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					A Taste of Wellness
                                      A Taste of Wellness
                                    How to Use this Guide

The Taste of Wellness Experience is easy to share with groups of any size. This fun one hour
wellness experience is both educational and entertaining. Whether you conduct the event for a
host, deliver the message to an association or company, or enjoy bringing guests into your own
home, this will be the most powerful way you build your business. Simply follow along and
flip through this guide, you will be sharing great information about wellness while you show
your guests and prospects how easy and fun it is to have your own wellness company.

     When ever you meet someone interested in learning more about their health you want to
     invite them to join you for a closer look at how learning a few basics about how their
     body works, can make a big change in their wellness. Set a 20 minute appointment to
     walk them through the taste of wellness guide and keep it simple and fun.

In Home Experience~
     With this guide you have the tool you need to conduct fun in-home taste of wellness
     events for your friends, family, and customers. To help build your new customer base
     you also want to self-host at least one event every month.

Outside Group Experience~
      The taste of wellness experience is designed to bring groups of any size together in one
      fun, educational, and interactive hour. This will help you expand your marketing efforts
      by offering a taste of wellness experience to companies, associations, and networking
                                     A Taste of Wellness
                           Sharing the Taste of Wellness Experience

The fastest way to book your calendar full of Taste of Wellness events is to share your
enthusiasm about the experience you bring into the homes of people who want to feel better and
understand more about nutrition. Here’s a common way to introduce the idea to a prospective
taste of wellness host.

“I conduct a fun (in-home; corporate; group) Taste of Wellness experience in less than an
hour that cuts through all the confusion of vitamins. I’m not an expert in nutrition, I just
show people new ways to take control and feel confident about their health.”

“We do a fun in-home Taste of Wellness experience that introduces a product for people
who take vitamins, but are confused about which ones to take, like I used to be. I’m not an
expert in nutrition; I just keep it simple and fun to point people in the right direction so
they can feel more confident about their health.”

“I market a service to (companies; groups; organizations) who take a special interest in
the health and wellness of their staff. Do you know anyone who might want to know more
about a service like that?”
                                     A Taste of Wellness
                             Checklist for a Successful Experience

   Taste of Wellness Guide
   Guest Surveys
   Guest Nutrition Guide
   Order Forms
   Catalogs –Literature
   Tre-en-en DVD (Optional if host has a player)
   Gentle Music CD and player
    Blender (Host may have this)
    Gr2Control Product samples
    Ice
    Flavoring (Optional:Torani sugar free syrup or extracts)
    Whole Wheat Crackers (the healthier the better)
    Low Fat Cheese
    Any seasonal fruits or veggies (have fun trying new things)
Books & Magazines: Bring your favorite and lay them out on the center table~
   Dr. Dewe ~Guide to Nutrition
   Dr. Jim McAfee ~Body Signs
   Dr. Joaquin Aragon-Gonzales ~
   Loren Brink ~Better Health with GNLD
                                   A Taste of Wellness
                                     When You Arrive

 Arrive fifteen minutes before the beginning of your event.

 Establish a comfortable seating area so that everyone can see and participate.

 Insert your Tre-en-en DVD and practice starting it with ease.

 Insert your gentle music CD and start music as guests arrive.

 Place the crackers, fruit, and vegetables on an easy to reach center table.

 Set out your guest packets and avoid a big product display.

 Establish a shake bar and start blending when the final guest arrives.

 (Optional) Serve the shakes in wine glasses when you’re ready to begin.
                                      A Taste of Wellness
                               Getting Started~ Opening Welcome

Thank your Guests
 Thank You for Coming to A Taste of Wellness. In one hour we’re going to help you experience
a little taste of wellness. You’ll discover a few simple things you can do to feel better, stay
younger, and live well…every day.

Thank your Hostess
Let me begin by acknowledging the special person that brought us together. (Host Name) and I
met…..(tell the story of your relationship with your host)
Most importantly we want you to discover some basic things that will change how you look at
what’s happening with your body, your health, and your overall wellbeing.

Tell Your Story
First let me tell you a little about what brought me here. I’m not a nutritional expert, I
am…(insert your story)
I conduct these simple Taste of Wellness events as a service and outreach to people who want to
know more about the truth of nutrition and what simple things they can do to feel better every
day. My goal is to have you leave here with a new understanding and sense of confidence about
your health moving forward. And, I know some of you are interested so, I’ll also talk a little
about the products I trust, use, and recommend every day.

Sip Your Shakes
We promised you a Taste of Wellness, so let’s get started sipping a healthy shake !
                                       A Taste of Wellness
                             Body Signs~ Clues to Your Well Being

Most people I meet feel a little burnt out, or confused about vitamins and nutrition. This is no
surprise. I see people standing at the wall of vitamins all dazed and confused everyday. Fact is
most people don’t want to think a lot about vitamins, they just want them to work. The best way
get a sense about what you need, is to listen to your own body signs for clues. So the first thing
each of us can do to really get healthy is take a look at what our bodies are telling us.

Pass out the “Body Signs” worksheet.

We’re going to take a few minutes to let each of you answer these questions and get a better
sense of where your body is right now. It’s simple, fun, and a really good practice for being

Play Gentle Music and set up your Energize Your Life DVD for your next step of training.

Let’s just take a quick moment to meet each other and tell us what brought you here, or share an
important message or clue that your body is giving you.
                                     A Taste of Wellness
                        The Three Factors of Wellness ~ Body and Mind

Rest~ The wellness factor we take for granted.
Your Body-You body rebuilds when you sleep.
                      When you don’t sleep or rest, you age faster.
Your Mind- Your mind needs rest and quiet.
                      Consider meditation, prayer, music, or just plain silence.

Movement~ The wellness factor that we avoid.
Your Body-Every organ, muscle, and vessel is designed for Movement.
                       Find a way to move often.
Your Mind- The movement of your breathe both sustains oxygen and expands your lungs
                       It also stills and focuses the movement of your mind.

Fuel~ The wellness factor that we    most often abuse.

Your Body-What goes into your mouth or through your lungs is fuel for the cells of your body.
                       How you feel right now is a result of your intake of food and air.

Your Mind- Science now knows that your thought and emotion also impact your cells.
                       Negative thoughts and emotion interrupt healing
                                      A Taste of Wellness
                                 The Three Factors of Sickness

Imbalance~ The Human lifestyle is out of balance

Rest is being replaced with interrupted sleep or insomnia and treated with sleeping aides
Movement is being replaced with sitting! In cars, in office chairs, in classrooms, on couches
Fuel is being replaced with food that’s fast, packaged, and delivered with sugar, salt & fat

Inflammation~ The “Body Sign” we get from a life out of balance is inflammation.
It is and has always been the root cause of all disease, illness, and aging. At the very core of
every symptom you experience you will find some form of inflammation. This is why we now
know we can keep people from getting sick, if we focus our effort on healing or preventing

Healing~ Traditional medicine and drugs do not promote natural healing.
Medical intervention is designed to interrupt a symptom so that your body can heal itself. We
experience this as drugs or surgery. Unfortunately, these treatment forms do not heal you, only
your body can actually do the healing.
                                       A Taste of Wellness
                               (Optional) Show the Tre-en-en DVD

So as each of us start to listen and be more aware of what our body is telling us, we naturally
come to the point of asking ourselves some really important questions. What do I do to get my
life and my health back in balance? What products actually work, and who do I trust?

I see people everyday standing in front of the wall of vitamins, asking those questions with a
puzzled expression on their face; reading brochures and labels, thumbing through magazine ads
for all kinds of remedies. Actually, the truth about nutrition is based in nature, backed by
science, simple to understand, and very powerful.

I know, because I was one of those people, curious and searching at the health store, but a little
disappointed and uncertain about vitamins all together. So, I set out to uncover the basic truth,
and facts, and to find a company that was not afraid to keep vitamins and nutrition whole, pure,
and real. I found a company almost no one knows about, that is really respected in the science
world, and is making big strides to teach the world about body function and cellular science,
and now they are fast becoming the one company people trust.

So, I brought a short DVD to give you a better understanding and introduction to why you could
really notice a difference with one product that is changing how people feel, everyday. Let’s
watch this ~
                                       A Taste of Wellness
                      The Three Missing Factors of Our Diet~ Whole Grains

Whole Grains~ Every where you look, read, or hear about wellness, you’ll get bombarded
with information on whole grains. The cereal, cracker, and bread industry is desperately trying
to prove to us that they are loaded with whole grains.

Fact is, it isn’t the processed dry form of whole grain that we’re missing; it’s the essential
healthy oils from the kernels that are completely gone, and the results are staggering. Today,
the human body gets tired way too fast, and the reason is our cells are trying to function without
these healthy oils called lipids and sterols.

To get back in balance we’d have to grind, bake, and eat our grains within 24 hours or these
powerful essential grain oils would spoil. When we get these grain oils everyday, our entire
body experiences more energy and everything we take in is delivered to our cells in a better
Tre-en-en meaning “Three-In-One” is the only concentrated form of these healthy grain oils
on the market today, and it’s naturally extracted from Wheat, Rice and Soy. The company first
introduced this product for people who felt tired and needed more energy.

Now, with all the new science about whole grains, Tre-en-en is the one product people know
they need, no matter what else they taking or doing to be healthy.
                                       A Taste of Wellness
                          The Three Missing Factors of Our Diet~ Fish

Fish~ Actually it’s the entire 8 member family of special oils in Fish that science is so excited
about. It’s been proven that these powerful fish oils stop inflammation within your cells!.
Inflammation is the root cause of what makes us sick and old! It’s where all the problems of
health begin.

It’s now proven that the right blend of these fish oil’s called Omega 3’s will ease joint pain,
help your heart, and even boost your brain power. Fish can literally help your body heal, and
keep you young!

Consider cultures that eat fresh, uncontaminated, and most often raw fish, DAILY. The
Eskimos and Japanese have virtually no heart disease, the live longer, and they’re much
healthier-happier people along the way. They are living proof that what we eat impacts how we
live and die. Now they eat like we do, and disease is devastating their cultures.

Salmon Oil Plus is the purest and simplest way to get these healthy fish oils every day. I
love fish, but not enough to eat several types of fish three times a day! The company first
introduced this product for people who have issues with high blood pressure and heart disease.
Now people are telling us that they’re doing more because their joints don’t hurt, and they’re
remembering where they left their keys!

                                        A Taste of Wellness
                     The Three Missing Factors of Our Diet~ Fruits & Veggies

Fruits and Veggies~ Imagine if there was a way to Teflon coat every cell in your body
so that you could never get a single attack of harmful cancer causing agents. In the research of
disease and aging it’s discovered that our cells are exposed at a rate of 10 to 30 thousand
harmful hits a day. They’ve named these harmful agents Free Radicals! That name really fits
when you realize the significant role they play in making us sick.

We all grew up knowing that fruits and veggies are healthy. Most of us have our favorites, and
of course we have some we won’t even get close to! What’s exciting is the variety of fruits and
veggies are amazing these days! What’s depressing is we don’t eat them enough!

What Fruits and Veggies really do is they act as a form of Teflon coating to prevent harm and
keep cells young.

Caratenoid Complex; don’t let the name scare you away. It took me a year to
pronounce it right! What matters is that the science behind Fruits and Veggies is growing daily.
The company first developed this product for people with low immune systems, like teachers
and flight attendants. And it still is today, the only one of its kind that was tested and proven to
boost immunity by 37% in just 30 days. Now we have everyday people telling us that their
vision is better, they don’t get colds anymore, and they feel younger.
                                     A Taste of Wellness
                                        Closing Review

So, we’ve covered a lot of things in just an hour.

My hope for you is that it’s been both fun, and informational,

    You now have a clear sense of what your “Body Signs” are telling you.

    You know when your BODY is IN and OUT of Balance with Rest, Movement, and

    You got a brief look into Cellular Nutrition and what’s Missing in your Diet

    And, I’ve given you a quick look at the three products and how they work at helping
     your body be it’s best.
                                     A Taste of Wellness
                                       Closing Review

In closing I want to thank you for being here, showing some interest in your health, and
accepting (Hosts name) invitation to spend this time together.

I market products for people who take vitamins, but are confused about which ones to
take, like I used to be. Before I started using these products, I was someone who had a
cabinet full of remedies, and you’d still find me standing in front of the wall of vitamins
looking for something better. Then one day, a little skeptical, I tried this program. Within
3 months I could drive past Starbucks in the morning because I had enough energy to
make it through the day; and I can honestly tell you, I finally feel what healthy feels like.

I’ve promised (hosts name) I would stay for about 15 minutes to answer questions and
take orders.

Whether you’ve decided you want to try these products, or you know someone who might
need to experience a Taste of Wellness. I’m glad you’re here and I wish you a long,
healthy, and happy life.
                                     A Taste of Wellness
                                          Fast Facts

Fast Fact: “The trend in science will create a situation where Doctors will be replaced by
Nutritionists”. ~Quote from Dr. Joaquin Gonzalez-Aragon a Medical Doctor and World
renowned specialist on Aging