
www.safetravel.govt.nz                        Stood the school,
                                                                                          PRIMARY SPORT
                                              And behind the teacher
If you have moved or changed your
contact details since January please          Stood the home.
                                                                                          Sports Results & Players of the Day
contact us on 566 4089 or                     Good-bye                                    Netball
info@chilton.school.nz with your new          We wish the following children well as      Fantails - Win vs Gracefield 1
details.                                      they leave us for the Chilton Primary and   Player of the Day     Shaynee Falloon
Parents’ Association                          Wellesley School: James Frickleton,         Tuis - Loss vs Koraunui 1
Several new books have been added to          Queenie Hsiung, Alex Rangi-Breuilly,        Player of the Day      Sydney Johnson
                                              Jessica Wilson and Carmen Zhi.              Hearts - Win vs Maungaraki 1
the parents’ section of the school library,
including Time Out For Tots; Teens and        We look forward to seeing our               Player of the Day      Isabella Stewart
Everyone in Between; What You Need to         preschoolers and their families all back    Diamonds - Win vs Koraunui 2
Know Before Your Child Starts                 on Monday 27July. We wish you all well      Player of the Day          Rac’el Dixon
Secondary School; I Just Want you to be       over the holiday period.                    Dazzlers - Win by default vs Tui Glen
Happy; Preventing and Tackling                                                            Sparklers - Win vs St Peter &
Teenage Depression; Before Your                                                           Paul’s Diamonds
Teenagers Drive you Crazy Read This                                                       Player of the Day     Sacha Beaumont
Battlefield Wisdom for Stressed Out                                                       The Fantails, Sparklers and Dazzlers
Parents. The last is by Nigel Latta, who                                                  have played their 4 July games during
is presenting on 4 August at the Riley                                                    the week.
Centre, Wellington High School,                                                           Sparklers - Win vs Dazzlers
7.00pm - 9.00pm. Parents are welcome                                                      Player of the Day             Janet Yue
to borrow any parenting references;                                                       Fantails - Win vs Pomare
please contact Susan Marshall, Library                                                    Hockey
Manager, if you are unable to visit the                                                   Redsticks - Win vs Rata Street 2
library in person.                                                                        Bluesticks - Loss vs Rata Street
                                                                                          Player of the Day            Ellie Smith
                                                                                          Draw vs Rata Street
                                                                                          Player of the Day           Ruby Heath

Holiday Sport Details                        Phillippa Skeet, Aneri Vyas, Zachia          discussing traditional and contemporary
Team sports will resume on Monday 20         Waiwai, Devanga Wanigasinghe                 Maori works of art as part of a Level 1
July during the last week of the Chilton     Year 10                                      Research Standard. Travel will be by bus
holidays.                                    Daisy Bhagat, Katie Burley, Bronwyn          with cost to be advised later.
Netball                                      Curtis, Lydia Easter, Kate Evans,
Hutt Valley Netball at the Taita Courts      Ashleigh Fedorenko, Alexandra Fink,          SECONDARY SPORT
will publish the Round 2 draw on their       Michaela Harvey, Pamela Heng, Anita
website, http://www.sportingpulse.com        Jacob, Ashley Kitchingham, Hannah            Sports Exchange 30 July
on Wednesday15 July. The Silverpine          MacAskill, Natasha Makan, Stacee             We will host King Edwards School from
Netball draw will be emailed to the          McLellan, Stephanie McMillan, Cherie         the UK on the nights of 29/30 July and
coaches and managers during the              McTaggart, Samantha Moffitt, Ximena          play a triangular fixture including St
holidays.                                    Parsons, Darshana Patel, Sayydah             Matthews on 30 July. Six billets are still
Flippaball                                   Penn, Emily Somerfield, Sarah Spicer,        required if anyone can help. The
22 July 4.35pm Chilton vs Waterloo 1         Jenna Thompson, Courtney Wagener,            timetable for the matches is as follows:
                                             Erin Ward, Megan Whitelaw, Marley            Netball – Senior 1 at Chilton
                                             Wildish, Gabrielle Young.                    11.30am                 Chilton vs St Matts
25 July 11.00am
                Redsticks vs Upper Hutt      Year 11                                      12.30pm        King Edwards’s vs St Matts
25 July 8.45am       Bluesticks vs Hutt 4    Samantha Ansell, Caitlin Carter, Liezel      1.30pm            Chilton vs King Edwards
                                             Botha, Sarah Cook, Jessica Cummins,          Netball – Senior 2 at Chilton
SECONDARY NEWS                               Ruo Lin Feng, Kate Fitzmaurice, Jessica      11.30am                 Chilton vs St Matts
                                             Fraser, Laura Gaudin, Lucie Gordon,          12.30pm        King Edwards’s vs St Matts
                                             Lucy Grenfell, Alexandra Johanson,           1.30pm            Chilton vs King Edwards
Achievements                                 Vanessa Johanson, Soing Kim, Aleisha         Hockey – 1st XI at NHS
Malini Sivasaththivel (Year 7) gained        Langdale, Ashleigh Lauder, Hannah Lee,       11.30am
High Distinction in the Australasian Tamil   Katie Love, Clement MacKay, Hannah                  Chilton vs King Edwards 1 (Turf 1)
Examination Competition Level 3              Matthews, Emma McBeth, Emily McGill,             King Edwards’s vs St Matts 2 (Turf 2)
examination.                                 Lauren Norman, Lavanya Palanimalai,          12.30pm                 Chilton vs St Matts
                                             Bhumika Panchal, Erica Pope, Sophie          Football – 1st XI at Chilton
Merit Certificates Term 2                    Rattray, Kathryn Reid, Nicole Spencer-       12.30pm                 Chilton vs St Matts
Merit Certificates recognise students’       Broome, Georgia Taggart, Kendyl Taylor,
effort in perseverance, improvement or                                                    Sport in Week 3 of the Holidays
                                             Amy Young.
going the extra distance to develop                                                       The draws and arrangements for sport in
                                             Year 12                                            rd
                                                                                          the 3 week of the school holidays are:
deeper understanding. Term 2 Merits
                                             Lara Custance, Mihika de Silva, Hannah
have been awarded to:                                                                     Netball Prem 1 - Monday 20 July
                                             Dellow, Nicole Fedorenko, Jessica
Year 7                                                                                    Chilton 1                  game deferred
                                             Hatton, Caitlin Hildyard, Mindy Hu,
Jodanne Aitken, Lilia Alexander, Lauren      Eustacia Hughes, Katrina Lees,               Basketball - Tuesday 21 July
Beere, Irdina Clark, Emma Clarke,            Courtney Macris, Stephanie May,              Years 9 &1 0                          Bye
Hanna Cutelli, Kate Doornebosch,             Gemma McIlroy, Emma Parker,                  Football - Tuesday 21 July
Rhiannon Forbes, Lauren Hansen,              Rhiannon Podmore, Hemali Prema,              Chilton 3                   at HVHS 4pm
Breanna Hartley, Aysha Holmes,               Laura Robertson, Leanne Soo, Sarah           Chilton 4                             Bye
Rebecca Hughes, Gemma Jacobson,              Thompson, Emma Tuohy, Natalia                Chilton 5                  loss by default
Brittany Jenks, Kelly Johnson, Lisa          Waiker, Karen Xie, Xiaoyan Yang.             Hockey - Tuesday 21 July
Kibblewhite, Victoria Liu, Hannah Moore,                                                  2nd XI              vs QMC @ NHS 5pm
                                             Year 13
Amanda-Jane Mueller, Ayla Murphy,                                                         Football - Wednesday 22 July
                                             Courtney Allen-Anderson, Veemi-Risha
Janna Nightingale, Emma O'Keefe,
                                             Bhagat, Claudia Culpan, Anna Forsyth,        1st XI            at Adventure Park 4pm
Courtney Pitcher, Catherine Quirke-                                                        nd
                                             Brittany Hoare, Charlotte Hoffman,           2 XI                                  Bye
Luping, Kym Ralston, Alexandra Riddle,                                                    3rd XI      at Kaiwharawhara Park 4pm
                                             Yvette Holden, Zsanett Kham, Jessica
Ashani Samarasinghe, Katselena
                                             Kusel, Nikita Lawson, Breana McHugh,         Waterpolo - Wednesday 22 July
Singsathit, Devon Ward.
                                             Kelsey Morrison, Jodie O'Neill, Lucy         Years 7 & 8                        Default
Year 8                                       Sewell, Madeline Sherwood King, Deeva        Junior team                           Bye
Mikaela Adlam, Mikaela Berney, Lily          Vather, Yukti Vyas, Lucia Waiker,            Senior team         7.15pm Naenae Pool
Custance, Laura Foy, Greer Francis,          Chenice Whearty, Jo-Lynn Woon.               Badminton - Thursday 23 July
Laura Houston, Jaimee Howes,
                                                                                          All Junior teams games have been
Georgia Ingham, Amy Johnson, Chelsey         Year 9 Community Project -                   rescheduled.
Kuiti, Michaela Lynch, Aida Marner,          Barnados
Isobella Matthews, Lauren McNeil, Lucy                                                    Badminton - Friday 24 July
                                             Thank you to everyone who supported
Meiklejohn, Amelia Morrison, Phoebe                                                       Chilton 1                  at Chilton 4pm
                                             Year 9 students by donating toys, books,
Parker, Shreya Prasad, Ella Pudney,                                                       Chilton 2                  at Chilton 4pm
                                             clothing and bedding. All these items will
Maria-Fernanda Reyes, Billie Scotson,                                                     Chilton 3      Win by default – no game
                                             help families with needs in the Lower
Milly Seymour, Daisy Smith, Kate                                                          Chilton 4                  at Chilton 4pm
                                             Hutt area. Our Silence-a-thon was
Thompson, Madison Walker, Rachel                                                          Chilton 5      loss by default – no game
                                             successful – very difficult for some!!
Webby, Maia Williams, Brigette Young.                                                     Chilton 6                    at Taita 4pm
                                             Together with a baking sale, Year 9 has
                                                                                          Chilton 7      Win by default – no game
Year 9                                       raised more than $400.00 which will
                                                                                          Chilton 8              at Upper Hutt 4pm
Eddie Brunton, Kimberley Childs, Denise      contribute towards some of the larger
Chow, Jessica Giles, Charlotte Gordon,       items required for the Barnados project.     Basketball - Friday 24 July
Tira-Pounamu Graham, Abbie Hening,                                                        Senior team vs Naenae at Chilton 6pm
Nicola Kemp, Hana Khan, Jayna                Excursions / Incursions                      Hockey - Friday 24 July
Langdale, Sara Massam, Heather                                                            1 XI            vs Marsden 5.30pm NHS
                                             Year 10 Visual Arts
McMillan, Kendall Melville, Ellie Neal,      Monday 3 August                              Netball Years 7 & 8 - Saturday 25 July
Carly Owen, Maggie Quigg, Sharne             Students will spend spells 4, 5 and 6 at     A new draw will be available on the
Ralston, Daniela Ravera, Alice Roberts,      Te Papa in Wellington, viewing and           website after 15 July. Please check on
Maxine Scheckter, Samantha Sebire,                                                        www.sportingpulse.com.au

Netball Years 9 - 13 - Saturday 25 July     Senior Orchestra Exchange                           HOLIDAY ACTIVITIES
Chilton 2         10am      SHC             Havelock North High School
Chilton 3         10am      NN              Sunday 23 August - Tuesday                          Kaleidoscope KidsFest
Chilton 4         11am      SHC             25 August                                           KidsFest, run by the Hutt City Council,
Chilton 5         9am       NN              The Senior Orchestra has been invited to            offers two weeks of full-on fun and
Chilton 6         12pm      SHC             participate in the Havelock North High              activities geared towards 7 to 12 year
Chilton 7         9am       NN              School Music Festival. HNHS runs a                  olds. Brochures are available from the
Chilton 8         9am       SHC             vigorous music programme led by ex                  school office.
Chilton 9         11am      HVHS            Hutt Valley HOD Music Stephen Lange.
Chilton 10        10am      SHC             Activities will include combined orchestra          Wellington School of Cricket
Chilton 11        1pm       NN              workshops and performances, separate                Is holding a mid winter school holiday
Chilton 12        1pm       NN              Chilton orchestra and chamber group                 programme. Information at
Chilton 13        12pm      HVHS            performances at HNHS as well as                     www.cricketwellington.co.nz/content/sch
Chilton 14        12pm      NN              performances at Iona College, Woodford              ool-of-cricket/holiday-programmes.aspx
Chilton 15        1pm       SHC             House, Lindisfarne and Napier Girls’                Computer Courses
Chilton 16        1pm       SHC             High School. The performance                        For ages 6 - 16
Hockey Years 7 & 8 - Saturday 25 July       programme will include a Drum Corps                 Create games, learn programming, web
Years 7 & 8A      10am      NHS             trio item. A letter outlining all details           design, animations and graphics, Word,
Years 7 & 8B      12.30pm Fraser Park       including travel arrangements and                   PowerPoint, Excel, filmmaking, video
                                            billeting will be sent home on Friday.              editing or how to build a computer.
Orienteering                                                                                    For further information go to
The College Sport Wellington                The Evening of Instrumental Music
                                            and Group Performances held last                    www.grandtraining.co.nz
Orienteering Championships were held
last weekend. Results were as follows       Monday highlighted the diversity of                 Learn to Play Tennis
Senior Girls                                musical activities and styles students are          13 - 15 July (wet or fine)
Laura Robertson (Year 12)     1st           able to engage in here at Chilton. All              Venue: Mitchell Park, Mitchell Street,
Joey Haynes (Year 13)         3rd           groups presented polished, stylish                  Lower Hutt
Intermediate Girls                          performances. In developing and                     Timetable:
Pippa Halliday (Year 11)      2nd           perfecting group performance items, our             9.00am-10.00 am: Girls 5-8 years old
Junior Girls                                music students develop not only their               10.00am-11.00 am: Boys 5-8 years old
Sharne Ralston (Year 9)       1st           musical performance skills, but also the            11.00am-noon: Girls 9 years +
Sammy Sebire (Year 9)         2
                                nd          team skills of co-operation, creativity,            1.00pm-2.00pm: Boys 9 years +
Non-college Yellow course                   initiative, supportiveness and flexibility. It
                                                                                                Cost: $28.00 for the three days.
Alexandra Riddle (Year 7)     2nd           is also a lot of fun!
                                                                                                Registration: Contact Gary Nelson
                                            The Music Department is grateful for the            phone 589 7178 or email
Achievements                                support of the Parents’ Association in              a.nelson@xtra.co.nz by Monday 6 July.
Badminton                                   funding the purchase of a marimba. The
Lucy Milne (Year 11) knocked out the        Drum Corps Sextet christened the new
top seed in the College Sport Wellington    marimba in their performance of two
senior Badminton Championships in the       pieces which highlighted this instrument.
2nd round of the competition. She went      Percussion students look forward to
on to compete in the final and in a close   further developing their skills on the
game was eventually runner-up. Lucie        marimba, which offers exciting technical
Gordon (Year 11) made the semi-finals       challenges. A marimba workshop with a
of the plate competition. Mihika de         specialist tutor is planned for Term 3.
Silva also competed.                        Years 7 & 8 Music
                                            ‘Taster’ lessons in a musical
PERFORMING ARTS                             instrument
                                            Twice a year, students in Years 7 & 8
Achievements                                have ‘taster’ lessons in an orchestral
                                            instrument within the class music
                                            programme. This year students have
Juliette Maurer (Year 9) passed her
                                            tried out flute, cello and clarinet.
Grade 5 ABRSM cello exam with Merit.
                                            Students showing aptitude and interest
Communication in Leadership                 may choose to enrol for Term 4 lessons
Johanna Thomas – Merit                      either in pairs or individually within the
Genevieve Coleman – Merit                   itinerant tutor system.
Samantha Campbell – Honours (highest
                                            Classical Guitar lessons
mark possible)
                                            are now available at Chilton with Cheryl
                                            Grice-Watterson. Check out Cheryl’s
                                            recordings on YOUTUBE! For further
                                            information contact Cheryl on 9722 853
                                            or text 027 333 1528, or email cgw-

                                                  124 Waterloo Road, Lower Hutt              Read the Weekly Bulletin Online
                                                  Phone: 04 566 4089                         www.chilton.school.nz/school/bulletin/
                                                  Email: info@chilton.school.nz
                                                  Web: www.chilton.school.nz                       Send your email address to
                                                  Fax:   04 569 5223                         bulletin@chilton.school.nz to receive it
                                                  Absence Line: 570 4036                                 electronically.


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